Gregory Tree…A few years ago, I took possession of the documents which you will discover within the pages of this website. I added my own research as well as that of countless others. I thought of all the things I wanted to say to welcome others to examine and explore our wonderful Gregory family history. Try as I might, I could not get past the preface remarks by Dr. Ben T. Gregory in 1986 when the first website was begun. …..

 “The research and production of this account of the Gregory family genealogy is the effort of many people. What started originally as a limited accounting of my one line of antecedents has been expanded to be as comprehensive as practical. In researching the Gregory family, the fact that the Yankee troops did not burn the Union, South Carolina Courthouse helped. 

My interest in the family history started primarily from a scanty account in a book of poems written by my grandmother, Ada Knowles Gregory, and published in 1953 after her death. No pretext of being a complete history of the entire family and descendants is made; however, what is included is documented, with credit to the contributors. This effort is dedicated to my family with the hope that the past, now recorded, will be a source of pride and permanency, and a stimulus for an even better life for each succeeding generation. This is my legacy to my family.”(Ben T. Gregory M.D., Pensacola, Florida 1986)

 …. This is our family. Explore, enjoy, add your own information, be encouraged, but let the flame keep burning! – Rev. Anne (Gregory) Sherrill – Texas 2014