Color Codes separate generations. Numbers show generations.
First Generation 1 – BLACK – (Sons/daughters of Isaac) Sixth Generation 6 – BROWN
Second Generation 2 – RED Seventh Generation 7 – GREY
Third Generation 3 – GREEN Eighth Generation 8 – PURPLE
Fourth Generation 4 – ORANGE Ninth Generation 9 – Olive
Fifth Generation 5 – BLUE Tenth Generation 10 – PINK


Isaac Gregory 1 was the fifth son of Isaac and Alse Gregory. Born before 1755, he died in 1824 (probably in May) because his will was signed 17 January 1824 and recorded 5 June 1824.

His wife, whose name was probably Mary, apparently died between 1810 and 1820, as she is enumerated on the former census and is not on the latter. The following are the known issue of Isaac and his wife: Alsey; Levy; Jeremiah; John Wesley; Isaac; and Allen.

Isaac was usually known as Isaac Gregory, Sr. after the death of his father. This is significant because of the number of Isaacs in this line.

The earliest transaction of record involving Isaac, Sr. was his payment for provisions supplied to the militia during the Revolution.

He was awarded 103 acres, situated in Ninety-Six District and located on the waters of Brown’s Creek, by the State of South Carolina, 21 January 1785. The land was surveyed, 22 December 1784, and the grant recorded in State Land Grant Book 1, p. 328. He sold this land to Isaac Trammel, 10 September 1794 (Union Deed Book C, p. 384).

It should be noted that the names of Isaac’s children were gleaned from various sources. He did not name all his children in his will. As was the practice of many men of means in the early 1800’s, he bestowed land and personal property on his children via Deed of Gift as they became of age or married.

NOTE: Nina Gregory of Modesto, California and Ophelia Phillips of Tuscaloosa, Alabama have done much research on this family.

Isaac’s name appears three times in the Minutes of the Union County Court (abstracted by Mr. Brent H. Holcomb). He is listed as a petit juror in December 1789 (p. 233) and June 1799 (p. 513).

There is also reference to a bastardy case (p. 478) brought against Isaac and Jeremiah Gregory. This case, brought by the State against the two, occurred ca. 1798. It seems to involve a woman named Hannah Brown. The name or sex of the child, or if the Isaac and Jeremiah sued were brothers or father and son has not been determined. It is strongly suspected that the latter is true because the brothers, Isaac and Jeremiah, were men of means. It is far more likely that this is a case of a father standing with an underage son (Jeremiah was born ca. 1784-1785).

Alsey (Allise, Alice) Gregory 2, the first child of Isaac Gregory, married Samuel Lowery, and lived and died in Rutherford County, N.C. Their known issue: Nancy; Isaac J.; Elizabeth; Thomas; and Elsey.

Isaac gave to his daughter “one Negro woman (unnamed)” on 1 September 1823. This Deed of Gift is recorded in Union County Deed Book R, p. 370. Alsey’s residence in Rutherford District is noted within the deed.

In other action, an agreement was made between Levy Gregory and Samuel Lowery, 20 August 1825. This document (Union County Deed Book S, p.264) is a custody agreement. It states in part: “whereon Levy Gregory agrees to take three of Samuel Lowery’s children: Nancy, Isaac J. and Elizabeth, to feed, clothe and school as his own in exchange for Negro slave and child (Patt and Bill) to work for the children’s support.” The two other children, Thomas and Elsey, are mentioned, but are not included.

This agreement is not absolute proof of Alsey’s death, but – unless the family was suffering extreme financial difficulty – it is likely that she died and Samuel found himself unable to cope with five children. Levy and his wife eventually moved west to Alabama, where they appear on the 1850 census of Pickens County.

Levy Gregory 2 (11 December 1783-24 October 1855), son of Isaac, married Dorcas Stokes (ca. 1788, Union District-27 November 1851, Jena, Ala.), daughter of John Stokes, before 1820. Their daughter, Rachel, is listed as 30 years of age in the 1850 census.

The 1830 census of Union County indicates a total of ten children under the age of 20 living in their household. This number probably includes nieces and nephews, as well as their own seven children. Levy moved from Union District to the Jena Community in Tuscaloosa County, Alabama, ca. 1832. His first land grant was 26 September 1832 and a second was obtained, 9 May 1835, (see Warrants 8201 and 14696 respectively).

Later generations of this family were members of the Pleasant Grove Methodist Church, Jena, Alabama, but the names of Levy and Dorcas do not appear on the church roll and their graves cannot be found in the cemetery attached to the Church.

The children of Levy and Dorcas were: Lucinda Hughes; Louisa P., 17 April 1811; Thompson H., 26 March 1815-29 June 1900; Nancy Ann T.; Rachel J.; Matilda E.; and Mary G.

NOTE: The above dates and data were obtained from Ophelia Morrow Phillips who owns a family Bible in which this information is recorded. Ophelia Phillips is the author of Morrow Cousins published in Tuscaloosa, Alabama, 1972. She descends from Levy and Dorcas through their daughter, Nancy Ann T. Gregory Cork.

NOTE: The information on Lucinda Hughes Gregory was provided by Ann Blomquist, Orlando, FL. (See her family history, Taylors and Tates of the South, 1993.)

Lucinda Hughes Gregory 3 (17 April 1809-Mar 16 1877) married Joseph Tate circa 1828 probably in Union Co SC. Lucinda and Joseph had only two children: Jeremiah, born circa 1829 in Union Co SC, and Mary Jane, born 1838 in Pickens Co AL. The family migrated to Pickens Co AL about 1835 and lived near SC relatives. Joseph died in 1859 and was buried at Pleasant Grove Cemetery. Lucinda lived until 1877, dying just two weeks after her son Jeremiah. They were buried in Bethany Cemetery next to each other.

Nancy Ann T. Gregory 3 (18 January 1818-5 October 1837), fourth child of Levy and Dorcas, was born in Union County. She married William Cork, Jr. (21 November 1813), a native of Woodward Community, Fairfield County, S.C., on 5 October 1837. Family tradition says that when William and his parents migrated to Alabama, they spent the night in the home of Levy and Dorcas. It was on this occasion that William and his future wife met. Nancy and William lived in the Jena Community as well, but that part of Pickens County, Alabama later became Greene County, while Nancy’s parents’ home became a part of Tuscaloosa. Nancy and William were the parents of eight known children: Levy Hugh; John; Matilda E.F; Mary Ann Rebecca; Lucinda I., (11 March 1846-16 November 1856); Martha A. P; Artemis Sims; and William David Andrew.

NOTE: The above information was obtained by Ophelia Phillips from a Bible in the possession of Fannie Cork Lavender in 1972. Fannie (Mrs. Ellis) Lavender was, at that time, a resident of the Jena Community of Alabama.

Levy (Levi) Hugh Cork 4 (11 September 1838-9 February 1897) married Martha Jane Turner (24 February 1825-11 March 1895) on 15 February 1866. Their issue: Lela Esther.

Lela Esther Cork 5 married James Hugh Morrow. Their issue: Florence Ophelia.

Florence Ophelia Morrow 6 (1 October 1899, near Jena, Greene County, Ala.) married James Heston Phillips (15 June 1895, Knoxville, Greene County, Ala.) on 7 August 1919. Their issue: James Heston Jr.; and Sara Evelyn.

James Heston Phillips, Jr. 7 (13 May 1921, Ralph, Tuscaloosa County, Ala.) was a chemical engineer. He married Betty Ann Harper (28 December 1928, Hillsboro, Hill County, Texas). They have one daughter, Susanne.

Susanne Phillips 8 (23 October 1960) married William Keeley on 6 September 1985.

Sara Evelyn Phillips 7 (18 May 1925, Anderson, Anderson County, S.C.) provided the Bible records and other pertinent information on the family. She married George William Foote, an independent insurance agent. They are the parents of Sara Nell (Sally), 9 May 1946 (Tuscaloosa, Ala.); and George William Jr., 21 October 1948 (Decatur, DeKalb County, Ga.).

John Cork 4 (7 March 1840-20 December 1861) was unmarried when he died in Confederate service.

Matilda E.F. Cork 4 (30 March 1842-March 1902) married James F. Campbell on 3 January 1866.

Mary Ann Rebecca Cork 4 (11 April 1844-September 1898) married: first, Joseph N. Barnett; second, William Coker on 15 March 1869; and third, Rev. Aaron Myers on 7 August 1881.

Martha A.P. Cork 4 (27 April 1848-July 1906) married James Andrew Leavell on 13 June 1872.

Artemis Sims Cork 4 (19 February 1851-9 December 1904) married Martha Ann Leavell on 15 October 1904.

William David Andrew Cork 4 (8 October 1853 -3 June 1896) married: first, Elvira Christina Bouchellion on 19 January 1881; and second, Hattie R. Huffman on 19 September 1886.

Rachel J. Gregory 3 (2 October 1820), the fifth child of Levy and Dorcas, married David Huffman on 12 December 1840. They were the parents of two known children: Thompson H., 22 August 1842; and Dorcas Melissa, 5 March 1844.

Matilda E. Gregory 3 (27 November 1823), the sixth child of Levy and Dorcas, married John Huffman on 2 February 1843. They were the parents of: Elizabeth, 3 February 1844; Mary, 15 May 1845; and Louiser (Louisa or Eliza), 19 March 1847.

Minutes of the Tuscaloosa County Orphan’s Court (p. 356), dated 18 November 1851, indicate there was a fourth child, a son named Thomas. These records list Daniel Huffman as the administrator of John Huffman’s estate (date of death unknown). Levy Gregory was named guardian for Betsy, Mary, Thomas and Dorcas (Louiser?) on 5 February 1855 (Tuscaloosa County Probate Minutes Book, p. 108).

NOTE: The updates on Mary G. Gregory and her family was provided by DeCody Brad Marble.

Mary G. Gregory 3 (17 April 1826-31 May 1857), the last child of Levy and Dorcas, married John Gaston Bailey, the son of Kennedy ‘Kennerdy/Canada’ William (KW) Bailey and Mary Polly Ann Perry of Pickens County, Alabama. He was born 27 November 1821 in Lancaster District, South Carolina, and died May 17, 1907. They had a son: Reuben Franklin Bailey.

Reuben Franklin Bailey 4 (15 January 1845-25 January 1890) was born and died in Pickens County, Alabama. He married Ruth Love Ann Cole before 1871 in Pickens County, Alabama, the daughter of Temple Cole and Almeda Green. She was born April 16, 1852 in Pickens County, Alabama, and died July 05, 1943 in Gordo, Pickens County, Alabama. They had four children: Mollie (15 January 1871, Gordo, Pickens County, Alabama); John Temple (20 February 1873); William Anthony (1 April 1875, Pickens County, Alabama); Richmond (ca. 1879, Pickens County, Alabama).

John Temple Bailey 5 (20 February 1873-16 December 1943) was born in Pickens County, AlabamaHe died in 1943 in Gadsden County, Florida.

Jeremiah Jr. (Jerry) Gregory 2 (ca. 1785 [calculated from 1850 census], Union County, S.C.) was the third son of Isaac Gregory. He married Theresa (Thirza) Benson, daughter of William Henry and Eleanor Key Benson of Spartanburg County. Theresa’s father was a merchant, farmer and Sheriff of Spartanburg. He died of a fever in Charleston while on a business trip with General Wade Hampton in June 1796. Jeremiah and Theresa had at least two children: Terrell and Mary.

We know little of this family except that they moved West. It is very possible they moved around 1819 because they sold two tracts of land within three days in January of that year. Union County Deed Book P, p. 64, reflects the sale of 100 acres on the South Fork of Brown’s Creek, 26 January 1819. Another transaction, recorded 29 January 1819, indicates the sale of 160 acres on the south side of Brown’s Creek to Joseph Jolly. Both dowers were relinquished by Theresa (she is also listed as Thirza, Thersy, Thessa and Thesa Gregory).

It is interesting to note that, in the second deed (Book P, p. 90), Jeremiah is listed as Jeremiah Jr. though his father was Isaac. This designation was often used to signify a younger person of the same name in a community, even though the older of the two was not the parent.

Mary Gregory 3, who married -?- Walker, is shown living with her parents in 1850. She has two children, Minerva, age 14, and John, age 10, with her. She was 42 and listed herself as born in South Carolina. The children were born in Alabama.

Terrell Gregory 3 (ca. 1811) and his wife, Eleanor Anderson (ca. 1814), lived near Jeremiah and Theresa in St. Clair County, Alabama, in 1850. Both are listed as being South Carolina natives. All their offspring were Alabama natives. They were (ages shown from 1850 census): William I., 17; Thursday M. (Theresa?), 16; Sara T., 13; Jeremiah, 10; James A., 4; and Martha, 2.

Theresa (Thursday) Gregory 4 married Francis Marion Little in St. Clair, Alabama, 30 November 1854. This record was derived from St. Clair County Marriage Records (as listed in the Gandrud Collection, vol. 156, p. 90 – Benton County).

Isaac Gregory, Jr. 2, son of Isaac, grandson of Isaac, married Harriet Johnson. He probably left Union County about 1815. He is lost to follow up.

John Wesley Gregory 2 (ca. 1791, Union County, S.C. -1869, Pickens County, Ala) was referred to as “Wesley” in Isaac’s will. He married Patsey (probably Martha) Coleman by 1818. It was in that year that he sold 150 acres of land on Mill Creek to Absolom Coleman (Union County Deed Book P, p. 59, 19 December 1818). He could well have been married by 8 May 1816, for it is on this date that Isaac transferred to him 54 acres on the south side of Little Brown’s Creek. The children of Wesley and Patsey are unknown. They were in Chambers County, Alabama by 1840.

There is one curiosity regarding this family. It seems that Patsey was the mother of an illegitimate son, Hiram. There were serious complications due to Hiram’s illegitimacy. The will of James Orr (Union County Probate Office, Box 14, Package 6) recognizes Hiram as his son: “I appoint my sons, James Orr and Hiram Coleman, to administer my affairs.” Orr’s will was executed 30 June 1824 and recorded 16 July of that year.

Ten years later, Hiram Coleman died. Wesley and Patsey sued for her share of the estate, which was administered by Nathaniel Gist. Within the estate, a sister, Frances, is mentioned. It is not known whether she was a Coleman or a Gregory. According to case texts, Patsey and Frances were his only two heirs. Patsey eventually won the right to inherit, though the case had to be taken to the South Carolina Supreme Court in order to accomplish this right.

Allen Gregory 2 (10 November 1797) was the fifth son of Isaac. Shortly before his death, Isaac gave to Allen, 134 acres of land on the south side of Brown’s Creek adjoining the lands of his brothers, Levi and William (Union County Deed Book R, p. 134, 14 August 1823). This gift could have been made upon his marriage to Charlotte, daughter of Edward McGraw. McGraw’s will (recorded 24 July 1846, Union County Probate Office, Box 32, Package 21) serves as proof of this relationship. An excerpt follows:

“… the other half to be equally divided between the surviving children of my two daughters, namely Charlotte Gregory and Lucy Wright … with paying out of their portion, two dollars to be equally divided between my two sons-in-law, namely Allen Gregory and John Wright, for their legacy …”

Allen sold the land deeded to him by his father in February 1843 to Thomas B. Gregory (Union County Deed Book T13, p. 96). Thomas paid $850 for the land. Benjamin J. Gregory, Magistrate, recorded the deed, 15 April 1844.

Allen and his wife appear in the 1840 census of Union County (p. 206) with five small children. The census lists: 1 male 0-5 years; 2 males 5-10 years; 1 female 0-5 years; 1 female 5-10 years. Allen is listed in the 40-50 age bracket, Charlotte, 30-40. The names of Allen and Charlotte’s children are unknown.

They disappear from South Carolina after 1840. They probably moved after the sale of their land in 1843. The last known South Carolina record of Allen is the McGraw will.

According to Nina Gregory, Allen seemed to be the last of Isaac’s children to come to Alabama. He exchanged land with David C. Gregory, our great-grandfather.

Will of Isaac Gregory

The State of South Carolina
Union District

In the name of God. Amen

Isaac Gregory, sen., (Senior) of the state and district before said, being in a low state of health but of perfect mind and memory, thanks be given unto God, calling unto mind the mortality of my body and knowing that it is appointed for all men once to die, do make and ordain this my last Will and Testament; that is to say:

Principally and first of all, I give and recommend my soul into the hands of almighty God that giveth it and my body I recommend to the earth to be buried in decent Christian burial at the discretion of my executors nothing doubting but at the general resurrection, I shall receive the same again by the mighty power of God and, as touching such worldly estate wherewith it has pleased God to bless me in this life, I give, devise and dispose of, after my just debts and funeral expenses are paid, the same in the following manner and form. First, I give and bequeath to Alsey Lowrey, my beloved daughter, one Negro woman named Patsey. Secondly, I give to my son, Levy, the value of the said Patsey’s child, Bill, over and above the rest of my children for his kindness to me. The said daughter Alsey is to have the said Patsey only; the rest of my estate is to be equally divided among my sons, Levy, Jerry, Wesley, Allen and Isaac. I likewise ever constitute, make and ordain my beloved son, Levy Gregory, my sole executor of this, my last Will and Testament, willed and bequeathed, ratifying and confirming this and no other to be my last Will and Testament. In witness whereof I have hereunto set my hand and seal this, the Seventeenth day of January, One thousand eight hundred and twenty-four. Sealed in the presence of:

B.J. Gregory
Elisha Porter
John Porter

Isaac Gregory
His Mark

Isaac Gregory’s Family Bible

Isaac Gregorys Childrens Names Rote by Benj. Huffman
When this you see, remember me
April 23, 1817

Levy Gregory, son of Isaac Gregory, was born December 11, 1783.
Jeremiah Gregory, son of Isaac Gregory, was born April 26, 1786.
Molley Gregory, daughter of Isaac Gregory, was born October I7, 1788.
John W. Gregory, son of Isaac Gregory, was born January 27, 1791.
Elsy Gregory, daughter of Isaac Gregory, was born September 10, 1793.
Allen Gregory, son of Isaac Gregory, was born November 10, 1797.
Isaac Gregory, son of Isaac Gregory, was born August 6, 1802.

Isaac Gregory and Harriet Johnson was married October the 24th, 1820.
David Gregory departed this life the 29 October 1824.

Matilda E.C. Gregory, daughter of Levy, was born November 27, 1823.
Mary G. Gregory, daughter of Levy Gregory, was born April 17, 1826.

Thompson H. Huffman was born August the 22, 1842.
Dorcas Melisa, daughter of David Huffman, was born March 5, 1844.
Betsey Huffman, daughter of John Huffman, was born February 3, 1844.
Mary Huffman, daughter of John Huffman, was born January 15, 1845.
Luiser Huffman, daughter of John Huffman, was born March the 19, 1847.

Abigail Cargel was born April 21, 1810.

The names of Levy Gregory’s children:
Lucinda H. Gregory, daughter of Levy Gregory, was born April 17, 1809.
Luiser P. Gregory, daughter of Levy Gregory, was born April 17, 1811.
Thompson H. Gregory, son of Levy Gregory, was born March 26, 1815.
Nancy Ann T. Gregory, daughter of Levy Gregory, was born January 18, 1818.
Rachel J. Gregory, daughter of Levy Gregory, was born October 2, 1820.

Levy Gregory departed this life Octo6er 24, 1855.
Dorcas Gregory departed this life November 27, 1851.
Sister Mary G., baby, departed this life May 31, 1851.

Ophelia Morrow Phillips has had possession of the Isaac Gregory Family Bible for many years. The date of publication is not available. The above transcription is in the order written.