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Color Codes separate generations. Numbers show generations.
First Generation 1 – BLACK – (Sons/daughters of Isaac) Sixth Generation 6 – BROWN
Second Generation 2 – RED Seventh Generation 7 – GREY
Third Generation 3 – GREEN Eighth Generation 8 – PURPLE
Fourth Generation 4 – ORANGE Ninth Generation 9 – Olive
Fifth Generation 5 – BLUE Tenth Generation 10 – PINK


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Benjamin Franklin Gregory 5 (20 June 1871-23 January 1963),  Image LInk the first child of Andrew Gregory and Caroline Mabry, married on 25 December 1895, Leah Musgrove Gallman, (14 January 1870-8 November 1962). They were married in Pocolet, Union County, South Carolina, at the Preysbyterian Parsonage of Rev. Albert A. James, and traveled there in a two wheel wagon pulled by a white mule. Leah carried a bunch of violets. Ben and Leah went on a honeymoon to Asheville, N.C. Ben lived near Elford Grove school. Her mother gave her four sheets, four quilts, and Lona Scott Gallman gave her a pretty towell. They later lived in a one room log cabin and his father Andrew and Ben’s brother, States, moved in with them after they bought a farm, where they lived all their lives. Leah washed in wooden tubs at the spring. She raised turkeys and loved to read and study geography. In later years she would sit by the window and fireplace, in her rocker and read her bible.

Leah was the daughter of Abraham Johnson Gallman [CSA], (27 October 1842-29 April 1917), and Emma Susan Gault, (18 December 1850-22 January 1930). Her mother was Clarisa Kelly, (1821-1902). She was the daughter of Thomas Kelly, born in 1784 in England, died 1866 in the Kelton area of Union County. Abraham Gallman’s father, Lemuel Gallman was killed in the Civil War at the Wilderness, Virginia, according to records in Broken Fortunes. Grandmother Gregory, Leah, says he was killed at the “Blow Up”, Crater. Abraham had no brothers or sisters. Abraham was a Confederate soldier also. He was stationed near Petersburg, Virginia prior to the Blow Up. He writes on 22 Janurary 1864 from Camp near Orring Corte House, Virginia.; First SC regiment, Going Brigade. He wanted to come home but felt he would never return. Lemuel writes of trying to get a transfer to be with his son. This never occurred and Lemuel would soon lose his life. Lemuel Giles Gallman was married to Rhoda Sharp, daughter of William Sharp Jr. who taught school in the Kelton area. William Sharp Sr. was a Revoluntionary War veteran and received State Grants near Broad River. There were six land plats with two grants. Hookers and Giles were also in this area. Their last names were used by William Sharp to name his children. Rhoda lost two brothers in the Civil War, Edward Hooker Sharp, a school teacher at Bethlehem Acadamy in the Kelton area, and Charles Cass Sharp, both died in the war. A brother in law, William F. Ira Scales also served, later to move to Georgia and some descendants later are in Atlanta, Texas. Hooker seemed to be the one to keep everything. Receipts of groceries, tobacco, shoes, loans, court, fines, harness and cotton selling @ 6 1/2 cents a pound, school list of students. Letters were written from Sullivans Island, Charleston, South Carolina, Army of the Potomac, Camp Walker. His sister Rhoda kept his child, Francis, as well as his notes and letters plus those of her own from Lemuel and his notes and letters. They span almost forty years. Blood lines from Sharp, Gault, Kelly, Mabry, Hodge, and Gallman flow into the Benjamin Gregory line that mixes with Jolly-Gregory from the other side. One does not separate the lines but studies them as a whole, learning their closeness and relationship with one another.

Benjamin Franklin Gregory Sr. was a farmer all his life. He had the best watermelons in the world. On their 65 wedding anniversary their picture was in the paper in Union County. It was later to get a response in the paper from Alaska and it told how good his watermelons were. They were kept under the bed to keep cool and were a treat on Sunday afternoon. He was a charter member of Gilead Church, Jonesville, South Carolina. Like many Gregorys he lived til 92. Leah was 93. Two daughters were 96 and 98.

The Gallman’s moved to Saxa Gotha, Columbia area, in 1735, from Zurich, Switzerland and are traced back before 1600. This was a move for religious freedom. They were Lutheran. There was a shortage of Lutheran preachers in the area. Those firebreathing Baptist and Methodist moved into the area and many were converted. Both are buried in Gilead Cemetary, Jonesville, South Carolina. Benjamin and Leah Gallman Gregory have six children, all born near Jonesville, Union County, SC: Eva Caroline Gregory; Emma Buela Gregory; Ross Ervin Gregory; John Sharp ‘Johnny’ Gregory; Benjamin Franklin Gregory Jr.; Maude Jenell Gregory.

Eva Caroline Gregory 6 (20 November 1896-5 December 1994), the first child of Benjamin and Leah Gallman Gregory, is born on 20 November 1896, near Jonesville, Union County, South Carolina. She married on 7 October 1916, Thomas Clyde White (7 July 1889-26 May 1955). She died on 5 December 1994. Thomas Clyde and Eva Caroline are buried in New Hope, Jonesville. Clyde was a farmer near Jonesville, South Carolina. They lived on the Jonesville-Lockhart highway in a house built during or before the Revolutionary War. This is one of the oldest houses in Union County. It is still lived in by her daughter, Evelyn White Robinson. Eva Caroline Gregory has nine children, all born in Union Co., S.C.: Evelyn White; Margarite White; Mildred White; Thomas Clyde White, Jr.; Doris White; Lee Ila White; Murrell Keith White; Lewis White; Patty Sue White.

Evelyn White 7 (16 September 1917), the first child of Eva Caroline and Thomas Clyde, married Essie Gully Robinson (9 March 1909-8 March 1990). They had four children: Peggy Jean; Harold Dean; Brenda Kay; Dennis Clyde.

Peggy Jean Robinson 9 (11 July 1938), married Carol Earl Scoggins (3 August 1937). They had two children: Michael David; Francis Evelyn.

Michael David Scoggins 9 (21 May 1961), married Kelly Hallman, with child Kelly Hallman.

Francis Evelyn Scoggins 9 (26 Jan 1964), married Douglas Gillard.

Harold Dean Robinson 8 (11 July 1938), married Patricia Bevis: Their child: Harold Dean Robinson, Jr.

Harold Dean Robinson, Jr. 9 (23 November 1964), married Gina Harvey. Their children: Matthew Phillip Robinson (1989); Katrina Leigh Robinson (1991).

Brenda Kay Robinson 8 (19 July 1943), married Sidney Hope Sanders. Their children: Deborah Nadine Sanders; Melissa Hope Sanders. Brenda Robinson married later Thomas C. Dillard (1942).

Deborah Nadine Sanders9 (1963), married James Woodrow Maness. They have one child: James Nickolas Maness.

Melissa Hope Sanders 9 (1965), married Francis Dale Davis. Melissa and Francis Davis had one child: Allison Nicole Davis.

Dennis Clyde Robinson 8 (12 December 1944), married Martha Ann West (25 August 1947). They had two children: Melissa Denise; Grady Philip.

Melissa Denise Robinson 9 married Lynn Mark Mitchell. They have one child: Trad Robinson (1976).

Grady Philip Robinson 9 (1956) married Cathy Curry (1956).

Margarite White 7 (24 June 1919), the second child of Eva Caroline and Thomas Clyde, married William Simpson Harvey (23 April 1917-21 July 1972), on 4 September 1937. Simp worked in textiles and attended Mon Aetna Baptist Church. They had one child: Carolyn June Harvey.

Carolyn June Harvey 9 (19 June 1938), married Joel Carr Miller. June is Clerk of Court in the Union County Court House. She is seen on my frequent rounds of research. Their children: Carolyn June; Joel Carr Jr. (1958-1958).

Carolyn June Miller 9 (13 June 1957), married Terry Edney Hooper. They have two children: Christie Nicole Hooper (1978); Katie Loraine Hooper (1980).

Mildred White 7 (19 December 1922), the third child of Eva Caroline and Thomas Clyde, married Joe Barkley (26 May 1917). They have two children: Andy; Lynda (1955).

Andy Barkley8 (1951), married Cheryl (1953). They have two children: Bret (1983); Brooke Barkley (1986).

Thomas Clyde White, Jr. 7 (17 June 1924), the fourth child of Eva Caroline and Thomas Clyde, married Leoma Billings (23 November 1928). They have two children: Michael Thomas; Wayne White.

Michael Thomas White 8 (1947), married Sharon Gault (1946). They have two children: Todd (1967); Kevin (1973).

Doris White 7 (12 October 1926),  the fifth child of Eva Caroline and Thomas Clyde, lives in Jonesville, S.C. She worked with the telephone co.

Lee Ila White 7 (19 October 1928), the sixth child of Eva Caroline and Thomas Clyde, married Mauldin Pearson (25 July 1925). Their children are: Diane Pearson; Miriam Pearson.

Diane Pearson 8 (1948), married Forest Kirby (1947). They have two children: Jason Kirby (1970); Stephanie Kirby (1973).

Miriam Pearson 8 (1952), married Gene Garrett (1955). They have two children: Shane Garrett (1981); and Kelly Garrett (1981).

Murrell Keith White 7 (6 October 1930), the seventh child of Eva Caroline and Thomas Clyde, married Sara Smith (18 May 1929). They have two children are: Michael Keith; Sarah Elizabeth.

Michael Keith White8 (1962),  married Linda Carlock (1948).

Sara Elizabeth White 8 (1965), married John Cudd (1961). They have two children: Leah Pearl Cudd (1990) and Megan Nicole Cudd (1991).

Lewis White 7 (26 November 1936), was the eighth child of Eva Caroline and Thomas Clyde. Lewis has worked in banking most of his life.

Patty Sue White 7 (28 January 1938), the nineth child of Eva Caroline and Thomas Clyde, married Joe Dean Hoyle (1940). They have three children: Michele Hoyle; Angela Hoyle; Jodi Hoyle (1967).

Michele Hoyle 8 (1963), married Paul Pettit (1960). They have one child: Molly Pettit (1993).

Angela Hoyle 8 (1965), married Jeff Ledbetter (1965).

Emma Buela Gregory 6 (8 September 1898-31 October 1994), the second child of Benjamin Franklin and Leah Gallman Gregory, was born in Jonesville, SC. She died on 31 October 1994, in Spartanburg, SC. She married Carol Ledley Gault (1897-1938) on 3 September 1916, Union County, SC. Carol Ledley Gault descends from Robert Gault (1700-1790). The Gaults came from Scotland to Pennsylvania and on to Union County. Both are buried at New Hope Cemetary, Jonesville, SC. She raised three children after the early death of her husband, in Union County, SC. She lived with her parents most of the time and worked in Spartanburg. Emma Beula and Carol Ledley had three children, all born in Union County: Carol Ledley Gault, Jr.; Thomas Franklin Gault; Emily Earline Gault.

Carol Ledley Gault, Jr. 7 (1 January 1922),  married Vera Louise White (1922). Carol has worked in sales around Spartanburg, SC.

Thomas Franklin Gault 7 married Beulah Ann Varner. T.F. worked with the gas co. in Spartanburg, SC.

Emily Earline (Sis) Gault 7 (8 May 1935), married William Harold Bailey (7 February 1934), on 4 May 1957. Sis has worked in the Spartanburg school system as a secretary. They have two children: Michael Harold Bailey; Susan Carol Bailey.

Michael Harold Bailey 8 (13 November 1958), married Grace Ann Baker.

Susan Carol Bailey 8 (13 November 1961), married Leonard Perry Bennett (1960), on 12 December 1987. They have two children: Thomas Matthew Bennett (19 September 1989) and Bailey Ann Bennett (30 August 1994).

Ross Ervin Gregory 6 (2 May 1901-29 November 1965), the third child of Benjamin and Leah Gallman Gregory, was born in Jonesville, SC. and died in Union, SC. He was unmarried. He is buried at Gilead Cemetary, Jonesville, SC. He never left home. He farmed and later began to work in the mill.

John Sharp (Johnny) Gregory 6 (8 November 1903- 3 September 1978), the fourth child of Benjamin and Leah Gregory was born and died in Jonesville, SC. He married Mary Azelee Procter (1912, Cherokee, SC), on 30 September 1928. Both are buried at Mt. Tabor, SC. All their children were born in Union County, SC. Johnny farmed with his father Benjamin. He later worked in textiles. John Sharp and Mary Gregory had eight children: Louise Nancy; William (Bud) Edison; Benjamin Franklin (BF); Gene Wallace; Martha Ann; Mary Joyce; Andrew Jackson; Charlie Reuben.

Louise Nancy Gregory 7 (11 September 1929), married Howard Jenkins. They had two children: Howard Jenkins, Jr. and Elizabeth Jenkins.

William (Bud) Edison Gregory 7 (24 October 1931), lives in the homeplace in Jonesville, SC. Bud worked in Union Mills.

Benjamin Franklin (BF) Gregory 7 (21 October 1933), married Sherrel Bogan. He lives near the homeplace in Jonesville, SC. B.F. was a mechanic with his own garage. They had two children: Lisa Gregory (1974); Mike Gregory (1976).

Gene Wallace Gregory 7 (29 January 1936), married Wanda Mae Moore (17 November 1945). They live in Pamplico, South Carolina. Gene worked in textiles is Pamplico, SC. They had three children, all born in Pamplico, South Carolina: Kyle Rodney; La Soundra Leah; Robbie Eugene.

Kyle Rodney Gregory 8 (2 September 1966), married Marilyn Gaster. They live in Hemingway, SC.

La Soundra Leah Gregory 8 (12 February 1970), married Todd Matthews. They live in Florence, SC.

Robbie Eugene Gregory 8 (17 October 1974), married Amy Hartfield. They live in Pamplico, SC.

Martha Ann Gregory 7 (19 February 1938), lives in the homeplace in Jonesville, SC.

Mary Joyce Gregory 7 (30 July 1940), married Henry Frankie Campbell. Mary Joyce later married Glenn Toney. Mary Joyce and Henry Campbell had two children: Tammy Ann; Henry Grover Campbell.

Tammy Ann Campbell 8 married Scott Walker. They have one child: Scott Walker, Jr.

Henry Grover Campbell 8 has two children: Tamatha Campbell; Stacy Campbell.

Andrew Jackson Gregory 7 (12 May 1942-1994), lived in Jonesville homeplace. Andrew died in 1994.

Charlie Reuben Gregory 7 (25 October 1945), lived in Jonesville homeplace.

Benjamin Franklin Gregory, Jr. 6 (4 August 1906-23 July 1999), the fifth child of Benjamin and Leah Gregory, was born in Jonesville, SC. He married first, Ella Kelly Fowler and second, Callie Nichols. Both are deceased. He resided in Florence, South Carolina. He retired from twenty years in the Naval Submarine Service, Chief Petty Officer. He was on the Battleship Texas, returning from Hawaii when it transited the Panama Canal and was visited by Charles Lindburg at this time, in 1929, with pictures of Lindburg boarding one of the U.S.S. Texas float planes. He later was at Guantanamo Bay, Cuba. Ben was in the Atlantic and Pacific. The “Texas” went on to N.Y. He served in the Pacific Submarine service. He made one submarine run. Ben was at Midway refitting torpedoes. From there he went to Okinawa and on to Japan at the surrender. His was one of the first ships to enter Tokyo Bay. On his return he was at the first Atomic bomb test at Bikini Atoll for the underwater and above water test in 1946. He worked in the school system in Norfolk, Virginia. Ben was two weeks shy of his 93 birthday and only took Tylenol. He died in a retirement home in Florence, South Carolina, and is buried at National Cemetary in Florence. Sara Gregory Lowe Bayless, his sister of 88, survives him in Florence. Those of Gregory genes can expect a long healthy life.

Maude Jenell Gregory 6 (27 August 1908-November 1981), the sixth child of Benjamin and Leah Gregory, was born in Jonesville, SC. She lived at home in Jonesville and raised her large family. She married John Henry White (1904-1978). Maude and John Henry had six children: Mary Elizabeth (Betty); Gladys; Peggy Ann; Olive Florence; John Henry Jr.; Hamlett Franklin.

Mary Elizabeth (Betty) White 7 (20 December 1926), the first child of Maude and John Henry White, married Joseph Granville Maddox. Joe worked for the telephone company and is deceased. They have three children: Joel Maddox; Ricky Maddox; John Maddox.

Gladys White 7 (15 October 1929), the second child of Maude and John Henry White, married Frank L. Lee. They have four children: Alice Marie Lee; Frank L. Lee, Jr.; Robert Allen Lee; John Travis Lee.

Peggy Ann White 7 (8 January 1932), the third child of Maude and John Henry White, married Kenneth Duckett. They have three children: Phyllis Duckett (1955); Stanley Duckett (1957); Steven Duckett (1961). Peggy later married to Monk who later died. She is now married to Joe Blanton and lives in Port Charlotte, Florida. Peggy later became a licensed practical nurse.

Olive Florence White 7 (20 December 1934), the fourth child of Maude and John Henry White, married on 10 May 1953, Billy Ronald Jolly (21 June 1934), the son of Lewis Jolly, son of Adolphus, descendant of Joseph Jolly and John Jolly. This line has always married into and lived adjacent to many of the Gregorys. Bill is a minister and lives near Greer, S.C. They had four children, all were born in Union County: Ronald Lewis (Butch); Donald Bryant; Stuart Allen; Billy O’Neal.

Ronald Lewis (Butch) Jolly 8 (4 February 1954), married Betty Burdett. They had one child: Ronald Lewis Jolly, Jr. Butch married second Melody Poteat. Melody has two children from a previous union: Laura Poteat and Gregory Poteat. Butch is in the Army and is station at Fort Lee, Virginia.

Donald Bryant Jolly 8 (30 October 1956), married Camilla Jean Wylke. They had one child: Nicholas Bryant Jolly (1979). Donald married second Connie Michele Strickland (1957). Don lives in Arlington, Virginia.

Stuart Allen Jolly 8 (26 November 1963), married on 27 June 1988, Marsha Lynn Greer. Allen graduated from the Citadel. He was a helicopter pilot in Saudi Arabia during Desert Storm. He is now an R.O.T.C. instructor in Greenville, N.C. at Eastern Carolina University, recently promoted to Major. He has been stationed in Ft. Rucker, Alabama, Ft. Campbell, Kentucky, Saudi Arabia, Katterbach, Germany, Presido, Monteray, California, at the U.S. Embassy in Brussels, Belgium, and Sacremento, California. They have two children: Savannah Kate Jolly (21 April 1993); Madison Claire Jolly (8 December 1995).

Billy O’Neal Jolly 8 (29 April 1965), married Dawn Michelle Rekan, on 16 July 1988. Billy graduated from the Citadel and lives in Spartanburg, S.C. They have two children.

John Henry (Sonny) White, Jr. 7 (19 May 1936),  was the fifth child of Maude and John Henry White. He married Pat, who is deceased. Sonny lives in Spartanburg, S.C. Sonny worked with the railroad yard in Spartanburg. He has now remarried. Sonny and Pat had six children: Audrey Gay; Vickie Lynn; John Kevin; Patsey Jenell (1965-1965); Kelly Michelle; Leah Beth.

Audrey Gay White 8 (1959), married Michael Ray Williams (1956). They have four children: Cheryl Renee Williams (1981); John Robert Williams (1983); Charity Janell Williams (1984); Kaela Grace Williams (1989).

Vickie Lynn White 8 (25 July 1961), married Donald Gay Rucker (1961). They have two children: John Ashley Rucker (1983); Jonathan Luke Rucker (1984).

John Kevin White 8 (28 November 1964), married Kristie Lynn Wallace (1970). They have one child: Megan Corrine White (1991).

Kelly Michelle White 8 (16 December 1966), married Donnie Gene Emry (1966). They have one child: Jacob Haydon Emry.

Leah Beth White 8 (17 October 1970), is now married.

Hamlett Franklin White 7 (22 December 1938), the sixth child of Maude and John Henry White, married Juanita Parks (1939). They had one child: David Earl White (1973).

Sarah Leah Gregory 6 (7 April 1911-2 July 2007),  Image LInk is the seventh child of Benjamin and Leah Gregory was born in Jonesville area of Union County, S.C. She married first, on 27 August 1927, Simeon Doyle Lowe (10 November 1911-29 September 1962), the son of John Calvin Lowe, descendant of Thomas Lowe, born in Anson County, N.C. in 1780, and of Sarah Jane (Janie) Jolly , born in Union County, the daughter of Simeon Jolly who was born in Shelby County, Alabama, and descended from John Jolly who moves to Union in 1754. John’s son later is living on land that his son Joseph buys from William Porter. The Jolly Cemetary is at this location. John P. Jolly buys the land in 1837. Ben Gregory told Sarah before she first married, “I guess you know, you are kin to those people down there”. Simeon Doyle Lowe was born in Monarch, Union Co. SC, and died in Union County, SC. He is buried Gilead, Jonesville, SC. He worked most of his life with Milliken Mills at Monarch. He had taught Loom Fixing. He was second hand in two large weaving rooms. He was a warm, friendly individual and was well liked. Being a Jolly descendant with Gregory connections, he knew everyone and was kin to half. There were three children, all born in Monarch, Union Co. SC: Simeon Doyle Lowe, Jr.; Miriam Janet Lowe (1930-1931); Donald Franklin Lowe (1 November 1932). Sarah married second Ralph Wetteroff, and married third Glenn W. Bayless (1900-21 December 1995). She lived in Florence, S.C. Sarah died on 02 July 2007 at the age of 96. She was buried at Gilead Cemetery on 04 July 2007.

Simeon Doyle Lowe, Jr. 7 (7 April 1928), was born in Monarch, Union County SC. He married Ollie Pearce (4 February 1931, Norfolk, Virginia). Sim attended the University of South Carolina, Navy V5 Flight Training Program at the end of WWII. He continued flight training, later to become instructor at Pensacola, Florida. Upon discharge, he joined Trans World Airlines to retire as thirteen in seniority. His flights in the 747s took him to England, Rome, Cairo and Bombay. Ollie finished Nursing School at DePaul Hospital in Norfolk, Virginia. They live in Boulder City, Nevada, overlooking Lake Mead. They spend time in the RV, charity work, hobbies. They have three children: Janet; Gary Steven; Melanie Ann.

Janet Lowe 8 (5 September 1952), was born in Pensacola, Florida. Janet works for a computer company and does repair. She lives in Las Vegas, Nevada.

Gary Steven Lowe 8 (22 November 1953), was born in Ypsilanti, Michigan. He married Vicki Kraft. They had one child: Christina Marie Lowe (8 September 1976). He married second Lisa Ann Reiter. They have two children: Andrew Reiter; Jessica Lowe. Gary lives in Henderson, Nevada.

Melanie Ann Lowe 8 (25 March 1957), married David Cochran in 1952. They live in St. Louis, Missouri. David is in construction. Melanie was a stewardess for Trans World Airlines for a while until she hurt her back.

Miriam Janet Lowe 7 (10 November 1930-2 January 1931), is buried Gilead Cemetary, Jonesville, SC.

Donald Franklin Lowe 7 (1 November 1932), was born in Monarch, Union County, SC. He married Naoma Marie Geist (5 February 1936). Naoma is the daughter of Wilbur Franklin Geist and Mildred Van Riper, both of Kingman, KS and Penalosa, KS. Naoma was born in Kingman, Kansas. Her parents were military and moved to several locations. She lived a year on Guam and toured Japan. Her father at that time was a Captain in the army and landed on Okinawa, losing his entire company. Naoma attended the University of South Carolina Florence, School of Nursing. Later she helped in the Private Practice and setting up and running of the Rehabilatation Center. She has been active with grandchildren, mission to Brazil, Vietnamese immigrants, hobbies and keeping up with Don. She is active in helping their daughter Susan in her bridal shop or their son’s western shop. It all depends on which shoes she has on. She sings in the church choir; assists with the local Chinese ministry and is busy careing for her dad, who is 88 years old. She is an amateur radio operator and gives weekly weather to boats at sea on the Amateur Radio and Cruising Club members. She is an excellant facetor and enjoys rock hounding and riding the ATV.

Don attended the University of South Carolina and Richmond Professionnal Institute, graduating from the Medical College of Virginia with a B.S. in Physical Therapy in 1956. He worked at the Crossroads Rehabilatation Center, Indianapolis, Indiana; then at the John D. Archbold Memorial Hospital in Thomasville, Georgia; later joining Dawson and Moore Orthopedic office in Florence, S.C. in May of 1961. Don went into private practice in Florence in 1969. This served numerous hospitals, nursing homes, Crippled Childrens Home, Crippled Childrens Clinic, twenty school programs for the handicaped, Department of Mental Retardation, Lowe’s Physical Therapy, Lowe’s Rehabilatation Center, CORF’s, Comprehensive Outpatient Rehabilatation Centers, six county Home Visitation Programs, and consultations and training programs to every request. Much of this continues today through Phillip Lowe, Physical Therapist and David Lowe, Administrator.

Work often gave way to play. Don was a Scuba instructor, making numerous dives in many Florida springs that are now closed to diving because of the risk. Offshore wrecks, Florida Keys and the Bahamas were frequent trips for the family. Sailing brought on a new adventure with eight trips to the Bahamas, cruising to the Abacos, Spanish Wells, Eleuthra, Bimini, Nausau, Exumas, Georgetown, Long Island, Cat Island, Rum Island, Conception and Little San Salvadore, Chub Key and Sale Key; a 6 1/2 day trip to Bermuda; often joined by members of the family and grandchildren. Trailering west to Colarado, Utah, Wyoming, and Montana as well as rock hounding took on new excitment as well as developing a new hobby and learning of geological wonders, these shared with grandchildren. Geneology became as deep as the holes in the ground. Their children have accepted Don as a “resident engineer”. Church, choir, missions to St. Croix, and floods in Missouri, trips about the country and Costa Rico, Haiti, Dominican Republic, Puerto Rico and Bahamas instill excitement and adventure. Don and Naoma became Ham Radio Operators to extend communications on the boat. Naoma continues to relay weather on the Waterway Radio and Cruising Club to boats at sea. She has worked with new immigrants to the country. This has all rendered many facets to their own lives. For someone who does not swim and is fairly afraid of water, Naoma has been in some exciting places by small boat on Blue Water. She is also wearing a spot on the cabin floor. Don and Naoma have four children: David Allen; Phillip Dean; Steven Craig; Susan Marie Lowe.

David Allen Lowe 8 (14 April 1956), was born in Richmond, Virginia. He married Brenda Ruth Easterling (12 October 1954, Hartsville, SC). David received a B.A. in Business Administration from Francis Marion College. He owns David Lowe Insurance and operates Lowe’s Rehabilation Center in Florence where he continues to serve Nursing homes and schools with Physical Therapy, Occupational Therapy and Speech Therapy. Brenda received a B. S. Degree from the University of South Carolina in Jounalism in 1977. She later worked on Post Graduate courses at the University of South Carolina and attended Liberty College in Lynchburg, Virginia working on religious education. David has an ongoing love for hunting and fishing. David is a dedicated Christian in his church work. Teaching and serving as deacon for his church are top priorities. They live in Florence, South Carolina. Their children enjoy hunting and fishing and spending time at the lake. David Jr. and Daniel flew to the Bahamas and assisted in bringing the sailboat back to South Carolina with little regard for inclement weather. They have four children, all born in Florence, SC: David Allen Jr. (12 September 1983); Daniel Simeon; Deanna Rose (20 May 1988); Derek Geist (18 August 1991).

Daniel Simeon Lowe 9 (5 November 1985) married Trystina Stephanie Church on 5 October, in Florence, SC. They have a child: George Edmond Lowe (12 June 2005, Florence, South Carolina).

Phillip Dean Lowe 8 (16 December 1958), was born in Thomasville, Georgia. He married first Ann Victoria Evans, then second, Sonya Gay Cox (21 September 1964) of Florence, South Carolina. Phillip attended the University of South Carolina and graduated from the Medical University of South Carolina with a B.S. in Physical Therapy. He owns and operates Lowe’s Physical Therapy Services, with offices in Florence and Sumter. He continues to serve multiple location in schools and Dept. of Mental Retardation. This is intermixed with hunting and fishing. He served for a short time on the Commission for Wildlife for the state of South Carolina. His love of hunting and fishing takes him on trips out of state and country. His hunting plantation is most unique with dike and flooded fields. Turkey and deer abound. Sonya received a Masters Degree in Social Work from Columbia College in Columbia, South Carolina. They live in Florence. Their children like hunting and fishing and have all been sailors on grandpa’s boat in the Bahamas. Philip has three children, all born in Florence, SC: Kristen Marie (17 August 1991); Hunter Jackson (19 July 1993); Drake Gregory (13 June 1995).

Steven Craig Lowe 8 (19 June 1962) was born in Florence, SC. He married first, Renee Carter, second, Ann Brown (8 February 1961) of Dillon, South Carolina. Steven attended Florence-Darlington Technical College and owns and operates Cowboy’s Corner, a western shop. He presently has been involved with helping to remodel his 70 year old farm house and is learning to be a good farmer. Ann attended Florence-Darlington Technical College and is employed with Wachovia Bank in Florence. Steven is a hunter and fisherman and takes to sailing the Bahamas very well.

Susan Marie Lowe 8 (21 July 1966) was born in Florence, SC. She married first William Christopher Edge (1965), from Fayetteville, NC. She married second Robert Steven Fogner (19 June 1961) of Horry Co., SC. Susan attended the University of South Carolina and graduated from Francis Marion College in Florence, SC with a Bachelor in Business Administration in 1984. She owns and operates Southern Brides, a full service bridal shop. She isn’t much on hunting but likes to fish. She has always been a great sailor and snorkler in the Bahamas with Daddy. Steve attended Coastal Carolina in Conway and received a B.S. in Occupational Therapy from the Medical University of South Carolina in 1982. He owns and operates Quality Rehab. Services. They live in Florence, SC. They have three children by Steve’s previous marriage and one of their own: Elizabeth Marie Fogner (9 June 1999).

Alice Gregory 5 (6 August 1873-19 October 1950), the second child of Andrew and Caroline, married William (Wig) Horne (10 June 1872).

William Clarence Gregory 5 (21 April 1976-15 December 1968), the third child of Andrew Gregory and Caroline Mabry, married Cornelia Worthy (15 April 1878-1954). They had three children: Parham D. Gregory (29 October 1900-1919); Albert(Scrap) Gregory; Walter S.(Buck) Gregory. Clarence was a farmer in his lifetime and lived the Jonesville, South Carolina.

Albert (Scrap) Gregory 6 (2 December 1905-1975), the second child of William Clarence and Cornelia, married Mattie Bailey (19 June 1903). They had two children: Carol Jean Gregory (1934); Billy Gregory.

Billy Gregory 7 married Miriam Eaves. They have four children: Tim; Mike; Cliff; and Chad. Mike married Julia and has a child Arum Gregory.

Walter S.(Buck) Gregory 6 (11 June 1910-29 June 1992), the third child of William Clarence and Cornelia, married on 16 December 1933, Nelle Mae Hodge (3 May 1916). They have six children: Charles Stanley Gregory; William Thomas Gregory; Belva Louise Gregory; Walter Kenneth Gregory; Nancy Lucille Gregory; and James Daniel Gregory. Walter farmed, worked in textiles and lived in Jonesville, SC during his life time. Nelle was his helpmate and wife for 58 years.

Charles Stanley Gregory  (24 September 1936), the first child of Walter ‘Buck’Gregory and Nelle Mae Hodge, married Jeanette Fricks (5 September 1942). Charles served in the US Air Force for 20 years. He graduated from the University of Southern Mississippi. He has a BS in Physics with a minor in Math. He retired from the Air Force in 1976. He worked as an Engineering Supervisor at the Catawba Nuclear Station( Duke Power Company) and retired from Duke in 1991. His main interest since retirement has been focused on ‘Volunteer Work’ in the Rock Hill, South Carolina area. He is currently serving as a ‘Silver Haired Legislator’ in South Carolina, representing York County. He is a 33rd Degree Scottish Rite Mason. He plays music with the Rock Hill Seniors Band and they play at area Nursing Homes, Assisted/Residential Homes, Adult Day Care Centers, Churches and special events. His hobbies include golf, sports and wood work; such as making ball point pens. Jeanette worked at Sears for 24 years. They have three children: Teresa Ann; Tracy Lynn; Tammy Charlene.

Teresa Ann Gregory 8 (2 October 1962), married Jimmy Allen Ormand (31 March 1961). They have two children: David Charles Ormand (13 January 1981) and Mason Allen Ormand (28 February 1992). Currently they reside in Lancaster, South Carolina.

Tracy Lynn Gregory 8 (26 November 1965), married Gust Leon Nicolas(20 August 1965). They have two children: Jonathan Blake Nicolas (9 July 1993) and Bailey Rene Nicolas(10 March 1996). Currently reside in Rock Hill, South Carolina.

Tammy Charlene Gregory 8 (27 September 1969), married Samuel (Sam) Jackson Smith Jr. (3 March 1965). They have three children: Jackie Deanne Smith (14 February 1986), Jeanie Charlene Smith (4 December 1991) and Jody LeGrand Smith (27 March 1996). Currently they reside at Chester, South Carolina.

William Thomas Gregory 7 (6 January 1939), the second child of Walter ‘Buck’Gregory and Nelle Mae Hodge, married Debra Colins (1951). They have two children: Allison Gregory and Kacey Gregory. William worked as Plant Manager for several years and currently owns and manages “Bill’s Quick Pic” at Ailey, Georgia.

Belva Louise Gregory 7 (1 January 1941), the third child of Walter ‘Buck’Gregory and Nelle Mae Hodge, married Herchal Garner. Herchal died in 2000. They had three children: Edward Garner, Judean Garner, and Sonja Garner. Louise divorced in the early 1990’s and is currently married to Carol Sanders. Louise is an excellent musician and plays the piano and organ with confidence. They reside at Jonesville, South Carolina.

Edward Garner 8 (1963), the first child of Belva Louise Gregory and Herchal Garner, married Ginger Craig.

Judean Garner 8 (1969), the second child of Belva Louise Gregory and Herchal Garner, married Michael Cohen.

Sonja Garner 8 (1970), the third child of Belva Louise Gregory and Herchal Garner, married Chris Walden.

Walter Kenneth Gregory 7 (19 October 1942), the fourth child of Walter ‘Buck’ Gregory and Nelle Mae Hodge, married Carra Dolores Thompson (12 March 1943). They have three children: Walter Gregory, Charles Gregory, and Bill Gregory. Ken is retired from Duke Energy. He is a graduate of Limestone College, Gaffney, South Carolina. Dee is a Registered Nurse and works in the Surgery unit of a local Hospital. They reside at Liberty, South Carolina.

Walter Gregory 8 (12 August 1969), married Susan Riley (27 April 1971). They have two children and live in Greer, South Carolina.

Charles Gregory 8 (9 May 1972), married Holly Neely (January 1973). They have two children and live in Concord, North Carolina.

Bill Gregory 8 (16 January 1974), married Karon Peterson (5 December 1976). They have three children and live in Pickens, South Carolina area.

Nancy Lucille Gregory 7 (2 November 1944), the fifth child of Walter ‘Buck’ Gregory and Nelle Mae Hodge, married Harold Richards. Nancy works with a paint company in the Spartanburg, South Carolina area. Harold is a supervisor in a commercial cabinet shop. They live at Jonesville, South Carolina. They have one child: Harold Richards, Jr.

Harold Richards, Jr. 8 is a graduate of the University of South Carolina and is making application to Law School with an emphasis on the environment (Vermont).

James Daniel Gregory 7 (19 January 1952), the sixth child of Walter ‘Buck’ Gregory and Nelle Mae Hodge, married Debra Quinn, who died in 1993. James has two step children: Robbie Quinn and Amy Quinn. James works as a maintenance technician in Spartanburg, South Carolina. He currently lives on the ‘Gregory Farm’ at Jonesville, South Carolina.

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