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Color Codes separate generations. Numbers show generations.
First Generation 1 – BLACK – (Sons/daughters of Isaac) Sixth Generation 6 – BROWN
Second Generation 2 – RED Seventh Generation 7 – GREY
Third Generation 3 – GREEN Eighth Generation 8 – PURPLE
Fourth Generation 4 – ORANGE Ninth Generation 9 – Olive
Fifth Generation 5 – BLUE Tenth Generation 10 – PINK


Sarah Jane (Sallie) Gregory 4, (29 April 1850-24 October 1915), Alfred and Sarah’s ninth child, was born in Mississippi and died in Lipan Area, Hood or Erath County, Texas. She married Joseph Mitchell Holder in 1866, the son of Mitchell Holder and Nancy Francis. Sarah Jane had red hair, brown eyes and could dance the jig well past middle age. She was buried in 1915 in the Bishop Cemetery, near Lipan, off FM 1189, Erath County, TX. leaves no record.

Sally and J.M. Holder had eleven children: Alfred Mitchell; Charles Benjamin; Clemmie Ophelia; an infant (16 July 1876-1876); Susan Alma; Joseph Alexander; William A.; Allen J.; Robert Lee; Nathan Bernie; Jess Thomas.

The Holder family lied on their homestead south of Lipan, just across the county line in Erath County, Texas. They had a Lipan mailing address, and the family is an important part of the legacy of Lipan.
Joseph Mitchell Holder was born on 9 August 1838, and grew up in Franklin County, Tennessee. His mother, Nancy W. Francis was from Virginia. Nancy served as an apprentice tailor before she married Mitchell on September 6, 1934. It is said that Nancy was a great and patient woman who loved the mountains of Tennessee. She always kept her door open so she could see the mountains. Even after she was up in years, she insisted that her bed be put between the doors so she could see the mountains. The cabin built for her still stands on the Holder farm near Winchester, TN. His father, Mitchell Holder, was the son of Joseph Holder, Sr. who served in the War of 1812, and of Nancy Freeman. Joseph Mitchell Holder was the third of 8 children, he had 5 brothers and 2 sisters: Andrew, Sarah, Nancy, William, Daniel, Benjamin and Nathaniel. Three of the children have been confirmed as serving in the CSA Confederacy alonf with countless other cousins and uncles. Joseph Mitchell Holder enlisted in the Confederacy April 29, 1861 in Peter Turney’s First Tennessee Regiment at Cowan Station, TN. Company I was formed at Winchester for a period of twelve months from men in Coffee County. It was enrolled in April 1861 and joined the Regiment shortly thereafter and mustered into Confederate service at Lynchburg, VA on May 1861. Its nickname was ‘The Tullahoma Guards’ or ‘Cowan Guards’. Another nickname was said to be ‘Jo Lane Company’.

The original organization was: Captain Joseph Holder; (Joseph Mitchell Holder’s Uncle Joe that he speaks of in the following letter.) 1rst Lt. James W. Jackson; 2nd Lt. Enoch G. Stewart; (related) 3rd Lt. Henry J. Hawkins; 1st Sgt. Daniel Crawford Keith; 2nd Sgt Charles Hofman; 3rd Sgt Eadward A. Jackson; 4th Sgt Absolom F. Williams; (related) 1est Cpl. Joseph M. Hawkins; 2nd Cpl. George W. Bowers; 3rd Cpl. Joseph M. Holder; 4th Cpl. Francis M. Bowers.

After the war, Joseph Mitchel Holder went to Mississippi and met Sally Jane Gregory, who was born in Mississippi. Alfred W. Gregory, Sally’s father, was a preacher, some say a farmer, others say he was wll to do. The one thing that most agree upon is that Sally never saw her family again after she left Mississippi.

After they were married in 1866, Joseph and Sally lived in Itawamba County, MS for ten years. In 1867, J.M. became a Master Mason in Mooreville, MS. J.M.’s sister, Sarah Holder had married Benjamin E. Harrison in 1859 and his brother, William Wallace Holder, had married Louisa Emily Williams in 1867. It is thought that the 3 couples went to Texas in 1877 at the same time, all of them staying in the Big Valley of Parker County, TX. Ben and Sarah settled in Dennis, TX and William and Louisa settled in Parker County near Weatherford.

In 1878, J.M. and Sally moved to Kickapoo Creek in Erath County, TX. Joseph and Sally had 13 children who either settled in the Lipan, Hood County, Texas area, or close by in Erath County, Palo Pinto County, or Parker County. Their son, Robert Lee Holder lived in Palo Pinto County until his extreme old age when he and Cora, his wife, moved into Lipan proper. Their youngest son, Jess Holder and his wife also lived in Lipan in their old age. One daughter-in- law, Una Holder, lived to be 100 years old. There are still many descendants in the area today.

Joseph signed a will on March 5, 1902, and Robert Lee Holder exected the will. He wished his property divided among the youngest children and for them to pay the oldest four, the sum of $100.00 apiece. He wished for the remaining belongings to be divided equally among his children and that his wife be able to live on the homeplace for her remaining years.

Joseph died September 1, 1914, and was buried in Bishop Cemetery near Lipan. Sally died October 24, 1915 and is also buried in Bishop Cemetery, next to her husband. The original family members, J.M., Sally, and their children are buried either in Bishop Cemetery or Hightower Cemetery in Erath County, TX.

The following letter was written by Joseph Mitchell Holder and was published in the Dallas News Semi-Weekly, dated July 16, 1913:

I am an old Confederate soldier and have come to tell you all some of my experience in life. I enlisted in the First Tennessee Regiment. It was commanded by Pete Turney, best known by the soldiers as ‘Old Pete’. I was in Company I, my captain was my uncle Joe Holder. We enlisted at Cowan Station and left Winchester on the 1st of May 1861 for Lynchburg, Virginia. We were kept there several weeks before we drew arms. Our first guns were improved muskets. Our first brigade commanders were Gen. Bell and Gen. Archer, Stonewall Jackson’s Division, Lee’s Corp.

I was in many hot places, Bull Run (second battle of Manassas), Fredericksville, and Chancellorsville. At the time my health began to fail and I was assigned to Richmond to help defend the city against raids. It would take a big book to tell my ups and downs. At one time I was nine weeks without a change of clothing, as I had put my other clothes on my brother, who ws shot in the arm at Manassas. Being in bad health, I got leave of absence and was at home at the time of surrender.

After the surrender I made a trip to Mississippi where I married Miss Sallie Gregory. She was the daughter of Alfred Gregory. I was then 30 years old. This was in 1866, and we lived in Itawamba County until 1877, when we came to Texas and rented land in Big Valley, Parker County and from there we moved to Erath County on Kickapoo Creek where I bought a home. Then hard times began sure enough. My horses died and for three years I worked oxen. I had to clear my land, as there was not a foot of land under cultivation. We built a little log house without floors. Then my wife took sick and lay at deaths door for 40 days. But the neighbors were kind and helped us in many ways. We were about 9 years paying for the homestead.

After that I bought 337 acres and settled two of my children on part of it. We had some hard times and lived most of the time on bread and butter and milk. I had to use much economy to keep from being involved in debt. Four of our married children live on the home place, and the rest near by. I lost one son after he was grown and four died in infancy. I feel like my many hard trials are numbered in the past.

I am 78 years old and on account of bad health my life is still full of worry. I haven’t seen a well day since my exposure to the war. I came near losing my eyes soon after the war and was away from home four months, under the care of an acculist at Union City, Tennessee. My afflictions have kept me in hard circumstances. In 1867 at Mooreville, Mississippi, I was made a Master Mason. I have nine brothers-in-law, all Master Masons.

My mother is still living. She lives in the old home in Franklin County, Tennessee. Her youngest son cares for her. If she lived until September, she will be 95 years old. She has three children living, and four dead. She has 29 grandchildren, 111 great grandchildren alive.

We are having some hot weather now and if the drought continues, I beleive the Government will have to give aid. It hasn’t rained since April.

I am fond of reading all lettersm especially those of the old veterans. Have read with interest the letters on the coming campaign, and will say with all good feelings that I am a natural born Anti and hope my country will always have liberty and freedom for which I have helped fight. I have the greatest respect for law and order, and think we should not pass laws that can not be at least partly enforced.

If any of the old boys see this I would be glad to hear from them. With best wishes to the good old news and all its readers, I will close by letter.

J.M. Holder
Lipan, Hood County, Texas

Alfred Mitchell Holder 5 (9 June 1868-1 October 1912), the first child of Sarah and Joseph Holder, married Lee Nora St.Clair on 31 January 1889, in Erath County, Texas, the daughter of John St.Clair and Martha Kemp. Alfred died of wounds received in a cotton gin accident. His arm was cut off, and he bled to death. He died on 1 October 1912, and is buried in the Bishop Cemetery near Lipan, TX, He was a Master Mason. Lee Nora is also buried in the Bishop Cemetery. Alfred and Lee Nora were the parents of 13 children: John Mitchell; George Madison; Winnie R.; Effie Etha; William Barlow (Bill); Robert Lee; Clarence Richard; Elbert Albert; Edith Irene; Joseph Vernon; Lillie Mae; stillborn twins.

Charles Benjamin Holder 5 (23 February 1870-19 July 1944), the second child of Sarah and Joseph Holder, was born in Itawamba County, Mississippi and died in Lipan, TX He married Uslie Self on 17 November 1892 in Hood Country, Texas. Charles died of a heart attack and is buried in the Bishop Cemetery near Lipan, TX, along with Uslie. Charles and Uslie had two children: Anna Lucille; William Delbert.

Clemmie Ophelia Holder 5 (11 March 1875-9 October 1959), the third child of Sarah and Joseph Holder, married first William Marion (Billy) Sparks on 8 October 1891. William H. martin, MG performed the ceremony. In 1877, William Sparks attended school at Ft. Spunky, Hood County, Texas. She later married Marshall Jarrett McCleskey in 1910. Clemmie is buried in the Bishop Cemetery near Lipan, along with both her husbands, Billy Sparks and Marshall McCleskey. Clemmie and William Sparks had seven children: Joseph W.; Nannie Belle; Sarah Pauline (Plinnie); Clemmie Adelia; Alfred Jesse; Larken Bernie; Carrie.
Clemmie and Marshall McCleskey had one child: Bonnie Ruth.

Susan Alma Holder 5 (20 June 1877-14 March 1958), the fifth child of Sarah and Joseph Holder, married John William Herring on 10 September 1896, in Erath County, Texas. W.E. Holley, MG married them. She died on 14 March 1958 in Texas and is buried in the Hightower Cemetery, Erath County, TX, along with husband John W. Herring. John and Susan had eleven children: William Henry; Lula Frances; Johnny Allen; Lossie; Alverta; Benny Lynn; Tullie; Gertrude; T.C.; Mattie Belva; Ruby Mae.

Joseph Alexander Holder 5 (25 March 1880-30 January 1901), the sixth child of Sarah and Joseph Holder, married Thursie McNutt on 20 July 1899 in Parker County, Texas. The ceremony was performed by J.T. Bussey, MG. Joseph died on 30 January 1901 and is buried in the Bishop Cemetery near Lipan, TX. Joseph and Thursie had one child: Jo Ann.

William A. Holder 5 (6 January 1882-3 August 1883), was the seventh child of Sarah and Joseph. He died in Parker County, and is buried in the Holder Cemetery in Parker County. The cemetery is located on Holder Road, north of Buckner Road.

Allen J. Holder 5 (20 October 1882-15 July 1914), the eighth child of Sarah Gregory and Joseph Holder, married Elva Roberson in 1904 in Erath County, TX. He died on 15 July 1914, in the Lipan area from massive bleeding when his arm was cut off in a farming accident. He is buried in the Bishop Cemetery, near Lipan, along with his wive Elva. Allen and Elva had seven children: Dura Lucille; unknown child; Nathan Julian; Iva Ruth; Dwight Lawson; Ruby Mae; Odell.

Robert Lee Holder5  (10 November 1887-27 September 1968), the nineth child of Sarah Gregory and Joseph Holder, was born in Erath County, Texas, and died on 27 September 1968 in Mineral Wells, Texas. He marrid Cora Lee Stavenhagen on 23 December 1906 in Erath County, TX. Both Robert Lee and Cora Lee are buried in Bishop Cemetery, near Lipan, Texas. Robert and Cora had two children: Archie Lowell; and Vanoy.

Nathan Bernie Holder 5 (26 October 1889-26 September 1948), the tenth child of Sarah Gregory and Joseph Holder, was born in Erath County, Texas. He married Una Nelson on 4 October 1908 in Erath County, TX. He died in Erath County from a heart attack and is buried in the Bishop Cemetery near Lipan, TX. Una is also buried in the Bishop Cemetery. Una and Nathan had two children: Lonnie Floys; Volona Bernice.

Jess Thomas Holder 5 (31 december 1885-4 November 1943), the eleventh child of Sarah Gregory and Joseph Holder, married Hattie Lou McCauley on 12 January 1908. Jess died on November 4, 1943, and is buried in the Bishop Cemetery near Lipan, TX. In his wife obituary, Jess’s name is listed as Jeff. Hattie is also buried in the Bishop Cemetery. Jess and Hattie had seven children: Clarance Tatum; Clyde Otho; Garland Chester; Wilma Faye; Opal Cornelia; Joe Preston; Jessie Lou.

Mary Adelia Gregory 4 (4 April 1846-5 April 1936), the tenth and youngest child of Alfred and Sarah, was born in Itawamba County, MS, and died in Lee County, MS. She married Joseph Henry Carnathan (16 January 1845-11 January 1941), James Monroe’s twin, on 14 January 1869. Joseph and James were the sons of Moses and Susanna Scott Carnathan. James Monroe Carnathan married Mary’s sister, Malinda C. Gregory.

Mary Adelia Gregory Carnathan died in the tornado which struck Tupelo, MS, on 5 April 1936, killing more than 200 people. One of Mary and Joseph’s daughters, Mary Josephine, and her husband, Robert Lummus, died in the same tornado that killed Mary. It is said that three Lummus daughters required hospitalization; a fourth was less severely injured.

Both Mary and Joseph Henry are buries in Priceville Cemetery, Lee County, MS.

Mary and Joseph Carnathan had eight children: William T; Sarah Lou; Zachariah; Tennessee Anna Lee; Emma; James Emory; Mary Josephine; and Joseph Archie.

William T. Carnathan 5 (13 December 1869-11 June 1883) died in Lee County, Mississippi and is buried in the Gregory Family Cemetery.

Sarah Lou Carnathan 5 (ca. 1874) married John E. Garner on 19 September 1888.

Zachariah (Zach) Carnathan 5 (14 July 1876 -November 1941) married, first: Mattie Frances Estes on 16 July 1893; he married, second: Beulah -?-. He died in Wister, Oklahoma, where he rests in Chapel Cemetery.

Tennessee Anna Lee (Tennie) Carnathan 5 (24 July 1879-23 December 1943) married John Whewell Morgan (9 December 1878-30 January 1961) on 27 December 1899. John was the son of John E. and Julia Ellen Hamilton Morgan. They were the parents of eight children: Joseph Whewell; Guy Mitchell; Furman; John Norbin; Aaron; Mary Ellen; William Leroy; and Mildred Irene.

Joseph Whewell Morgan 6 (20 February 1901) married Jewel Wanda Stevens (26 October 1902) on 4 July 1922. Both are buried in Oak Hill Cemetery.

Guy Mitchell Morgan 6 (26 May 1903-4 March 1924) was unmarried. He rests in Oak Hill Cemetery.

Furman Morgan 6 (16 November 1905-3 November 1968) married Eula Edith White (9 November 1908) on 9 October 1925.

John Norbin Morgan 6 (27 October 1907) married Lota Blanche Nanney (30 May 1908) on 4 December 1926.

Aaron Morgan 6 (18 December 1909) married Cynthia Arcada Herring, daughter of George Oliver and Donna Clementine Ewing, on 5 September 1928 in Lee County, where they currently reside. Their daughter: Sarah Frances.

Sarah Frances Morgan 7 (24 November 1929) married Douglas Howard Parham (17 January 1929), the son of George Dewey and Irene Franks Parham, on 24 November 1947. Their children: David Howard; and Susan Frances.

David Howard Parham 8 (22 September 1951) married Carol Bruce Johnson (28 September 1952, Oak Ridge, Tenn.), daughter of Dr. James David and Carol Hall Johnson, on 7 July 1973 at Oak Ridge. Their children: Elizabeth Ewing (19 September 1982); and David McClure (3 May 1985).

Susan Frances Parham 8 (15 November 1955) married Frederick Donald Allard, Jr., son of Frederick Donald Allard and Annie Bell Hackenberry, on 15 May 1976. Their daughter: Andrea Arcada (28 October 1977).

Mary Ellen Morgan 6 (30 May 1913) married Cecil Lee Estes (31 August 1913-28 June 1955) on 24 June 1933.

William Leroy Morgan 6 (4 October 1916-18 June 1981) married Mildred Elaine Hussey (12 December 1916-March 1981) on 30 October 1936. They are buried in Tupelo Memorial Park.

Mildred Irene Morgan 6 (1 March 1923) married James Buchanan Pearch (22 December 1920-28 September 1976) in Lee County.

Emma Carnathan 5 (9 July 1883-7 August 1958) married Jerry Alger Pierce (6 January 1887-21 December 1973). They rest in Priceville Cemetery.

James Emory Carnathan 5 (22 April 1887-22 March 1947) married Willie Mae Gentry (21 April 1893-11 August 1966) on 18 November 1910. They are buried in Auburn Cemetery.

Mary Josephine (Molly) Carnathan 5 (20 November 1889-5 April 1936) married Robert Henry Lummus (18 December 1880-5 April 1936) on 6 November 1910. This couple was killed in the previously cited tornado.

Joseph Archie Carnathan 5 (14 January 1894) married Irma Lucille Garner (18 June 1897).


Hugh Gregory 3 (14 May 1815-?), second son of George Young and Mary, was born in Union County. He married Nancy Turner (3 September 1825) ca. 1841, probably in Union. She lists South Carolina as her birthplace in the 1850 Itawamba County, Mississippi census.

Hugh and Nancy moved to that portion of Itawamba County which became Lee County between October 1845 and March 1847. This information is also derived from the 1850 census, which lists the birthplace of their son, Hilliard, as South Carolina, and the birthplace of their son, Starks T., as Mississippi.

Hugh and Nancy were the parents of twelve known children: Francis Marion; Henry; Hilliard; Starks T.; Charles Simpson; Mary Elizabeth; Nancy Belle; George; Hugh and Susannah (twins); Alice; and Antoinette.

Francis Marion Gregory 4 (16 October 1842-12 July 1889) was born in Union County, S.C. He served in Company H, 43rd Mississippi Infantry, CSA, during the War Between the States. He married Lucy Ella (Beene) Bean (17 November 1849-30 July 1933) in 1868. He is buried in Bogufala Cemetery, Lee County, and she in Fairview Cemetery, Itawamba County.

Henry Gregory 4 (9 February 1844-28 January 1919) appears as Harry on the 1850 census. He was born in Union County, S.C. and died in Lee County, Miss. He is also buried in Bogufala Cemetery.

Hilliard Gregory 4 (26 October 1845-July 1858) is the last of the children born in South Carolina. He rests in Bogufala Cemetery.

Starks T. Gregory 4 (4 March 1847-11 February 1890) married Mary J. DuVall (Duvall) on 10 August 1869. He is buried in Duvall Cemetery. Their children: Paddy; Ida; Anderson D.; William Frank; Neil Houston; and Allie.

The information regarding the last five children is gleaned from the Computer File Index of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints (Mormon). Total accuracy cannot be verified.

Paddy Gregory 5 (February 1870) is verified through the 1870 census of Mississippi, p. 355.

Ida Gregory 5 (1870) married John William Duke on 14 November 1892. She had one daughter: Minnie T., 1889.

Anderson D. Gregory 5 was born 4 October 1874.

William Frank Gregory 5 was born 11 September 1876.

Neil Houston Gregory 5 (18 June 1880) married Myrtle Sims. They had at least one son: H. Benson, 24 August 1916.

Allie Gregory 5, a son, was born in September 1888.

Charles Simpson Gregory 4 (November 1849-1934), fifth child of Hugh and Nancy, was born in Itawamba.

Mary Elizabeth (Molly) Gregory 4 (ca. 1852-1963) was born in Mississippi. She is said not to have married. The report that lists her year of death as 1963 also lists her birth as 1875, but she appears, age 18, on the 1870 census. This would place her birth somewhere around 1852. She is said to be buried in Glenwood Cemetery, Tupelo, Mississippi.

Nancy Belle Gregory 4 (ca. 1854) is said to have married a -?- Franks.

George Gregory 4 (29 December 1855-September 1871) died at the age of sixteen. He lies in Bogufala Cemetery, Lee County.

Hugh Gregory 4 (17 March 1858) was the twin of Susannah. He married Eliza Comer on 19 October 1881.

Susannah Gregory 4 (17 March 1858), Hugh’s twin, married Simpson Comer on 12 January 1878.

Alice Gregory 4 (ca. 1861) is believed to have married a -?- Howell.

Antoinette Gregory 4 (ca. 1863) is said to have married a -?- Barbour.

This entire family can be found on p. 355 of the 1870 Mississippi census.

Mary Ann Gregory 3, the only known daughter of George Young and Mary, was not married as of 1850. She is enumerated within the household of her brother, Hugh, at that time. She was 28 years of age. She is not listed in that household in 1870.


Thomas Brandon Gregory 2 (7 June 1796-30 March 1880), fifth son of Jeremiah and Lettice, was born in Union. He married Lucy Anderson (ca. 1795-October 1866), daughter of Armstead and Sarah Davis Anderson. Thomas B. apparently tried to enlist in the Confederate Army in January 1862. He was rejected due to his advanced age. He and Lucy, as well as several of their children, are buried in the Gregory Family Cemetery behind Juxa. The children: Isaac D.; Elizabeth Rebecca; Thomas; Permelia H.; and Mary Frances.

Isaac D. Gregory 3 (May 1817-19 May 1879) was born in Union County and died in Noxapater, Mississippi. He married Sarah W. Savage (ca. 1825), daughter of William S. and Martha Gregory Savage. The family moved to Mississippi some time after 1860, as they are still on the South Carolina census in 1860. Their known children: Elizabeth R.; William Thomas; Christopher Columbus; Mary Frances, Davis (or David); James and Permelia.

Elizabeth R. Gregory 4 (ca. 1842) is said to have married -?- Estes. Nothing further is known.

William Thomas Gregory 4 (6 August 1845-19 November 1919) married Mary -?-. He is also buried in Noxapater.

Christopher Columbus Gregory 4 married Mary Ann Hunt of Kosciusko, Mississippi. The children born of this union were: Cornelius; Fannie; William Thomas; Sallie; Hulett Columbus; John Calhoun; David Luther; and Annie Jane.

Cornelius Gregory 5 the first child of Christopher Columbus and Mary Ann Hunt Gregory, died at age two.

Fannie Gregory 5 (9 October 1872-30 May 1915) the second child of Christopher Columbus and Mary Ann Hunt Gregory, married Charles Blanton on 3 April 1893.

William Thomas Gregory 5 (?-1954) the third child of Christopher Columbus and Mary Ann Hunt Gregory, married, first: Lizzabeth Permenter; second: Emma Watts.

Sallie Gregory 5 the fourth child of Christopher Columbus and Mary Ann Hunt Gregory married Drew Blanton.

NOTE: The information on Hulett Columbus Gregory’s family was provided by Rev. Anne and Al Sherrill

Hulett Columbus Gregory 5 (6 November 1880-23 June 1965) the fifth child of Christopher Columbus and Mary Ann Hunt Gregory married twice. His first wife was Bessie Blanton (1880-1937) and they lived in Kosciusko, Mississippi. They had four children, two sons: Robert Luther and Jasper, and two daughters Lavelle and Lasca. Bessie died in 1937 and Hulett married his second wife Nellie McCrory (26 January 1909-3 February 2002). They had two children: Katherine and Marvin H. Gregory. Hulett Columbus, Bessie and Nellie are all three buried side by side in Kosciusko, Mississippi in the Old City Cemetery.

Robert Luther Gregory 6 (08 February 1903-2 October 1992), the son of Hulett and Bessie Blanton Gregory, married Margaret Alieen Barnette (26 March 1904 – 12 August 1989). There were three children of this marriage: Mary Elois, Margaret Jean and Robert Doyle. Margaret Alieen Barnette was the daughter of Robert E. Barnette (17 Jan 1869-20 Sep 1937) and Tommye Cannon (04 Oct 1876-25 Dec 1934). Both Robert E. and Tommye Barnette are buried in Forrest Grove Presbyterian Cemetery in Ofahoma, Mississippi.

Mary Elois Gregory 7, the daughter of Robert Luther and Margaret Alieen Gregory, was born in Zama, Atalia, Mississippi. She married Edward Jefferson Powell Jr. (03 May 1921-18 July 1983). They had one daughter, Margaret Anne Powell Triplett Sherrill (19 Feb 1946). They were divorced in 1947 and Mary Elois married Harry L. Kersey. Edward Jefferson Powell Jr. died in Ridgeland, Mississippi and is buried in Jasemine Cemetery in Ridgeland.

Margaret Jean Gregory 7 (22 August 1925-2 May 1997), the daughter of Robert Luther and Margaret Alieen Gregory, married William Finch and they had two children Rusty and an infant boy William Finch (24 June 1953-25 June 1953). They divorced and she married Robert Mullins (19 September 1925-12 August 1993). Margaret Jean, Infant Finch and Robert Mullins are all buried in Forrest Grove Presbyterian Cemetery in Ofahoma, Mississippi.

Robert Doyle Gregory 7 (23 March 1931-12 October 1950), the son of Robert Luther and Margaret Alieen Gregory, was in the Army CPL 509 AF Maint SQ, WWII and died as a result of a gunshot wound in Roswell, New Mexico. He is buried beside his parents in Forrest Grove Presbyterian Cemetery in Ofahoma, Mississippi. He was married at the time but had no children.

Jasper (Jack) S. Gregory 6 (14 December 1900-30 October 1978), the second child of Hulett and Bessie Blanton Gregory, married Verna V. (11 March 1901-8 May 1989). They had 4 children: William, Charles, Virginia and Lena Mae. Jasper and Verna are buried in Parkway Cemetery in Kosciusko, Mississippi.

William (Bill) C. Gregory 7 (22 September 1921-3 September 1994), the son of Jasper and Verna Gregory, married Hilda Burkes (16 May 1927). He is buried in Parkway Cemetery in Kosciusko, Mississippi.

Lavelle Gregory 6, the third child of Hulett and Bessie Blanton Gregory, married Rual Stark. They had three children: Elsie Lee, Peggy and Cherry.

Lasca Gregory 6, the fourth child of Hulett and Bessie Blanton Gregory, married David Moore and they had four children: three (3) girls, Bessie Mae, Maureen, Infant Moore and one boy Bobby Gene. Infant Moore may have died at birth or shortly thereafter.

Bessie Mae Moore 7, the first daughter of Lasca Gregory and David Moore, was married but never had any children.

Maureen Moore 7 the second daughter of Lasca Gregory and David Moore, married a man named David Moore (nicknamed Dink) and they lived in Jackson, Mississippi.

Katherine Gregory Kyle 6 the daughter of Hulett and Nellie McCrory Gregory, is married and lives in Cordova, Tenn. She has two children: Gregory Thomas Campbell who lives in Memphis, Tenn., Sydney Kathrine Shepherd who lives in Waynesboro, Ga.

Marvin H. Gregory 6 (20 Aug 1942 – 21 Aug 2009), the son of Hulett and Nellie McCrory Gregory, died in Jackson, Ohio on his 67th birthday.

John Calhoun Gregory 5 (1883) married, first: Georgia Bell; second, Emma Weems.

David Luther Gregory 5 (1885-14 August 1956) married Sue Williams.

Annie Jane Gregory 5 (1888) married William Clifton and currently resides in Mississippi (1985).

Mary Frances Gregory 4 (ca. 1848) is said to have married -?- Watts.

Davis (or David) Gregory 4 was born ca. 1851.

James Gregory 4 was born ca. 1855.

Permelia Gregory 4, the youngest known child of Isaac and Sarah, was born in 1859.

Elizabeth Rebecca (Becky) Gregory 3 (24 April 1817 [1819 tombstone record] -29 March 1891), the second child of Thomas B. and Lucy, was married twice. She married George W. Fant (16 February 1808-14 August 1852) on 7 April 1852. The marriage notice, which appeared in the Unionville Journal, stated that he was from Pickens County, Alabama. He is buried at Cane Creek Quaker Cemetery. Rebecca then appears as a Hamilton in 1880. The given name of her second husband is not known.

Thomas Gregory 3, (ca. 1827) appears on the 1850 census as being 23 years old. He disappears in 1860. No conclusive evidence of him has been found, but it is speculated that he died in the War Between the States. There was a Thomas Gregory who died at Centerville in May 1862. If it was indeed our Thomas, his age is listed incorrectly in the Confederate Pension survey.

Permelia Gregory 3 (1 January 1829-23 December 1890), fourth child of Thomas B. and Lucy, never married and left her estate to her nieces and nephews. She is buried near her parents and sister, Elizabeth Rebecca, in the Gregory Family Cemetery at Juxa.

Mary Frances Gregory 3 (17 September 1829-14 August 1867) was the youngest child of Thomas B. and Lucy. She married William Ellis Wilkes Estes (15 June 1832 – 30 May 1906) of Chester County, South Carolina, on 29 December 1853. He was the son of Charner and Elizabeth Wilkes Estes.

William Ellis was a Second Lieutenant in Company I, 35th Mississippi Infantry Regiment, CSA, and was severely wounded at the Battle of Corinth. He had moved his family to the Noxapater area of Winston County, Mississippi, where he was a farmer. William Ellis and Mary Frances are buried in Mt. Carmel Cemetery, Winston County.

Mary Frances and William Ellis’children: Charner; George Thompson; Lucy Ann; Mary William; and Francis Marion.

After Mary Frances’s death, William married Nancy Penelope Crow on 27 February 1868. Their children: John Wilkes; Margaret C.; Mobley Quay; Lomie Elmo; Kittie Belle; Samuel F.; Myrtle A.; Lillie Viola; Lucretia Penelope; and Ruby O.

Charner Estes 4 (28 June 1855-20 June 1900), the first child of Mary Frances and William, married Maggie Fredonia Fleming on 18 October 1882.

George Thompson Estes 4 (25 August 1857-26 September 1899), second child of Mary Frances and William, was born in South Carolina. He married, first: Electa Gunn on 20 October 1880; he married, second: Mollie Capecton on 3 March 1893.

Lucy Ann Estes 4 (12 October 1860-12 October 1882) was the third child of Mary Frances and William. She died on her birthday.

Mary William (Willie) Estes 4 (17 August 1862 -30 August 1914), the fourth child, was born in Mississippi. She married Alvin Gilmore on 6 January 1887. She died in a car/train collision.

Francis Marion Estes 4 (20 January 1866-5 November 1945), the fifth child, married Kittie Gallagher (16 March 1873-7 October 1950), daughter of Charles and Eileen Tanney Gallagher, on 29 March 1894 in Louisville, Mississippi. Kittie’s father was a native of Ireland and her mother was from Mississippi. Their children: Stella Mae; Charles Gullard; William Vernon; Pearl Venus; Frances Marion; James Tarney; George Tompson; and Woodrow Wilson.

Stella Mae Estes 5 (21 June 1895-March 1981) married Eustace Haynes in 1931.

Charles Gullard Estes 5 (22 April 1897-May 1975) married Daisy Brown in Memphis, Tennessee on 9 May 1931. He died in Memphis.

William Vernon Estes 5 (2 July 1899) married Mable Reagan on 2 October 1940. He still resides in Noxapater.

Pearl Venus Estes 5 (5 September 1901) married Andrew Leroy Robinson on 28 June 1924 in Philadelphia, Mississippi.

Frances Marion Mamie Estes 5 (31 January 1904) married Henry Marshall Bryan on 25 February in Greenville, Mississippi. She currently resides in Sunflower, Mississippi.

James Tarney Estes 5 (21 June 1907-September 1979) married Sue Price.

George Tompson Estes 5 (28 July 1910) married Thelma West.

Woodrow Wilson Estes 5 (7 March 1915) married Ethel White.