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C. Gerard Gregory 2 (ca. 1800-13 May 1882), the fifth son of Gerard and Freelove, was called Jarrett Jr., Jerard and Gerard.

By 1820, Jarret Jr. (C. Gerard) had married his first wife, Margaret -?- (who probably died in childbirth in 1830), and was living near his mother. He married at a young age and had a son (name unknown) almost two years old and a daughter, Susannah, born in 1820. Other children of this union: Elizabeth, 1822; David C., 1824; Rachel, 1825; and Robert Jordan, 12 July 1830.

C. Gerard married Mary (Polly) Comer (?-2 October 1893) in 1831. To this union were born: Daniel, 2 February 1832; Gasmond H., 1833; Angeline Emily, 1836; Richard V., 1837; Clifton John, 8 October 1838; Jason Gerard, 1841; Martha, 1842; Simpson Lefarit, 10 May 1844; Amanda, 1846; Roberta Marenda, 1849; Elizabeth Frances, 1851; and Thomas H., 1854.

The first official record regarding Gerard, a deed legalizing the sale of 258 acres of land to him by Benjamin J. Gregory, starts out “I John B. Gregory …” and had Benjamin J. Gregory superimposed over the former name. (Union County Deed Book T, pps. 146-).

Freelove Gregory, by Deed of Gift, transferred 28¼ acres on Brown’s Creek to him, 3 June 1828 (execution). The deed was recorded 21 February 1829. Gerard and his first wife sold 227 acres to Joseph Tate, 30 October 1829 (execution date). Margaret signed the dower relinquishment, 24 November 1829, and the deed was recorded (Union County Deed Book B, p. 83) on 2 May 1831. Two McJunkins, J.T. and George W., witnessed this deed. They may have been relatives of Margaret.

The government had opened up new land in Alabama. C. Gerard’s cousin, Levi, had already moved; and C. Gerard and his wife, Polly sold their land in order to follow. Polly was still holding baby, Richard V. (the last child born in South Carolina), in her lap when she had Clifton John in Georgia on the way to Alabama. The well-worn route took them close to St. Clair County, Alabama, where they are found in 1840. They soon arrived at cousin Levi’s, who always had the latchkey out for relatives and friends. The C. Gerard Gregory family settled in Pickens County, Alabama, where the rest of the children were born.

In the year 1862, the Confederate Army was seeking volunteers.
Eight of C. Gerard’s sons joined. They were:
David C.; Robert J.; Daniel; Gasmond H.; Richard V; Jason Gerard;
and Simpson Lefarit, who was just 18 years old.
The sons who died in the War Between the States were:
David C.; Gasmond H.; Richard V; and Jason Gerard.

Polly and Gerard’s last days were spent in Green County, Alabama, although they did not move. The family lived on the Sipsey River,  Image LInk which was the borderline between Pickens County and Green County, and the border changed. Gerard’s children played on both sides of the river.

C. Gerard lived to be 83. Polly – beloved of all her sons, stepsons, daughters and step-daughter – fell on 12 February 1893 and broke her hip. She died in October of that year. Marenda and Thomas H. had taken care of their parents and farm over the years, and continued to live there after Gerard and Polly’s deaths.

C. Gerard (Gerord) Gregory’s name appears in the History of Alabama and her People, giving C. Gerard’s wife’s name as Molly Holmes. This was with Clifton John Gregory, his wife, Lucinda, and son, Verdo Virtis.

David C. Gregory 3 (1824-17 June 1865),  Image LInk first known son of C. Gerard and his first wife, Margaret, was born in Union County. David was in his teens when his family traveled to Alabama where he grew up, helping his father farm, first in St. Clair County and then in Pickens County.

David C. (or “D.C.” as he signed his name) met and married Elizabeth Massie in 1849 and lived in Franklin County, Alabama. Their children: Margaret B. (Babe), 1850; William Robert (Bud), 6 January 1851; Mary G.C. (Sis), 1855; and Elija Gerard (Lige), 1856.

Tragedy came to David C. in 1856. He lost his beloved wife, Elizabeth. She was standing near the fireplace ironing when her skirt caught fire and she was so severely burned, she died. Lige was just a baby. His life was saved when his six-year-old sister carried him out of the burning house.

David returned to Pickens County to be near his parents so they could help him rear his young family. He met Martha Ann Smith, who lived with her parents on the Sipsey River nearby. They were married in 1861 and Martha Ann became an instant mother to Elizabeth’s children. David and Martha settled in Tuscaloosa County. Their sons were: David Allen W., 21 June 1862; and Richard Daniel Simpson, 11 June 1864.

The two boys were born at the home of Martha’s parents, Archie and Milly Smith, in Green County because David was away at war. He had enlisted, 1 April 1862, as a Private in Company F, 41st Regiment, Alabama Infantry Volunteers.

There were many months and years of war. David returned home on furlough a few times and wrote often to his wife, Martha, and family. He was a kind and compassionate man who constantly sent his love to others: “Kennedy and Susan” (his oldest sister and her husband), and his father and mother. Once he wrote, “I wish I could hear Polly laugh.”. He counseled and advised Martha Ann, and encouraged and praised his family. David also kept track of his brothers, Robert J., Daniel, Gasmond (Hamp), Dick, Clifton John (Jehu), Jason and Simpson Lefarit, always sending word of them to their father and mother.

David was in his early forties when the war ended. He wrote to Martha Ann from Petersburg, Virginia on 4 January 1865: “think if thar ant a change soon the boys will change it purty D_ Q_-. I think the leaders of this little institution is in a close place … Bob is coming home on furlough, send me a little sashedge (sausage).” Martha Ann received one more letter from Petersburg, dated March 1865. He wrote, “I thank you a thousand times for the sashedge, meat and cakes. I hope this war may close soon so we can git home in Peas (sic) for this is a horrible life to live. The Yanks has mity ny got us huting (hurting).”

David had been captured in the last great battle and taken prisoner. He died in a United States prison hospital at Petersburg on 17 June 1865 and was buried on P. West’s farm in Newport News, Virginia. In 1900, he, along with other Confederate soldiers, was re-interred in the Greenlawn Cemetery. David was chosen to be placed under the Lee Camp Confederate Monument.

Martha Ann struggled through the war years to raise their children. The years after the war were still difficult. Her step-children were now on their own so she left the farm (taking her sons, David Allen, 18, and Simpy, 16) to go to Mississippi. They lived in Denmark, a small farming community.

Between 1895 and 1898, David Allen and his wife moved to Comanche County, Texas, taking his mother with them. The family first settled in the community of Robertson Springs near the town of DeLeon. Most of their near relatives followed them.

The following letters were written by David C. Gregory to his wife, Martha Ann, during the War Between the States. They are transcribed exactly as written; no attempt has been made to correct spelling or punctuation. The letters poignantly express the war from the eyes of a Private. The cost of the war was high to David. He was away from his wife, his children, his parents. He could not provide for his family. He saw his brother die and could do nothing to stop it. And, finally, he lost his own life. All he really wanted was to go home.


Dear wife and children and pa
this is Sunday morning. I am well as comon. I hope that the murseys of God these lines will comb safe to your distant sweat (sweet) hands and find you well and doing well.
I received your kind leter the 21 inst. that was Dated the 12. It Don my hart good to read it. It releaved me of a hevy wate to now that you was all doing as well as you ar. I hope you will all keep in good hart and do the best you can. I want to sea you all mity bad. But I try to pass of the time the best I can. I dremp of seing Davy last night. O Lord how long can I bee Before I can git to comb home to my sweat wife and Babys. it shorly cant Bee long but I dont no.
The Yankees is close by they are on one side of the river and us the other. But we ar vary frenly. We can talk to each other as much as we please. They are as will to quit as we ar. They ar coming over and given up eve day.
Our Regment is tore all to peases. Wee left three companeys in Charles to gard that Bridge. We left thar the 21 and landed at this plase to 22. They sent us hear to keep the Yanks from Crosen the River. This morning we have orders for three companeys to go to some Bridg to gard it. I dont no what company will hav to go. I dont thing we will have to do anything but Dog about and gard Bridges and clean up camp grounds. that is all we have Don yet.
Well hun my Mess is all sick by mee… Daniel and they is not much sick. They Can eat vary harty. Jehu was left in Charleston sick with the ganders. Dick was take vary sick last night with Bowel Complant. I hope he will be beter by night. We hated to leave Jehu mity bad but it was the best for him I think. He will be up with us in a few days. If we are one of the companys that has to leave hear I hope I wont have to leav Dick. Tel father and mother that Dick and Jehu I dont think is any ways dangerous and Jehu is whar he will bee tended tow and if I keep wll Dick wont lack for attention if I am permited to stay with him.
We are about 75 miles from Charleston. Tell Bob and Hamp that the Capt has rote to his on and giv him the authority to bring the boys thru.
Well lovin wife this is a hard life to liv But it has to Bee. I hope it wont last long. I think they ar fixen up to quit. it is the opinion of the people generly. Well my wife and Babys and I want you all to Do the Best you can and pray for my Saf Return and quick. This is the 9 leter I have rote to you. When you git this leter I want to to wright to me how many leters you hav got from me sens I left hom giv my Best Respects to Every Body that inquires after mee.
I am Seten on an old log and Rightin on a barel hed. Billy Kelly is with mee. I am going to right a leter for him when I finish mine. So I shal have to close for the lack of room and Somthing to right. Direct you leter to Chattanoog Tennessee. So I remain your and loven husban til Death Shal part us.

D.C. Gregory to M.A. Gregory his wife


JAN 31st 1863
Dear Friend
I embrace the present opportunity of dropping you a few lines to let you know that I have not forgotten you yet. We have seen hard times since you left us. You thought we had hard times before you left. We have seen the elephant (the beast) you may guess we got into the fight and I will tell you it was know (no) Stevenson affair jumping in the branch was no object. We would have been glad for it to have been a Stevenson scrape but it was not as. Bob wrote all the knews. I have nothing to write. I will again you must write to me as soon as you get this. Write all the news in general. Write all the news that you can get in the country.

Yours as ever Thomas N. Mennell (perhaps Merrill)

To David Gregory
the rarieter (writer) sends his love and respects to you and family.

Rufus H. Dennings

JAN 31, 1863
Dear Brother
I received your most kind letter yesterday which afforded me great satisfaction to hear from you and to learn that you were all mostly well. I am quite sorry that you are so diseased but you are ginerly better off at home diseased than you would home in good health but it is all the Lords work he knows what is best. I have been quite well except colds for some time past until last night I taken a chill which lasted me several hours.
From you letter it looks like that some of them know what soldiers will do after being out one or two years. I wish the soldiers could have the provelige of passing through the country. I think it would stimulate those at home to get up a peace convention. I think thay would see the fruits of war and haul in their War Signs and advocate peace.
Some think that we will have a big battle here but there is no telling anything about it. I think that we are staying here in order to get all the wheat and corn fodder here out of this country back to Bridgeport and then we will fall back there to protect Chattanoga as that seems to be the point to save as all our provisions are there for the whole western army.
There is a great many reports now in regard to peace. It is reported in camp this morning that some of the Lincoln men passed through here last night on their was to Richmond to the Confederate Congress to go in Convention with us to get about peace. Numerous reports afloat. I do not know wether any of them are true or not but I hope some of them are true for if we could have peace once more in our land and all get home what a happy time it would be.
You can state to the old man that I have sent him fifty dollars by Lieutenant Clements. 31 dollars of Dicks and 19 dollars of Hamps. Hamp had four dollars a half and I sold his clothes which made the balance. As for Dicks and Franklins clothes I have never heard any thing from them at all. I think there was a misunderstanding in Dr. Gregory in regard to that for we have never heard anything from them at all.
Tell the old man to write to me as soon as he get the money that I have sent to him. So that is all I can think of to write at this time. So I will come to close. Good-bye for this time. Yours as ever.

David Gregory to R.I. Gregory


May the 26/63

My Dear Wife
I seat My Self this morning to Right to you a few lines to let you now how I am. I am improven Som. I think I will get well. I hope these lines will find you all well.
I have jest red you kind leter that was dated the 14. Bob Brung it to me this Morning I wanted to go with them Mity Bad But Coldent. Tell Martha Bob is well and harty the Boys is all well. My Dear I hope that I will git to Comb home Before long I shal try to git to Comb.
Dan Bounds is hear he is not doen very well he loocks very Bad little Griff is Doing toleaBle (tolerably) well.
I am so pround that your wheat is So goo I do hope to God you wont Sufer yet. So turn over (he is asking her to turn to Page 2). Tel Sgt. Hufmon he is a white Man and is a gentleman. giv him My Best lov and respects tel him I Shal Ever Respect him.
I hope I will Sea you all Befor long. I wish I was thar to help you Eat letes (lettuce) and Shelots for I am starved out for greens I am so proud that Davy groes so fast God Bless his little Soul I want to sea him so Bad tel all the children to Bea good smart Children. tel Bud and Liga to tend to thar Colt and Stock til I git home. Hun do the Best you Can
I hop you will Do well give My love to all the Connection tel them to wright give my lov to Mother and father hun Right as often as you can. Direct to St. Mary hospittle Dolton Georgia. So I mus clos for this time.

D.C. Gregory to his good wife, M.A. Gregory.


May The 20, 1864
Dear Wife and Children
I rite you a few lines to let you hear from mee. I am not very well. My bowels is running off but I hope they wont bea bad. I hope you are well and doing the best you can. Dear do the best you can. I hope I will get home before long.
Hun I dont no when you will git anuther leter from mee for the Yanks is a Kingston and I shant bee susprised if they ant hear at this place in ten days. If they do get hear it will be bad _____ for letter to pass but I shall rite ever chance and I want you to do the same for I want to hear from you all mity bad but I no there is no ____ chans yet but as soon as I am stationed I want you to wright to mee. I will send you ten stams that I found.
I hav fard very well sens left home. I intend to as long as I can. I shall leave hear at ten oclock today. I shall go thru Columba, Sdouth Carolina. I bin in company with a Mr. Van (Vaughn ?) that lived near Union Cort house. He nows all our connections.
Tell Martha I have all her things saf yet. Tel father I will rite to him as soon as I git with the boys. Tel Bety I will giv the boy the cake and cort him hard. Tel her and your Pa they must rite to me. Give my lov to all the connections and friends.
Hun I want you and to children to do the best you can. I hope you will have a good time so I am your true husban and father. Be good an kind to each uther. Take good care of Davy. So Good by for this time.

D.C. Gregory to his good wife, M.A. Gregory




Margaret B. (Babe) Gregory 4 (1850-1898), eldest daughter of David C. and Elizabeth Massie Gregory, was born in Franklin County, Alabama and died in Texas. Little is known of Babe except she married a Morris.

William Robert (Bud) Gregory 4 (6 January 1851 -12 March 1941), second child of David and Elizabeth Gregory, was born in Franklin County. He married Josephine (Josie) Eads ca. 1874 in Green County, Alabama. He and Josie moved to Texas between September 1884 and January 1887. They lived in Desdemona, Eastland County, until their deaths; Bud in 1941 and Josie in 1948. Both are buried in Desdemona Cemetery. Bud and Josie were the parents of eight children: Lula Florence; Walter Alonzo Simpson McGee; Alice M.; Herbert Annie Washington; Fred S; Curtis G.; Bula B.; and Bessie E.

Lula Florence Gregory 5 (12 July 1875, Green County, Ala. – 19 August 1935) married a widower, “Tobe” Parsons, and lived in DeLeon, Comanche County, Texas. She is buried in DeLeon Cemetery.

NOTE: The following information on Walter Alonzo Simpson McGee Gregory and his descendants was provided by Linda Lund of Eagar, Az and by Truman Gregory of Eastland, TX.

NOTE: Corrections and updates on Walter Alonzo Simpson McGee Gregory and his descendants was provided by Marcia Jean (Jeanne) Irvine Smith of California.

Walter Alonzo Simpson McGee (Lon) Gregory 5 (31 May 1877-4 April 1958), was born in Tuscelerra, Alabama. He married on 19 June 1902 Alice Idell Hill. They lived in DeLeon, TX for many years. He married a second time to Blanche Collins in 1938. He died on 4 April 1958 in Phoenix, Maricopa, Az. There was no children from his second marriage, but Lon and Alice, his first wife, had five children: Clarence Walter; Phoebe LaDoska; John Gerod Hunkapillar Gildersleeve; Irene Josephine; Maxine.

Clarence Walter Gregory 6 (4 September l903-4 November 1972), the first child of Alonso (Lon) and Alice, was born in Deleon, Comanche Co., Tx. He married on 7 August 1930, Charlotte Pearl Humphries, the daughter of Ed C. Humphries and Margaret K. Roy. She was born 13 May 1903 in Nova Scotia, Canada. Clarence died on 4 November 1972 in Payson, Gila Co., AZ. Charlotte died on 22 May 1982 in Payson, Gila Co., Az. They had one child: Walter Edward Gregory.

Walter Edward Gregory 7, (28 May 1932), the son of Clarence and Charlotte, was born in Buffalo, Erie Co., NY. He married first, Mary Ann Pine on 26 June 1954. He divorced her on 30 January 1963. His second marriage on 8 April 1965 was to Frances Aramajo. Clarance and Mary Ann, his first wife had two children: Linda Ann Gregory; David Lee Gregory.

Linda Ann Gregory 8, (30 May 1955), the daughter of Walter and Mary Ann, was born in Phoenix, Maricopia Co. AZ. She married on 30 May 1973 in Phoenix, Az., Dwight I. Lund. Linda and Dwight’s children: Dustie Lea Lund; William Andrew Lund; Traci Anne Lund; Dwight Earl Lund; Clifton J. Lund.

Dustie Lea Lund 9 (18 August 1973), was born in Springerville, Apache Co., Az. She married Jonathan Chazez on 12 August 1995. They have one child Lacey Nicole, born 22 December 1997.

William Andrew Lund 9 (18 June 1974), was born in Springerville, Apache Co., Az. He is married and has two children: Kodi Michelle Stephens (18 August 1995); and Destinae Rae Lund (1 October 1998).

Traci Anne Lund 9 (14 August 1977), was born in Springerville, Apache Co., Az. She married Daryl Gillian on 14 February l998. They have 3 children: Taryi Denae Gilliam, born 18 March l996 in Springerville, Az; Macy Danielle Gilliam, born 26 August 1998 in Showhow, Navajo Co, Az; Ashton Renae Gilliam, born 3 August 1999 in Showhow, Az.

Dwight Earl Lund 9 (17 October 1978), was born in Springerville, Apache Co, Az. He married Jennifer Slaughter on 21 March 1998. They have 2 children: Cordell Wyatt, born 17 April 1997 in Showhow, Navajo Co, Az; Tanner Blake born 5 August 1998 in Showhow, Az.

Clifton J. Lund 9 (12 April l986) was born in Springerville, Az.

David Lee Gregory 8 (27 February l957), the second child of Walter and Mary Ann, was born in Phoenix, Maricopa Co, Az. He married Shanna Brown first wife. They divorced and he married Marsha Taylor on 9 March 1991. The children from his first marriage: David Bandy Gregory (3 August 1977); Michael Walter Gregory (26 November l981); Jason Matthew Gregory (5 December 1984). David had one child from his second marriage: Austin Lee Gregory (24 October 1991). All the children were born in Springerville, Az.

Phoebe LaDoska Gregory 6 (21 December 1904), was the second child of Lon and Alice. She married Jo Yarbrough. Mother and child died at childbirth in the state of Washington.

John Gerod Hunkapillar Gildersleeve Gregory 6 (24 January 1905-1960), was the third child of Lon and Alice Gregory. He married Anna Mirth (Mirth) Myers on 28 February 1931. The marriage ended in divorce. John Gerod, who was known as Greg was in the Merchant Marine and died in 1960 in Italy and is buried in Brindisi, Italy. ‘Grandpa Greg was sales manager at Orange Crush (Chief cook and bottlewasher). He bottled, sold and delivered Orange Crush and Grapette all over San Bernardino county, and I do mean all over it!! The owner was Travis Busby (Buzz), whose father owned the 7-Up plant in San Bernardino. He bought Orange Crush/Grapette and gave it to Buzz. He knew Grandpa well and set him up to run the plant. Grandpa and Buzz were close friends. Buzz and his wife and my grandpa and his family palled around quite a bit. Buzz had a cabin up in Big Bear, and a beach house at Surfside (by Sunset Beach) and they would go there fairly often. They also had a bowling team. Grandpa was a great bowler. He had a lifetime average of 220, and was a member of the 200 Club, which was a really big deal. He could have gone on and become a professional bowler.’
They had 3 children: Lois Anita; Anilee Doska; Jimmy Lee.

Lois Anita Gregory7 (21 December 1931), the first child of John amd Anna Mirth Gregory was born in Magdalena, New Mexico. She married Ward Edward Christian. They had four children: Kenneth Michael, Anita Lorraine; Patricia Lawana; Linda Leigh. Lois is now married to Bobbie Armstrong and they live in Georgia. They have no children together.

Kenneth Michael Christian 8, (16 January 1953), the first child of Lois Anita and Ward Christian, was born at Camp Pendleton, Oceanside Ca. Michael married Eva Anastasia Walecki. They had one child, Linda Ann (January, 1979).

Anita Lorraine (Nita) Christian 8, (10 August 1956), the second child of Lois Anita and Ward Christian, was born at Tripler Army Hospital in Honolulu, Hawaii. She is married to Ivan (Bud) Settles. Although they have no children, Nita has two daughters from a previous relationship: Diana Kim (June 1989); Kristiann Lawana Lorraine (November 1991).

Patricia Lawana (Trissy) Christian 8, (20 March 1961-November 1996), the third child of Lois Anita and Ward Christian, was born at St. Josephs Hospital, Orange, Ca. She married Jeffrey Young. They had one daughter, Nancy Lynn. They divorced a year later. Trissy had two sons by Albert Dunlap: Vincent Christopher (January 1989); Joseph Matthew Alva Dunlap (January 1991). They never married, and she died in November 1996.

Linda Leigh Christian 8, (24 October 1963), the fourth child of Lois Anita and Ward Christian was born at St. Josephs Hospital, Orange, Ca. She has never married nor had any children.

Anilee Doska Gregory 7 (20 July 1933-18 November 1996), the second child of John (Greg) and Anna (Mirth) Gregory, was born in Magdelena, New Mexico, and lived a lot of her early life in El Paso, Texas. She went by Doska as a child, then Anilee, and finally Ann. Later, she moved to California where she met and married Floyd Dean Irvine on 5 July 1950. Floyd was born in Wellington, Kansas and met Anilee while he was stationed in El Toro, Ca. They were the parents of five children: Marcia Jean; Kathleen Ann; Eileen Kay; Bert Francis III; Viki Lynne. Anilee died at the age of 63, from a rare cancer that took her life about 8 weeks after being diagnosed. She is buried in Riverside National (Military) Cemetery. Floyd is now married to Leona Huber-Irvine. They live in Southern California.

Marcia Jean (Jeanne) Irvine 8 (3 May 1951), the first child of Anilee Gregory and Floyd Irvine, was born in Oceanside, Calif. She married Ernest Joseph Stein on 22 March 1969. The marriage ended in divorce on 18 May 1984. Jeanne married Steven Leslie Smith on 12 January 1985.
She writes of herself: ‘I do volunteer work at school, and a lot of craft things…love to crochet. I make baby blankets for friends and relatives, having babies. My grandpa Greg got me interested in doing bead work when he bought me an Indian bead set and I still do bead work today. I make photo albums as gifts for weddings, birthdays, and births. I have even sold some. We have five birds, five cats, two dogs, a mouse, and a 90 gallon reef aquarium. I also love photography, and often will do ‘makeovers’ on pix for people.’ Jeanne and Ernie Stein had two daughters: Kathleen Marie; Dawn Victoria. Jeanne and Steve Smith have five children: Joshua Steven; Jordan Michael (30 July 1987, Anaheim, Cal.); Miranda (Mandy) Mikayla; Jericho Nathaniel; Aubrey Michelle (30 December 1993, Anaheim, Cal.).

Kathleen (Kathi) Marie Stein 9 (21 June 1969), the first child of Marcia Irvine and Ernest Stein, was born in Hollywood, Calif. She is married to Daniel (Danny) Simpson. She has daughter from a previous relationship, Amber Marie Lozano. Kathi and Danny have two sons: Daniel Joseph Simpson; Justin Kase Simpson (27 December 1995, Anaheim, Cal.).

Amber Marie Lozano 10 (1 September 1986), was born in Anaheim, Cal. She and her boyfriend, Matthew (Matt) Baaske had a girl, Alyssa Marie Baaske (11 August 2009).

Daniel Joseph Simpson 10 (30 April 1990), was born in Azuza, Cal. Daniel and his girlfriend, Amanda Brooks have a girl, Amillia Marie Simpson. (14 April 2010).

Dawn Victoria Stein 9 (10 June 1974), the second child of Marcia Irvine and Ernest Stein, was born in Los Angeles. She had two children from an ended relationship with Philip Wayne Hood: Bethanie Renay Marilane Hood (24 March 1998), and a son they gave up for adoption to Ed and Lisa Zulauf: Justin Cole Zulauf (30 January 2002). Borth children were born in Anaheim, California.

Joshua Steven Smith 9 (15 August 1986), the third child of Marcia Irvine and the first child of Steven Smith, was born in Anaheim, California. He had the distinction of being in the newspaper for being the second biggest baby born at the hospital he was born in, weighing 13.1 at birth.

Miranda Mikayla Smith 9, (16 December 1988), the fifth child of Marcia Irvine and the third child of Steven Smith, was born in Anaheim, California. She and her boyfriend, Mark Joseph Ayson Lopez had a baby girl on October 25, 2009, named Mikayla Anilee Lopez. She was named after my daughter, as well as after my mother, Anilee Doska.

Jericho Nathaniel Smith 9, (2 November 1990), the sixth child of Marcia Irvine and the fourth child of Steven Smith, was born in Anaheim, California. He had the distinction of being in the newspaper for being the biggest baby born at the hospital he was born in, weighing 13.5 at birth.

Kathleen Ann (Kathi) Irvine 8 (7 March 1953), the second child of Anilee Gregory and Floyd Irvine, was born in Pendelton, Calif. She married Laurence Edward Watson, Jr. They had two children: Laurence Edward Watson III (16 August 1969, Hollywood, California); Daniel Gregory Watson.

Daniel Gregory Watson 9 (10 August 1977) was born in Los Alamitos, California. He married Lisa -?- and they had two sons: Isaac Daniel (21 November 1997); Aaron Gregory (27 August 1999).

Eileen Kay (Niki) Irvine 8 (18 January 1956), the third child of Anilee Gregory and Floyd Irvine, was born in Los Alamitos, Ca. She is married to a missionary’s son, Mark Olsen. They have three children, all born in Los Alamitos, California: Aaron; Kimberly (Kim); Sean.

Kimberly Olsen 9 is married to Philip Beers, and they had a daughter: AnnaLynn (10 December 2003).

NOTE: Additional corrections and updates to Anilee Doska Gregory Irvine were provided by Bert F. Irvine, III.

Bert Francis Irvine III 8 (9 March 1960), the fourth child of Anilee Gregory and Floyd Irvine, was born in Oletha, Kansas. He was named after his Dad’s father and brother. Bert was married to Kathy -?-, and she has a son, Jeremy, whom Bert raised as his own.

Viki Lynne Irvine 8 (12 May 1961), the fifth child of Anilee Gregory and Floyd Irvine, Viki was born in Santa Ana, California. She is married to Tom Raponi and they have 5 children: Matthew, Viki, David Michael, Derek, were born in Los Alamitos, Calif. and Drake was born in San Diego, Calif.

Viki Lynne (Little Viki) Raponi 9 is married to Jeremy Gifford.

David Michael Raponi 9 is engaged to Tiffany and they are the parents of Dustin, born 8 January 2005.

Jimmy Lee (Greg) Gregory 7 (30 August 1934) the third child of John (Greg) amd Anna (Mirth) Gregory, was born in Morrill, Kansas. He married Nita Lorraine and had two daughters, both were born in Orange County, Ca.: Lori; Virginia. Greg is now married to Tina -?-. They had no children and still live in Southern California.

Lori Gregory 8 used to skate for the Thunderbird team in the Roller Derby. Lori lived in Santa Monica, Ca. and is married, and may have 2 children.

Virginia (Ginny) Gregory 8 lived in Huntington Beach, Ca. She has a son named Levi.

Irene Josephine Gregory 6 (19 December 1908-3 September 1984), was the fourth child of Lon and Alice. She married Arthur C. Bacon in January 1928, and died on 3 September 1984 in Phoenix, Maricopia Co., Az. They had 3 daughters: Martha Lucille Bacon, and two other, names unknown.

Martha Lucille Bacon 7 (23 October 1928-25 May 1964), was born in Deming, NM. She married James K. Makal on 3 May 1953. She died on 25 May 1964, in Tuson, Az. They had 2 children: James K. Makal, Jr. (11 September 1954-25 May 1964); Martha Lynn Makal (20 October 1955-25 May 1964). Martha and the two children were murdered by James K. Makal, Sr.

Alice M. Gregory 5 (June 1880, Green County, Ala.), third child of Bud and Josie, is said to have married -?- Wilson and lived close to Victor, Texas.

NOTE: The additional information on Herbert Annie Washington (Herb) Gregory’s family was submitted by Sue Redman Gregory.

Herbert Annie Washington (Herb) Gregory 5 (September 1882-1967 ), the fourth child, was born in Tuscaloosa, Green County, Ala. He married Julie Reece Nabors in 1909, the daughter of John and Betty Cherry Nabors. Herb died in 1967 in Odessa, Ector County, Texas. When Herbert was 3 or 4 years old, his father, William Robert, got in a wagon and moved to Mt Pleasant, Texas, and stayed until Herbert was 17 years old. Then his father moved and homesteaded in Comanche County, Texas. Herbert and Julia had six children: Lee Edward; Frank Overton (1912); Vernon; Alma Laroyce (1916-1998); William Allen; Dean Wardlow.

Vernon Gregory 6 (1914-1931), died at the age of 17, the same week as Frank. He was born with infantile paralysis and could never walk or talk.

William Allen Gregory 6 (17 February 1922), was born in Desdemona, Texas. He married Wanda Lea Browning (27 January 1930 in Pioneer, TX) on 15 November 1952 in McCamey, Texas, the daughter of William and Virgie Akins Browning. William and Wanda had 3 children: Karen Susan; Ted Allen; William Robin.

Karen Susan Gregory 7 (11 April 1957), was born in Odessa, Ector County, Texas. She married Jerry Don Redman (15 October 1956) on 7 November 1975 in Odessa, TX, the son of Orbie and Dorothy Vessels Redman. Karen and Jerry have two children: Kyle Gregory Redman (22 October 1985 in Webster, TX); Kelsey Lea Redman (1 December 1991 in Berkeley, CA).

Ted Allen Gregory7 (16 June 1959), was born in Odessa, Ector County, Texas. He has one child, Jacob Allen Gregory (7 December 1993).

William Robin Gregory 7 (1 November 1960), was born in Odessa, Ector County, Texas.

Dean Wardlow Gregory 6 (1928), was named after Wardlow, a man who was running for Texas governor but was never elected. Dean married Jackie Watson. Dean and Jackie had three children: Deana; Freeman; Wesley.

Fred S. Gregory 5 (September 1884) was the last of Bud and Josie’s children born in Alabama. No more is known of him.

Curtis G. (Curt) Gregory 5 was their first child born in Texas. According to the 1900 census, he was born in January 1887.

Bula B. (Bell) Gregory 5 (February 1889) married -?- Fuqua and lived in Big Springs, Howard County, Texas.

Bessie E. Gregory 5 (February 1894) the youngest daughter of Bud and Josie, married -?- Sandy and lived at Texon, Reagan County, Texas.

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