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Color Codes separate generations. Numbers show generations.
First Generation 1 – BLACK – (Sons/daughters of Isaac) Sixth Generation 6 – BROWN
Second Generation 2 – RED Seventh Generation 7 – GREY
Third Generation 3 – GREEN Eighth Generation 8 – PURPLE
Fourth Generation 4 – ORANGE Ninth Generation 9 – Olive
Fifth Generation 5 – BLUE Tenth Generation 10 – PINK


Mary Elizabeth Gregory 3 (September 1833-ca 1905/1909), was the fifth child of Isaac T. and Martha. She was born in Union, South Carolina and died in Shelby County, Tennessee. She married James S. Vann on 30 August 1846 in Fayette Co., Tennessee. Elizabeth and her husband are listed in Shelby Co., TN (1st Civil district) in the 1850, 1860, 1870, 1880 and 1900 census. The 1900 census indicates she only had 2 children and that both are still living. She is buried in Macedonia Cemetery, Arlington, TN). Her tombstone reads only “78 years”. James is buried in Macedonia also. Elizabeths age varies from census to census:

1840 b. 1830-1835
1850 17 yrs, birth ca. 1833
1860 26 yrs, birth ca. 1834
1870 40 yrs, birth ca. 1830
1880 5l yrs, birth ca. 1829
1900 72 yrs, birth ca. 1827 (census says married 52 years, birth Sept 1827)

James S. Vann died in the Shelby County, TN Poor House and Insane Asylum on 13 December 1909, McDowell and Montiverty Undertakers (not sure of spelling). Source: Death register at the Shelby county Archives. The children of Mary and James are: Mary Cornelia; N. Jane.

Mary Cornelia Vann 4, (ca. 1849-?), was born in Tennessee. She died after 1900. Cornelia is still at home in the 1870 census.

N. Jane Vann 4, (April 1850-?), was born in Tennessee. She died after 1900. N. Jane is not living at home in the 1870 census.

John T. Gregory 3 (ca. 1834-?) was the sixth child of Isaac T. and Martha. He was born in Tennessee. He married Mary A. Johnston ca. 1858, the daughter of George and Jane Johnston. During the 1850 census, he was living with his mother Martha in Fayette County. On January 15, 1858 he sold 10 ½ acres in Fayette County to Smith Newton. On November 28, 1864/1865, Smith Newton sold land (including John T. Gregory’s 50 acres) to J.P. Braden. On November 6, 1865, J.T. Gregory applies to administer his mother’s estate as she died without a will. In 1860 and in 1870 he was listed in Fayette Co. TN 6th civil district. (Note: his age in 1860 and 1870 census is 4 years off from what his mother said it was in 1850). In 1880 John and Mary’s son George Gregory appears to be living with Thos. D. Johnston in Fayette Co. TN. The rest of the family is not in the 6th district of Fayette Co., TN. The children of John and Mary are: George T.; Charlie F.; Minnie.

George T. Gregory 4 (ca. 1858-?), was born in Tennessee. No information is available on this child. (Formerly thought to be George W. this information was updated 5/15/16 by Terry Gregory, great grandson of George Tillman Gregory.)

Charlie F. Gregory 4 (ca. 1860-?), was born in Tennessee. No information is available on this child.

Minnie Gregory 4 (December 1869-?), was born in Tennessee. No information is available on this child.

Charles Henry Gregory 3 (ca. 1838-6 November 1865), was the seventh child of Isaac T. and Martha. He was born in Tennessee. In the 1850 census, Henry is listed with mother Martha in Fayette county. In the 1860 Census, he is listed with older brother Robert C. in Shelby County. On June 17, 1861 he wrote his will in Fayette, giving negro man (Hart), crop, house and money to mother Martha or if she should die first, then all to brother Benjamin. (Fayette Co, TN. Win book B, p. 172, filed Nov 6 1865). There is a C.H. Gregory and a B.F. Gregory listed as privates in E Company of the 9th Tennessee Infantry – these might be Charles Henry and his younger brother Benjamin.

Benjamin F. Gregory 3 (ca. 1840-1889/1900), was the eight child of Isaac T. and Martha. He was born in Fayette Co., Tennessee and died in Desha County, Arkansas. He married Virginia C. Newton 1864-1870 in Tennessee or Arkansas County, Arkansas, the daughter of William Newton and Jane Appleberry. On January 1867, Ben sold 80 acres to H.H. Taylor in Fayette County. He probably moved to Arkansas Co, Arkansas after selling his land. On 30 September 1889, Ben Gregory and wife V.C. of Desha County Arkansas sold land to Mildred Johnston. (Fayette County Tennesee book 16 pg. 345) Note: This Mildred Johnston was the third wife of Thos. D. Johnston, whose first wife was Mary A. L. Humphries, daughter of Thomas Humphries and Lettie Huggins.

In 1870 & 1880 he lived in Old River Township of Arkansas County. The 1900 census indicates Virginia had 3 children, but only James was still living in 1900. The children of Benjamin and Virginia are: James W.; two other unknown children, both were born and died in Arkansas.

James W. Gregory 4, (November 1871-?), was born in Arkansas County, Old River Township, Arkansas. He married Mattie ? ca. 1892 in Arkansas. He moved to Desha County between 1880 and 1889. In 1920 lived at Amos Bayou Rd. The children of James and Mattie are: Marvin; Virginia; Thelma; Lillian.

Marvin Gregory 5 (August 1893-?), was born in Arkansas. No information is available on this child.

Virginia Gregory 5 (March 1897-?), was born in Arkansas. No information is available on this child.

Thelma Gregory 5 (ca. 1902-?), was born in Arkansas. No information is available on this child.

Lillian Gregory 5 (ca. 1905-?), was born in Arkansas. No information is available on this child.

Elizabeth Gregory 2, (ca. 1795), the daughter of Robert and Mariann, married John Rhodes (ca. 1793) ca. 1815 in Union District, South Carolina. Of this union, nothing further is known.

Lettice Gregory 2 (ca. 1797), the daughter of Robert and Mariann, married John Beard (ca. 1795) ca. 1817. John died before 1846. His estate was administered by Jason Norman in 1846.

Mary Ann (Mariann) Gregory, Jr. 2 was not married in 1820. This is known because she signed an agreement to sell part of her father’s personal estate. It was the practice of the time for the husband to sign for the wife. Mary Ann signed herself, Mary Ann Gregory, Junr. Though some believe she was married to Aaron Ingram, this has not been validated.

Sarah Gregory 2 (11 November 1780-10 August 1866), daughter of Robert and Mariann, married Charles Humphries (7 August 1771-20 November 1829), on 9 July 1801, in Union District, South Carolina, the son of John and Elizabeth Timms Humphries He was born in Chester County, South Carolina, and died 10 November 1829 in Union Co., South Carolina. Both are buried in the Polly Young Cemetery at Union. Ten children were born to this union: Polly; Cassandra; Elizabeth; Sarah T.; Caty, 1810; Charles, 1812-1843; Lettie; John; Emeline; and Rachel Y., 1823-1825.

Polly Humphries 3 (1802-1880), the first child of Sarah and Charles, married Hobson Thompson.

The data on Cassandra Humphries and her descendants was submitted by Verle Henderson Jenkins.

Cassandra Humphries 3 (27 November 1803-19 November 1878), the second child of Sarah and Charles, married John Ison (Eison) (5 August 1805-8 December 1882), son of Frederick and Hannah Hart Ison, on 9 June 1831. They had six children: Sarah Elizabeth Jane; Emaline; ?-?; Mary; Cassie; John J., 1844-1923; and Thomas F.

Sarah Elizabeth Jane Eison 4 (28 March 1832-30 April 1922) married John Fletcher Brandon (17 January 1833-18 July 1904) of Chester, S.C. on 13 February 1855. John served in the Confederate Army. Sarah was a charter member of Sardis Methodist Church, where they are buried. Their children were: Elizabeth Cassandra; John F.; and Mary Jane Jackson.

Elizabeth Cassandra Brandon 5 (16 September 1858, Union Co., SC -21 July 1943, Union, SC) married John W. Crawford (22 June 1854-30 May 1910), son of Benjamin F. and Emaline Sharp Crawford. He was a farmer and livestock dealer. John was of the Baptist faith and Elizabeth was Methodist, so they joined the First Presbyterian Church in Union, SC. Both are buried at Rosemont Cemetery, Union, SC. Their children: Susan Jackson; William Tarbara; Giles Sharpe; Belle Brandon; Myrtle Boyde; James Holmes; George McJunkin; and Ruth Eison

Susan Jackson Crawford 6 (14 May 1880- 20 August 1971), was born in Jonesville, SC. She married John E. Beckham (4 July 1876-24 November 1941), son of Reese and John Edward Beckham. Both are buried in the Rosemont Cemetery, Union, S.C. Their children: John Edward; Robert; Reece.

John Edward Beckham 7 (28 June 1901-7 February 1976), was a dress designer in New York City, NY for 40 years and traveled in Europe. He never married.

Robert Beckham 7 (29 September 1903-14 October 1803) died as an infant.

Reece Beckham 7 (26 June 1908-26 June 1968) married Helen Hollinsworth. They had no issue.

William Tarbara Crawford 6 (15 February 1883-March 1949), was born in Jonesville, SC. He married Pearl Hughes. They had three known children.

Giles Sharpe Crawford 6 (2 September 1885-6 April 1937), was born in Jonesville, SC. He married Jamile (Melle) Plowden. He is buried at the Rosemont Cemetery, Union, S.C.

Belle Brandon Crawford 6 (1888-1968), was born in Jonesville, SC. She was a highly respected elementary school teacher in the Union City Schools for many years.

The following information on the Fowler family was furnished by the children of Myrtle Crawford Fowler.

Myrtle Boyde Crawford 6 (6 September 1890-2 July 1992), was born in Jonesville, SC. She married John Franklin Fowler (30 September 1888, Cross Anchor, SC -8 February 1959, Union, SC) on 30 June 1920 in Union, SC, son of John McSwain and Mary Layton Fowler. She died in Long Beach, CA. Both are buried in the Memorial Gardens, Union, S.C. Their children: Franklin Bruce; Holmes Walton; Miriam Cassandra.

Franklin Bruce Fowler 7 (15 December 1921-19 July 1998), was born in Union, SC and died in Asheville, NC. He married on 23 November 1969 as her second husband, Hazel Elizabeth McIntyre (Wise), daughter of Roy Bingham and Bertha Maul McIntyre. They have no issue. However, she had three children by her previous marriage, Larry Anthony Wise (10 Dec 1938), Rodney Clyde Wise (26 Apr 1941), Carol Jeanette Wise (13 Sept 1943). Bruce was a professional clown in Asheville, NC before his death.

Holmes Walton Fowler 7 (5 November 1923) was born in Union, SC. In 1948, he is a graduate of Clemson University, Clemson, SC, with a B.S. in Textile Engineering. He married on 20 December 1952 in Powell, TN, Bobbie Jean Petty (24 November 1928, Knoxville, TN). She is the daughter of William Haskell and Edith Vivian McCoy Petty. They lived in Greenville, SC until 1959 when they moved to Atlanta, GA where they reside. Walt worked as a Mechanical Engineer. They have two children: Walton Craig; Glen Keith.

Walton Craig (Craig) Fowler 8 (15 July 1955, Greenville, SC), married on 19 May 1979 in Atlanta, GA, Martha Elizabeth (Lisa) Graham (11 June 1952, Ozark, AL), the daughter of George Turner and Ora Frances Lindsey Graham. Craig is a graduate of Macon College in Macon, GA with a B.S. He is a maintenance foreman, Plant Arkwright, GA Power, Macon, GA where they resided as of 1994. Lisa is a graduate of Auburn University with a B.S. and teaches piano. They have two children: Afton Leigh Fowler (24 January 1982, Atlanta, GA) and Brett Michael Fowler (28 October 1985, Macon, GA)

Glen Keith (Keith) Fowler 8 (22 September 1959, Atlanta, GA), married on 24 May 1985 in Atlanta, GA, Paula Virginia Mangold (31 March 1962, Decatur, GA), the daughter of Paul Bonner and Virginia Pauline Kynerd. Keith works for GA power. They resided in Libburn, GA (1994). Their issue: Leslie Marie (28 February 1989, Atlanta, GA).

Miriam Cassandra (Mickey) Fowler 7 (8 August 1926) was born in Union, SC. She graduated in 1947 from the Limestone College in Gaffney, SC with a B.A. She worked as a secretary at the 1st Presbyterian church, Union, SC for a year and a half prior to working for Mene Grande Oil Co. in Venezuela. She married on 10 Mar 1950, in San Tomé, Venezuela, SA, Hugo Albert Jorda, Jr. (16 May 1924, Waco, TX), son of Hugo Albert and Alma Bernice Beck Jorda. Hugo attended St. Mary’s University in San Antonio, TX while employed by the FBI. He was employed by Mene Grande Oil Co. (Gulf Oil) in 1947 for 10 years. They moved to Long Beach Ca. where he was employed for 26 years with M.E. Gray Co, then worked for 8 years and a half with Menon Pipe and Supply Co., S. El Monte, CA. Mickey retired as an aide to educationally handicapped children in the L.B. school district after 23 years. They reside in Long Beach, CA. They have 5 children, all born in San Tomé, Venezuela, SA: John Hugo; Anthony Bruce; Ann Cassandra; Susan Travis; Grant Lyle.

John Hugo Jorda 8 (4 February 1951), was born in San Tomé, Venezuela, SA. He married on 17 Jun 1970 in Long Beach, CA, Connie Jo White (29 January 1950, Long Beach, CA), the daughter of James and Verne White. Their issue: Jeremy Lyle (30 May 1970, Long Beach, CA).

Anthony Bruce Jorda 8 (13 March 1952) was born in San Tomé, Venezuela, SA. He married on 28 Jun 1975 in Long Beach, CA, Anna Marie Diaz (25 December 1951, Maywood, CA), the daughter of Nicholas and Romona Saldumbide Diaz. As of 1994, they resided in Cypress, CA. They have two children, both born in born Long Beach, CA: Tobias Anthony (27 October 1977); Sarah Marie (25 November 1979),

Ann Cassandra Jorda8 (15 September 1953), was born in San Tomé, Venezuela, SA. On 10 August 1994, she married Kenneth Lee Warren, Jr. (12 September 1953). As of 1994, they resided Eugene, OR.

Susan Travis Jorda 8 (2 November 1954), was born in San Tomé, Venezuela, SA, On 30 December 1990 in Port of Call, CA, she married Charles Ray McDonald (7 June 1942, Detroit, MI), the son of James Patrick and Mildred Louise Boshell McDonald as his second wife. As of 1994, they resided in Long beach, CA. They have no issue.

Grant Lyle Jorda 8 (6 Nov 1955), was born in San Tomé, Venezuela, SA. On 3 August 1984, in Long Beach, CA, he married Sandra Cay Lybrand. They have no issue.

Additional information on the family of James Holmes Crawford was submitted by Lynda Edwards Liner.

James Holmes Crawford 6 (27 July 1892-6 June 1967), the sixth child of Elizabeth Cassandra and John, was born in Jonesville, SC. He died in Union and is buried in Rosemont Cemetery. He married Lena Higbe (13 October 1903) -22 December 1975) in Hamlet, N.C., the daughter of William Becker and Catherine Kinder Higbe. This marriage ended in divorce in 1939. Holmes worked for the RR until he lost both legs in a railroad accident. Active in the Shriners in Union, SC, he was a veteran of WWI. He was the father of two daughters: Elizabeth; and Jewel.

Elizabeth Crawford 7 (18 November 1921), was born in Andrews, SC. (Note: Was named Mary Elizabeth at birth but birth certificate only shows Elizabeth). She married on 1 March 1941 in York, SC, Marshall Thomas Edwards (19 October 1915, Eden, NC), the son of Joseph & Lottie Mae Hill Edwards. Marshall played football at Wake Forest University and graduated from Appalachian State University, Boone, NC and coached the football team. He was a former teacher and football coach. He retired from the Mecklenburg County, NC Health Department. They had three children: Lynda Marshall; Marshall Thomas Jr.; Kimberly Jo Edwards.

Lynda Marshall Edwards 8 (24 April 1943), was born in Burlington, NC. She married first on 7 February 1960 in Charlotte, NC, Bobby Gene McGowen, (November 1942, Charlotte, NC), the son of Frank and Nettie Bailey. They divorced on 26 November 1963. She married second, on 8 August 1964 in Charlotte, NC, Virgil Cline Liner (12 September 1944, Winnsboro, SC), the son of Virgil B. and Edith L. Mincey Cline and adopted by Noel H. Liner, his stepfather.
Lynda and Bobby Gene had one child : Janine Cheryl McGowen. Lynda and Virgil Cline had one child: Stephen Ashley Liner.

Janine Cheryl McGowen 9 (7 April 1961) was born in Charlotte, NC. She married first, on 25 September 1982 in Charlotte, NC, David Reed Dennis (22 November 1961, Charlotte, NC), the son of Jack and Frances McQuirt Dennis. They divorced. She married second, on 6 June 1989 in Conway, SC., Arthur Pinckey Watson, Jr. (10 October 1961, Conway, SC), the son of A.P. and Judith Richerson Watson. David Reed and Janine have one child, born in Charlotte NC: Elizabeth Ann (18 May 1985). Arthur and Janine have one child, born in Conway, SC: Marshall Guy Watson (13 November 1990).

Stephen Ashley Liner 9 (10 September 1967), was born in Charlotte, NC. He married in September 1994 in Charlotte, NC, as her 2nd husband, Adrienne Michelle Glass Hager, (19 February 1971, West Palm Beach, FL), the daughter of Cleland W. & Sandra L. Ashley Glass. They have one child, born in Charlotte, NC: Tessa Ashley (18 June 1996)

Marshall Thomas (Marty) Edwards, Jr. 8 (22 September 1950) was born in Rock Hill, SC. He married on 17 December 1978 in York, SC, Debra Marsha Hinson, (20 February 1953, Sumter, SC), the daughter of Marshall and Irene Rector Hinson. They reside in Charlotte, Mecklenburg Co., NC. Their children, all born in Charlotte, NC: Katherine Elizabeth (21 October 1979); Lauren Irene (13 March 1982); Leslie Ann (10 July 1988).

Kimberly Jo Edwards 8 (5 October 1957) was born in South Boston, VA. She married on 31 May 1986 in Kaual, Hawaii, Charles Lee Abraham (Chuck) (12 November 1955, Tylertown, MS). Kim received an associate degree in Business Adm./Real Estate from CPCC, Charlotte, NC. Chuck is a graduate of Mississippi State University. They divorced. Kim lives in Matthews, Union Co., NC. Their children: Richard Lee (11 October 1988, Kansas City, KS) and Brett Charles (28 May 1991, Atlanta, GA).

Jewel Holmes Crawford 7 (12 April 1923-22 June 1997), the second child of James Holmes and Lena, married Paul Kicidis (4 July 1923, Union, SC), the son of Mike and Lillie Gregory Kicidis. She died in Union, SC on 22 June 1997. Paul and Jewel had one child: Paul M., Jr.

George McJunkin Crawford 6 (30 July 1894-28 September 1976), was born in Jonesville, SC. He married Mary Halpin. They had no issue.

Ruth Eison Crawford 6 (22 August 1897-19 December 1983), was born in Jonesville, SC. She married Charles Stone. They had no issue.

John F. Brandon 5 (25 January 1860-18 October 1915), was the second child of Sarah and John. He married Virginia Davis (11 September 1861-7 January 1932). They had several children of which little is known.

Mary Jane Jackson Brandon 5 (12 July 1862-7 January 1912), the third child of Sarah and John. She married James Lawrence Ray (12 May 1862-27 April 1923). Their children: Charles; Jane; Gertrude.


Emaline Eison 4 (ca.1834-?), second child of Cassandra and John, married first, W. Casaway. They had a daughter Sarah (1850) who died young. She married second, John Dupree (ca. 1829-?). They had four children: John, who married Alice ?; Robert; Will; Madora.

The additions and corrections to the family of Mary Eison was compiled in conjunction with Monte Sprouse Lancaster, Mary Sprouse Melvin and Lorena Cate McAlpine.

Mary M. Eison 4 (1837-16 September 1917), third child of Cassandra and John, married Henry E. Hawkins (1838-1894), the son of Joseph and Catherine (?) Hawkins. They are buried at Hebron Baptist church, Union Co., SC. Their issue: Joe E; Lorena Thompson; Stopher.

Joe E. Hawkins 5 (1871-1934), married Della M. Lankford (1876-1943). Della was his first cousin: she was the daughter of Philip R. and Cassandra Catherine Eison Lankford. Both are buried Hebron Baptist Church, Union Co., SC. Their issue: Cassandra; Doris; Philip; Eugene.

Doris Hawkins 6 (1906-1971), married Robert Carlyle Sprouse (20 October 1909, Jonesville, SC- ?), the son of Robert Monroe and Lena Jeannette Whitlock Sprouse. She is buried Rosemont Cemetery, Union, SC. They lived in Baltimore, MD. Their issue: Phillip; Billie Jean.

Billie Jean Sprouse 7 (?-26 March 1991), married Francis L. Alverson (? -3 July 1978), the son of George Rector and Carrie Estes Alverson. They were divorced. They had two children: Myra and an unknown child.

Eugene Hawkins 6 (25 June 1912-?), married Nettie G. (13 September 1903).

Lorena Thompson Hawkins 5 (5 March 1879-8 July 1959), was the second child of Mary Eison and Henry Hawkins. She married on 24 December 1899 in Union, SC, Fred Lordrick Barfield (25 December 1877, Mount Olive, NC-15 July 1954, Union, SC), the son of George A. and Betty Manly Barfield. Both are buried at Forest Lawn Cemetery, Union, SC. Their issue: Francena Inez; George Andrew; Mary Irene; Florence Eloise; Jack Hawkins.

Francena Inez Barfield 6 (29 April 1901-24 Feb 1978), was born in Union, SC and died in Gainsville, FL. She married on 3 November 1919 in Chattanooga, TN, Otto Blond Cate (25 June 1894, Charlestown, TN-28 February 1931, Chattanooga, TN). He was the son of William Patton and Ellen Burke Cate. He is buried at National Cemetery, Chattanooga, TN. Mrs. Barfield married second, Frank Matthew Osborne (10 April 1906, Iowa-9 March 1974, Nashville, TN) on 4 Aug 1945, Los Angeles, CA. Both are buried at the National Cemetery, Nashville, TN. Francena and Otto had three children: Otto Blond Jr.; Madalane Dover; Ellen Lorena.

Otto Blond Cate, Jr. 7 (18 December 1920, Union SC- 26 April 1975, Omaha, NB), married on 20 December 1943 in New York, NY, Evelyn Kyrol. He is buried in Omaha, NB. They had four children: Robert Ronald; Otto Bradford; Bruce Edward; Bobbette Marie.

Robert Ronald Cate 8 (14 January 1946, Omaha, NB), married first, Sharon Morris. The marriage ended in divorce. He married second, Jean (?). This marriage also ended in divorce. He married third, Judy (?). Bob and Sharon had one son: Mike (24 January 1967). Bob and Jean had one son, Robbie (3 November 1970). Bob adopted Carol, Jean’s daughter by a previous marriage.

Otto Bradford Cate 8 (16 March 1950, Omaha, NB), married on 4 December 1970 in Omaha, NB, Joyce Slama. They have one child: Tanya Jo (8 November 1970, Omaha, NB). The marriage ended in divorce.

Bruce Edward Cate 8 (3 February 1958, Omaha, NB), married on 4 June 1977 in Omaha, NB, Terry Lynn Hancock. Their issue: Jason; Amy.

Bobbette Marie Cate 8, married on 18 June 1983 in Omaha, NB, Scott Behrens. They have two children: Alison; Ryan.

Madalane Dover Cate 7 (30 July 1923, Union, SC -29 Aug 1979, Nashville, TN), married on 2 May 1942 in Columbia, SC, Graham Buford (12 December 1912 -24 August 1973). Both are buried in Nashville, TN. Their issue: Lynda Ellen.

Lynda Ellen Buford 8 (13 May 1943, Columbia, SC), married first, Walter (Skipper) Long. They divorced and she married second, on 5 September 1965 Brentwood, TN, Allan Nagy. Lynda and Walter had one child, whom Allan adopted: Madalane (22 Feb 1965) born in Ft. Lauderdale, FL.

Ellen Lorena Cate 7 (2 January 1926, Chattanooga, TN), married on 23 April 1946 in Union, SC, Robert Gooding McAlpine (30 November 1921, Union, SC), son of Laurens Elliott and Joe Ketchin McAlpine. They reside in Gainesville, Fl. Their issue: Mary Ellen; Robert Gooding Jr.; Martha Cate.

Mary Ellen McAlpine 8 (1 October 1948), married first, Richard Gates Elm. The marriage ended in divorce. She married second, Jack Driscoll on 25 Apr 1981 in Tampa, FL. They are divorced. Mary Ellen lives in Tampa, FL. Richard and Mary Ellen have two children: Helen Eloise and Richard Gates Jr.

Helen Eloise Elm 9 (23 November 1967, Athens, GA), married John Donald Houston in 1996. Their children: John Richard Houston (1997); Robert Donald Houston (1998). They live in Tampa, FL.

Richard Gates Elm, Jr. 9 (26 May 1970) was born in Atlanta, GA. He married Heather Lee Bartels on 11 April 2003 in Belleville, NJ. Rick and Heather reside in Hazlet, NJ. They have triplets, born 28 December 2006) in Long Branch, NJ: Robert McAlpine ‘Mac’ (11:37am); Christopher Lane (11:38am), and Reginald Graham (11:39am). Mac is named after his grandfather, Robert Gooding McAlpine, husband of Ellen Lorena McAlpine (nee Cate).

Robert Gooding McAlpine, Jr. 8 (23 March 1954, Union, SC), married first on 20 January 1983, Virginia Beach, VA, Linda Russo. They divorced. His second marriage on 3 November 1990 in Alexandria, Va. was to Catheryn Ruby Pennington. Linda and Robert have a child, born in Puerto Rico: Jeannette Rose. Catheryn and Robert have two children: Mary Catheryn (24 June 1992), born in Alexandria, Va.; Ellen Josephine McAlpine (11 March 1999, born in Seneca, SC. They reside in Seneca, SC.

Martha Cate McAlpine8 (20 November 1959, Athens, GA), married on 4 August 1984 in Gainsville, FL, Steven Ellis Taylor. Steve and Martha reside in Auburn, AL. They have two children, both born in Auburn, AL: Travis McAlpine Taylor (10 April 1992); Shelby Ellis Taylor (4 June 1994).

George Andrew Barfield 6 (9 December 1905, Union, SC- 10 December 1957, Columbia, SC), was the second child of Lorena Thompson and Fred. He married in Union, SC, Frances Ione Smith (7 February 1909-27 September 1955, Columbia, SC). Both are buried in Greenlawn Cemetery, Columbia, SC. They had a son: George William.

Note: See Chapter 3 – Jeremiah Gregory, for information on Frances Ione Smith’s family.

George William Barfield 7 (28 April 1933) the only son of George and Lorena Barfield, was born in Newark, NJ. He married on 18 June 1954, in Columbia, SC, Bertha Joan Schilling (16 September 1933). They had three children: Elaine Elizabeth Barfield; George William Barfield, Jr. (9 September 1956); Nicholas Hayes (22 October 1959-12 October 1960).

Elaine Elizabeth Barfield 8 (11 September 1955), the first child George and Bertha Joan Barfield, married on 5 October 1974, Jerrold Edwin Tankersley. They have three children: Ashleigh Elaine (29 October 1970); Lawrence William (12 July 1977); Jerrold Andrew (17 April 1986).

Mary Irene Barfield 6 (26 October 1907, Union, SC- 19 May 1992), was the third child of Lorena Thompson and Fred. She married on 9 June 1929 in Pickens, SC, Delmus Aubry Deadwyler (15 July 1907, Raleigh, NC-21 August 1950, Brunswick, GA). Both are buried Memorial Gardens, Union, SC. They had a daughter: Dorothy Ann.

Dorothy Ann Deadwyler7 (9 September 1930, Spartanburg, SC), married in Brunwick, GA, James D. Brumit. They had two children: James D. Jr,; Christi Elaine.

James D. Brumit, Jr. 8 (27 July 1955, Brunswick, GA), married first on 1 September 1979, Deonne Boamie. The marriage ended in divorce. He married second, Donna Faye Paulk on 27 Arpil 1985. Deonne and James have one child: Jamie (16 April 1980). Donna and James have two children: Casey and Jake. Donna had a daughter from a previous marriage.

Christi Elaine Brumit 8 (21 July 1957, Brunswick, GA), married on Aug 1978 in Brunswick, GA, Michael Stokes. They divorced and remarried. Their issue: Stacy Michele Stokes (7 January 1980, Brunswick, GA).

Florence Eloise Barfield 6 (7 August 1912, Union, SC- 19 May 1971, Athens, GA) was the fourth child of Lorena Thompson and Fred. She married on 1 September 1933 in Rock Hill, SC, George W. Going, Jr. (1 April 1909-7 July 1947, Union, SC). He is buried at Forest Lawn Cemetery, Union, SC. They had no issue. She married in second, on 18 November 1949 in Union, SC, William V. Trammell (19 December 1889-19 September 1965, Anderson, SC). Both are buried in Old Silver Brook Cemetery, Anderson, SC. They had no issue.

Jack Hawkins Barfield 6 (24 April 1916, Columbia, SC- 12 July 1971, Union, SC), was the fifth child of Lorena Thompson and Fred. He married in 1941, Mamie Albert (1917-31 Jan 1965, Union, SC). Both are buried Memorial Garden, Union, SC. They had three children: Jack Hawkins Jr.; James Fredrick; Delmus Aubry.

Jack Hawkins Barfield, Jr. 7 (15 August 1943, Union, SC). He married on 6 Sep 1966, in Union, SC, Doris Jeannette Lawson. Their issue: Jack Hawkins III (13 April 1968, Brunswick, GA); James Christopher (2 October 1970, Savannah, GA); Gregory Scott (4 September 1973, Savannah, GA).

James Fredrick Barfield 7 (25 February 1950, Union, SC). He married in Union, SC, Connie Morris. They have three children: Chad; April; Holli. They reside in Union, SC.

Delmus Aubry Barfield 7 (May 1953, Blythwood, SC), married Sherry Floyd. They have one child: Mary Katherine. They live in Union, SC.

Stopher Hawkins 5 (19 April 1881-21 December 1954), was the third child of Mary Eison and Henry Hawkins. She married John Monroe O’Shields (?- December 1943). Both are buried Rosemont Cemetery, Union, SC. They had one child: Mary Louise.

Mary Louise O’Shields 6 (14 May 1904-5 May 1980), married Herman Luther Sprouse (12 May 1904-25 January 1956). He was the son of Rufus W. & Thalia F. (Fowler?) Sprouse. Both are buried Memorial Garden Cemetery, Union, SC. They had two children: Mary Hawkins; Monte Louise.

Mary Hawkins Sprouse 7 (14 October 1931, Union, SC), was adopted. She married first on 14 August 1953, Union, SC, William Herman Medford, Jr. (9 January 1930, Whitmire, Newberry, SC-7 January 1975, Newport News, VA). He was the son of William Herman and Gladys Brewington Medford. He is buried in the Memorial Gardens, Union, SC. Mary is certified in piano by the Music Teachers National Association and the Virginia Music Teachers Association and has taught piano for more than 40 years. Her second marriage was to J. Lyman Melvin. They are divorced. She lives in Newport News, VA. William and Mary had two children, both adopted: Mary Elizabeth; William Barry.

Mary Elizabeth Medford 8 (1 November 1958, Newport News, VA), married Alan Douglas Wilson (11 August 1963, Poquoson, York, VA), the son of Billie & Amelia Wilson. They have no issue. They reside in Burke, VA.

William Barry Medford 8 (28 January 1961, Mecklenburg Co., NC), married Lou Ann Lancaster (30 March 1958, Buffalo, Union Co., SC), the daughter of Harold and Betty Lancaster. They reside in Union, SC. They have no issue.

Monte Louise Sprouse 7 (3 September 1939, Union, SC), married on 23 November 1980, in Union, SC, Francis Middleton Lancaster (27 December 1918- 12 April 1996, Union, SC). He was the son of Melton Otis & Frances Ethel Lake Lancaster of Union, SC. He graduated from the Wofford College and served in the WWII. Monte attended Winthrop University and is V.P. of Arthur State Bank, Union, SC.


Cassandra Catherine Eison 4 (Cassie) Eison (7 May 1841- 18 December 1903), the fourth child of Cassandra and John, married Philip R. Lankford (27 September 1834-14 October 1903). He was a Confederate Veteran. They had three children: Janie; Della; John.

Janie Lankford 5, married a Kirby. Their issue: Cassandra; Doris; Phillip; Eugene.

Della Lankford 5, married her cousin Joe. E. Hawkins.

John Lankford 5, married a Gibbs.

John James Eison 4 (14 February 1844-14 May 1923). His obituary reads “died at age 79 years, 3 months”. He married first Nancy J. (Nannie) Parham (ca. 1842-1866). They had a daughter: Carrie Tinsley Eison. His second marriage was to Sarah (Dollie) Hall Tinsley (ca 1837-ca 1884). She was a first cousin of Nannie Parham, John’s first wife. The children of John and Dollie: Mary Ethel; John Lawrence; Isaac Thomas. John James married last, Hulday ?, a widow, ca. 1886.

Mary Ethel Eison 5 (17 May 1869-9 November 1923). She married on 31 July 1888, Robert Farris Layne (17 May 1866-28 July 1909). Mary Ethel Eison, a grandaughter of John and Cassandra Humphries Eison, and Robert F. Layne, a grandson of George M. Crary and Lettie Humphries Young, were third cousins. They had ten children: Louis H.; Sallie Tinsley; Paul Bramlett; John Lawrence; Robert Lee; David Leon; Hugh Nettles; Ethel Virginia; Robert Forest; Mary Frances.

Louis H. Layne 6 (11 September 1890-26 April 1922), married Flora Wheeler. Their issue: Robert L.; an infant son; Elizabeth.

Sallie Tinsley Layne 6 (31 August 1892-30 October 1957), married Erskine Brannon. They had three daughters: Lucille; Hazel; Mildred.

Paul Bramlett Layne 6 (2 April 1894-5 December 1898). died when he was four years old.

John Lawrence Layne 6 (25 March 1897-13 October 1970), married Eulala Batts. They had two daughters: Gwendolyn and Carolyn.

Robert Lee Layne 6 (29 January 1899-17 August 1899), died in infancy.

David Leon Layne 6 (29 January 1899- 20 March 1899), was Robert Lee’s twin. Like his twin, he died in infancy.

Hugh Nettles Layne 6 (28 February 1901-21 December 1978), married Bernice Wood. They had four children: Louis; Vernon; Ruth; Judy.

Ethel Virginia Layne 6 (9 August 1904-27 January 1972), married Broadus Henderson. They were the parents of six daughters: Virginia Verle; Helen Elizabeth; Frances Louise; Dorothy Gwendolyn; Amelia Layne; Mary Ethel.

Virginia Verle Henderson 7 (27 September 1920), married first Leon C. Nodine; second Paul Jenkins.

Helen Elizabeth Henderson 7 (1922), married C. Clark Bridges.

Frances Louise Henderson 7 (1924), married Ray J. Foster.

Dorothy Gwendolyn Henderson 7 (1926), married Douglas Lockman.

Amelia Layne Henderson 7 (1928), married James C. Woolfe.

Mary Ethel Henderson 7 (1930), married Russell Nodine.

Roger Forest Layne 6 (14 December 1907-29 May 1908), Mary Ethel and Robert Layne’s nineth child, died in infancy.

Mary Frances Layne 6 (28 February 1909- 23 September 1989), Mary Ethel and Robert Layne’s tenth child, married Alton Brown. They had a son: Alton Layne Brown.

John Lawrence Eison 5 (6 November 1870-19 January 1930), the second child of John James and Dollie, married Bessie Fair Davis (31 August 1888- 2 February 1930). They had a son: John James.

Isaac Thomas Eison 5 (12 October 1872-28 May 1951), the third child of John James and Dollie, married Mattie Reid (12 December 1875-27 November 1966). They had seven children: Mamie; Harry; Minnie; Frank Sloan; John; Montie; Caley.

Mamie Eison 6 (ca 1893-?), married ? Evans.

Harry Eison 6 (7 August 1897-17 October 1917), no additional information on this son.

Minnie Eison 6 (21 July 1901-6 April 1986), married Will Fletcher.

Frank Sloan Eison 6 (6 August 1904-30 March 1981), married Ruby James.

John Eison 6 (ca 1907-?), married ? .

Montie Eison 6 (23 November 1910-21 July 1912), no additional information on this child.

Caley Eison 6 (22 April 1914-15 May 1944), was killed in WWII, in Italy.

Thomas Frederick Eison 4 (15 January 1847-23 May 1931), the last child of Cassandra and John, married Madora Bunch (19 July 1845-18 March 1934). They had 6 children: Eunice (ca. 1869); Sarah B. (ca. 1871); James W. (ca. 1873); John (ca. 1875); Mary Hampton (22 November 1876-31 January 1901); Cassie E. (1879).

NOTE: These children were found in the 1880 Census. It is possible that there were more children, that were not at home during the Census.

Elizabeth Humphries 3 (1805-?), the third child of Sarah and Charles, died in Alabama. She married Edward Jackson.

Sarah T. Humphries 3 (1807-?) married Miles Malone.

The data on Lettie (Lettice) Humphries and her family was submitted by Verle Henderson Jenkins.

Lettie (Lettice) Humphries 3 (27 July 1814-20 December 1850), (Cemetery records date of death as 28 December 1950), the seventh child of Sarah Gregory and Charles Humphries, married George McCrary Young (14 September 1815-27 June 1887) on 25 December 1834. He was the son of Mary “Polly” Humphries and Christopher Young. Polly was daughter of Charles and Betsy Palmer Humphries. Lettie was a third cousin to George on the Humphries side, since Charles Humphries was his father-in-law and his second cousin. Lettie’s mother, Sarah Gregory Humphries, was George’s Mother-in-law, she was also his first cousin. Lettie was a second cousin of her husband.

They were the parents of seven children: Charles H., Christopher, John Henry, George Washington, Thomas Jefferson, Mary Jane, Francis Marion. In addition, two other sons are listed in the “Cemeteries of Union County”, published by Mrs E.D. Whaley, Sr. :
Young Cemetery (near old homeplace on Tyger Stub Road)
– Son (no dates), son of Geo and Lettie Young
– Infant (no dates), son of Geo and Lettie Young

George M. Young married his second wife, Julia Victoria Meyers, on 30 June 1857. Seven children were born of this union. George McCrary Young served as a Private in Company G. 14th Regiment during the Civil War. Four of his sons by his first marriage also served in this War. George was very active in the community, and known for helping his neighbors who were ill (such as help with farm work, haul wood, dig graves, etc.).
He apparently was a man of means, having 6 slaves in the 1840 Census. Their home located in the forest experiment station had two rooms upstairs and two rooms downstair, with a wide hallway and open stairs. There were two chimneys, each room having a fireplace. The windows had glass panes and a porch on the front. The kitchen was built about six feet from the main house.

A publication “Of The Past” by Sims, pages 118, 119, 1209, gives some rememberences of the daughter of Clora, a slave of George Young. Daughter Mary Smith refers to him as Mar’ster or Marse George. She states: “I nursed Marse George chilluns for him”, “They had a big house”, “We raised a big crop the year our mother (Clora) died -1886, Marse’ let us have all we wanted, and let us hang our meat in his smokehouse”, “My Mars’ter gave my mother the spot of ground and lumber for our church, which was named New Chapel”, “when visiting a nearby plantation, Mars’ter always gave us a pass, the patrollers watched us, but we had our passes and if they bothered us, our Mars’ter would handle them, and he would have because he was ‘the Law’ “, “I never went to the field until after Freedom. My Mars’ters girl Mary Jane Young married Mr. Dave Layne. They did not have a weeding”.

George and Lettie are buried in the Young Cemetery, along with their two infant sons.

The above information gathered from: Union County Heritage, Cemeteries in Union County, Humphries Bible, Cemetery Tombstones, Notes furnished by a granddaughter of John James Eison, Census Records, and “Tradition” as furnished by various family members.

Charles H. Young 4 (6 November 1835-13 March 1848), died at the age of 12 years and 4 months. He is buried near his parents, in the Young Cemetery.

Christopher Young 4 (27 May 1837-? June 1906), no data is available on this son.

John Henry Young 4 (16 September 1838-18 May 1884), was a Confederate Veteran, living with his brother during the 1880 census. He is buried at the Sardis Methodist Church Cemetary.

George Washington Young 4 (28 December 1839-1864), died of pneumonia while serving in the Civil War. He is buried near his parents, in the Young Cemetery.

Thomas Jefferson Young 4 (29 March 1842-2 May 1923), married Amanda Myers, as sister to his father’s second wife. He was wounded while serving in the Civil War, in the 17th Regiment, Co. B, and lived with a bullet lodged near his heart the rest of his life. Thomas and Amanda are buried at the Sardis Methodist Church Cemetary.

Mary Jane Young 4 (14 November 1844-11 March 1912), married ca. 1864, David Ars Layne (20 January 1837-23 February 1909) of Union Co. S.C. They lived in Union Co. until 1880 and were in Spartanburg Co., S.C. by 1900. She is buried at the Campobello Methodist Church Cemetery. Their issue: Robert Farris (17 May 1866-23 July 1909), Lettie (1869-?), Fannie (1875-?), Sallie (July 1877-?), Rosalee, David.

Francis Marion Young 4 (10 October 1846-1864), was killed during the Civil War, and his brother Thomas brought his body home for burial. He is buried near his parents, in the Young Cemetery.

John Humphries 3 (1817-1860), the eighth child of Cassandra and Charles, married Margaret -?-.

Catherine (Catey) Gregory 2, daughter of Robert and Mariann, married Henry Anderson. According to Robert’s estate, she and Henry had more than one child. She died before 22 August 1828, the date of the division of Robert’s estate.

The above account, by Linda Edwards Liner, of the family of Sarah Gregory Humphries is found in Union Heritage, Union County, South Carolina, 1985, pps. 140-141.

Additional information on the Sarah Gregory and Charles Humphries, Jr. lines can be found in Ancestors and Descendants of Charles Humphries by Brent H. Holcomb, 1985.