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Color Codes separate generations. Numbers show generations.
First Generation 1 – BLACK – (Sons/daughters of Isaac) Sixth Generation 6 – BROWN
Second Generation 2 – RED Seventh Generation 7 – GREY
Third Generation 3 – GREEN Eighth Generation 8 – PURPLE
Fourth Generation 4 – ORANGE Ninth Generation 9 – Olive
Fifth Generation 5 – BLUE Tenth Generation 10 – PINK


Benjamin Franklin Gregory 4 (November 1849), the third child of Edward M. and Rhoda Comer Gregory, married Sallie Stevenson in 1886. Benjamin was a coroner in Union, SC upon his death. He is buried at the Presbyterian Cemetery in Union, SC. (Previous information was obtained from Union CO. Death Notices from Early Newspapers 1855-1914.) Benjamin was a bartender and his wife was a weaver in 1900. They were parents of three children: Jim, August 1888; Lizzie, January 1893; and Julia, December 1895.

George Washington (Wash) Gregory 4 (1854-ca. 1930), fourth son of Edward and Rhoda Comer Gregory married Katy -?- (1857) by 1880. He is listed as a farmer in the census of that year. He died in a fire after 1930. There may be issue yet to be determined.

NOTE: The following information on Robert Olinthus (Lintz) Gregory was supplied by Claire Gregory Capell of Spartanburg, SC. She is a granddaughter of Lintz Gregory.

Robert Olinthus (Lintz) Gregory 4 (25 May 1856-8 October 1930), the fifth child of Edward and Rhoda Comer Gregory married on 18 January 1877, in Union Co., SC, Ruth Louvenia (Lou) Hembree (21 May 1856-15 March 1929) from Union County, SC. Lintz was a prominent mercantile business man as manager of the Saxon and Chesnee Mills Stores for 50 years and was a recognized leader in the community. Ruth died in Spartanburg, SC. Both Lintz and Ruth are buried at the Philadelphia Baptist Church Cemetery in Pauline, SC. Their children, all born in Glenn Springs, SC, were: Cassandra Lula; Laurel Irwin; Jessie C.; Bessie C.; Edward Ferd; William Wallace. There were 14 grandchildren at the time of Lintz and Lou’s death.

Cassandra Lula (Lula) Gregory 5 (December 1877-unknown), first child of Lintz and Lou Gregory, married James Eber Smith. Lula Gregory Smith is buried in the Smith Family plot at Philadelphia Baptist Church, Pauline, SC.

Laurel (Irwin) Irwin Gregory 5 (14 August 1880-12 May 1954), the second child of Lintz and Lou Gregory, married Eugenia Hurt (15 November 1894-24 April 1932). Irwin was secretary of the Spartanburg Water Works at the time of his father’s death in 1930. Irwin died in Spartanburg, SC. He and his wife are buried at Oakwood Cemetery, Spartanburg, SC.

Jessie C. Gregory 5 (December 1883-1910), the third child of Lintz and Lou Gregory, never married and is buried beside his parents.

Bessie C. Gregory 5 (April 1885-16 April 1969), the fourth child of Lintz and lou Gregory, married James C. Phillips. Bessie died in Spartanburg, SC. She is buried at Greenlawn Cemetery, Spartanburg, SC.

Edward (Ferd) Ferd Gregory 5 (August 1889-25 April 1974), the fifth child of Lintz and Lou Gregory, married Catherine Watson. Ferd was manager of the Saxon Mills store at the time of his mother’s death in 1929. Ferd died in Spartanburg, SC. and is buried at Greenlawn cemetery, Spartanburg, SC.

William (Wallace) Wallace Gregory 5 (15 July 1894-10 September 1964), the sixth child of Lintz and Lou Gregory, married on 25 December 1930, in Spartanburg, SC, Edna Lucille Cobb. Wallace was an accountant in Spartanburg at the time of his mother’s death in 1929. Wallace died in Atlanta, Ga. Their children: Claire and William Wallace, Jr.

Claire Gregory 6, the first child of Wallace and Edna Gregory, married Robert D. Capell. They were divorced in 1974. Prior to her retirement, Claire worked in the circulation department of the Spartanburg County Headquarters Library. She resides in Spartanburg, SC. Claire and Robert Capell had two children: Robert D. Jr. (November 1960); Lisa Ruth (April 1963).

William (Wallace) Wallace Gregory, Jr. 6 (20 November 1942), the second child of Wallace and Edna Gregory, was born in Spartanburg, SC. He married Diane Herod (12 November 1944), the daughter of Oren Franklin and Vera Sowell Herod. Diane was born in Camp Mackall, Southern Pines, NC. Wallace graduated from USC-Columbia, SC in 1964 and from the USC Law School in 1968. He was admitted to the South Carolina Bar in 1968 and the North Carolina Bar in 1977 . He was Associate General Counsel with Duke Energy Corp. in Charlotte, NC from 1976 to 1998, and retired in 1998. They reside in Charlotte, NC. They have one son: William Wallace III who resides in Seattle, WA.

William Wallace Gregory III 7 (8 August 1970), the son of William and Diane Gregory, was born in Spartanburg, SC. He graduated from Clemson University, with a BS in Electrical Engineering in 1992. He earned an MBA from the McColl School of Business Queens College, Charlotte, NC in 1996. He is employed by Saltmine, a Seattle, WA e-business consultant where he resides. As of 2000, he is single.

Julia Gregory 4 (1858-1866), the sixth child of Edward and Rhoda Comer Gregory, is buried at the Presbyterian Cemetery in Union, South Carolina.


NOTE: The following information was extracted from an article on the Gerard Singleton Gregory Family written by Oree Stephens Fore of Mexia, TX “A Family History of Limestone Co.” (Texas) with supplemental information learnt from additional records.

Gerard Singleton Gregory 3 (16 April 1819-26 July 1886), the second son of Isaac “Lipham” Gregory and his first wife, was born in Union County, SC. He married Nancy Macon Gregory (30 April 1822-24 July 1915), the daughter of Jehu and Lettice Gregory of Union Co., SC. Gerard Singleton died in Lost Prairie, Limestone Co., Texas. His wife Nancy died in Groesbeck, Limestone Co., TX. Their children, all born in Union Co, SC., were: Mary Margaret, 1843-1872; Harrison; Laura, 1845; Andrew Jackson, 1856; Notie Venia (Natalina), 1858; and Cornelia.

In 1850, Gerard Singleton lists himself as a planter with real estate valued at $2,150. He owned a total of 215 acres of land, one horse, one mule, one milch cow and fifteen swine. In 1860, his real estate was valued at $2,000 and his personal property at $8,000.

The family was listed in the 1870 census of Union Co., SC. From the minutes of the Fairview Baptist Church (formerly Neal’s Creek Baptist) of Union Co., SC, Gerard Singleton Gregory, Nancy, Margaret and Cornelia Gregory (she may have been mistaken as a daughter of Jehu Gregory), William S. Jolly and wife, Laura Gregory Jolly, were given letters of dismission on April 1, 1872 as they were moving to Texas. William Singleton Jolly was the son of Shadrack P. and Cynthia Gregory Jolly. Cynthia Gregory was the daughter of John Gregory and granddaughter of Jeremiah and Lettice Young Gregory.

By 1871, the farmland was poor and worn-out. A real estate agent, taking advantage of the general restless of the post Civil War period, traded G. S. Gregory land in Commanche Co., TX for his holdings in SC. So the family moved in 1872 along with the John Savage and John Ward families as well as his son-in-law, William S. Jolly, traveling to Mobile, Alabama, New Orleans, thence to Galveston, TX and then as far as Kosse or Mudville where the rail line ended. From there they went by stagecoach to Springfield as a temporary home for the winter. The following summer, after viewing the property in Commanche Co., TX, G. S. move back to Limestone Co., TX, near Lost Prairie where the family remained and where G. S. died. G. S. and Nancy Gregory along with several of their children are buried in the Lost Prairie Cemetery, Limestone Co., TX.

When Luther Eugene Gregory, nephew of Nancy Gregory and son of her brother, Watis Turrentine Gregory, married his first wife, Eliza Grace, on August 17, 1884 in Groesbeck, TX, G. S. Gregory married them as he was Justice of Peace, Precint #3, Limestone Co., TX.

NOTE: Information supplied by Grace Gilliam Holmes, Waco, 7X, great granddaughter of W. T Gregory.

Notie (Natalina) Venia Gregory 4 (1858), the fifth child of Gerard Singleton and Nancy Gregory married Jeff Rambo in Limestone Co., TX.

Cornelia Gregory, the sixth child of Gerard Singleton and Nancy Gregory, married Bob Holloway, a former Yankee soldier. Cornelia died young. They had one child: Beulah, who was raised by her Gregory grandparents and married Wilse Sims.

Warren Simpson Gregory (4 March 1821-10 June 1901) was the third son of Isaac “Lipham” and his first wife. He was a merchant and Postmaster at Cross Keys, SC.

His first wife was Priscilla Ray (29 March 1825-9 November 1869), the daughter of Reverend A. and M. Ray. Priscilla R. Gregory is buried at Belmont Methodist Church, Union Co., SC. Warren and Priscilla had one child: Margaret Eugenia.

Warren Simpson Gregory 3 married a second time, ca. 1863, Frances Permelia Ferguson (14 May 1839 -13 November 1901), the daughter of Miles and Mary Ferguson. To this union seven children were born: Kate May, (6 May 1862-16 October 1943); Frances L., ca. 1864; Lizzie Ferguson, July 1867; Eva P., ca. 1869; Minnie W., 6 March 1873-5 May 1942; Victor D., 1876; and Virgil, March 1880.

Simpson owned 145 acres of land in 1850. He also owned one horse, a milch cow, three “other cattle” and eight swine. His real estate was valued at $2,000. The elevated valuation on his property was probably due to the fact that he owned a store. His real estate value climbed to $6,750 and his personal property value was listed at $16,000 in the 1860 census.

Margaret Eugenia Gregory 4 (6 January 1845-2 January 1883), the only child of Warren Simpson and Priscilla Gregory, married Reverend William Wynn Mood, a Methodist minister. They had four children: Clarence; Emma Wynn; Rose Clarendon; Eugene Walton. Margaret and two of her children, Clarence and Eugene, are buried at Belmont Methodist Church, Union Co., SC.

Clarence Mood 5 died 2 July 1875 in Anderson, S.C. He is buried at Belmont Methodist Church, Union Co., SC.

Emma Wynn Mood 5 and her sister, Rose Clarendon lived in Sumter County, South Carolina.

Rose Clarendon Mood 5 married W.R. Scarborough. She lived in Sumter Co., SC.

Eugene Walton Mood 5 died on 2 February 1883, at the age of 3 month. He is buried at Belmont Methodist Church, Union Co., SC.

Kate May Gregory 4 (6 May 1862-16 October 1943), the second daughter of Warren S. and Frances Gregory, married William Young Dillard (26 February 1848, Laurens Co., SC-28 October 1937, Union Co., SC), the son of Seaborn and Catherine Hunter Craddock Dillard. Their home, Belmont, is a historical home in the Cross Keys section, Union Co., SC. Mr. Dillard served in Company A, 4th Regular South Carolina Infantry, CSA and was discharged in Greenville, SC at the end of the War. They and an infant son are buried at Belmont Methodist Church, Union Co., SC. They had seven children, all born in Union County, SC.: Laura Christine; Infant son (11 August 1888-11 August 1888); William Young, Jr.; Douglas Gregory; Frances Margaret; Warren Gregory of Cross Anchor, SC; Frank Gregory Dillard of Anderson. Five of living children are listed in the 21 November 1937 Spartanburg Herald Journal obituary of William Young Dillard.

Laura Christine Dillard 5 (1886-1967), the first child of William and Kate Dillard, married Alfred Reese Edens (1896-1969). Alfred died in Latta, SC. Both Laura Christine and husband Alfred are buried in Latta, SC. They had one child: Anna Katherine.

Anna Katherine Edens 6 (1923), the only child of Reese and Laura Christine Edens, married Chilson Placide Gaudreau. The marriage ended in a divorce and Chilson is deceased. Anna Katherine resides in Plano, TX as of 2000.

William Young Dillard, Jr. 5 (1890-13 September 1922), the third child of William Young and Kate Dillard, graduated from Wofford College, Spartanburg, SC. He served in WWI and was discharged in 1919. He died in Richmond, VA from pneumonia and is buried at Belmont Methodist Church, Union Co, SC.

Douglas Gregory Dillard 5, (1892- 21 February 1978), the fourth child of William Young and Kate Dillard, served in WWI, Company D, 31rst Engineers in Germany. He married Rose Eloise Hardin. Rose Eloise died on 4 May 1988 in Cross Anchor, SC. Douglas died on 21 February 1978 in Augusta, GA. Both Rose and Douglas are buried at the Cross Anchor Methodist Church Cemetery, in Cross Anchor, SC. They had two children: Jean Douglas and Rose Hardin.

Jean Douglas Dillard 6, the first child of Douglas and Rose Dillard, married Thompson Burris. As of year 2000, they reside in Lowndesville, SC.

Rose Hardin Dillard 6, is the second child of Douglas and Rose Dillard. Nothing further is known about her as of January 2001.

Frances Margaret Dillard 5 (30 November 1899-1983), the fifth child of William Young and Kate Dillard, married Bruce Hodgeson Stribling of Oconee Co., SC. He was a pharmacist in Clemson, SC where they resided. She died in 1983 in Clemson, SC. Both Bruce and Frances are buried in Clemson, SC. They had three children: Bruce Hodgeson, Jr., Frances Margaret and Hal Dillard.

Bruce Hodgeson Stribling, Jr. 6 (1925), the first child of Bruce and Frances Stribling, was born in Clemson, SC. He is a graduate of Clemson University, with a BS Electrical Engineering, 1947, and was a classmate of T. Hopkins Peake, also a John Gregory descendant. He worked for Duke Power Co., now Duke Energy, from which he retired. He married Goldie Giles Barron. Bruce and Goldie had children and reside in Charlotte, NC.

Frances Margaret Stribling 6 (1927-1986), the second child of Bruce and Frances Stribling, was born in Clemson, SC. She married James Franklin Wells.

Hal Dillard Stribling 6 (1936), the third child of Bruce and Frances Stribling, married Mikell Von Kolnitz. They reside in Enoree, SC (2000).

Warren Gregory Dillard 5 (19 March 1902-1 May 1993), the sixth child of William and Kate Dillard, married in 1923, Mary Gladys Wilburn (17 March 1905 -3 April 1989), the daughter of Wade Hampton and Mary Ida Davis Wilburn. Mary Gladys was born in Cross Keys, Union County, SC and died in Cross Anchor, Spartanburg County, SC. Warren and Mary Gladys are buried in the Cross Anchor Methodist Church Cemetery, Cross Anchor, SC. They had one child: Mary Ann.

Mary Ann Dillard 6 (30 April 1928), the only child of Warren and Mary Gladys Dillard, was born in Cross Anchor, Spartanburg County, SC. On 13 September 1952, in Cross Anchor, SC., she married Angus McLean Stewart (11 April 1928-27 November 1991), the son of Angus McLean Stewart and Emma Lee McMilliam Myers. Angus was born in Laurinburg, Scotland. He died and is buried in Cross Anchor, SC. Mary Ann and Angus had two children, both born in Clinton, SC: Mary Katherine (9 February 1960); Angus McLean Jr.

Angus McLean Stewart, Jr. 7 (16 September 1963), the second child of Angus and Mary Ann Stewart, married on 24 March 1990, in Cross Anchor, SC, Evelyn Renee Richards (23 September 1963), the daughter of William Arthur and Betty Jean Crowder Richards. Evelyn was born in Fountain Inn, SC. They reside in Cross Anchor, SC. They had one child: Mary Hannah (29 May 1992, Greenwood, SC).

Frank Gregory Dillard 5 (1905-1965), the seventh child of William and Kate Dillard, married first, Dorothy Rowell. They had one child: Verna Frances. Frank married second, Frances Welborn (1917-1980). Both Frank and Frances died and are buried in Anderson, SC. They had two children: Andrea and Grace.

Verna Frances Dillard 6 (1930), the only child of Frank and Dorothy Dillard, married Richard Thorpe Hopkins. They reside in East Lebanon, Maine.

Andrea Dillard 6 (1943), the first child of Frank and Frances Dillard, was born in Anderson, SC. She married Douglas Thorton Locke. They reside in Belton, SC.

Grace Dillard 6 (1945), is the second child of Frank and Frances Dillard. Nothing else is known about her at this time.

Lizzie Ferguson Gregory 4 (9 July 1867-12 December 1945), was the fourth daughter of Simpson and Frances Gregory. She lived in Union, SC with her sister, Minnie, and is buried at the Grace Methodist Church.

Minnie W. Gregory 4 (6 March 1873-5 May 1942), was the fifth daughter of Simpson and Frances Gregory. She was married to Reverend W. W. Mood. She lived in Union, SC with her sister Lizzie, and is buried at Grace Methodist Church, Union County. She had no children.

Virgil Gregory 4 (March 1880) the seventh child and second son of Simpson and Frances Gregory, was 21, single and boarding in the town of Union in 1900.

Garlen Sanford Gregory 3 (ca. 1823), the fourth son of Isaac “Lipham” and his first wife, was deceased by 8 July 1899. (Union County Deed Book R35, p. 268.)

His first wife was Nancy C. Gregory (26 May 1827-27 July 1871). There were two children born of this union: Isaac Merryman; and Giles Felix.

Sanford married Elizabeth A. Wilburn after Nancy’s death. Elizabeth was the daughter of Elijah H. and Margaret A. Norman Wilburn. Two daughters were born of this union: M. Orrie; and Bertie A.

Sanford listed himself as a planter in the 1850 census. His real property was valued at $1,504. The agricultural census of that same year reflects a total of 94 improved acres and 94 unimproved acres. The value of his farm implements was $90. The animal census included three horses, one mule, two milch cows, three “other cattle”, ten sheep and sixteen swine. This livestock was valued at $342.

In the 1860 census, his real estate valuation climbed to $3000 and his personal property was listed at $10,000. The figures in 1870 were $4000 and $10,000, respectively. He is buried at Fairview Baptist Church, Union Co., SC.

An interesting deed (Book R35, p. 268, Union County) in 1898 gives information regarding this family’s Post Bellum prosperity. In a deed of gift from G. Sanford Gregory (grantor) to his daughters, M.O. Anderson and Bertie A. Pearson, Sanford conveys 318 acres bounded by Mary Howard, James T. Layton and the Tyger River, and 618 acres bounded by B.G. Wilburn, James Bennett and others. Sanford stipulates that he will retain the marble and granite quarry.

Isaac Merryman Gregory 4 (1 July 1848-7 July 1877), first child of Sanford and Nancy, married Mary M. Hawkins (16 March 1849-12 July 1911), the daughter of Nathan and Cassandra B. (Bobo?) Holcombe Hawkins. He was a CSA veteran. Both are buried in the Hawkins Cemetery, Union Co, SC. They lived near Cross Keys, Union Co., SC. Their union produced three daughters: Bessie (1870); Josephine; Maggie (1875-30 June 1877). (Union Co. SC Death Notices from Early newspapers 1852-1914, published 1995 and Union Country Cemeteries, 1976)

Isaac M. was a farmer who lived at Cross Keys. His real estate was valued at $1400 and his personal property at $600. On the day of his death, Isaac conveyed all his property to his father, a rather unusual move even for the time. (Union County Deed Book F24, p. 591.)

In 1880, Mary is in the home of her brother, W. Harrison Hawkins. It is through this record that a third daughter, Bessie, aged ten, is found. Mary married -?- Fowler after the death of her husband. Isaac and Mary are buried in the Hawkins’ family cemetery.

Giles Felix Gregory 4 (1857), the second son of Sanford and Nancy Gregory, moved to New York, New York. (Union County Deed Book R25, p. 331).

M. Orrie (Aurie) Gregory 4 (?-19 April 1908), the first daughter of Sanford and Elizabeth Gregory, married S. Grief Anderson of Woodruff, South Carolina, where the couple resided. She died on 19 April 1908 in Woodruff, SC where she is buried. (Union Co. SC Death Notices from Early Newspapers)

Bertie A. Gregory 4, the second child of Sanford and Elizabeth, married Hix Pearson. She and her family lived in Woodruff, SC.


Theodore D. Goudelock (Goudy) Gregory 3 (11 February 1853-13 September 1911), fifth son of Isaac “Lipham” is the first of the three children in Isaac’s “second family” with Nicy. He married Alice W. Gregory (15 November 1853-19 March 1882). They are buried at Fairview Baptist Church, Union Co., SC.

Goudelock was a farmer in the Santuc area of Union County. He and Alice were the parents of two known children: DeAubrey; and Perla Isabel.

DeAubrey Gregory 4 (ca. 1879-September 1953) is eight months old in the 1880 census, which indicates he was born in September 1879. The 1900 census also lists his birthdate as September 1879. His tombstone, at Fairview Baptist Church, lists his birthdate as July 1879.

Perla Isabel Gregory 4 (March 1881-March 1954) was listed in the 1900 census with the March birthdate. This is credible because she does not appear in the 1880 census. Her tombstone, also at Fairview, lists her date of birth as December 1877.

Ellen Eugenia E. Gregory 3 (November 1845), daughter of Isaac and Nicy, apparently never married. She was single, unmarried and lived with her brother, Goudelock, in 1900. Her death date is unknown because her tombstone has not been found. She is probably buried at Fairview Baptist Church.

Emily Frances C.P. Gregory 3 (ca. 1843-18 October 1925), was the second daughter of Isaac “Lipham” and Nicy Gregory. She married (ca. 1870) Azariah D. Spears (20 May 1840-20 June 1885), a Confederate veteran. Spears was a grocer and dry goods merchant in Union. Both Emily and Azariah are buried at Fairview Baptist Church.

Emily Frances and Azariah had one son: J. Theodore Spears, ca. 1871.

NOTE: Correction on John Gregory and his descendants was provided by Ann Blomquist, Orlando, FL. (See her family history, Taylors and Tates of the South, 1993.)

John Gregory 2 (ca 1780-25 November 1843) was the fourth child of John and Margaret Gregory. He married Elizabeth Tate (12 September 1785, Union County, S.C., – 24 December 1856, Pickens County, Alabama), daughter of James Tate and Mary McDaniel. Their children were: Thomas Young; Levy; Isaac Franklin; Mary; James M. and Lettice.

Among the papers and data relating to John Wesley Gregory, the following is one of the most interesting:

South Carolina
Union District

In the Court of Ordinary
To B. Johnson, Esquire, Ordinary of said District.

The petition of Isaac Gregory sheweth that his father, John Gregory, late of Union District, State aforesaid, departed this life about the ______ date of ______ , AD 1843, leaving a will (now on record in the Ordinary’s office) in which he devised to his wife, Elizabeth Gregory, the mother of your Petitioner, one-third of his real estate, consisting of about six hundred and twenty acres lying, being and situated in Union District; and that since the death of his father, his mother has also died, to wit about the 24th day of December last, leaving as her heirs at law your Petitioner, Thomas Y. Gregory (residing in Texas when last heard from), Levi Gregory (residing in Mississippi), James M. Gregory (residing in Mississippi), Mary Spencer (wife of George Spencer of Union District, S.C.), Letty Lyles (wife of Joseph Lyles, otherwise called G.W. Lyles of Union District). That at the time of her death, the said Elizabeth Gregory was seized and possessed of the one-third part of the lands above described, being bounded on the north by the lands belonging to Isaac Gregory, your Petitioner, on the east by Dr. W.N. Aske’s land, on the south and west by Stephen Johnson’s land, containing two hundred and sixteen acres, which said land at the death of the said Elizabeth Gregory, according to the provisions of the said will of the said John Gregory was to descend to his children whose names are given above.

Your Petitioner therefore prays that an order may be made for partition of said land among the parties according to their respective interests therein – also that the said Thomas Y. Gregory, Levi Gregory, James M. Gregory, Mary Spencer and her husband George Spencer, and Letty Lyles and her husband Joseph Lyles be served with the usual summons or notices to shew, cause why the prayer of your Petitioner should not be granted.

Isaac Gregory

The above petition was filed 2 December 1857 and is recorded in Real Estate Book, p. 223.

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