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Color Codes separate generations. Numbers show generations.
First Generation 1 – BLACK – (Sons/daughters of Isaac) Sixth Generation 6 – BROWN
Second Generation 2 – RED Seventh Generation 7 – GREY
Third Generation 3 – GREEN Eighth Generation 8 – PURPLE
Fourth Generation 4 – ORANGE Ninth Generation 9 – Olive
Fifth Generation 5 – BLUE Tenth Generation 10 – PINK


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Susannah (Susan) Gregory 3 (1820, Union County, S.C.) was the second child of C. Gerard and his first wife, Margaret. Susannah’s mother died when she was only ten years old. As the family traveled west to Alabama, Susannah helped her stepmother, Polly, with the younger children. In Alabama, she met and married Kennedy Cork, also of South Carolina. They lived in Romulus, Tuscaloosa County, Alabama. The children listed in the home on the 1860 and 1870 censuses were: William, 1841; James, 1843; Simpson S.C., 1844; Thomas T.L., 1844; and Mary A., 1860.

Later, Kennedy and Susannah went to Mississippi and are found there in 1880. They returned to Alabama and are buried there in the Pleasant Grove Cemetery, Jena, Green County. Elizabeth Jane (1848-1855) is buried beside them.

Robert Jordan (Bob) Gregory 3 (12 July 1830 -2 January 1892), the sixth child of C. Gerard and Margaret, was born in Union County, S.C. The Southerners pronounced his name “Jerdan,” but he was known mostly as “Bob.” Leaving friends behind at the age of eight was not easy for Bob, as the family moved west. Bob was still farming with his father when he was 21. He married Martha Adeline (Mattie) Helms (4 July 1833-9 February 1906) in 1852 in Pleasant Grove, Pickens County, Alabama. The family moved to Mississippi long enough for their son, Esquire, to be born there. Two of their children, Josephine and Lummy, who died in infancy, are not identified in order of birth because this information is not known. Their remaining children: Mary Margaret; Harriet E.; Rebecca Minerva; and Esquire Hamilton.

In April 1862, Bob enlisted in Company F, 41st Regiment, Alabama Infantry, CSA. He acted as Courier for the Confederate Army and would return home, bringing letters and money to the soldiers’ families. He was captured and held prisoner of war by the Union Army. He appears on a Roll of Prisoners of War at Point Lookout, Maryland. He was captured 25 March 1865 and arrived at Point Lookout, 28 March 1865. His place of residence was listed as Pickens County, Alabama. He was described as light complected, sandy-haired, blue-eyed, and 6’1/2 ” tall. His mark appears on the register as having taken the Oath of Allegiance to the United States on 12 June 1865. He was released from Point Lookout on the date of his oath.

Bob moved his family to Mount Pleasant, Titus County, Texas, where he and Martha are buried in the Greenhill Cemetery, north of Mount Pleasant. Martha had gone to visit relatives in DeLeon and died at the home of her nephew, David Allen W. Gregory. She was returned home in a wagon by her son, Squire, to be buried beside her husband.

Mary Margaret Gregory 4 (ca. 1853, Pickens County, Ala.), eldest child, died young and is probably buried in Mississippi.

Harriet E. (Hattie) Gregory 4 (24 October 1856 -8 July 1937) married John Wray. They had three sons: Pink; Willie; and Ollie. Pink and Willie are buried in Titus County, Texas; and Ollie is buried in Gregg County.

Hattie and her brother, Squire, died the same day. The late Edgar Gregory of Dallas, Texas, once related the following: Hattie’s son, Pink, and brother, Squire, lived at Mount Pleasant. She lived at Linden, some thirty miles away. She traveled to Mount Pleasant with her son, Willie, in order to visit Squire, who was ill. Hattie died the following morning; Squire died that afternoon.

Rebecca Minerva Gregory 4 (27 May 1858-17 February 1928) was born in Pickens County, Alabama. She married, first: Frank Bivens. They had two children: John; and Claudia. Her second marriage was to -?- Baxley. Their children: Lester; Joe; and Thelma.

Claudia Bivens 5 married -?- Allen, it is said.

Esquire Hamilton (Squire) Gregory 4 (7 October 1860-8 July 1937), youngest son of Robert J. and Martha Adeline, was born in Oxford, Lafayette County, Mississippi. He died in Mount Pleasant, Texas. He married Mary Elizabeth Hayes Reed, a widow, ca. 1889. She had two children by her first marriage: Edna and James Buckhanon Reed. Squire and Mary had six children: Robert Jordan; Annie Adeline; Mary Florence; Edgar Hamilton; Lilly Mae; and Hattie Elizabeth.

Robert Jordan (Bob) Gregory 5 (8 September 1890 – 3 January 1959), eldest child of Squire and Mary Elizabeth, was a school teacher. The name of his wife is unknown. They had two children: Quindell; and Winapearl.

Annie Adeline Gregory 5 (16 August 1892), second child of Squire and Mary Elizabeth, lived in Mount Pleasant. She married -?- Riddle and had five children: Opal; James; Louicarr; Alva L.; and Albert Hamilton.

Opal Riddle 6 married -?- Hannon and lived in Texarkana, Texas.

James Riddle 6 lived in Louisville, Arkansas.

Louicarr Riddle 6 lived in California.

Alva L. Riddle 6 married -?- Schnulle and lived in Chicago, Illinois.

Albert Hamilton Riddle 6 lived in Los Angeles, California.

Mary Florence Gregory 5 (20 June 1894), third child of Squire and Mary, married -?- Sloan. Their children: Roger, 24 August 1913-11 December 1966; Dorcas Hardin, 19 August 1915 (Austin, Texas); Jean Eastlow, 26 December 1918 (Austin, Texas); and Marshall, 15 May 1919-15 January 1969.

Edgar Hamilton Gregory 5 (13 December 1896-?), fourth child of Squire and Mary, married Vera Mae Barton. He lived in Dallas, Texas from 1921 until his death (date unknown). He was an owner of the Faye, Gregory and Linsteader Accounting and Auditing firm of Dallas and operated a stock farm at Naples for many years. He is buried in Greenhill Cemetery, Mount Pleasant. He and Vera Mae had three children: a son, 19 October 1914, lived only six weeks (he rests in Greenhill Cemetery); Lila Fay; and Richard Barton.

Lila Fay Gregory 6 (13 August 1917) married, first: M.H. Harding; and, second: -?- Dafft in 1954. Her children by her first marriage: Maurice; and Ronnie.

Maurice Harding 7 married Doris Hutchison.

Ronnie Harding 7 married Sandra Rope.

Richard Barton (Dick) Gregory 6 is a professional banjo player. He married Shirley Ann Strickland of Naples, Texas. Their children: Julia Ann; Laura Lynn; and Richard Barton (Bart).

Lilly Mae Gregory 5 (1 August 1901), fifth child of Squire and Mary Elizabeth, is said to have married -?- Tennill.

Hattie Elizabeth Gregory 5 (4 April 1903), youngest child of Squire and Mary, married -?- Bounds. They lived in Fayetteville, Washington County, Arkansas. Their children: Mary Ann; and Bobby.

Mary Ann Bounds 6 (19 May 1927) married -?- Keaton.

Bobby Bounds 6 lives in California.


Daniel Eligas (Elias) Gregory 3 (2 February 1832, Union County, S.C.-14 April 1895, Ala.), the seventh child of C. Gerard and the first by Polly Gregory, grew up in Pickens County, Alabama, working away from home most of the time. He assisted the Overseer of a large farm in Bridgeville and enlisted in the Confederate Army early in the War Between the States.

He remained single until 1867, when he married Nancy J. Leavell of Romulus, Tuscaloosa County, Alabama. She was the daughter of Robert and Margaret Leavell. Daniel was fourteen years older than Nancy. Little is known of their children: Sophy; Robert; William E.; Mary; and Taylor.

The family settled near Daniel’s sister, Susannah Gregory Cork, and family at Hickman’s, Tuscaloosa County, Alabama. They later moved to Romulus, near his half-brother, Clifton John (Jehu) Gregory. Daniel and Nancy are buried in the New Hope Baptist Church Cemetery, Romulus.

Robert Gregory 4 was born in 1871.

William E. Gregory 4 (5 August 1874-17 September 1954) married -?- Patrick. Their issue: Newell; Glenn; Elma; Allen; Van; James Aubrey; Richard; Cecil; and Spencer.

Mary Gregory 4 was born in 1879.

Taylor Gregory 4 is said to have married Sloan Clements.

Gasmond H. (Hamp) Gregory 3 (1833-17 January 1863), the second child of C. Gerard and Polly, remained unmarried and was still farming with his father and younger half-brothers, Jason and Simpson, in 1860.

Hamp, along with older brothers, Robert J. and David C., enlisted early in the Confederate Army. He was a Private with Company F, 41st Regiment, Alabama Infantry Volunteers. His confederate Register Company Muster Roll (dated January and February 1863) states: “Remarks: Died 17 January 1863. He is the third son of C. Gerard Gregory to die in the Civil War.”

Hamp is mentioned many times in David C. Gregory’s letters to his wife, Martha Ann. Robert J. sent a letter to David C. upon Hamp’s death, saying, “Hamp had four dollars and a half, and I sold his clothes which made the balance.” Robert J. was sending the money home to their father, C. Gerard.

Angeline Emily Gregory 3 (1836, Union County, S.C.) was the third child of C. Gerard and Polly. She moved to Pickens County, Alabama with her parents ca. 1838. The Gregory’s lived beside the Sipsey River which runs between Pickens and Greene counties, and the family used both courthouses for their legal affairs.

Angeline married, first: James D. Franklin on 25 February 1858 in Greene County, Alabama. They lived near her father and mother. James lost his life in the War Between the States. A letter from Angeline’s half-brother, Robert Jordan, to his brother, David, states, “As Dick and Franklin’s clothes, I have never heard anything.” Angeline married, second: William Stacks. Angeline and James Franklin’s children: Jasper John (Buck); Mary Jane; and a baby, ca. 1862, who died while James was away at war.

Jasper John (Buck) Franklin 4 (1858) married Margaret Garner on 14 September 1881.

Mary Jane Franklin 4 (1861) married Isaac B. Huffman on 4 March 1886.

Richard V. (Dick) Gregory 3 (1837, Union, S.C. -18 November 1862, Chattanooga, Tenn.), fourth child of C. Gerard and Polly, was less than a year old and still on his mother’s lap when she had his brother Clifton John in Franklin, Georgia on the way to Alabama. The V. in Dick’s name could stand for Verdo or Verdis, as Clifton John named his son, Verdo Verdis.

Dick helped his father farm as he grew up and, at the age of 23, he was an Overseer in Pickensville. He enlisted, along with his brothers, in the Confederate Army (Company F, 41st Regiment, Alabama Infantry). Dick was faithful in sending money home to his father and mother. He was often mentioned, with great concern for his safety and whereabouts, by his half-brother, David.

Dick died of typhoid fever in Chattanooga on 18 November 1862. The Confederate Register states: “Amount of money left, $31.10. Effects: Sundries.” His older half-brother, Robert J., never found his clothes. Since he died of typhoid, it is possible that they were burned.

Clifton John (Jehu) Gregory 3 (8 October 1838, Franklin County, Ga.-4 March, 1925, Pratt City, Ala.), was the fifth child of C. Gerard an Polly. Jehu appeared as “Isham” on the 1850 census with his brothers and sisters. In 1860, he was in Romulus, working for James Huffman.

In Moore’s History of Alabama, “Jehu had the honor of being under the command of General Robert E. Lee and, with the famous General, participated in many of the hardest-fought battles of the war. At Petersburg, he was wounded in action so seriously as to necessitate his being in the hospital for some time. He fought until the surrender.”

Jehu was a great source of pleasure to his family. His brother, David, mentions him often in his letters home during the war. He wrote, “Jehu has lost his pocketbook already … Jehu and Dick is the same as me – … Dick and Jehu is going to send Daddy Forty Dollars. Wee will Role our money all in seperate Bundels with our names on each ones money … Father they have Jehu under gard. But Clemons (Lieutenant) ses (says) he shant prefer no charge against him. There is no danger of Bullets what he is … Capt. tuck a squad of his men with that guns and went down and prest two barels of molases and tow (two) sacks of flour. Jehu was in the squad … Dick and Jehu send that lov to you.”

Upon returning home, Jehu married, first: Lucinda Maria Eades, daughter of Jim Eades. They lived in Green County, later moving to Romulus, Tuscaloosa County, Alabama, near his half-brother, Daniel Eligas Gregory, and his wife, Nancy. In his later years, Jehu went to live near his son, Virdo, in Pratt City, Jefferson County, Alabama. Lucinda preceded him in death. He died at age 87 and is buried beside his second wife, Onna -?-, in the Crumhley’s Chapel Cemetery.

Jehu and Lucinda’s children: Mary Marenda Haselton Roberta; Louella (Louette), about whom nothing is known; and Verdo Verdis.

Mary Marenda Haselton Roberta (Bertie) Gregory 4 (2 November 1867-?) married George Mai Taylor on 8 January 1885. Their known children: Alva Lorina; and Fairy.

Alva Lorina Taylor 5 married Fred Lehman Hambley. One known child: Wendel Angwin Hambley.

Wendel Angwin Hambley 6 married Anna Mary June Payne. One known child: Colene.

Colene Hambley 7 (2 January 1948) married Richard George Farrell (6 August 1933), a contractor in Riverdale, Georgia. They have four children: Scott Michael, 26 July 1970; Kelly Maureen, 5 July 1972; Dana Lynne, 30 December 1975; and Ryan Matthew, 24 February 1982.

Fairy Taylor 5 married -?- Oakley.

Verdo Verdis Gregory 4 (4 August 1870, Greene County, Ala.-5 February 1925), Jehu and Lucinda’s son, was written up in Moore’s History of Alabama. He was commended for his initiative and strong sense of civic responsibility. Verdo owned a successful department store, handling meat, groceries and general merchandise. He was also director of Pratt City Savings Bank. He married Mattie Coker, the daughter of Bill and Rebecca Coker, on 22 December 1889 in Alabama. Their children: Violet, Geneva, David Cornelius, May, Gordon and Lucille.

Jason Gerard Gregory 3 (1841-25 July 1862) was the sixth child of C. Gerard and Polly. There is some confusion about his birthplace. In the 1850 census, his parents list a Georgia birthplace, but later information places his birth in St. Clair or Pickens County, Alabama.

Along with his brothers, Jason enlisted in the Confederate Army, Company F, 41st Regiment, Alabama Infantry, in April 1862. He did not long survive. He died at Charleston, Tennessee according to the Confederate Register. His commanding officer, Captain Benjamin F. Eddins, said he died 13 July 1862; he was 21 years of age when he enlisted, 5’9″, of light complexion, blue-eyed and light haired; and that the Confederate States owed him $62.76.

Jason Gerard’s father appeared before the Pickens County Justice of the Peace, W.P. Lavender, on 22 October 1862 to make claim for the pay due Jason. The Confederate States settled this claim on 4 August 1864 from the Comptroller’s Office as follows:

Three months and thirteen days……$37.76
Commutation for clothing………… 25.00

Martha Gregory 3 (1842), the seventh child of C. Gerard and Polly, was born in St. Clair. Further information is unavailable.

Simpson Lefarit Gregory 3 (10 May 1844-5 July 1911), the eighth child of C. Gerard and Polly, was born in Pickens County. In the 1860 census, he was helping his father on the family farm. When his brothers were joining the Confederate Army in the early spring of 1862, Simpson was just eighteen. He could not stand to remain at home for long so he enlisted as a Private in Company F, 41st Regiment, Alabama Infantry, on 5 September 1862.

Four months later, he was in the Battle of Stone River and captured at Murfreesboro, Tennessee (2 January 1863). The Confederate Register states the prisoners in this battle were taken to Camp Douglas, Chicago, Illinois. Simpson was fortunate in that he was ill. The Register relates, “Left in camp near Murfreesboro sick.” The next Register (dated May and June 1863) says he received no pay. It tells us “…he deserted from Parole Camp at Chattanooga, April 16th.” This may have been Simpson’s chance to stay alive. He later received pay as a Prisoner of War, but not for the desertion period. It was not unusual for men to desert and go home for a visit.

After the war, Simpson stayed in Georgia to work for a Mr. Phillips. The duration of his stay is not known. He eventually went home, returning to Georgia to ask for the hand of Mr. Phillips’ daughter, Synthia Jane Elizabeth (Jennie) Phillips (1 July 1855, Albany, Georgia-10 December 1914). They returned to Alabama, and the family Bible shows that they were married in the home of Simpson’s brother, Robert, on 3 December 1873. The Bible further shows that the wedding was solemnized by Reverend Thomas More in the presence of William Howard and R. (Bob) Gregory, Sr. Simpson and Jennie lived in Panola County and Oxford, Mississippi before moving to DeLeon, Comanche County, Texas.

Simpson and Jennie’s children: Hattie Rogena; Allie Cora; Mary Ettie; Maude Leona Estelle; Elijah Simpson David; and Eddie Phillips.

Much of the information regarding Simpson’s family was taken from a Bible in the possession of Maudie Cogburn. Death dates were recorded by William V. and Nina Gregory during personal visits to Oliver Springs Cemetery near DeLeon, Texas.

NOTE: The information and photos on William Harvey Huntsucker and his descendants were submitted by Kathy Fields.

Hattie Rogena Gregory 4 (1 January 1876-26 September 1947),  Image LInk the eldest daughter, married William Harvey Huntsucker (26 September 1878). Hattie was a red head, but she greyed prematurely, and was white haired by the time she was fifty. William Harvey went to school to become a physician. In Carbon, TX, he became a physician. He was a doctor in DeLeon until about 1915 or 1916. That is when the licensure of physicians changed. He then went to pharmacy school and became a pharmacist. Around 1918, the family moved to Rotan TX. Hattie’s bithdate is listed as 1 January 1876 in the family Bible but her tombstone shows 1 January 1875. Hattie is buried in Oliver Springs Cemetery. Hattie and William divorced. William married as a second wife, Theresa -?-. Hattie and William had three children: Eustace Frank; William Estes; Ira Clayton.

Eustace Frank (Frank) Huntsucker 5 (20 February 1897-15 April 1957),  Image LInk the first child of Hattie and William, was born in Oxford, Lafayette County, Mississipi. He married Kate Edwards (20 May 1895) on 29 October 1916, in Roby or Rotan, TX, the daughter of Zachariah and Celina (Lina) Hogin Edwards. In 1941, Frank changed the spelling of his surname, from Huntsucker to Hunsacker. According to Kate Edwards Hunsaker, it was due to the divorce of his parents, and he never saw his father again. Frank was in sales, then owned Door Unit Sales Co. in Midland until his death. Frank died in an automobile accident in Midland, TX. Kate died on 25 May 1983 in Abilene, Texas. Both Frank and Kate are buried in Resthave Memorial Park, Midland, Texas. Their children: Frank Jr; Genevieve; Francis.

Frank Hunsacker, Jr. 6 (26 February 1919-22 November 1989),  Image LInk the first child of Kate and Eustace Frank, was born in Wichita Falls, TX. He married Lurene Randolph (18 May 1917), on 24 December 1951 in Dallas, Texas, the daughter of Oba Ora and Zora Myrtle Johnson Randolph. Frank Jr. died of cancer in Midland, Texas. They had no issue.

Genevieve Hunsacker 6 (9 May 1921-23 May 1995),  Image LInk the second child of Kate and Eustace Frank, was born in Roby, TX. She married first, Lantie Cooper Arnold (8 June 1910-11 September 1975), on 22 May 1939 in Lovington, New Mexico, the son of Abijah and Emma Keown Arnold of Horsebranch, Kentucky. She married second, on 5 March 1960, O.L. Birchfield (13 April 1917-6 October 1992), the son of Oscar and Mary Morgan Birchfield of Dawson, Texas. Genevieve married third, Gene Richman on 26 July 1994 in Abilene, TX. Genevieve died in Abilene, Texas. Genevieve and Lantie Arnold had one child: Elizabeth Katherine (Kathy) Arnold.

Elizabeth Katherine (Kathy) Arnold 7 (5 February 1943)  Image LInk was born in Lubbock, Texas. She inherited Hattie Gregory Huntsucker’s red hair. Kathy married first Jackie Dean Barham (3 February 1940), on 5 August 1961 in Midland, Texas, the son of Jack Cooke and Artie Marie Robinson of Muleshoe, Texas. She married second, Jack Harmon Fields (19 August 1930) on 5 January 1978 in Corpus Christi, Texas, the son of Eugene and Violet Harmon Fields of Omaha, Nebraska. Kathy and Jackie Barham had two children: Todd Arnold; Michael Dean.

Todd Arnold Barham 8 (16 June 1962)  Image LInk was born in Austin, Texas. He married Leslie McKeough (15 August 1970) on 28 May 1999 in Disney World, Florida. Todd has a BS in Mechanical Engineering and works as a mechanical engineer for Air Liquids, Houston, Texas. Leslie has a degree in marketing. They have no issue.

Michael Dean Barham 8 (27 August 1964)  Image LInk was born in Topeka, Kansas. He married Erin Elizabeth Hoey (18 January 1970) on 18 May 1996 in Houston, Texas. Michael has a BS id Chemical Engeneering. He served in the US Army Airborn fron 1982 to 1986. Michael works as a chemical engineer for Dow Chemical, Houston, Texas. They have no issue.

Francis Hunsacker 6 (23 February 1923-23 February 1923), the third child of Kate and Eustace Frank, was born, died and is buried in Roby, TX.

William Estes Huntsucker 5 (28 October 1898-3 September 1963) was born in Oxford, Mississipi. Bill was in sales. He married Dorothy (Dora) Huckaby (14 August 1899) on 18 June 1918, the daughter of James and Mary Condrey Huckaby of Brock, Indian Territory. William died in San Angelo, Green County, TX. Dora died on 8 April 1975 in Amarillo, Texas. William and Dora had one child: Dorothy Bill.

Dorothy Bill Huntsucker 6 (29 June 1922),  Image LInk was born in Rotan, Fisher County, Texas. She married first, Clifford Arthur Rhode. She married second, Gus Franklin Keith on 3 April 1971 in Tucson, Arizona. Clifford Rhode and Dorothy had one child: Dorothy Wynelle.

Dorothy Wynelle Rhode 7 (31 July 1940), was born in Amarillo, Texas. She married Elton Jerome Murdock (17 July 1935) on 19 August 1960 in Amarillo, Texas, the son of W.E. and Mattie Green Murdock. Their issue: Wyn D’Mon.

Wyn D’Mon Murdock 8 (30 November 1962), was born in Lubbock, Texas. She married Howard Glenn Peeples, Jr, in Cleburn, Texas. They have two children, both born in Ft Worth, Texas: Matthew Brandon Peeples (26 March 1985); Aaron James Peeples (21 May 1989).

Ira Clayton Huntsucker 5 (19 March 1903-May 1978) was born in DeLeon, TX. Ira was a pharmacist. He married Vivian Pickett (25 September 1908). Ira died in May 1978 in Weatherford, TX. Vivian died in August 1992. Their issue: James Clayton.

James Clayton Huntsucker 6 (30 June 1925),  Image LInk was born in Fisher County, Texas. He married, as a second wife, Caroline -?-. He married as a third wife, Bobbie -?-. James Clayton and his first wife had two children: Douglas and Lynn. James Clayton and Caroline had one child: Cindy.


Allie Cora (Fannie) Gregory 4 (24 April 1882) married -?- Welch. Her date of death and burial place are unknown.

Mary Ettie (Mollie) Gregory 4 (23 November 1885 -22 November 1935) married J.O. Holleman. She is buried at Oliver Springs.

NOTE: Additional information on Maude Leona Estelle Gregory Cogburn and her descendant was provided by Peggy Park Box Heinen.

Maude Leona Estelle (Maudie) Gregory 4 (17 December 1887-19 October 1966)  Image LInk was the first of the children born in Oxford, Lafayette County, Mississippi. She married Walter F. Cogburn (30 July 1888) on 6 December 1906. Walter died on 3 December 1941. They had two children: Walter F. Jr. (1907-1907); and Stella Mae.

Walter F. Cogburn, Jr. 5 (1907-1907) was born in Comanche County, Texas. He died a few days after birth.

Stella Mae Cogburn 5 (17 October 1909-21 May 1988),  Image LInk the daughter of Maude Gregory and Walter Cogburn, married William Roy Park (23 December 1908) on 24 December 1929. William died on 29 December 1986.Stella Mae is remembered by Nina Gregory as a tall, stately woman, beautiful, with white hair. She lived across the road from Nina’s parent’s home when Nina and William visited. Their children: Peggy Dean; Jerry Don; and Buddy Royce.

Peggy Dean Park 6 (28 September 1936)  Image LInk married Buddie Ray Box. He was born 21 February 1934, Breckenridge, Stephens County, Texas. Buddie died 5 November 1968 in Pleasanton, TX. Peggy married Dan Heinen. Buddie and Peggy had two children: Tonya Latrelle; and Mark Alan.

Tonya Latrelle Box 7 (10 August 1957),  Image LInk married Dohn David Hubley (30 October 1947) on 13 December 1993 in San Antonio, Bexar County, TX.

Mark Alan Box 7 (6 September 1962),  Image LInk married Cheryl Ann Mikolajczyk (20 April 1965) on 15 September 1990 in St. Hedwig, Bexar County, TX. They have one child: Talon Race Box (26 May 1999).

Jerry Don Park 6 (15 October 1948), died in infancy died 26 November 1948.

Buddy Royce Park 6 (12 February 1946), died 10 July, 1972. No other information is available at this time.

Elijah Simpson David Gregory 4 (15 July 1889 -31 July 1957), fifth son of Simpson and Jennie, was born at Oxford. His wife was named Nellie, maiden name unknown. He is also buried in Oliver Springs Cemetery.

Eddie Phillips Gregory 4 (10 April 1892-2 June 1964), the youngest son of Simpson and Jennie, was born at Oxford. He married Zenobia M. Smith on 22 February 1914.

Amanda Gregory 3 (1846), ninth child of C. Gerard and Polly, was born in Pickens County. No further information is available.

Roberta Marenda Gregory 3 (1849), the tenth child of C. Gerard and Polly, was born in Pickens County. No more is known.

Elizabeth Frances Gregory 3 (1851), the eleventh child was born in Pickens County. No further information is available.

Thomas H. Gregory 3 (1854), twelfth child of C. Gerard and Polly, was also born in Pickens County. No further information is available.

C. Gerard Gregory fathered seventeen documented children by his two wives. Mrs. Nina Gregory, who has researched this family, provided much of the information available after their move west. Unless specified otherwise, the birth-years were calculated from the 1850 and 1860 censuses.

David W. Gregory 2, youngest son of Gerard and Freelove, seemed to be a wanderer. There is record of his purchasing land in Union County. The only land transaction found involving him is the inheritors’ joint sale of their mother’s property.

He appears in the 1810 census of Union County, but in 1817, he purchased 132 acres in Pendleton District, S.C. The document (Anderson County Deed Book O, pps. 172-3) described land purchased of Abraham Ellege on 26 November 1817 (execution date). The transaction was recorded 2 December 1817. The land was located in “Pendleton County” on Connoross Creek, a branch of Twenty-Six Mile Creek, at the headwaters of the Seneca River.

He bought another 218 acres, also on Twenty-Six Miles Creek, on 13 October 1821. The grantor, William Hall of Greenville, was actually paid by Barton Hamilton (probably a debt settlement). The transfer was witnessed by Mercy and Margaret Hall, and Charles Bell (Book P, p. 334, Anderson County).

A very old Sullivan Family History lists Mary Hewlet Dunklin, daughter of Sarah Margaret Sullivan (sic) and Joseph Dunklin, as David’s wife. It is further stated that the couple removed to Chambers County, Alabama. This is borne out by the 1840 census of Alabama, which shows David and family there.

The 1831 deed executed by David and his brothers indicates that David was in Georgia at the time. A David W. Gregory is listed in Gwinnett County, Georgia in the 1830 census.

The names of his children are unknown; though, in 1840, a John W. and a Charles also appears in Chambers County, Alabama.

Mary Gregory 2 (?-September 1858), daughter of Gerard and Freelove, married her first cousin, George Young Gregory. She was born in South Carolina and died in Lee County, Mississippi.

See George Young Gregory account in Chapter VII.