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The documents page is a list of documents passed down through generations of family members. You will find receipts, Civil War pay stubs, Revolutionary War pay records, Land deeds and personal letters. An attempt has been made to connect these documents in the Family Lineage page to the names to which they are attached however, we found this to be a very daunting task and so as not to lose any of the precious documents, we chose to preserve them here. Last will and testaments are included with the individual names in the Family Lineage.

Some of these documents may bring to mind a time when America was not like it is today. Some of these documents represent a time and people that was much different than what we are today. Some may feel that these documents should not be kept or that they should certainly not be displayed for others to see, but they are part of our family history and America’s history. Because we learned from our mistakes, our failures, or successes, we are what we are today. If these documents upset you, pray about it and move on.


Title   Letters from the Civil War — Letters from David C. Gregory to and from his family and friends

Title   Gregory Family Members Service in the Civil War — Names, regiments and other information