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Color Codes separate generations. Numbers show generations.
First Generation 1 – BLACK – (Sons/daughters of Isaac) Sixth Generation 6 – BROWN
Second Generation 2 – RED Seventh Generation 7 – GREY
Third Generation 3 – GREEN Eighth Generation 8 – PURPLE
Fourth Generation 4 – ORANGE Ninth Generation 9 – Olive
Fifth Generation 5 – BLUE Tenth Generation 10 – PINK


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Lillian Vaughn Gregory 5 (15 February 1909-21 January 2001),  Image LInk seventh and youngest child of Ada and William Harrison Gregory, lived in Okolona until her marriage. She attended high schools in Okolona and Memphis, Tennessee, and graduated in New London, Ohio. In 1930, she married George Douglas Renshaw, who was born and grew up in the Shannon, Mississippi. To their union were born two daughters: Joanne and Mary.

Douglas was employed with the Federal Land Bank of Ms. and Silas Mason Construction Co until 1956. They lived in many states in the north, south and midwest and their girls attended a variety of schools, enjoying the experience of new places and friends.

In 1957 Douglas and Lillian moved to Pine Bluff, Arkansas, where Douglas was employed as Maintenance Superintendent for Ben Pearson Company for seventeen years. They lived on their beautiful acreage thirteen miles west of Pine Bluff and enjoyed the country life – gardening and raising Border Collie dogs. Their children, grandchildren, friends and relatives spent many happy times there until Douglas died in 1975. Lillian moved to Tupelo, Ms. and enjoyed spending time with her daughters and their families and other traveling until 1990. She died on 21 January 2001, and is buried in Pine Bluff alongside her husband.

Joanne Renshaw 6 (5 July 1931) graduated from high school in Ravenna, Ohio and attended Ohio State University. She married Edward Jackson Smith on 15 April 1955 in Shreveport, Louisiana. Edward was born 8 June 1924 in Oklahoma City, OK. He grew up in Texarkana, Arkansas, served as a bomber pilot in World War II in Europe, and graduated from the University of Arkansas in 1949. He began a career in banking immediately after graduation. The Smiths lived in Shreveport, Louisiana and Pine Bluff, Arkansas during the early years of their marriage. They moved to Jacksonville, Florida in 1960, where Jackson was Vice President and Trust Officer of the Barnett Bank and later, the Atlantic Bank. They retired to the beautiful mountains of Waynesville, North Carolina in 1986 and later divided their time between N.C. and Ponte Vedra Beach, Florida. Two daughters were born during their years in Arkansas: Lisa Adele and Anne Lauren.

Lisa Adele Smith 7 (9 February 1958) the first child of Edward and Joanne Renshaw Smith was born in Pine Bluff, Arkansas, and graduated from Florida Junior College with an Associate Degree in Respiratory Therapy. She was divorced from Telfair Stockton Rogers, Jr. after 6 years of marriage. The couple had no children. She has lived in Georgia, North Carolina and Florida in recent years.

Anne Lauren Smith 7 (30 June 1959), the second child of Edward and Joanne Renshaw Smith was born in Pine Bluff, Arkansas, and attended the Florida Stenotype Institute for two years and married James Randall McNeal in 1979. They live on Marco Island, where their two children were born, Brooke Allison and Alexander Ross. The family returned to Ponte Vedra in 1986. This marriage was terminated in 1995. Lauren and Michael Erick Braren were married on 14 June 1997. They make their home in Ponte Vedra Beach. Anne Lauren and James Randal McNeal had two children: Brooke Allison; Alexander Ross.

Brooke Allison McNeal 8 (18 April 1982) was born in Naples, Florida and attended schools in Ponte Vedra Beach, Florida.

Alexander Ross McNeal 8 (27 September 1986) was born in Naples, Florida and attended schools in Ponte Vedra Beach, Florida.

Mary Douglas Renshaw 6 (23 October 1939) graduated from Marshall, Texas High School (the same school Lady Bird Johnson attended). She attended college at North Texas State, Denton, and continued her education at the University of Arkansas, Fayetteville, where she met Richard Kyle Haynes, a native of Fort Smith and graduate of the University of Arkansas. She and Dick were married, 5 June 1960, in Fayetteville. “Dick” Haynes parents were Harold and Fern Haynes of Ft. Smith, Arkansas. Dick was born on 4 November 1938 and grew up in Ft. Smith. He graduated from the University of Arkansas in June 1960 and was commissioned a Lt. in the US Army. Dick served several years in the military and was stationed in Germany. On returning to the States, he taught school in Colorado and Texas. Mary and Dick live in Alexandria, Louisiana, where he was superintendent of the State Farm Claims Offices. Their children: David Douglas; and Paula Carol. The Haynes plan on retiring in October 1999, to live at Hot Springs Village, Arkansas.

David Douglas Haynes 7 (17 June 1962) was born in Georgia, finished school in Slidell, Louisiana at Holy Redeemer High School and spent five years in the United States Coast Guard. David married Kristi Ann Minor. They have a daughter: Sarah Kay Haynes, born 29 November 2000. They live in Freeport, Texas.

Paula Carol Haynes 7 (17 June 1966) was born in Colorado, graduated from Louisiana Tech in Ruston, Louisiana, majoring in Journalism. She married Kevin Goodnight in Atlanta, where they were both employed with State Farm Insurance Co. They have three daughters: Rachel Caroline, born in Atlanta; Mary Amelia, born 29 July 1999 in Cincinati, Ohio, Isabella Rebekah Goodnight, born on 23 January 2002 in Cincinnati, Ohio. The Goodnights live near Cincinnati.

Rachel Caroline Goodnight 8 (27 July 1995) was born in Atlanta, Georgia.

States Rights Gregory 4 (31 December 1860-19 March 1932),  Image LInk son of Andrew Jackson and Levicia Wilkes Gregory, married Annie Crump (18 May 186 14 February 1925). To this union were born:  Image LInk Andrew Thompson; Annie Mae; and Eula Bell.

The following is related by Sue Lee Gregory McMullin, daughter of Andrew Thompson Gregory.

“The family of States Rights Gregory lived on the land left him by his father until they moved to Okolona. Emily, who lived with them and did the cooking, etc., moved to town with them. States was very much loved by his grand-children. He used to eat at their home quite a lot and frequently stayed at Tom’s grocery store.”

Andrew Thompson (Tom) Gregory 5 (16 December 1888-15 October 1934)  Image LInk of Okolona, Mississippi married Sue Lee Cox (24 July 1891-25 January 1975) on 2 January 1915 in Okolona, Mississippi. She was the daughter of Abner Clark and Amanda Mayfield Cox. Sue Lee, a graduate of Grenada College, Mississippi, with both BM and BL degrees, taught elementary school and music. She was singing in the choir at the First Methodist Church where Tom was an usher when they got acquainted. Hortense Gregory Smith related that she and Tom lived only one mile apart as children, and that he was in high school when he moved to town with his parents and two sisters. Sue Lee had moved to Okolona when she was nine years old from Sycamore (now a part of the Natchez Trace).

Tom was already established in the grocery business (“Staple & Fancy Groceries” was his slogan) at the time of their marriage. In those days, stores had to be open in time to deliver bacon and eggs for breakfast, and paying cash was unheard of. His daughter, Clementine, remembers helping her father post accounts after hours. She remembers her mother saying that, when she started dating Tom, her father said, “Yes, I remember States Rights Gregory because he was the only young man my age who wore silk shirts.”

Tom and Sue Lee had three daughters: Manette Countess; Annie Clementine; and Sue Lee.

The following account by Clementine is somewhat typical of the World War II era:
“On Sunday noon, August 6, 1944, Manette and Clementine had their first children: An hour after Manette’s son, Thomas Ennis Turner, born; Clementine had a son, Fred Edward Beemon, Jr. They were at the home of their mother, Sue Lee Gregory, in Okolona. Dr. DeVan Hansel was their doctor. A Cousin, Jack Gregory, had brought the portable delivery table to the house. Manette’s husband arrived an hour before their son was born. He was on his last leave before being sent to Germany the following week, where he was in the Battle of the Bulge. Clementine’s husband had been on duty in New Guinea in the South Pacific for eight months and did not see his son until he was sixteen months old. Sue Lee Gregory was presented with two more grandsons three years later on the same weekend. Only that time, the new mothers were Manette, who had her second son, Ronald Gregory Turner, on January 9, 1948; and Sue, who had her first child, William David McMullin, Jr., on January 11, 1948.”

Manette Countess Gregory 6 (24 December 1915, Okolona) attended Delta State College one year and Hillman College, Clinton, Mississippi, one year. She married Ennis Turner (6 November 1914, Kosciusko, Miss.) on 18 September 1938. He is now retired from the United States Army. To this union were born: Thomas Ennis; and Ronald Gregory.

Ennis Turner 6 (6 November 1914) was born in Kosciusko. He married Manette C. Gregory, daughter of Andrew Thompson (Tom) Gregory. Manette is a great-granddaughter of Andrew Jackson Gregory (brother of Sarah Elvira). Ennis Turner retired after twenty years in the United States Army. They reside in Orlando, Florida. Their children (see Manette Gregory account): Thomas Ennis; and Ronald Gregory.

Thomas Ennis Turner 7 (6 August 1944, Okolona) married Irene Grandt (3 July 1947) in Lake Zurich, Illinois on 2 April 1965. Thomas served in the United States Marines. He is now in the food service business. They have one child: Janet M., 26 September 1966.

Ronald Gregory Turner 7 (9 January 1948, Kosciusko, Miss.) married Anne Weems Sillers (9 November 1948), daughter of Peter Alexander and Polly Ann Workman Sillers, on 20 June 1972 in Sedalia, Missouri. Ronald G. is an attorney and his wife is a librarian. They have two sons: Robert Gregory, 14 January 1977; and John Alexander, 23 May 1981; both in Nashville.

Annie Clementine Gregory 6 (26 July 1919) graduated in 1940 from Mississippi State College for Women and taught Secretarial Science at Holly Springs, Mississippi. On 25 December 1941, she married Fred Edwin Beemon (4 September 1918, Kosciusko, Miss.-2 December 1975, Tucson, Ariz.) at Kosciusko. He was the son of Fred Morgan and Nellie Gordon Beemon. Fred served in the United States Army in the Pacific during World War II. He graduated from the University of Mississippi School of Pharmacy and owned his own store. Clementine now resides in Orlando, Florida, and Fred is buried in Jackson, Mississippi. They had two children: Fred Edwin Jr.; and Beverly Jean.

Fred Edwin Beemon, Jr. 7 (6 August 1944, Okolona, Miss.) married Patricia Jane Hanks, daughter of Paul Barnett and Loretta Ball Hanks, on 29 March 1967. He is an independent oil broker in Jackson, Mississippi.To their union was born: Heather Ann, 17 November 1968 (Oxford, Miss.).

Beverly Jean Beemon 7 (20 February 1949, Jackson, Miss.) married Walton Dixon Heslep, Jr. (22 December 1948), son of Walter Dixon and Lorena Ball Heslep of Indianola, Mississippi, on 10 January 1982. Beverly Jean is an interior decorator in Jackson and Walter is District Manager for Buckman Corporation. Their children are: Walter Brent, 17 January 1983; and Janet Lindsey, 4 October 1985.

Sue Lee Gregory 6 (21 August 1923, Okolona) was the third daughter of Tom and Sue Lee Gregory. She attended Mississippi State College of Women for one year; and married William David McMullin (3 November 1921), son of Robert Lee and Katie Gladys McMullin of Pheba, Mississippi, on 15 December 1946. William David was in both the United States Army and Navy, and now works as Superintendent of Transportation for the C&G Railroad in Columbus, Missisipi.

He attended Wood Junior College for two years. Sue was a clerk-stenographer and is now retired. Their issue: William David Jr.; and Lynda Sue.

William David McMullin, Jr. 7 (11 January 1948, Greenwood, Miss.) married Vanita Jean Gardner (9 June 1952), daughter of Billie Oscar and Agnes Coleman Gardner of Aberdeen, Mississippi, on 27 November 1976. William works for the Chevron Oil Company. Their son: David Christopher, 12 October 1985.

Lynda Sue McMullin 7 (18 September 1956, Greenville, Miss.) married Michael D. Steadman (7 March 1956), son of Malcolm Ross and Dorothy Johnson Steadman of West Point, Mississippi, on 29 September 1979. He is a supervisor of computer operations in Jackson. They have no children.

Annie Mae Gregory 5 (9 April 1893-20 June 1958) was married to Drewery Ray Johnston (10 March 1894-31 January 1945). They did not have any children, but were much loved by their nieces and nephews, who were frequent visitors in their home. Annie Mae was an immaculate housekeeper and an excellent cook. She loved cats and there were always some around. She worked at the telephone company and that is where she met Drew, who was employed with South Central Bell. He was very personable and all of the family were very devoted to him. They lived in Okolona and Leland, where she remained after his death. Both are buried in the Okolona Cemetery.

Eula Bell Gregory 5 (26 August 1896-14 November 1975),  Image LInk youngest daughter of States Rights and Annie Crump Gregory, married David Festus Norman (8 November 1893-26 February 1963). His parents were James Osgood Norman (3 October 1869-27 November 1904) and Sarah Elizabeth Aston (1872-23 February 1962), both are buried at Wesley Chapel. Dave and Eula Bell lived in Corinth, Mississippi, where he owned a wholesale grocery. They are buried in Henry Memorial Gardens in Corinth. To their union were born: Leo Rights; William David; Andrew Thomas; and James Gregory.

Leo Rights Norman 6 (25 February 1920), oldest son of Dave and Eula Bell, graduated from Corinth High School in 1937. He attended Mississippi State College and Bowling Green College of Commerce. He was a Naval pilot (Lt. j.g.) and served in both the Atlantic and Pacific during World War II. He returned to Corinth and joined the King-Norman Wholesale Grocers and Distributors, later becoming president. On 25 December 1946, he married Clara Agnes Johns. To this union was born: Nancy Rights Norman.

Nancy Rights Norman 7 (12 September 1949) married Gerald Richard McLemore on 22 April 1972. Their issue: Mary Johns, 2 February 1978; and Gerald Richard Jr., 25 December 1979.

William David Norman 6 (15 October 1927), second son of Dave and Eula Bell, graduated from Corinth High School. After two years in the United States Navy, he graduated from Mississippi State College. He is now co-owner of the Firestone Tire Store in Corinth. He married Edith Harbert and they have one son: David Perry.

David Perry Norman 7 (28 October 1952) married Vicki Siler (28 April 1956). Their issue: Dana Petrice, 22 December 1974; and Sara Marie, 27 March 1979.

Andrew Thomas Norman 6 (7 February 1930-9 August 1969), third son of Dave and Eula Bell, had a stroke in 1948 at the age of 18. He is buried with his parents in Henry Memorial Gardens, Corinth.

James Gregory Norman 6 (22 February 1932), fourth son of Dave and Eula Bell, graduated from Corinth High School and Union University. After ten years in the United States Army Air Corps, he was discharged with the rank of Captain. He is now in real estate and construction in Corinth. He married Patricia Wells. Their issue: Karen; Edward Strickland, 24 April 1959; James Gregory, 20 October 1963; Joseph States, 9 May 1967; and Thomas Asa, 30 April 1975.

Karen Norman 7 (21 November 1956) married Daniel Robert Arthur. Their issue: Daniel Robert Jr.; and Donald Stephen.


Sarah Elvira Gregory 3 (25 November 1827, Union District, S.C.-22 July 1875, Kosciusko, Attala County, Miss.) was the only daughter of Benjamin Jeremiah and Elizabeth Crosby Jeter Gregory. Sarah married her cousin, Dr. James M. Gregory (ca. 1817, Union District, S.C.-1881, Mineola, Wood County, Texas), son of John Wesley and Elizabeth Young Gregory, after 1850.

They remained in Union District, where he practiced his medical profession, until after the birth of their first child, when they moved to Winston County, Mississippi, where the rest of the children were born. After the War Between the States and the loss of his properties, Dr. Gregory and his family moved to Kosciusko, Attala County, Mississippi, where he practiced medicine in the late 1860’s and early 1870’s (Kosciusko-Attala History, 1976). He died in Texas with his son-in-law and granddaughter.

Their issue: Mary Elizabeth; Martha Ann; Medora; Henrietta; Katherine; James M. Jr.; and John Benjamin.

Mary Elizabeth (Bettie) Gregory 4, oldest daughter of Dr. James M. and Sarah Elvira Gregory, was born in Union District, South Carolina. She married Robert (Bob) McCoy and they lived in Kosciusko, Mississippi. Their issue: Nannie.

Nannie McCoy 5 married Hugh Johnson of Oklahoma.

Martha Ann (Mattie) Gregory 4 (15 March 1856 -15 July 1941), second daughter of Dr. James M. and Sarah Elvira Gregory, was born in Winston County, Mississippi. She married, first: John Grady and had a daughter. They lived in New Port, Attala County, Mississippi, along with her father, who had moved there after the death of Sarah Elvira. They then moved to Mineola, Texas. A short time thereafter, Dr. James M., John Grady and Mattie’s young daughter died during a typhoid fever epidemic in 1881. Mattie returned to Kosciusko and later married John Hardin Conner. Their issue: Bessie; Herman Gregory; and Montrose.

Bessie Conner 5 died as a teenager.

Herman Gregory Conner 5 married Olivia Betterson. They are buried at City Cemetery, Kosciusko. They had no issue.

Montrose Conner 5 was born and died in Kosciusko, Mississippi. She married Marion Everett Turner. Their issue: John Everett; Ennis; Robert; and Wardine.

John Everett Turner 6 (3 November 1910-29 August 1965), first son of Montrose and Marion Everett Turner, was born and died in Kosciusko. He married Alberta Rawson. Alberta then married Ezra Ellis, who is now deceased. John Everett and Alberta had one son: John Everett Jr.

John Everett Turner, Jr. 7 never married and teaches at Austin Peay University, Clarksville, Tennessee.

Robert Turner 6 (19 August 1916), third son of Montrose and Marion E. Turner, was born in Kosciusko. He graduated from Mississippi College, Clinton, in 1940 with a BA in Economics and Sociology; and received a BS in Engineering Administration, from the University of Mississippi in 1949. He married Ruth Hall (1918) in 1940. Ruth attended Holmes Junior College, Goodman, Mississippi, for two years. Robert worked for the United States Army Corps of Engineers, Waterways Experiment Station, Vicksburg, retiring in 1968. They reside in Vicksburg. Their daughter: Martha Ann.

Martha Ann Turner 7 (1953, Vicksburg, Miss.) graduated from Louisiana Tech University, Ruston, with a BA in Music Education. She married Luis E. Diaz, born in Costa Rica. He is a graduate of Louisiana Tech University, 1974, with a BS in Architecture. Luis works for Nichols & Wells Construction Company, Jackson. Martha Ann taught music and works for Mississippi Music, Inc., Jackson. They have no children.

Wardine Turner 6 (11 February 1921), fourth child of Montrose and Marion Everett Turner, married Reverend Leonard Oscar Elmore (4 March 1911, Gastonia, N.C.-18 June 1974, Memphis, Tenn.), son of Wade Oscar and Pearl Brythe Robinson Elmore, on 28 May 1939 in Kosciusko. He was a graduate of Presbyterian College (BA, 1935), Clinton, South Carolina; and Columbia Theological Seminary (B of Divinity, 1938), Decatur, Georgia. Reverend Elmore served pastorates in Mississippi, South Carolina, Louisiana, Arkansas and Tennessee. Wardine resides in Memphis. Their children: Leonardine; Roseann; William Gregory; and Sara.

Leonardine Elmore 7 (19 August 1942, Okolona, Miss.) married Fred Russell Campbell (1 September 1941, Monroe, La.) in Hamburg, Arkansas. He is the son of William Scott and Freddie Russell Campbell. Leonardine and Rusty are both graduates of Louisiana Tech (1964), Ruston. She obtained a Masters in Education in 1976 and a Masters in Administration in 1978 from Memphis State University. She teaches school in Memphis. Their children: Fred Russell Jr.; Kerri Lyn, 22 November 1966 (Shreveport, La.); and Sara Ann, 22 November 1969 (Shreveport, La.).

Fred Russell Campbell, Jr. 8 (9 August 1962, Ruston, La.) married Laura Turner on 8 February 1986 in Memphis, Tennessee.

Roseann Elmore 7 (27 June 1947, Memphis, Tenn.) graduated from Louisiana Tech in 1969. She received her Masters at Memphis State University in 1972. She works in Adult Education in Memphis. Roseann is not married.

William Gregory (Greg) Elmore 7 (19 April 1949, Memphis, Tenn.) finished at the University of Arkansas and now works at Southeastern Municipal Bonds, Pensacola, Florida. He married Dawn Eleanor Pearson (12 July 1960, Memphis), daughter of Carl Lamar and Nellie Moses Pearson of Ripley, Tennessee, on 20 September 1986. Dawn graduated from the University of Tennessee.

Sara Elmore 7 (2 October 1950, Baton Rouge, La.) married Gerald Davis Lawson (23 April 1950) in Brinkley, Arkansas on 1 September 1970. He is the son of William Burford and Mildred Davis Lawson. Sara and Jeri both attended Memphis State University. He received his BSC in 1972 and MSCE in 1980. They reside in Memphis. Their issue: Gerald Davis Jr., 29 December 1975; and Wade Everett, 17 June 1980; both born in Memphis.

Medora (Dora) Gregory 4, third child of Dr. James M. and Sarah Elvira Gregory, was born in Winston County, Mississippi and died in Oklahoma. She married -?- Driscol. They had no issue.

Henrietta (Heddie) Gregory 4, fourth child of Dr. James M. and Sarah Elvira Gregory, was born in Winston County, Mississippi and died in Texas. She married -?- McLean. Their issue: Harvey; Lucian; Rodney; Gladys; and Guy.

Katherine (Kitty) Gregory 4 (26 September 1870, Louisville, Miss.-27 February 1953, Kosciusko, Miss.) was the fifth child of Dr. James M. and Sarah Elvira Gregory. She married James Milton Knotts (29 October 1868, Byhalia, Miss.-1 January 1954, Kosciusko). He completed business school in Memphis, Tennessee, later becoming a bank auditor and owner of a drugstore in Kosciusko. Their issue: Walter; and Nannie Helen.

Walter Knotts 5 (1896-1918, Kosciusko, Miss.) was a student at Mississippi A&M College (now Mississippi State University) at the time of his death.

Nannie Helen Knotts 5 (31 January 1898, Koscuisko, Miss.-19 December 1985, Waveland, Miss.) graduated from Mississippi State College for Women (then II&C) and taught school for over twenty years in Kosciusko. She married, first: Dana Hayes (1889, Chicago, Ill.-April 1981, Los Angeles, Cal.), son of Harold and Helen Foote Hayes, on 17 September 1922 in Salt Lake City, Utah. Dana attended Notre Dame University and was a motion picture producer. She married, second: Percy Allen on 27 February 1927. Nannie and Dana had one daughter: Helen Katherine.

Helen Katherine Hayes 6 (17 June 1923, Kosciusko, Miss.) married Richard Frederick Mestayer, Jr. (6 March 1917, New Orleans, La.-28 November 1980, New Orleans), the son of Richard and Jeanne Olivier Mestayer, Sr., on 14 February 1948. Richard attended the University of Iowa and served as a Captain in World War II. He was in the lumber business in New Orleans. Helen received a BA Degree from the University of Mississippi and an MA from Mississippi Southern. She currently holds an administrative position with the Hancock County Schools and makes her home in Waveland, Mississippi. Their issue: Richard F. III; Beth Ann; and James Allen.

Richard F. Mestayer III, M.D. 7 (12 November 1948, New Orleans, La.) married Marilyn Davis (30 June 1948, Jackson, Miss.), daughter of Russel C. and Catherine Pullen Davis. Richard received his BA Degree from the University of Mississippi and his MD from Louisiana State University. He took his residency in Psychiatry at the University of Virginia; and is now Board Certified and on the staff of Ochsner Clinic, New Orleans. Marilyn has a BA in Speech Pathology from the University of Mississippi. Their issue: Mallory Allen, 29 December 1975 (Charlottesville, Va.); Richard Russell, 4 September 1980; and William Frederick, 16 July 1985 (both New Orleans, La.).

Beth Ann Mestayer 7 (1 August 1951, Waveland, Miss.) married Mark Chase Luedtke (10 April 1952), son of Walter E. Luedtke, M.D., and LaRhea Tate Luedtke, on 8 July 1978. Mark holds a BS from Emporia State University, Kansas, where he is a football coach. He has two Masters degrees in Physical Education from the University of New Mexico. Beth has a BA in Education from the University of Mississippi and a MS in Special Education from the University of Colorado, Boulder.

James Allen Mestayer 7 (18 March 1955, New Orleans, La.) married Vera Riedl (26 March 1958), daughter of Robert O. and Vera Vicenzi of Waterbury, Connecticut, on 26 November 1982. James holds a BS in Pharmacy from the University of Mississippi and now practices in Long Beach, Miss. Vera has worked as an accountant and is presently enrolled in Elementary Education at Jefferson Davis College. She had a daughter, Joann Williams, by Joe Williams. James and Vera have a daughter: Lisa Elizabeth, 26 April 1984 (Miami, Fla.).

James M. (Jimmie) Gregory, Jr. 4, sixth child of Dr. James M. and Sarah Elvira Gregory, was born in Winston County, Mississippi and died young, presumably in Winston County before the family moved to Kosciusko.

John Benjamin (Ben) Gregory 4, seventh child of Dr. James M. and Sarah Elvira Gregory, was born in Winston County, Mississippi and died in Kosciusko. He married, first: Carrie Sanders. After the death of Carrie, he married, second: Iris Crowder. They had no issue. Carrie and Ben Gregory’s issue: Nellie; Ruby; Claude; and Clara Louise.

Nellie Gregory 5 married -?- Trusty.

Ruby Gregory 5 married -?- Wiberg and had a daughter: Mary Jane.

Claude Gregory 5 married Mary Lou Elmore. They had one son: Claude Elmore.

Claude Elmore Gregory 6 lives in Memphis. He had a son: Steven Charles.

Clara Louise Gregory 5 (29 May 1894, Kosciusko, Miss.-2 July 1943, Vicksburg, Miss.), fourth child of J. Ben and Carrie Gregory, married Henry Martyn Gastrell (26 August 1876, Bayou Sara, La.-1958, Vicksburg, Miss.) on 11 February 1915 at Holy Trinity Episcopal Church, Vicksburg. Henry was the son of Alfred Thomas and Harriet Cockrell Gastrell. They lived in Vicksburg and are buried in Kosciusko. Their issue: Henry Martyn Jr.; Sam Cockrell; and Charles Seay.

Henry Martyn Gastrell, Jr. 6 (28 April 1917 -16 September 1980), first child of Clara and Henry Gastrell, was born and died in Vicksburg. He married Lillian Glenn (15 October 1916), daughter of George and Elizabeth Davison Glenn, on 25 December 1940 in Greenville, Texas. He served in World War II. They had a son: Henry Martyn III.

Henry Martyn Gastrell III 7 (17 July 1943, Brookhaven, Miss.) married Carol Wislocki in Vicksburg. They reside in Kingwood, Texas. They have two children: Scott; and Elizabeth (Beth).

Sam Cockrell Gastrell 6 (17 January 1917, Vicksburg, Miss.), second child of Clara and Henry Gastrell, married Maxie Raines (31 January 1918, Lambert, Miss.) on 17 December 1941 in Vicksburg. He served in World War II. They reside in Vicksburg. Sam and Maxie Gastrell legally adopted Patricia Ann and Peggy Jo, daughters of Aleen Raines Bankhead, who died in August 1948. She was a sister of Maxie’s. Sam and Maxie’s issue: Samuel Gregory.

Patricia Ann (Bankhead) Gastrell 7 (31 December 1936) married James Hugh Corbett on 31 January 1959 in Vicksburg, Mississippi.

Peggy Jo (Bankhead) Gastrell 7 (2 August 1940) married George Edwin Durham, Jr. in Vicksburg, Mississippi.

Samuel Gregory Gastrell 7 (21 April 1948) married Diane Rains Scott on 28 July 1979 in Vicksburg, Mississippi.

Charles Seay Gastrell 6 (2 December 1920, Greenville, Texas), third child of Clara and Henry Gastrell, married Kathryn Caldwell (17 May 1925, Sunflower County, Miss.), daughter of James Manassas and Nannie Mae Herring Caldwell, on 11 July 1946 in Vicksburg. He served in World War II. Their issue: Lynda Kathryn; Charles Seay Jr.; and Charlotte Elaine.

Lynda Kathryn Gastrell 7 (20 April 1952, Washington, D.C.) married William Benard Aden, Jr. on 15 July 1977 in Vicksburg. They reside in Vicksburg. Their issue: Amanda Kathryn, 8 March 1978; and Richael Lynn, 28 August 1979.

Charles Seay Gastrell, Jr. 7 (14 September 1953, Washington, D.C.) married and divorced. He has one son: Charles Blake, 15 February 1984.

Charlotte Elaine Gastrell 7 (6 July 1958, Washington, D.C.) married William Bradford Eddins on 7 June 1986.

Robert Turner of Vicksburg, Mississippi contributed most of the information on Dr. James M. and Sara Elvira Gregory.


Argulass Gregory 3 (3 December 1829-3 July 1846). The only information available about this seventh son of Benjamin J. and Elizabeth Crosby Jeter Gregory is derived from his tombstone. He died from unknown causes. A transcript from the tombstone is below. He was, of course, unmarried at the time of his death. He was named for his uncle, Argulass V. Jeter.

Sacred To
The Memory Of
Son Of
B.J. And Elizabeth Gregory
Who Was Born
December 3rd, 1829
And Departed This Life
July 3rd 1846

Berry J. Adolphus Gregory 3 (29 April 1833 -8 November 1901), the ninth child of Benjamin J. and Elizabeth Crosby Jeter Gregory, was one of the most colorful. He apparently lived most of his life in Union County. It is suspected that he went to Mississippi with his brothers for a time because he does not appear in the 1860 census. Adolphus lived with his parents at the 1850 census.

The next record we have of him is his enlistment in Company C, Seventh Cavalry, South Carolina, in December 1861. He substituted for his brother, John, who was imprisoned at Elmira, New York after being wounded at the “Crater.” (See Union County Confederate Pension Register.) Adolphus appears in the 1870 census of Union County with his wife, Martha Gibbs Gregory (13 February 1832-26 April 1906). There were no children. Neither appears on the 1880 census. This could be due to the fact that they were out of the state at that time or the census taker could have just missed them. The 1900 census indicates they had been married 48 years and had one child who was no longer living.

The following excerpt from Names in South Carolina, published by the Department of English, University of South Carolina, in 1968 and edited by Dr. Claude Neuffer (Volume 15, p. 21), gives some insight into his character:

“A true patriarch among Union County trees is the Confederate Holly, still standing near Highway 215 leading from Union to Spartanburg by way of West Springs.

“This tree takes its name from a hazardous experience of Asa Smith; his two sons and Adolphus Gregory during Reconstruction days.

“Asa Smith was a prosperous planter in the West Springs section of Union County. One afternoon while hunting he found this beautiful holly tree and became so attached to it that he gave orders that it should never be cut.

“When the War Between the States began, Asa and two of his sons, Eliphes Franklin and William, served in the Confederate Army. After the war, Asa, his sons and Adolphus Gregory were very active in the affairs of the County. The United States Military stationed in Union County considered their activity defiance of federal law and issued warrants for their arrests.

“The four men, former Confederate soldiers, escaped capture by hiding all night in the branches of this thick-leaved tree, thus giving it its distinctive name: The Confederate Holly.”

The above article, if true, leads us to believe that Adolphus and Martha might have had to leave the community for a time. Their exit probably took place after 30 August 1873, when the following was recorded (Union County Deed Book E23, P. 243) The contents, we believe, need no explanation.

“I, B.A. Gregory, agree that I have wrongfully mistreated my wife, Martha A. Gregory. I agree to remove the family of Lancasters, consisting of Eliza Jane Lancaster and family, from the premises before the return of my wife, Martha, and that I will not be guilty of adultry anymore in the presence of my wife or within the vicinity, and treat my wife kindly …”

Berry J. Adolphus and his wife, Martha, are buried at Putnam Cemetery, Union County, South Carolina.

Pickens Butler Gregory 3 (14 October 1835-29 August 1897), the youngest child of Benjamin J. and Elizabeth Crosby Jeter Gregory, is listed with his parents on the 1850 census at age eleven years.

He does not appear on the 1860 census of Union County, but the Confederate Pension Registration lists him as serving in Jenkins Infantry Brigade, Regiment Five, Company C. He achieved the rank of Sergeant.

Pickens Butler is buried in the Mt. Carmel Cemetery in Winston County, Mississippi. His date of death is shown as 29 August 1897 at age 61 years, 10 months and 15 days (born 14 October 1835), which make the 1850 census in error. His wife was Martha Estes (11 December 1838-31 August 1875) and she is buried beside him at Mt. Carmel. Her parents were Charner and Elizabeth Wilkes Estes.

Jimmy Gregory Thompson of Louisville, MS, has provided an update on Pickins and his descendants.

“Pick” moved to the Louisville, Ms. area before 1860. He was wounded in the Civil War, came home to recuperate and then returned. He was a charter member of the Harmony Baptist Church and also preached. After the death of Martha he married –Worthy. Pickins and Martha’s children were Lou, Marion Dolphus, Ben, Simmie, and Betty.

Lou Gregory 4 married C.N. Humphries on 14 January 1885 and had a son Ander. Lou married Billy Stokes after the death of her first husband.

Ander Humphries 5 married Liza Duett, sister of Clinnie Duett. Ander and Liza’s only child was Jimmy.

Jimmy Humphries 6, married Emma Stokes of Macon, Ms. Their children were Helen Card, Jewell Fulton, and James.

Marion Dolphus Gregory 4 (28 January 1866- 21 January 1932), married Mary Callie Moore (2 July 1869-8 January 1934). She was the daughter of Jim and Jane Slaughter Moore. Dolphus and Callie’s children were Robert Preston (Bob); James Pickins (Jim); Martha Jane, date of birth unknown.

Robert Preston (Bob) Gregory 5 (2 October 1894-8 November 1969), married Clinnie Duett (15 September 1894-21 July 1920). Clinnie’s mother was a Tally. Bob and Clinnies’s children were James Dolphus; Mary Sue; Roy Chalmas. Clinnie died when Chalmas was 3 weeks old. Bob then married Eddie Holder (18 July 1897-4 December 1968). This marriage produced Ola Bell (?); Osler Beal (?); and Okley Burns (1926-1940). Eddie had previously been married to Robert Reed and had two children: Woodrow Reed (15 May 1913) and Christine Reed (16 June 1915).

James Dolphus Gregory 6 (6 November 1916), married Lavern Holton (23 August 1917), the daughter of Leona Barnhill Holton. Their children were: Serita and James Gale (17 October 1945).

Serita Gregory 7 (29 November 1941), married Hillman Creekmore and had three children: Jeffrey, Christopher Gregory and Alicia. Serita later divorced Hillman.

Jeffrey Creekmore 8 married Bonnie Hatcher and have a son Bradley.

Christopher Gregory Creekmore 8 married Bonnie Presley.

Alicia Creekmore 8 married and later divorced Danny Burns. To this union was born Adam Burns. Alicia married Ardys Miles and had a son Anthony Miles.

Mary Sue Gregory 6 (16 September 1918), is Bob and Clinnies’s second child. She married Hilton Holder. This union produced Henry, Ralph, Travis, Betty (Parker), Kitty Sue (Spears) and an unamed child who died.

Roy Chalmas Gregory 6 (27 June 1920), is Bob and Clinnies’s third child. He married Jean Landrum. Her father was Warren Landrum of Neshoba Co. They had a daughter, Mitch who married Doyle Hayden.

Ola Bell Gregory 6, is Robert (Bob) and Eddie’s first child. She married Harold Kirkwood on 10 May 1947. Their children: Gloria Faye; Ronald; Phyllis; Greta.

Gloria Faye Kirkwood 7 (25 February 1948), married Acy Leroy Saxon, Jr. on 28 April 1967. Their two children: Shelly René (4 January 1968) and Sonny Bryan (29 April 1975).

Ronald Kirkwood 7 (14 February 1951), married Jean Brown on 9 June 1972. Their children: Ronald Lang (28 September 1974); Jennifer Nicole (4 May 1976); Melissa Dawn (2 June 1978).

Phyllis Kirkwood 7 (22 February 1954), married Bruce Cochran on 7 March 1970. Their children: Bruce Jeremy (9 March 1971); Matthew Dewayne (10 April 1973).

Greta Kirkwood 7 (9 November 1959), married Darnell Hearndon on 18 July 1980.

Osler Beal Gregory 6, Robert (Bob) and Eddie’s second child, married Olive Mowbray from New York, on 10 February 1946. Their children: Osler Beal Jr, Robert Claus, Tommy Lee, Terry Gene, Jon Ross, Janet Ruth.

Osler Beal Gregory, Jr. 7 (4 July 1948), married Ella Faye Holdiness on 20 July 1968. Their children: Teresa (15 Oct. 1969); Tammy (27 July 1972); Barbara (Beth) (14 August 1975).

Robert Claus Gregory 7 (12 April 1950), married Mary Connally on 16 April 1979.

Thomas Lee (Tommy Lee) Gregory 7 (26 December 1952), married Judy Wolbrecht an 23 March 1975.

Terry Gene Gregory (8 October 1956), was born on 8 October 1956.

Jon Ross Gregory  (4 August 1959), married Lynn Strickland on 8 April 1978. Their children: James (Jamie) Robert (20 October 1978); Rachel Nicole (23 April 1981).

Janet Ruth Gregory 7 (27 July 1961), married Gully Warren on 10 March 1979.

James Pickens (Jim) Gregory 5 (29 November 1895 -29 December 1973), second son of Marion Dolphus Gregory, married Mabel Nowell (8 December 1898-10 February 1968), on 30 May 1915. Mabel’s parents were William Commie Nowell and Mary Cornelia Fulton. James and Mabel’s children: Edgar Fulton; James Olyn; Jewell Virginia ; Charles Wayne.

Edgar Fulton Gregory 6 (30 January 1918-August 1984), married Opal Reed (31 March 1919), on 25 March 1939. Edgar died in August 1984 and is buried at Harmony Baptist Church in Winston County, MS. Their children: Emily Jean; Edgar Donover; Jimmy Ruff; and Patty Jewell.

Emily Jean Gregory 7 (1 June 1940), married Jessie Gene Holton (23 December 1936), on 20 Dec. 1959. Their children: Timothy Kendall ‘Ken’; Jesse Kimball ‘Kim’, the twin of Ken; Craig Alan; Holly Jenine.

Note: Corrections to the children of Emily Jean Gregory were provided by Brandi Pettit. Additional information was provided by Emily Gregory Holton.

Timothy Kendall ‘Ken’ Holton 8 (13 November 1960), married Patti Lyn Bailey on 23 March 1985. They have three children: Maygan Kendall (2 February 1986); Ashton Hunter (1 June 1989); Mason Bailey (1 December 1990).

Jesse Kimball ‘Kim’ Holton 8 (13 November 1960), married Renita Kay Lofton on 19 April 1986. They have three children: James Caleb (8 August 1989); Jessica Marie (2 April 1992); Harrison Wade (30 June 1995).

Craig Alan Holton 8 (1 October 1962), married Jerri Thurber. The marriage ended in divorce. Craig married Sandy Parra on 2 September 1995. Craig and Sandy have one child: Reed Gregory (18 October 1999).

Holly Jenine Holton 8 (19 January 1965), married Max Wendall Thornton on 17 May 1986. They have two children: Kandace Leagh (9 January 1990); Brittany Ann (11 June 1997).

Edgar Donover Gregory 7 (3 June 1944), married on 19 Jan. 1963, Patricia Ann Palmer(20 October 1946). Their children: Barry Keith (15 January 1965); Angela ReNee; Tina LeAnn (1 July 1968); and Clayton Shane (1 February 1977).

Angela ReNee Gregory 8 (16 January 1967) married Tod Craft and has a child Crystal Donelle.

Jimmy Ruff Gregory 7 (5 October 1947), married on 20 November 1977, Deborah Kay Marshall(25 July 1959). Their children: Alisia Nichole (12 April 1979), and Glenn Fulton (27 July 1980).

Patty Jewell Gregory 7 (2 August 1952), married on 2 September 1972, Danny Ray Pettit (11 March 1951). They were divorced in 1977. Patty J. Gregory is now married to James Ricky Myers on 12 February 1988. They live in Alabaster, Alabama. Patty and Danny Pettit had two children: Christopher Brooks; Brandi Desha.

Christopher Brooks Pettit 8 (27 February 1973), the first child of Danny Ray and Patty Gregory Pettit, is a graduate of Forrest Hill High School(1991). Brooks is currently self-employed doing finished carpentry. He lives in the Ocean Springs. He is expecting his first child with April Perry, a daughter, to be named Olivia Larkin Pettit.

Brandi Desha Pettit 8 (31 October 1975), the second child of Danny Ray and Patty Gregory Pettit, is a graduate of North West Rankin Attendance Center(1994) and has an Associates in Banking from Hinds Community College. She is currently employed with Claw Forestry Service as their Accounting Manager. She married Ronald James Hopson on 19 March 2005 and lives in Florence, MS. They have a child, James Tate Hopson, born 20 February 2008.

James Olyn Gregory 6 (15 November 1921), is the second child of James and Mabel. He married on 25 October 1950 Doard Bell Slawson (6 August 1932). Their children: James Larry ; and Sue Ann.

James Larry Gregory 7 (6 October 1951), married on 28 May 1972, Glenda Kate Jones(19 December 1950). Their children: James Brent (20 October 1975); and Jim Bart (3 December 1976).

Sue Ann Gregory 7 (11 June 1960), married on 14 March 1980 William Carroll Wade (15 May 1949). Their children: William Terrell (14 January 1981); Chelsea; Steven and Beth Ann.

Jewell Virginia Gregory 6 (1 March 1925), is the third child of James and Mabel. On 28 August 1945, she married William Prentiss Burrage (24 September 1924). Their children: William Earnest; James Royce; and Gregory Prentiss.

William Earnest Burrage 7 (3 June 1946), married Gloria Jean Walker on 15 June 1965. Their children: Tony (18 October 1968-6 October 1970); Jason (29 October 1974). William and Gloria were divorced in 1978.

James Royce Burrage 7 (9 July 1950), married on 19 June 1971, Glenda Dianne Flake (10 September 1952). They had a son Christopher Darrell (18 November 1975).

Gregory Prentiss Burrage 7 (10 October 1959) is married but no other data available.

Charles Wayne Gregory 6 (15 June 1929), is the fourth child of James and Mabel. On 4 November 1950, he married Helen Marie McKinley (30 April 1933). They had a daughter Mary Kathryn.

Mary Kathryn Gregory 7 (22 September 1951), married on 31 December 1972, William V. Rogers III (2 November 1949). Their children: William V. Rogers IV (10 May 1976) and Stephanie Marie (24 June 1980).

NOTE: Updates and corrections on Martha Jane Gregory and her descendants was provided by Eugenia G. Erber.

Martha Jane Gregory 5, is the daughter of Marion Dolphus and Mary Callie.  Image LInk On 11 August 1912, she married Lofford M. Miles (4 March 1884 -23 August 1951) in Winston Co. MS. Martha and Lofford are buried at Harmony Baptist Church Cemetery in Winston Co. MS. They had thirteen children: John Henry; Alberta; Albert Curtis; Mary Lucille; Willie Bell; Earlee; Dolphus Lofford Jr.; Mary Jane; Winnie Mae; Eddie Mae; Clara Jean; James Lee; and Betty Jean.

John Henry Miles 6, the first child of Lofford and Martha Miles, died in infancy in 1913 and is buried in Fulton Family Cem. in Winston County, Ms.

Alberta Miles 6 (2 June 1915-5 March 1941), the second child of Lofford and Martha Miles, was born in Mississipi. She married Harvey Wilson Stokes. They had three children: Henry Richard Stokes; Robert Stokes; and Linda Stokes. Alberta is buried at Harmony Baptist Church Cemetery in Winston Co. MS.

Albert Curtis Miles 6 (7 January 1918, MS-12 June 1976 MS), the third child of Lofford and Martha Miles, married Mayolo McAdor Robinson (1901-1975). Both are buried at Oak Grove Cem. in Winston County, MS.

Mary Lucille Miles 6 (24 December 1918), the fourth child of Lofford and Martha Miles was born in Mississipi. About 1934, Mary Lucille married Henry Jackson Watkins. They had one child, Henry Jackson Watkins II. (They were divorced. Mary Lucille then married Clinton Woodrow Reed (1919-1976). They had nine children: Mary Alice Reed; Frank Reed; Jerry Reed; Terry Reed; infant; Woodrow Reed; Ronnie David Reed; and Clint Michael Reed.

Willie Bell Miles 6 (1921), the fifth child, daughter of Lofford and Martha Miles, married Curtis Reed (1916-1978). Curtis is buried at Good Hope Cemetery in Winston Co. MS. They had five children: Quinton Reed; Lou Reed, Earl Brooks Reed; Johnny Curtis Reed; and Barbara Ann Reed.

Earlee Miles 6 (23 May 1923 MS-21 March 1978), the sixth child of Lofford and Martha Miles, married on 23 June 1945, Winston Mamie Ferguson. They had two sons: Dennis Wayne and Willie Earl.

Dolphus Lofford Miles 6 (18 July 1925-17 October 1992), the seventh child of Lofford and Martha Miles, was born and died in Winston County, MS. He married Jewel Dean Berryhill in 1948, and their children were: Windell Don Miles; Darrell Gwen Miles; Belinda Dean Miles; and Brenda Lynn Miles.

Mary Jane Miles 6 (10 October 1927-19 March 1996), the eighth child of Lofford and Martha Miles was born and died in Mississipi. She is buried at Harmony Baptist Church Cemetery in Winston County, MS. Mary Jane married first Clint Jackson Cooksey. They had one child, Clinton Jackson Cooksey, Jr. Mary Jane married second Alvin Howard and they had one child, Mary Dianne Howard.

Winnie Mae Miles 6 (21 November 1930-3 May 2002), the ninth child of Lofford and Martha Miles was born and died in Mississipi. She married Bradford Strickland (1926-1979). Both are buried in Memorial Park Cemetery in Louisville, Neshoba Co., MS.

Eddie Mae Miles 6 (26 March 1932), the tenth child of Lofford and Martha Miles, married on 3 July 1959, Pharris Leon Livingston. He is buried at Evergreen Cemetery in Winston County. They had three children: Marilyn Leah Livingston; Madelon Lynn Livingston; and Ricky Pharris Livingston.

Clara Jean Miles 6, the eleventh child of Lofford and Martha Miles, died at age three months and is buried at Harmony Baptist Church Cemetery in Winston County, MS.

James Lee Miles 6, (21 September 1937-19 November 2004), the twelth child of Lofford and Mary Miles, is buried at Forest Lawn Memorial Gardens Cemetery in Meridian, Lauderdale Co., MS. James Lee Miles married in 1958, Jan Flak. They had three children: Martha Ann Miles; James Robert Miles; and Suzie Miles.

Betty Jean Miles 6 (4 March 1940-1 February 1995), the last child of Lofford and Martha Miles, was born and died in Mississipi. She is buried at Harmony Baptist Church Cemetery, in Winston Co. MS. Betty Jean married James A. Tabor (1930-1989) and had the following children: Martha Ann, James Robert and Suzie.

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