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Color Codes separate generations. Numbers show generations.
First Generation 1 – BLACK – (Sons/daughters of Isaac) Sixth Generation 6 – BROWN
Second Generation 2 – RED Seventh Generation 7 – GREY
Third Generation 3 – GREEN Eighth Generation 8 – PURPLE
Fourth Generation 4 – ORANGE Ninth Generation 9 – Olive
Fifth Generation 5 – BLUE Tenth Generation 10 – PINK


Cecil Esterley Arthur 6 (3 January 1890-17 April 1957), the third child of John Arthur and Clara McCafferty was born in Washington, Indiana and died in Redlands, California. He married Jewell Dane Siple on 28 August 1914 in Petersburg, Pike, Indiana, the daughter of Orlando Siple and Mary Farmer. She was born 24 November 1891 in Petersburg, Pike, IN, and died 22 June 1956 in Redlands, San Bernardino, CA.
At age 22 Cecil Arthur left his native Washington, Indiana to move to Redlands, California. There he attended the university and worked for his brother at the Redlands Review newspaper. He returned to Indiana in 1914 to marry Jewell Dane Siple, and they settled in Redlands. For 37 years Cecil was a reporter for the Redlands Daily Facts newspaper. He was the sports reporter, using the by-line ‘Sid E. Liner’ (Sideliner). During those years he covered all of the various beats on the paper at one time or another. In reporting on City Hall, he had attended, at retirement, more city council meetings than any other living Redlander. He was also the U.S. government weather observer for over 30 years. For most of his career his weather column, ‘Jimmy Cub Says’, appeared at the bottom of the front page. It was a small, chatty column about the weather and daily happenings, ending with a joke. The Facts later reported that it, with its accompanying bear cartoon figures, was the most popular feature in the history of the paper. Jewell, who was an accomplished cook and seamstress, died of cancer at age 64. Ten months later Cecil died unexpectedly of a heart attack. The press box at the University of Redlands stadium is dedicated in honor of Cecil. Cecil died at work, at the Arthur Commercial Press. Although the cause of death was a heart attack, he had never recovered from the shock of his wife’s lingering illness and death and family members and friends always said he died of a broken heart. Cecil is buried in Hillside Memorial Park, adjacent to his parents. Cecil’s and Jewell’s names are not on the gravestone. Cecil and Jewell Siple Arthur had two children: Robert Siple; Dorothy Dane.

Robert Siple Arthur 7 (16 March 1916-19 June 1995), the first child of Cecil and Jewell Siple Arthur, was born in Redlands, California. He married first Virginia Pauline Russell on 20 December 1941 in Glendale, California, the daughter of Merrill Russell and Helen Lund. She was born 19 April 1916 in Los Angeles, CA, and died 29 June 1974 in San Diego, CA. He married second, Joy Phail Fossum Burke (8 June 1917) on 8 June 1975 in Palo Alto, California, the daughter of Oscar Fosum and Hazel Warner of Fosston, Minnesota.
Robert Siple Arthur was born in Redlands, CA. He earned a full academic scholarship to attend the University of Redlands, where he majored in mathematics. He taught high school for a year before beginning graduate studies in math at UCLA. In 1941 he married his college sweetheart, Virginia Pauline Russell. Because of the expectation that the U.S. would soon be at war, he was advised to switch his field of study to meteorology. He did so, and in 1942 received a Navy commission. He was sent by the Navy to Scripps Institution of Oceanography to study and research ocean waves. He found the village of La Jolla and his work at Scripps much to his liking, and he never left. Housing was scarce during wartime, but Joy and Clete Burke rented rooms to the Arthurs until an apartment became available. After the war, Bob continued his work at Scripps, while earning his Master’s degree in meteorology and his doctorate in math from UCLA. His studies included waves, ocean temperatures, currents and tsunamis (tidal waves). Although he authored numerous research papers during his career, teaching was his primary interest. He taught courses on waves and currents to graduate students at Scripps, and advised doctoral candidates there. After Virginia’s death of cancer at age 58, Joy Fossum Burke, now a widow, returned to La Jolla to marry Bob. Joy died of leukemia on 11 December 1994 in La Jolla, California. Bob died of Alzheimer’s disease in 1995. Robert and Virginia are buried at Hillside Memorial Park Mausoleum, Redlands, CA. Joy’s ashes were scattered at sea by her children and grandchildren, off the coast of La Jolla, within sight of her home. Robert and Virginia Russell Arthur had one child: Kathleen June.

Kathleen June Arthur 8 (12 January 1946) was born in North Island, San Diego County, California. She married Andrew Avery Mauro on 17 June 1967 in La Jolla, San Diego, CA, the son of Andrew Mauro and Warda Vincent. He was born 4 August 1944 in Brooklyn, New York. Andrew is a market economist and president of Mauro Flowers, a commercial flower farm. He is also the Deputy General Manager of Del Mar Fairgrounds and the president of San Elijo Lagoon Conservancy. Kathleen is a homemaker. Andrew and Kathleen Arthur Mauro have two children: Robert Andrew; Elizabeth.

Dorothy Dane Arthur 7 (9 June 1921), the second child of Cecil and Jewell Siple Arthur, was born in Redlands, California. She was an Elementary School teacher, and lives in Redlands, CA.

Nancy Ann Arthur 5 (12 August 1859-17 June 1954), the second child of Lettie Steen and James Arthur married McLeod Washington Chappell on 27 November 1881.

Charles Watis Arthur  (26 February 1861-28 December 1933), the third child of Lettie Steen and James Arthur married Albina Plskiak Pech on 16 Jun 1915. Charles died in Twin Falls, Idaho.

Laura Jane Arthur 5 (12 August 1863-8 July 1926), the fifth child of Lettie Steen and James Arthur married Douglas Hooker Ricks on 26 August 1886.

William Arthur 5 (22 March 1865-2 June 1952), the sixth child of Lettie Steen and James Arthur married Clara Bell Lett on 12 Spetember 1886.

Phoebe Angeline Arthur 5 (11 April 1867-22 May 1957), the seventh child of Lettie Steen and James Arthur married James Blankenship Mead on 11 November 1889.

Emma Naomi Arthur 5 (31 July 1870-4 September 1943), the eighth child of Lettie Steen and James Arthur died of diphtheria.

Elijah A. Arthur 5 (31 July 1870-4 September 1943), the nineth child of Lettie Steen and James Arthur married Eva Leora Ford on 4 September 1900.

Hamilton M. Arthur 5 (20 July 1872-1 June 1954), the tenth child of Lettie Steen and James Arthur married Bertha D. Chapman on 25 April 1898.

Martin Luther Arthur 5 (18 August 1876-20 October 1943), the eleventh child of Lettie Steen and James Arthur married Bertha Willey on 28 April 1897.

Austin Owen Arthur 5 (18 August 1883-13 April 1961), the fifteenth child of Lettie Steen and James Arthur married Omie Fitzgerald on 17 June 1908.

Benjamin F. Gregory 3 (1804-4 March 1847), was the last known child of Isaac and Elizabeth. His tombstone has been located in the Cane Creek Quaker Cemetery, thanks to Michael Crocker.

A Deed of Gift, executed 8 January 1838 and recorded 20 March of that year (Union County Deed Book Y, p. 370) from Isaac to son Benjamine (sic) Gregory, bestows upon that son 179 acres adjoining Mary Cotten (Cotter), Gideon Steen, Messer Fuller and Jehu Gregory.

Benjamin married first: Lucyan. She must have died about 1835-36, because their youngest daughter, Jane, is listed in the 1850 census with her grandfather, Isaac, and her twelve year old half-sister, Mary.

More than likely, Lucyan was a Steen and niece of Lucy Ann (Louisa Ann) Townsend, who died in 1841. Gideon Steen was administrator of Mrs. Townsend’s estate, which indicates she died without issue. Her heirs, with Benjamin shown as guardian in right, where his and Lucyan’s five children: Robert; Elizabeth; William; Jane; and Mary C. Gregory.

Benjamin married, second: Mary S. Van Lew (15 May 1795) in 1838. She was the daughter of John and Margaret Cox Van Lew. A prenuptial agreement between the two appears in Deed Book Y, p. 357. A later trust deed for infant daughter, Mary E.J. Gregory, executed 28 June 1839, indicates that baby Mary was three months old. Within this document, Benjamin lists Joseph H. Crawford as the baby’s grandfather. A mulatto girl, Julia, is to be held in trust for Mary E.J. Mary S. Van Lew Gregory died in 1861 at about 66 years of age.

Much information regarding this family can be gleaned from Robert Gregory’s petition to be granted Letters of Administration for Benjamin’s estate (8 January 1848). A transcript follows.

To John J. Pratt Ordinary of Union District

The humble petitioner, Robert Gregory, whould shew unto your Court that his father, Benjamin Gregory, late of the District and State aforesaid, departed this life intestate on or about the fourth day of March 1847, leaving a widow, Mary S. Gregory, with who there was a prenuptual contract barring her from any portion of his estate, and the following named children from a former marriage, him surviving, to wit: your petitioner; and Elizabeth, who has inter-married with John C. McJunkin; William Gregory; Jane Gregory; and Mary C. Gregory; his sole heirs him surviving.

Your petitioner would further show unto your Court that the said intestate at the time of his death was possessed of a small personal estate of a value not exceeding $600 that no administration has been granted therein. He therefore prays your Court to grant unto him Letters of Administration on the said estate upon the usual terms and conditions as in duty bound he will ever pray and so forth.

Signed: Robert Gregory

Filed 8 January 1848


Robert Gregory 4  (ca. 1826-?), eldest son of Benjamin F. and Lucyan, married Margaret J. Word (1828-1898) ca. 1826 in Union County. He is shown on p. 42, 1850 census of Union County as 24 years of age and his wife, Maruerite (sic) as 20. Their daughter, Sarah, was listed as being born in March of that year.

Robert and Margaret sold their property, consisting of 98 acres, to Cornelius Caldwell, trustee for Nancy, wife of C.W. Curtis, for $380. Robert filed his final report as administrator of his father’s estate in November of 1852. And they moved their young family to DeKalb County, Alabama in 1852.

In the census dated 13 June 1860, Robert owns real estate valued at $300 and personal property valued at $230. The 1870 census of DeKalb County is incomplete due to the loss of several pages; but, in 1880, is shown still living in the same place as in 1860.

No date of death is known for Robert, nor is the site of burial confirmed. Ishmael Doyle (I.D.) Gregory was told by his grandfather, Alec, that Robert and Margaret were buried in unmarked graves in Lebanon Cemetery. No records exist for this cemetery in the mid-to-late 1800’s. (Charles Brown of Leesburg, Alabama, great-grandson of Berry Alexander [Alec] Gregory, provided information that Margaret was buried in Bethel Cemetery, Saline County, Arkansas.)

Robert and Margaret’s children: Sarah Elizabeth; William Thomas; John Benjamin; Berry Alexander; Theodore Harrison; James Emmett; and Mary Lulicia.

Sarah Elizabeth Gregory 5 (31 October 1849 – 14 November 1915), first child of Robert and Margaret, married Thomas J. Poteet (ca. 1840). Their issue: Fannie F., 1871; Robert L., 1872; John A., 1875; and Benjamin F., 1878 (Saline County, Arkansas 1880 census, p. 242, Ed. 162, p. 1, Otter Township.)

William Thomas (Will) Gregory 5 (20 December 1851-1934), second child of Robert and Margaret, married Mary F. -?- (March 1856, Ala.-1931) ca. 1881 in DeKalb, Alabama. Both are buried in Mt Moriah Cemetery, DeKalb. Their five children: an un-named infant, born/died ca. 1882; Robert O., March 1884-1957; Effie J., June 1889; John A., 7 December 1891-17 May 1958; and Mary Alice, January 1895.

Robert O. Gregory 6 (March 1884-1957) was born and died in DeKalb. He married Lillie A. -?- (1889-1933) in February 1910. They rest together at Mt. Moriah Cemetery.

John A. Gregory 6 (7 December 1891-17 May 1958) was born in DeKalb. He married Ruby M. Majors (26 October 1900).

John Benjamin Gregory 5 (15 August 1853 -23 October 1922), third child of Robert and Margaret, was born in DeKalb County, Alabama, later moving to Saline County, Arkansas. He married Jane -?- (October 1857). Their issue: all born in Arkansas: Evie, August 1882; Martha, November 1884; Ben A., February 1886; Robert E., June 1888; Alex, September 1893; and Stella, June 1895.

(Our source is the Saline County, Arkansas 1900 Census, Owen Township, Supv. Dist. 5, Sheet 12, Enum. Dist. #145, p. 24.)

Berry Alexander (Alec) Gregory 5 (14 November 1856-28 May 1950), fourth child of Robert and Margaret, was born near Lebanon in DeKalb County, Alabama. The old homestead was located on acreage now owned by I.D. Gregory, a grandson. Before his marriage, he worked as a jailor in Lebanon (the County Seat at the time) to earn money to buy a farm.

Alexander was a “circuit-riding” Baptist preacher. He pastored Mt. Zion Baptist Church for twenty years. He traveled from church to church in a buggy drawn by a claybank (dun) colored mare that he called, “Old Mag.” He kept a journal of his travels and a record of marriages and funerals he performed, as well as fees he was paid. Most years he didn’t even earn enough to keep his horse shod. Unfortunately, this journal appears to be lost, either burned in a fire that destroyed the home of daughter, Mary Yarbrough, or lost by family members.

Alec married Sarah Elizabeth Burk (29 September 1856-9 August 1929) on 10 October 1878. Sarah was the daughter of Wilburn and Martha Ann Carver Burk. Both are buried in Mount Vernon Cemetery. Their children: William L.; Sally Josephine Rebecca; Charlsie F.; John Fred Walker; Robert Alexander; Mary Jane; Wilburn Wallace; and Stella Estell.

William L. Gregory 6 (29 December 1879-2 April 1880), first child of Alec and Sarah, is buried in Lebanon Cemetery, DeKalb County, Alabama.

Sally Josephine Rebecca (Josie) Gregory 6 (15 May 1881 – 6 June 1965), the second child, did not marry and is buried in Mount Vernon Cemetery.

Charlsie F. Gregory 6 (14 February 1884-5 April 1967), the third child of Alec and Sarah, married. James Walter Oliver (3 October 1885-30 March 1927) on 18 January 1903. Both are buried in Collinsville Cemetery, DeKalb County. Their issue: Doyle, who died in Louisiana; Valdon (Jack), died in Albertville, Alabama; Mildred (now lives in Rousso, Louisiana); and Kirt Harrington, 24 November 1916-13 January 1918 (buried in Collinsville Cemetery, DeKalb).

John Fred Walker (Walker) Gregory 6 (6 August 1886-16 June 1968), the fourth child of Alec and Sarah, died at his home in DeKalb. He married Flora Altha Beulah Tanner (24 January 1895), daughter of George W. and Sarah Lou Womack Tanner, on 17 October 1909. She still resides in DeKalb. Walker always referred to her as Hannah, but to all others she is known as Beulah.

Walker was a farmer and was known to be a very decisive man. He was also known to be a bit on the impatient side. This trait is exhibited by the story of his marriage to his Hannah.

Walker and Beulah were married in the middle of the road! It seems that on the day of their marriage, they traveled in Walker’s buggy to the home of the minister and were told by his wife that he was assisting in the cleaning of a nearby cemetery. Walker (then 23) intent on marrying the 14 year old Beulah, drove to the site of the cemetery. He asked the preacher to marry them. The minister agreed to do so as soon as the cemetery project was complete, but Walker insisted that the ceremony be performed immediately. The minister complied … and the two were married, standing in the middle of the road beside Mt. Lookout Cemetery in Cherokee County, Alabama.

Walker Gregory was a Deacon and Elder at Pleasant Hill Baptist Church in Cherokee County for many years. He was a hard-working man, who bought and paid for his 80 acre farm by cutting crossties for the railroad. He and Beulah worked side-by-side to clear the timber from the land, using only axes. They turned the cleared acreage into pasture and fields for planting. Before his death, Walker divided his land between his son and daughter, preferring to give while still living, rather than to bequeath after death. He kept one acre and a house for himself and Beulah.

He died on Father’s Day in 1968, surrounded by his family as was his wish. He was returned home to lie in state at the insistence of his great-grandson, Larry Robertson. Walker was laid to rest at Mt. Vernon Cemetery, near his parents.

Walker and Beulah had two children: Pluma Wallace and Ishmael Doyle.

Pluma Wallace Gregory 7 (28 November 1910, Cherokee, Ala.) married Gus Odus Regan (26 July 1913, Cherokee County) at Ft. Payne, DeKalb County on 14 September 1932. Odus is the son of John Franklin and Mattie Florence Smith Regan. Their children: Betty Joyce; and Guy Reimus.

Betty Joyce Regan 8 (20 August 1936) married James Merl Robertson (21 July 1933, DeKalb County) on 19 May 1951 at Rising Fawn, Georgia. James is a musician and laborer. Their children: Larry James; Rhonda Joyce; Teresa Ann; and Stephen Lynn, 12 October 1965.

Larry James Robertson 9 (26 July 1952, Fort Payne, Ala.) married Myrtle Faye Sparks, the daughter of Clarence and Myrtice Irene Williams Sparks, on 19 February 1972. Larry is in maintenance work and the couple reside in Bynum, Alabama. They have two sons, both born in Anniston, Ala.: Daniel Lynn, 25 August 1972; and Jeffrey Walker, 8 April 1975.

Rhonda Joyce Robertson 9 (15 October 1956, Anniston, Ala.) married James Goodwin Adcock, Jr. (20 June 1952), the son of James G. and Mildred Boyd Adcock, on 29 December 1973 in Anniston. James is in the United States Coast Guard. Their daughter: Selina Nicole, 23 March 1978 (Honolulu, Hawaii).

Teresa Ann Robertson 9 (20 October 1962, Anniston, Ala.) married Carl Burcham on 14 February 1986.

Guy Reimus Regan 8 (12 January 1945, DeKalb) married Phyllis Ann Berry on 3 May 1961 at Rising Fawn, Dade County, Georgia. They have one daughter: Lee Ann, 23 June 1965.

Ishmael Doyle Gregory 7 (23 April 1922, DeKalb County) married, first: Jeanette Robertson on 28 November 1940; and, second: Cora Gass on 31 March 1956. Two children were born to each marriage. Jeanette and Ishmael’s children: Mitchell Doyle; and Gary Dean, 3 August 1945. Cora and Ishmael’s children: Deborah Kay, 25 May 1962; and Robert Dale, 7 July 1966.

Ishmael sold the land given him by his father, Walker, to his sister, Pluma, and her husband. He now owns the land that once belonged to Robert Gregory. The birthplace of Berry Alexander Gregory is located just past his barn, marked only by an old rock chimney.

Mitchell Doyle Gregory 8 (2 May 1942, DeKalb) married Wanda -?-.

Robert Alexander Gregory 6 (25 November 1888-1979. Cherokee, Ala.), fifth child of Alec and Sarah, married Ann Yarbrough, daughter of Acie Yarbrough on 6 December 1908. Their fourteen children: Hoyt; Hubert; E.T; Nallie; Venalee; Louise; Opal, born and died 30 January, 1022; Mable, 10 January 1923-9 March 1923; Sonny Lamar, 23 August 1928-7 December 1931; Betty Ann; Sharon and Karron (twins), 16 January 1939-7 March 1939; Peggy Jean; and Donald.

Hoyt Gregory 7 (13 November 1913-3 November 1966) married Edna Benefield (20 December 1916).

Hubert Gregory 7 married Jean -?-.

E.T. Gregory 7 (23 February 1919) married Mildred -?- (4 December 1923-27 April 1979).

Nallie Gregory 7 married Willie Boswell.

Venalee Gregory 7 married M.C. Kirby.

Louise Gregory 7 (1925-1984) never married.

Betty Ann Gregory 7 married -?- Upton.

Mary Jane Gregory 6 (16 July 1891, Cherokee, Ala.), sixth child of Alec and Sarah, married William Arthur Yarbrough (31 October 1890-6 August 1980) on 25 December 1910. Their issue: Rodney; and James Robert.

Rodney Yarbrough 7 is a minister. His wife is Jean -?-.

James Robert Yarbrough married Aimee -?-.

Wilburn Wallace Gregory 6 (18 December 1894 -18 October 1983), seventh child of Alec and Sarah, married Sarah Myrtle Beard (21 May 1903) daughter of James Andrew and Viola Bachelor Beard, on 2 October 1921. Their issue: Agnes John; and Jean.

Agnes John Gregory 7 (25 May 1925) married O’Neal Floyd.

Jean Gregory 7 (25 September 1926) married Charles Mayo Brown (28 June 1921), son of Samuel Lee and Lucy Ann Conkle Brown, on 4 October 1941. Their issue Linda Faye; and Charles Max.

Linda Faye Brown 8 (12 June 1947) married James Travis Battles (19 January 1944), son of John Thomas Battles. Their issue: James Phillip, 24 August 1965; Christopher Lance, 27 November 1972; and Andrew Eric, 29 December 1976.

Charles Max Brown 8 (18 March 1957), a Baptist minister, married Faye Busby (9 November 1952), daughter of Willie John and Maudell McKinney Busby. Their issue: Charles Anthony, 21 August 1971; and Jeffrey Scott, 27 April 1976.

Stella Estell Gregory 6 (30 March 1899-1980), the eigth child of Alec and Sarah, married Cecil Cromer on 30 March 1899 in Alabama. Their issue: Guy; Arnold C.; and Fred.

Arnold C. Cromer 7 married Joyce -?-.

Fred Cromer 7 married Betty -?-.


Larry J. and Faye Robertson of Bynum, Alabama are the source of data on the Robert Gregory line.

Elizabeth Gregory 4, daughter of Benjamin and Lucyan, married John C. McJunkin (17 January 1826-February 1906) on 22 December 1847. According to his eloquent obituary (which follows), they had three daughters: Mrs. Andrew Paden, Mrs. WH. Baker, and Mrs. Davis McJunkin.

William Gregory 4, (?-1 July 1864, age 45) second son of Benjamin and Lucyan, married Nancy Steen (3 May 1830-2 March 1899). Both are buried in the Steen Family Cemetery. Six children are known: Harriet A.E., 10 April 1850 – 19 July 1851 (buried in the Steen Cemetery); Sarah and Benjamin (twins), ca. 1853; Christopher (Gideon), ca. 1855; William F., ca. 1856; Nancy (Mary), ca. 1857; and Lee, ca. 1862.

NOTE: Another Gregory buried in the Steen Family Cemetery is listed: N. V. Gregory, no birth or death dates. It could be a child of any one of the families. It is possible that this is ‘Nancy,’ daughter of William and Nancy, who appears in the 1860 census as two years old. The puzzle is compounded by the frequency of inaccurate ages found in early census records. 

Mary Gregory and Jane Gregory, Benjamin’s two youngest daughters, are residing with his father, Isaac, at the time of the 1850 census. Nothing is known about them after that time.

Orbituary of John C. McJunkin

About nightfall last Sunday, Mr. J.C. McJunkin was taken suddenly ill at the home of his daughter, Mrs. W. H. Baker, with whom he lived, and in spite of all that could be done for him by anxious physician and family, passed into the Great Beyond at 9 o’clock p.m. The end was peaceful, characteristic of his gentle, quiet, patient life. With the exception of an occasional cold to which he was susceptible, his health was wonderfully good for one of his years, which made his sudden passing away a greater shock to his family and friends with whom he mingled, contented and happy, cheerful in caring for himself and others.

On Monday afternoon, in the presence of relatives and old neighbors, his body was laid in Williams Graveyard at Gershorm to rest by the side of his wife, who preceded him to the tomb four years ago last September. The funeral service was conducted by Rev. D.L. Barr Of Houston, who spoke in loving, tender terms and eloquent praise of the sleeping brother.

In preparing him for the grave, he was robed in a broadcloth Prince Albert coat of elegant quality and in perfect condition, worn on his wedding day, fifty-eight years ago.

John C. McJunkin, of Scotch-Irish descent, was born in Union District, South Carolina, January 17, 1826, where he spent his early youth learning the lessons that so well fitted him for the useful walks of life he so admirably filled.

On December 22, 1847, he was married to Miss Elizabeth Gregory, a congenial and happy union, broken by death after fifty-four years spent together. To them were born three daughters, all surviving, Mrs. Andrew Paden, Mrs. WH. Baker, and Mrs. Davis McJunkin, and to them is left the rich heritage of their father’s pure life and spotless name.

In his youth he accepted Christ as his own personal Savior and joined the Presbyterian Church and was elected Ruling Elder of that church over sixty years ago. He remained strong and steadfast in the faith, true and unfaltering, through the decades that have followed.

Sometime in the fifties, he removed his family to Mississippi, settling in this county near Redland, where he engaged in successful farming. After the death of his wife, the old home was broken up and Mr. McJunkin divided his time between his daughters, usually spending the winters with Mrs. Baker.

Ripe in years and ready for the Reaper, he answered the call and paid the debt all humanity must pay, and today enjoys the sweet rest promised the Christian toiler. Personally, we have lost a good friend. He was indeed a fine character, his equal exceedingly rare.

The Sentinel
Pontotoc, Mississippi
February 15, 1906

George Young Gregory 2 (ca. 1785-before 20 November 1828), fourth son of Jeremiah and Lettice, was born and probably died in Union County. He married his first cousin, Mary Gregory (?-September 1858), daughter of Gerard and Freelove. Mary was born in South Carolina and died in Lee County, Mississippi.

George and Mary were the parents of three following children: Alfred W., Hugh and Mary Ann Gregory; Letitia.

Mrs. Mamie Estes Bryan and Mrs. Arcada Morgan, of Mississippi, provided much of the information on this family.

Alfred W. Gregory 3 (24 December 1811-2 August 1870), eldest son of George and Mary, was born in Union County, SC. He married Sarah Elizabeth Mann (?-22 June 1877). They are believed to have married in 1833 or 1834, as their eldest child was born ca. 1835. Sarah Elizabeth was born ca. 1815 in South Carolina and died on 22 June 1877. They are buried, side by side, in the Gregory Family Cemetery near Ballardsville, Lee County, MS. Unless otherwise specified, family members are buried in this cemetery.

Alfred and his entire family – mother, brother, sister, wife and children – were in Mississippi by 1850. It is thought that the move west was made in 1846. This is the year in which Alfred and Sarah sold their property, 105 acres, to Jeremiah Gregory for $275. This transaction is located in Deed Book U14, p. 3, Union County. The deed is executed 3 January 1846 and recorded 12 January 1846.

This seemingly conflicts with the birthplace of one daughter, Matilda, as shown on the 1850 Itawamba County census. She is listed as eight years of age and born in Mississippi. However, two children of Alfred and Sarah were not enumerated, which puts the accuracy of the census in doubt.

Alfred and Sarah were the parents of at least ten children: Alexander; Frances Elizabeth; William H.; Nancy A.; Matilda; Andrew E.; Malinda C.; Alfred; Sarah J.; and Mary Adelia.

Alexander Gregory 4 was born ca. 1835, in Union Co, SC.

Frances Elizabeth Gregory 4, the second child of Alfred and Sarah Gregory, was born ca. 1837 in Union County, South Carolina in 1837. She married William C. Parker on 8 February 1858 in Itawamba County, MS. She is found in the 1850 Itawamba County census living with her father, Alfred, and then disappears until 1870, when again she is listed as Frances Gregory, with her mother Sarah. The accounting of Frances then leads us to the 1860 census of Itawamba County, where we find William C. Parker and his family. His wife is listed as Elizabeth, and her age is 23, placing her birth in the same year as we gleaned for Frances from the 1850 census. There were no other Gregorys with the name Frances or Elizabeth living in the Itawamba County area prior to 1860.

This information indicates that Frances married a widower, William C. Parker, and raised some of his children from his first marriage. Two of William’s oldest children, Mariah and Mary, were not listed in the 1860 census, but the children, Christopher Columbus, Amanda, Miverva and Lucy C. are liste and with the ages given are from his first marriage. The children of William and Frances Elizabeth listed in the 1860 census are John at the age of 2, and Mathilda at 11 months.

There is no record of William C. Parker and his family in the 1870 census from Itawamba or Lee counties and it is suspected that they probably had been living in Texas since 1862. But Frances is located in the Lee County census records with her mother and it appears she has returned home because of her father’s death. William and Frances had two children: John Parker; and Mathilda Parker.

John Parker 5 (ca. 1858), first child of William and Frances Gregory Parker, was born in Itawamba County, MS. Nothing else is known about him at this time.

Mathilda Parker 5 (ca. 1858), second child of William and Frances Gregory Parker, was born in Itawamba County, MS. Nothing else is known about her at this time.

William H. Gregory 4 (23 January 1839-10 March 1919), the third child of Alfred and Sarah Gregory, was born in Union, S.C. He married Frances E.G. (Fannie) Jeter (4 May 1846-11 December 1915), in 13 March 1864 in Itawamba County, Mississippi, the daughter of William and Susan Jeter.

William H. Gregory appears in the 1860 Itawamba County census listed as a son at the age of 21. He appears in the US census in 1870 in Itawamba County, MS, listed as the head of household at age 28 and born in SC. He appears un the US census in 1880 in Lee County, MS, listed as head of household at the age of 41. This census listing is found in the Lee county records but is listed in the index for Pontotoc County, MS. The enumeration district given, ED92, Vol 12, SH 9, Line 1, is a Lee County number. He appears in the US census in 1900 in Lee County, MS listed as head of household at the age of 62, born January 1838 in SC. He had been married 38 years. He died 10 March 1919 and is buried in the Gregory Family Cemetery, Ballardsville, MS. William H. was a farmer and also raised sheep. His death certificate #6922 states that he died suddenly and that there was no physical evidence for cause of death.

Frances E.G. Jeter is buried in the Gregory Family Cemetery at Ballardsville, MS. The inscription on her tombstone is: ‘The sweet remembrances of the just shall flourish when they sleep in dust.’ Her death certificate #25103 lists the cause of death as pneumonia.

William and Frances had ten children: Susan; Benjamin Franklin; William Anderson; Issaquena; Mary Elizabeth (Mollie); James T.; Muzettie; Florance; Annie; Fannie May.

Susan Gregory 5 (ca. 1866), first child of William and Frances Gregory, was born in Itawamba County, MS. Susan appears in the 1870 Itawamba Census listed as a daughter at the age of 4 and born in Mississippi. She appears in the 1880 Lee County Census listed as a daughter at the age of 14. She appears to be named after her grandmother on her mother’s side. No other information has been obtained about Susan outside of the census data.

Benjamin Franklin Gregory 5 (20 June 1868-7 May 1917), the second child of William and Frances Gregory, was born in Itawamba County, MS and died in Lee County, MS. On 10 October 1889 in Lee County, MS, he married Priscilla Idell Leslie, the daughter of Bennett Leslie and Julia Truss.

Benjamin and Priscilla were married by Elder J.L. Turnage. Their marriage is recorded in Book 6, Page 114. Priscilla was born on 20 March 1871 and died on 16 February 1952. Both are buried in Bogeufala Cemetery in Mooreville, MS.

Benjamin was a farmer, supervisor of the fourth district in Lee County, school teacher, and deacon in the Bogeufala Baptist Church. He and his family lived in a house on Highway 371 South in Mooreville, MS. Benjamin died in a hospital in Memphis, TN. He was driven to Memphis over gravel roads while lying in a cot because there were no hospital in Tupelo, MS. His death certificate #9966 lists his cause of death as cancer. He was 49 years, 11 months, 17 days of age at his death. His physician was J.A. Nash of Plantersville, MS.

Benjamin and Priscilla Gregory had seven children: Nim Adisson; Earl; Myrtis; Leslie; Loise; Chellis O’Neal; Calvin L.

NOTE: Corrections and additions to Nim Addison Gregory and his family were provided by Angie Cooper Holland

Nim Addison Gregory 6 (14 October 1890-16 July 1954), the first child of Benjamin and Priscilla Gregory, was born in Lee County, Mississippi and died on 16 July 1954 in Vicksburg, Warren County, Mississippi. He married Bertha Quillen (Bert). Nim was a Delta planter and a merchand. Bert was postmistress at Hollandale, Mississippi during the 1950s and 1960s. Nim and Bertha were divorced. Nim committed suicide by jumping off the Mississippi River Bridge in Vicksburg, MS. He is buried in Bogeufala Cemetery in Mooreville, MS. Nim and Bertha had three children: JoNell; Julia; Jerry.

JoNell Gregory 7 (4 February 1920-1 September 2000), the first child of Nim and Bertha Gregory, married Ruben (Billie) VanDorn Cooper, Jr. They lived in Drew, Mississipi, but moved to West Helena, Arkansas when the boys were young. They had two sons: Ruben (Van) VanDorn Cooper, III; Thomas Gregory (Greg) Cooper.

Ruben (Van) VanDorn Cooper, III 8 (27 April 1945), the first son of JoNell and Billie Cooper, married Mary Joyce Hensley on 25 February 1967. The marriage ended in divorce. Van is a pharmacist. Van now lives in Forrest City, AR. They had one child: Angela (Angie) Christine Cooper.

Angela (Angie) Christine Cooper 9 (1 May 1968), the only child of Van and Mary Joyce Cooper, married Mark W. Holland on 31 May 1897. They live in McCrory, AR and have two children: Meredith Grace Holland (26 January 1990); Andrew (Drew) Cooper Holland (16 February 1992).

Thomas Gregory (Greg) Cooper 8 (October 1947), the second son of JoNell and Billie Cooper, married Martha Holland. The marriage ended in divorce. Greg is presently married to Phyllis -?-. Greg, like his brother, is also a pharmacist. Greg and Martha had one son: Andrew (Drew) Thomas Cooper.

Andrew Thomas (Drew) Cooper 9, the son of Greg and Martha Cooper, married Sarah Johnson in October 1998.

Julia Gregory 7, the second child of Nim and Bertha Gregory, married William (Cole) Cole. They had two girls: Mary Ann; Kathy Cole. Neither ever married.

Jerry Gregory 7, the third child and youngest daughter of Nim and Bertha Gregory, married Sam Orman. They live in Tutwiler, MS. They have three children: Diane, Joy and Bruce.

Earl Gregory 6 (12 August 1892-7 December 1976), the second child of Benjamin and Priscilla Gregory, was born and died in Lee County, Mississippi. She married John G. Duncan on 18 April 1915 in Lee County, MS. They were married by W.O. Thornley (Book 14, page 162).Both John G. and Earl are buried in Andrews Chapel Cemetery, located south of Mooreville on Highway 321. Earl and John G. Duncan were the parents of four children: JohnRuth; Calvin Trice; Betty Jo; Will Hoyle.

JohnRuth Duncan 7, the first child of Earl Gregory and John G. Duncan, married -?- Umfress. They have two children: Lindy A. and Pat.

Calvin Trice Duncan 7, the second child of Earl Gregory and John G. Duncan married -?- McKinney.

Betty Jo Duncan 7, the third child of Earl Gregory and John G. Duncan married Bobby Taylor.

Myrtis Gregory 6 (30 July 1894-11 February 1971), the third child of Benjamin and Priscilla Gregory, was born and died in Lee County, Mississippi. She married Joe Graves Ruff on 29 August 1916, in Lee County, T.J. Barksdale performed the marriage. (Book 14, page 314) Both Joe and Myrtis are buried in the Unity Presbyterian Church Cemetery betweej Plantersville and Richmond, Mississippi. Joe and Myrtis had three children: Pansy; Benjamin; and Sara.

Pansy Ruff 7, the first child of Myrtis Gregory and Joe Graves Ruff, married Charles Caldwell. She and her brother-in-law, Stanley Caldwell, ran Caldwell Furniture Company in Tupelo, Mississippi.

Benjamin Ruff 7, the second child of Myrtis Gregory and Joe Graves Ruff, married Bernise -?-

Sara Ruff 7, the third child of Myrtis Gregory and Joe Graves Ruff, married Hulan Parker. Hulan was a blacksmith. They had one child: Evelyn.

Evelyn (Susie) Parker 8 married John Croxton.

Leslie Gregory 6 (14 April 1897), the fourth child of Benjamin and Priscilla Gregory, was born in Lee County, Mississippi. Leslie attended Blue Mountain College, a Baptist girl school. She was a school teacher. She married Fred Loden in 1926 in Itawamba County, Mississippi. Fred was a farmer. Leslie and Fred had five children: Neim Roy; William (Bill); Benjamin; Gene; Jane.

Neim Roy Loden 7, the first child of Leslie and Fred Loden, was killed in Belgium during World War II.

William (Bill) Loden 7, the second child of Leslie and Fred Loden, was killed in an industrial fire.

Gene Loden , the third child of Leslie and Fred Loden, married Mary Alice -?-. They had two children: Keith and Kim.

Calvin L. Gregory 6 (1900-20 December 1941), the fifth child of Benjamin and Priscilla Gregory, was born in Lee County, Mississippi. He married Euna Francis. He died on 20 December 1941 of acute arsenic poisoning (death certificate #20243) in Lee County, Mississippi. He is buried in Bogeufala Cemetery, in Mooreville, Mississippi. Calvin and Euna had one child: Patsy.

Patsy Gregory 7, the only child of Calvin and Euna Gregory, married first, Eddie Willis; second, -?- Scotto. Patsy died from a stroke and is buried in New York. Patsy and Eddie Willis had one child: Edwin Willis.

Loise Gregory 6 (13 July 1904-23 August 1904), the sixth child of Benjamin and Priscilla Gregory, was born and died in Lee County, Mississippi. She is buried in Bogeufala Cemetery in Mooreville, Mississippi.

Chellis O’Neal Gregory 6 (13 March 1906-23 April 1971), the seventh child of Benjamin and Priscilla Gregory, was born in Mooreville, Mississippi. He married Gladys Hardgrove on July 23, 1927 in Pontotoc, Mississippi. Chellis O’Neal was employed by Malone and Hyde Wholesale Grocers in Tupelo. He was named for Dr. Charles Ellis O’Neal, who delivered most or all of the Gregory children. He died of a heart attack in Lee Memorial Park in Tupelo, Mississippi on 23 April 1971. Chellis and Gladys had two children: Chellis O’Neal Jr (Neal) and John Garvin.

Chellis O’Neal (Neal) Gregory, Jr. 7 (1 August 1936), the first child of Chellis and Gladys Gregory, was born in Tupelo, Mississippi. He married Janice Lee Maxwell on 28 August 1971, at the All Saints Episcopal Chapel in Austin, Texas. Neal earned a BA in Journalism in 1958 and a MA in Political Science in 1960 from the University of Mississippi. He has worked as a newspaperman, Congressional Political aide, and in the public relation field. He and Janice have lived in Tupelo, MS and in Washington, DC. They are the parents of three children: Jennifer Lee (Jenny) (9 March 1972); Kathleen O’Neal (Kate) (18 October 1974); Chellis O’Neal III (8 January 1976).

John Garvin Gregory 7 (21 June 1940), the second child of Chellis and Gladys Gregory, was born in Tupelo, Mississippi. John attended the University of Mississippi. He was named after an uncle and Dr. John Trice of Tupelo. Garvin comes from Garvin Shaw, a friend of his parents. John married Jean Ellen Brown on 7 July 1966, in Grenada, Mississippi. They have lived in Tupelo, MS, Richmond, VA, Atlanta, GA, Tahlequah, OK, and Sea Island, GA.


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