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Color Codes separate generations. Numbers show generations.
First Generation 1 – BLACK – (Sons/daughters of Isaac) Sixth Generation 6 – BROWN
Second Generation 2 – RED Seventh Generation 7 – GREY
Third Generation 3 – GREEN Eighth Generation 8 – PURPLE
Fourth Generation 4 – ORANGE Ninth Generation 9 – Olive
Fifth Generation 5 – BLUE Tenth Generation 10 – PINK


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Thomas Young Gregory 3 (1801-ca. 1876/77) was the son of John Wesley and Elizabeth Young Gregory. He married Redama Weaver (?-1890) in Texas.

Thomas Young left Union County for Texas before 1840. In 1847, he was an inhabitant of Nacogdoches County, Texas, enumerated as living alone and out of town. Tax records in 1848 show Thomas Young Gregory paying taxes on fifty acres in Shelby County.

In 1850, Thomas Young with his wife, Redama, and a five-month-old son, James N. Gregory, were Limestone County, Texas residents. They were living on an eighty acre farm near the Trinity River. The farm was valued at two dollars per acre and had been an original Dexter grant. They were also paying taxes on twelve hundred and fifty-six acres in Shelby County, Texas on the Flat Fork of the Sabine River south of Tenaha.

Redama’s parents, Ezekial and Doritha (Sanford) Weaver, were also living in Limestone County in 1850. Nine of their children were still living at home. Their names were: Jesse A.; George; Mary; Noah; John M.; Barbara; Samuel Ezekiel; Malinda Dorothy and Jacob Wesley. Living adjacent to Ezekiel and Doritha was their first-born son, William, with his wife, Lucinda, and their two small children. Ezekiel and Doritha Weaver remained in Freestone (out of Limestone) County until about 1874, when they moved to Hill County, Texas.

Thomas Y. and Redama Gregory, with their young family, moved away from Freestone by 1853 to Shelby County, Texas, where they lived on the large tract of land near the Flat Fork of the Sabine River that had originally been granted to James B. Tutt.

Census records of Shelby County in 1860 list Thomas Y. Gregory, with his wife, Rebecca; sons, James, Leroy and G.W; and daughters, D. and Bele. “Rebecca” must have been Redama’s other name. Thomas Young remained on the Shelby County tax roll through 1862.

He was on the Tarrant County, Texas tax roll in 1867, 1868, and 1871 through 1876. Beginning in 1877, Thomas Young Gregory’s name was no longer listed and Mrs. Redama Gregory’s name first appeared. Thomas Young’s date of death is based on this.

Thomas Y. and Redama Gregory’s home in Tarrant County was on the banks of Village Creek at the Chisholm Trail crossing. After Redama’s death the farm was purchased by Martin Daniel Palmer.

Thomas Young and Redama Gregory had eight children: James N. (M.), April 1850; Leroy, 1851; George Washington, 1852; Mary Elizabeth; Dorothy Belzora; Ann; Nancy Jane; and Mandy Caroline.

Present generations have heard of only two of the three sons of Thomas Young and Redama Gregory. One of the boys was killed when he was a teenager by a gentle, sleeping mule. He walked up to the mule’s hind end and was kicked in the head. Another was killed as a young man. A party of men searching for horse thieves became separated. His group was mistaken for the thieves and he was shot.

Mary Elizabeth Gregory 4 (June 1854-?), fourth child of Thomas Young and Redama, married W. Simon Moody (July 1849, Ala.). Their issue: Flora E., 1876; George W., October 1887; Ezekiel W., November 1889.

Ann Gregory 4 (November 1856) first married -?- Kelly, they had no issue. Then, on 6 January 1878 in Tarrant County, she married John R. Pickard (July 1852, Miss.). Their issue: Lettie Kelly, ca. 1875; Robert E., 1880; Samie, January 1881; Henry, January 1885; Bessie, June 1887; James, February 1890; and Mary, June 1892.

Dorothy Belzora Gregory 4 (1858), married three times: first, J.C. Williams; second, David W . Blankenship; and third, -?- Shutters.

Nancy Jane Gregory 4 (8 August 1859-26 December 1927), the seventh child, married Richard Thomas Bruce (September 1850, Ky.-24 July 1915, Glenn Rose, Texas) on 9 June 1879. Their issue: Leander (Lee), October 1882; Allie Pearl, March 1885; Lillie Myrtle, August 1887; Lettie Viola, June 1888; Laura Della, October 1893; Junus E., October 1896; Luther Edward; and Walter, ?-?

Luther Edward Bruce 5 (January 1899) married Hazel Jones on 3 June 1922.

Mandy Caroline Gregory 4 (15 July 1864-27 January 1945), the eighth child, is buried at Mansfield, Texas. She married, first: William A. Randolph on 3 July 1881. Their issue: Redemae, 24 October 1882-21 April 1921; Willie (female) died young. After his death, she married Martin Daniel Palmer (16 November 1851, Ala.-11 November 1891) on 12 May 1886 in Tarrant County. Their issue: George Washington; Winnie Stokes; and Martin (Mark), born and died in 1891.

George Washington Palmer 5 (8 October 1887-11 May 1950, San Antonio, Texas) married Nettie May Flora.

Winnie Stokes Palmer 5 (27 November 1889-27 February 1964, Fort Worth, Texas) married Robert Roy Chandler (1 March 1891-24 December 1920) on 28 October 1911 in Hill County, Texas. Their issue (all born in Burleson, Texas): Robert Eugene; Ray Jones; and Winifred Marie.

Robert Eugene Chandler 6 (28 November 1914) married Norma Lee Griffin on 29 June 1946 in Fort Worth, Texas.

Ray Jones Chandler 6 (11 January 1918) married Florus M. Zimmer on 20 February 1943.

Winifred Marie Chandler 6 (23 March 1921) married Milton John Norris, Jr. on 5 September 1942.

Lavinia Gregory 4 (ca. 1866), ninth child of Thomas Young and Redama, married John E. Johnson at Tarrant County, Texas. Their issue: William, 1886; Mary J., 1894; Maggie V., 1900; Frances A., 1902; and two deceased in Howard County, Ark.

Marie Chandler Norris contributed the Thomas Young Gregory information. She is a direct descendant, living in McGregor, Texas.


Levi (Levy) Gregory 3 (ca. 1810), the second son of John Wesley and Elizabeth Young Gregory, married (as her second husband) Sarah Savilla Hill Fleming. Sarah was the daughter of Moses B. Hill. She was first married to Samuel Fleming and had two children: Milton, 2 September 1838; and Casper, 4 September 1840. Casper was living with his uncle, James L.S. Hill, in the 1860 census of Chickasaw County, Mississippi.

Levi deeded 65.5 acres of land to Thomas Mitchell, 19 July 1848. This land was located on a “small branch of Fairforest Creek”. Sarah S. Gregory relinquished her dower rights at the same time.

Levi was still alive in 1873. Evidence of this is available in Deed Book E23, p. 397, Union County. Levi grants James S. Cunningham of Union, Power of Attorney to act in his behalf in matters concerning his mother’s estate.

Levi and Sarah apparently died in Chickasaw County, Mississippi but no death dates have been located for them. Their issue: Mary Margaret; and John Moses.

Mary Margaret Gregory 4 (3 January 1848-29 August 1915) was Levi and Sarah’s first child. She married George Dillard.

John Moses Gregory 4 (11 July 1853-1 May 1923) was either born in South Carolina or Mississippi. It is known that Levi and Sarah were in Mississippi at the time of Isaac’s petition to the Court of Ordinary in 1857, so he could have been born in either place.

Isaac Franklin Gregory 3 (ca. 1811-9 September 1868), third son of John Wesley and Elizabeth Young Gregory, was born and died Union District, South Carolina. He is buried at Gilliam Chapel, Santuc Community.

He married (as her second husband) Charlotte (Lottie) Humphries (11 June 1806-6 May 1892), daughter of Charles and Elizabeth Palmer Humphries. She is buried at Salem Baptist Church, Santuc, South Carolina.

Lottie’s first husband was Charner Humphries (11 November 1795-6 April 1838). He was her first cousin, and son of John and Elizabeth Timms Humphries of Chester County, South Carolina. Charner and Lottie were the parents of Elizabeth Jane, 6 June 1829-6 April 1858; and Mary Ann, 19 January 1831-20 March 1880.

Isaac Franklin and Charlotte Humphries Gregory were the parents of five children: Isaac Franklin Jr. (twin), 27 October 1843-6 May 1864; Charlotte Frances (twin), 27 October 1843-15 September 1928; Sarah Ellen Medora, 8 October 1844-23 January 1925; Martha Ann Henrietta, 26 March 1847-5 September 1935; and John Wesley, 24 November 1851-8 March 1925.

Isaac (Ike) Franklin Gregory, Jr.  Image LInk (27 October 1843-6 May 1864) did not marry and was killed in the War Between the States at the Battle of the Wilderness.

Charlotte Frances (Fannie) Gregory 4 (27 October 1843-15 September 1928) married Dr. Thomas Bowker Peake (23 July 1829-3 May 1893), son of Dr. David Dixon (Dickson) and Martha Washington Thompson Hopkins Peake, on 1 August 1863. They are both buried in Glenn Springs, South Carolina.

Their issue: Isaac Franklin, 8 July 1864-13 July 1933; Victoria Anna, dates unknown; Thomas Bowker Jr., dates unknown; Glenn David, 15 March 1875-16 March 1940; Frances Gregory, 8 July 1879-12 January 1940; George Washington, 25 November 1881-31 August 1960; Mary Jones, 26 March 1883-3 October 1952; John Lamartine, 27 July 1885-3 August 1968; and Hopkins, dates unknown.

Isaac Franklin (Frank) Peake 5 (8 July 1864, Union District, S.C.-13 July 1933, Glenn Springs, Spartanburg County, S.C.) married Mae Anna Cockrell (27 August 1870-29 April 1962), daughter of Adam and Elisabeth Engle Cockrell of Harper’s Ferry, West Virginia, on 28 June, 1897 in Union, S.C. Frank Peake was Clerk of the Court of Union County for many years. Both are buried at Bogansville Methodist Church, Union County, South Carolina.

Their issue: Frank Ernell, 10 April 1898-20 September 1981; Keith Cockrell, 23 September 1900-12 October 1963; Thomas Hopkins, 20 June 1903-4 January 1969; Frances Elisabeth, 13 October 1905; and Isaac Franklin, Jr., 11 September 1908 -15 January 1984.

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