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Color Codes separate generations. Numbers show generations.
First Generation 1 – BLACK – (Sons/daughters of Isaac) Sixth Generation 6 – BROWN
Second Generation 2 – RED Seventh Generation 7 – GREY
Third Generation 3 – GREEN Eighth Generation 8 – PURPLE
Fourth Generation 4 – ORANGE Ninth Generation 9 – Olive
Fifth Generation 5 – BLUE Tenth Generation 10 – PINK


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Mary G.C. (Sis) Gregory 4, the third child of David C. and Elizabeth Massie Gregory, was born in 1855 in Franklin County, Alabama. Nothing further is known of her.

Note: Picture of Elija and Mary Gregory’s Tombstone was provided by Shane Hall. Elija Gerald (Lige) Gregory (5 March 1855-7 December 1936), Image LInk  the youngest child of David C. and Elizabeth Massie Gregory, was born in Franklin County in 1856. He married twice. First, in late 1879 or early 1880, Mary Washington Upchurch (5 March 1866-20 October 1901), mother of his first eleven children. He then married Ruth Dowlin, thought to be from Mississippi, after 1900 and sired three more children. Lige and Mary are buried in Board Church Cemetery in Comanche County, Texas.

Lige and Mary Washington Upchurch Gregory’s children were: David Fionas; Allen Bartlett; Limual Inman; Ernest B.; Mamie D.; Fannie Elizabeth; William C.; Carrie E.; Silus Cicero; Casey; and Samuel Sherley. Lige and Ruth Dowlin Gregory’s children were: Thomas Elijah; John V; and Valda.

David Fionas Gregory 5 (ca. 1880, Green County, Ala.) died in infancy and is buried in Green County.

Allen Bartlett Gregory 5 (ca. 1880, Green County, Ala.) died at age two and is buried in Green County.

Limual Inman Gregory 5 (May 1884) was the last of Lige and Mary’s children born in Green County. He married Mickey Irma Curtis of Fort Worth, Texas. They were the parents of five sons and two daughters: Bert Wilson; Elmer Hugh; Leroy Frank; Cassie Alene; Afton; Bruce; and Ernest Virgle.

Shane Hall submitted the following corrections:

Limual Inman Gregory also had one other daughter Mary, who married -?- Smithy. Also, you have Limual Inman Gregory as marrying Mickey Irma Curtis. My mother distinctly remembers uncle Inman’s wife as being named aunt Ethel and that there was a daughter named Mickey and that she was one of the oldest children so Inman and his wife must have had 9 children. Mary was the youngest and died around 2 years ago.

Bert Wilson Gregory 6 lived in Throckmorton County, Texas.

Elmer Hugh Gregory 6 died in Dallas, Texas.

Leroy Frank Gregory 6 lived in Mesquite, Texas.

Cassie Alene Gregory 6 married -?- Clook and moved to Portland, Oregon.

Afton Gregory 6 married -?- Noble and went to Stephenville, Texas.

Bruce Gregory 6 moved to Bloomfield, New Mexico.

Ernest Virgle (Virgil) Gregory 6 lived in Stephenville, Texas.

Note: Shane Hall submitted additional information on several of Lige’s children and their families.

Ernest B. Gregory 5 (24 April 1886-20 May 1965) the fourth child of Lige and Mary, was the first born in Mississippi. His birth and death dates are from his tombstone in DeLeon, Texas. His wife was Alma M. Belyeu. They had one son, U.A. and on daughter, name unknown, who married -?- Rose. She lived in Yuma, AZ, and had one son, name unknown.

U.A. Gregory 6, married Barbara Grisham. They had one son, Thomas.

Mamie D. Gregory 5 (March 1889, Miss.), fifth child, married John Hanson. Mamie and John had two children: Laverne; and Clifton L.

Laverne Hanson 6 married -?- Campbell. Laverne had a son Kerry, who died in an auto accident in Comanche County (early 1980s?) and a daughter Kay Dudley, who was the oldest child.

Clifton L. Hanson 6 (?-22 March 1989), married Peggy Northcutt. Clifton and Peggy had daughter Lana Gay who married Denver Cross. Clifton and Peggy had son Lowell Ray who died in Vietnam in 1968 and is buried De Leon, TX. Shane Hall wrote “Aunt Mamie always told us that she could remember moving to Texas in a covered wagon as a child.”

Fannie Elizabeth (Betty) Gregory 5 was also born in Mississippi. According to the 1900 census, she was born in April 1891. She married Oliver (O.B.) Brinson. They had four children: Elzo; Lavelle (died ca. 1997); Olene; Casey.

William C. Gregory 5 (June 1893, Miss.) was the seventh child of Lige and Mary.

Carrie E. Gregory 5 (May 1895), another daughter, was the last of the children born in Mississippi. She married Joe O’Dell. They lived in Plainview TX. They had son Allen Doye (Doye) O’Dell (born 1912) who lives in California and daughter Katherine who lived in Ft Worth and may have died.

Allen Doye (Doye) O’Dell 6 was a member of the Sons Of The Pioneers, acted in many movies with Roy Rogers, Jack Lemmon, Jack Klugman and more. He had 3 TV shows in Los Angeles in 50s and 60s (winning 2 Emmys) and has had a long recording career in country western music. Doye lives in California. Doye had a daughter Kathy O’Dell Goodfarb who lives in Hawaii.

Silus Cicero Gregory 5 (July 1897), the ninth child, was born in Comanche, Texas. He married Vynetta -?-. They had one child, name unknown.

Casey (Buck) Gregory 5 was the last child of Lige and Mary. He married Lona Bauchman. They lived in Rising Star, TX. They had a son, J.W. and a daughter, Ona Ruth.

NOTE: Additional information on J.W. Gregory’s family was provided by Jennifer Ann Gregory.

J.W. (Joe) Gregory 6 married Flossie Marie Mitchell, who was raised around Sipe Springs, Texas. Joe and Flossie settled in May, Texas. They had two children: Jo Marie; and Thomas Ray.

Jo Marie Gregory 7, the daughter of JW and Flossie Marie Gregory graduated from May, Texas High School. Jo Marie resides in Abilene, Tx but comes back to May, Texas every weekend to visit with her mother Marie who will be 80 years old this year (2003). Jo Marie has a son, Raymond.

Raymond Gregory 8, the son of Jo Marie Gregory, married Mikka -?-. Raymond, along with this uncle Thomas and his cousin Jeffrey run the family farm/ranch. Raymond and Mikka have two children: Rylee Wade Gregory and Rowdee Gregory.

Thomas Ray Gregory 7, the son of JW and Flossie Marie Gregory, graduated from May, Texas High School and went on to graduate from UT-Austin in Business. He was drafted to the 322nd Aviation Brigade(Army) one week after college graduation and served as an air traffic controller in Quan Loi, Vietnam from 1968 to 1969. He married Fleta Mai Magner of Brownwood, Texas on 28 February 1970. Their children are: Jennifer Ann; and Jeffrey Douglas.

Jennifer Ann Gregory 8 (March 1971), the oldest child of Thomas Ray and Fleta Gregory, graduated from May, Texas High School, and studied for two semesters at Southwest University. She received my licenses for EMT and EMT/Intermediate in May, Texas. After working the ambulance scene for a awhile, she moved to Comanche, Tx and worked for Home Health for 7 years until she was laid off in 1999. She went to work for Comanche Electric Cooperative in 1999 in the staking dept. where she design electric lines. She is currently still employed there. (2003)

Jeffrey Douglas Gregory 8 (November 1977), the son of Thomas and Fleta Gregory, graduated from May, Texas High School. He married Shanna Allen. Jeffrey, his Dad and his cousin Raymond run the family ranch/farm. They farmed peanuts and other crops and also raise cattle. Jeffrey owns his own small trucking company and along with my cousin Raymond does custom harvesting for other farms. They all still reside in May, Texas. Jeffrey and Shanna have a daughter Hadley Dee and a son Hayden.

Ona Ruth Gregory 6 married Walter Striker. Ona Ruth and Walter had 2 children Gary and Betty.

Samuel Sherley Gregory 5 (12 April 1900-9 November 1973),  Image LInk was the last son of Lige and Mary. Samuel Sherley was a baby when his mother Mary died. In 1916, he married Vera Mae Reed,  Image LInk the daughter of John and Julia Loudermilk Reed. He is buried in Downing Cemetery, DeLeon, Comanche County, Texas. Samuel Sherley and Vera had 5 children: E.G.; Allen Wayne; Sherley Cicero; Elizabeth Genell; Carrie Jo.

E.G. Gregory 6 (initials didn’t have true meanings but was most likely named after Lige),  Image LInk married Margaret Linnett (Linnett) Lowe from Lometa. They spent their life in Lometa. E.G. was Lometa’s postmaster. They had one daughter Gloria Nell (Nell). E.G. and Linnett are buried at Lometa.

Gloria Nell (Nell) Gregory 7 (26 September 1945-1997) married Roy Cavness. Nell and Roy had one son Gary who lives in Austin and one daughter Kim who lives in Lampasas. Nell died in 1997 and is buried at Lometa.

Allen Wayne Gregory 6 (October ?) ,  Image LInk lives in Phoenix, AZ. He married Mary Ruth Pierce from De Leon, TX. Allen Wayne Gregory and wife Mary Ruth currently live in Prescott, Arizona. They had 2 children: Sherley Wayne Gregory; and Monty J. Gregory (J. had no meaning).

Sherley Cicero ‘S.C.’ Gregory 6 (1 October 1926-25 March 2003) (October 1926),  Image LInk lives in Granbury TX. Cicero married Helen Moon. S.C. passed way in 2003 in Granbury, TX. He was buried with military honors at a national veteran cemetery in the Dallas/Ft Worth area. Helen still resides in Granbury. TX. They had 4 children: Dennis Earl Gregory who lives in Arlington, TX; Linda Shirlene; Janis; Ernest Gene Gregory (Gene).

Linda Shirlene Gregory 7 married Leslie Beaver and have 2 children Shannon and ?

Elizabeth Genell Gregory 6 (1932-1934) died during the dyptheria epidemic.

Carrie Jo Gregory 6 (2 September 1936), was named after Carrie and Joe O’Dell. She married Glen Dale Hall 1954. They had two sons: Russell Shane; Glendell Scott.

Russell Shane Hall 7 (16 May 1955) was born in Comanche TX . He married Ofelia Cabanban Andrada, an R.N. from Philippines. Shane and Ofelia had one daughter, Shana Carrie (24 January 1980) who is a business major at Texas Tech University in Lubbock. Shane and Ofelia live in Brownwood TX.

Glendell Scott Hall 7 (10 January 1957), married Marsha Gayle Steele from Dublin TX. Scott and Gayle had 2 children: a son, Jeramie Scott Hall (7-18-1975) a daughter Marsha Renee (10-4-1977).

David Allen Wiley Gregory 4 (21 June 1862-12 November 1907),  Image LInk was the first son of David C. and Martha Ann Smith Gregory. He was born near Jena, Greene County, Alabama. David was called Davey in his father’s letters to Martha. David Allen moved his family to De Leon, Comanche County, Texas first. He was followed by his full brother, Richard D.S., and his two half-brothers, William Robert and Elija G. Reg Gregory wrote: “As a 5 year old boy my father, Curtis, remembers moving to Texas on a chartered train that carried his family, relatives and friends from Lafayette and Pontotoc Counties, MS, to settle as pioners in northern Comanche County, TX.” By 1904, David was elected official of Comanche County. At the age of 45, David died of scarlet fever, on the old McCaren farm on Hwy 16, south of De Leon, Comanche County, Texas, and is buried in Oliver Springs Cemetery, Texas.

David married Minerva Eugenia Crow (March 1868-1936)  Image LInk near Oxford, Lafayette County, Mississippi on 16 February 1884. She was called Ginger and Jean in family letters. After the death of David, she married J.F. (Frank) Bassett in 1914 and moved to Cisco, TX. In her later years, she suffered from advanced diabetes, and died in 1936. She is buried in the Cisco, Tx cemetery.

David Allen and Miverna (Ginger) had eight children: Annie Belle, (2 March 1888, Miss.); Curtis Bryant; Hugh B., (December 1893, Miss.); Martha Effye, (26 June 1895, Miss.); Pearle Marie, (February 1898, Texas); Maudie Mae (16 August 1902); Minnie Lee (2 March 1905); Charles (ca. 1906).

Curtis Bryant Gregory 5 (1 January 1891, Miss. -25 June 1960, Texas)  Image LInk is the only child of David and Minerva E. Crow Gregory about whom we have any information. He married Viola May Wilson (15 November 1896, Coryell County, TX-1991, De Leon, TX).  Image LInk He was a railway conductor on the Missouri, Kansas and Texas Railroad Co. from 1912 until his death in 1960. Both Curtis and Viola are buried in the DeLeon Cemetery, De Leon, Texas. They had three children: Curtis Bryant, Jr., Frances Elizabeth (1919-1987) and Reginald Wilson.

Curtis Bryant (C.B.) Gregory, Jr. 6 (21 February 1915-12 June 1991),  Image LInk  was born in De Leon, Texas. He was a graduate of De Leon High School. He entered the Unites States Army on December 8, 1941, the day after the Japanese sneak attack on Pearl Harbor brought the United States into World War II. He was commissioned a 2nd Lieutenant in the US Army Combat Engineers in 1942. He participated in the invasion of France and the liberation of Europe in 1944-1945. He served on the Staff of General Eisenhower. He retired with the rank of Lieutenant Colonel. C.B. married Pierrette (Poupette) Marie-Louise Blaise (14 August 1930, Paris-17 July 1969, Fontenay-aux-Roses)  Image LInk in Fontenay-aux-roses, France, on June 9, 1945. She was the daughter of Robert Eucher Blaise and Camille Marie-Louise Faure Blaise.

After the war C.B. served as a US Government official in Europe until his retirement from government service in 1974. Among his positions was that of Director of the French-American Fiscal Liaison Office. In 1974 C.B. retired from US government service and returned from Europe. He lived in Dallas, Texas, until his death on June 12, 1991. Their children: Michel Robert and Dominique Marie-Louise.

Michel Robert Gregory 7 (22 July 1946, Paris, France).  Image LInk Michel was educated in France. He lives in Chilly-Mazarin, in the suburb of Paris. He is a marketing specialist. He married Catherine Richard (4 August 1952, Bourg-La-Reine, France). Michel and Catherine divorced. Their union produced 2 daughters, Morgane Vanessa and Gaelle Emmanuelle.

Morgane Vanessa Gregory 8 (30 October 1972),  Image LInk was born in Paris, France. Morgane has a French Law Degree. She works in the accounting/ administration department of a pharmaceutical firm. The passion of her life is horses: she owns a Anglo-Arab, Tchenko, and has won many competitions as a Junior, in Jumping and Cross-Country, and is currently studying dressage. Morgane is single and lives in Arpajon in France.

Gaelle Emmanuelle Gregory 8 (10 October 1974),  Image LInk was born in Paris, France. After graduating from secondary school, she studied business and graduated with a Brevet de Technicien Superieur. (Bachelor Degree). She works for a frozen food company. Like her sister, she has a passion for animals, and owns a Scottish Terrier, Glenn, and a cat, Arthur. Gaelle lives with Laurent Stouvenel in Chilly-Mazarin, France. They are the proud parents of a little girl, Léonie Caroline Morgane Stouvenel-Gregory  Image LInk (1 November 1999), and of a little boy, Elias Darius Stouvenel-Gregory, born 27 October 2001.

Dominique Marie-Louise Gregory 7 (17 March 1950, Paris, France)  Image LInk Dominique was educated in France, but moved to the United States in December 1973. She married Chief Warrant Office Leland Darryl Holmes, of the US Army Signal Corps. The marriage ended in divorce in 1978 and she regained her maiden name as part of the divorce agreement. Their union had no issue. Dominique has worked in the computer industry for many years, as a programmer, system analyst, technical support specialist, and project manager. She is currently the office manager for the R.W. Gregory Co.
In addition, she has her own business, D. Gregory Software Consultant, and specializes in creating and designing web sites. She is responsable for the design, creation and maintenance of this web site. She owned and showed Arabian horses, and is presently sharing her life with two German Shepherds and four cats.

Frances Elizabeth Gregory 6 (12 October 1919-1987). She was born in De Leon. She was a graduate of De Leon High School, John Tarleton College, and Midwestern University. She married Robert Irvin Guinn on November 10, 1940. Robert served in the US Army Medical Corps during World War II. His service included campaigns in New Guinea and the Philippine islands. She taught for many years in both the San Angelo, Texas and Lubbock, Texas Public Schools. They were the parents of 2 children: Stephen Robert and Rebecca Ann. She died in 1987 of cancer.

Reginald Wilson Gregory 6 (3 May 1928).  Image LInk Reg was born in De Leon, Comanche County, Texas. He was the 3rd and youngest child of Curtis Bryant Gregory, Sr and Viola May Wilson Gregory. He received his primary and secondary education in the De Leon Public Schools. He attended John Tarleton Agricultural College in Stephenville, TX and was graduated from The University of Texas in January 1949 with a Bachelor of Business Administration degree. He studied in the Graduate School of Business of the University of Texas in 1949, 1954 and 1955. He served as a Guest Lecturer in Long Term Finance at the University of Texas.

Reg was a member of the Reserve Officer Training Corp at the University of Texas, served as Cadet Lt Col (the ranking Air Force ROTC cadet officer), was designated as both a Distinguished Military Student and a Distinguished Military Graduate, and commissioned a 2nd Lt in the United States Air Force Reserve in June 1949. He served on active duty during the Korean War with the Far East Air Force. He served with Joint Task Force 132, which conducted the first test of a hydrogen bomb at Eniwetok Atoll in the Pacific Ocean.

From June 1949 through May 1964, Merrill Lynch, Pierce Fenner & Smith employed Reg as an Account Executive in their Austin, Texas, office. Among his largest accounts were The Permanent Fund of the University of Texas and the Employees Retirement System of Texas. He was consistently recognized as one of their top financial consultants. In 1958 he was invited to and became a stockholder in the firm. He resigned in May 1964 to pursue personal financial interests.

In 1959 Reg was an organizer of Lamar Savings Institution, Austin, TX. He subsequently became the controlling stockholder of Lamar as well as First Savings and Loan Association, San Angelo, TX; Lubbock Savings and Loan Association, Lubbock, TX; and Home Savings Association of Dallas County, TX.

In 1946 Reg was married to Betty Ruth Ellis, daughter of Oren Henry Ellis, Sr and Emma Ruth Williams Ellis of Stephenville, TX. Her father was owner of Ellis Insurance Agency and a large loan company; her mother was a housewife. A son was born in 1948 and a daughter in 195O. Reginald Wilson (Skip) Gregory, Jr lives in Houston, TX where he is a real estate developer. Anne Gregory-Polansky lives in Nice, France where she is an executive with IBM.

Reg sold his ownership in the four Texas Savings and Loan Associations is early 1966. At a neighborhood cocktail party in March 1966, Lyndon B. Johnson, then President of the United States, asked Reg what he was going to do since he had sold his financial institutions. He further suggested that Reg make a trip throughout Mexico, Central America, and South America to evaluate business opportunities. President Johnson provided the facilities and personnel of the United States Embassy in each country to act as host and introduce Reg to investment opportunities. Reg made 2 such trips visiting all countries from Mexico to Chile. He decided to make a financial investment in a large Mexican bus manufacturing company. In 1966 Reg moved his residence from Austin TX to Guadalajara, Jalisco, Mexico. Since 1966 Reg has maintained a residence in Mexico. From 1966 until 1983 he was engaged in the manufacture of large interstate buses and the distribution of heavy-duty automotive components in Mexico.

In 1973 while driving from Dallas to Guadalajara, Reg stopped in Austin to purchase tamales from a Swedish lady who was well known in the Austin area for her homemade tamales. She expressed to Reg her frustration that cornhusks were almost impossible to obtain. Their conversation revealed that the recent intervention of the US Food and Drug Administration had virtually cut off the flow of cornhusks from Mexico. Reg told her that he would investigate the problem. On his next trip to Dallas he visited the Regional Director of FDA to seek a solution to the problem of border rejection of Mexican cornhusks The Regional Director was very accomodating. He explained the new quality standards and arranged for the Director of the Regional Laboratory to conduct some lab tests of cornhusks in his presence so that he could personally observe the procedure. Reg returned to Mexico and contacted one of the largest producers of cornhusks in Mexico to discuss the situation. From these meetings grew a friendship and business relationship. Reg was marginally involved in the cornhusk industry in assisting several Mexican producers bring their product into compliance with US FDA requirements. Reg observed a corn husk industry that was highly fragmented and very inefficient. The product passed through many hands from the cornfields to the end user. Each level occasioned expenses and a margin of profit. Worst of all the multiple levels of distribution made responsibility for quality control virtually impossible.

In 1977 Reg decided to enter into the distribution of cornhusks in the United States. He would contract for the production of cornhusks by a select group of people who harvested the corn and operated rural processing plants. The husks would then be distributed directly to Mexican restaurants and Mexican food processors in the United States. Sales were generated by periodic direct mail contact with cornhusk users. Reg’s operations provided a higher quality product at a lower price. The business grew dramatically.

In 1987 the US FDA decided to enforce higher quality standards for cornhusks. Overnight the flow from Mexico was virtually shut off. The FDA decided to implement a program of automatic detention of all cornhusks entering the country until a lab exam indicated that samples taken from each shipment in fact met their standards. Virtually all cornhusks failed to pass the test.

Reg conceived his REDI-PAK OPTIMA(R) cornhusks for tamales. Each husk would be carefully processed, inspected, and packaged. Each cornhusk would be usable and available in 4 sizes. The tamale producer could buy exactly the size he needed for his tamale and use it without waste or preparation labor. Reg asked his Mexican suppliers to enforce his new quality standards. They tried but were unwilling or unable to get their workers to change their old methods of production. Reg shut down the plants and recovered his assets (trucks, equipment, etc) that were on loan to his suppliers.

Reg reopened a pilot operation where a small hand picked group of dedicated people undertook the production of “The Worlds Finest Cornhusks for Tamales.” Reg moved to the rural area of Mexico where the pilot project was operated so that he could daily be in touch with its progress. Each person was assigned a number and it was entered and tagged on his or her work. Everyone was personally responsible for his or her product. The project was successful and Reg started shipping small quantities of his REDI-PAK OPTIMA(R) into the United States. US Customs, FDA, and USDA inspectors were astonished at their cleanliness and quality.

The success of his project was confirmed when in 1991 the US Food and Drug Administration issued to R. W. Gregory a written order exempting him from the required automatic detention and laboratory examination of his cornhusks. The exemption was based on the proven quality and cleanliness of cornhusks produced under his program and supervision.

Reg opened additional plants and increased production as fast as he could carefully train additional personnel. In 1993 Reg contracted with another large cornhusk producer to devote his facilities to the production of his REDI-PAK OPTIMA(R) cornhusks under the careful observation of Gregory personnel.

Today R W Gregory Co ships cornhusks to customers in the United States, Alaska, Hawaii, Virgin Islands, Europe, and Russia.

In 1978 Reg married Ida Elaine (Elaine) Schroller Hoff, daughter of Leo Schroller and Eunice Rogers Schroller of Pawnee, Texas. Elaine was the widow of Major Sam Hoff who was lost while piloting his F-4 fighter jet over North Viet Nam in 1966. He was carried Missing In Action for 12 years. Elaine retired from Delta Air Lines in 1995 after 28 years of service. She now serves as President of The R W Gregory Group, Inc while Reginald serves as its Chairman of the Board of Directors. The R W Gregory Group, Inc consists of R W Gregory Co, R W Gregory (MEXICO), R W Gregory (USA), R W Gregory (EAST), R W Gregory (WEST), and Equipocentro, SA de CV.


Richard Daniel Simpson (Simpy) Gregory 4, (11 June 1864, Greene County, Ala.- 4 February 1943, Eastland County, Texas), the second son of David C. and Martha Ann Smith Gregory, was a Baptist minister. He married Mary (Molly) Frances Carolin (sic) Singleton (19 January 1866, Water Valley, Yalabusha County, Miss. – 14 August 1952, Ranger, Texas) in LaFayette County, Mississippi on 30 October 1883. Mollie was the daughter of Thomas Bennett (Ben) and Millie Selena Hill Singleton. Mollie and Simpy rest in Evergreen Cemetery at Ranger. They had a large family of five daughters and four sons: Edith Pauline; Edgar David; Sarah Edna Adeline; William Thomas; Martha Sela Selena; Mary Florence; Hattie Isadora; Ellis Simpson; and Hermon Eston.

Edith Pauline Gregory 5 (8 August 1884 – 26 November 1885) was born in Lafayette.

Edgar David Gregory 5 (24 March 1886, Paris, Lafayette County, Miss. – -26 June 1970), second child of Simpy and Molly Gregory, was also a Baptist minister. He married Mary Ellen Lyness (25 September 1885, Anniston, Ala.-2 June 1953), daughter of Thomas and Martha Ellen Noell Lyness, on 15 March 1903. Her father was a native of Ireland and her mother was born in Georgia. Edgar David and Mary Ellen were the parents of seven children: William Clay; Amma May; Odessa Lee; John Virgil; Mary Inez; Gertrude Mabel; and Freeman Wilson.

William Clay Gregory 6 (11 April 1905-23 December 1967) married Hazel Keeney (29 April 1903) on 22 October 1924. Their children were: Mary Jo; Norma Jean; and Jo Ann.

Mary Jo Gregory7 (23 March 1925) married Dean Elvis Hunt (13 September 1921). Their children are: Gregory Dean; Gerald Wayne; Diane Jeane (no information available); and William Gary.

Gregory Dean Hunt 8 (22 December 1946) married Carla Coulton. They have one child: Chandella.

Gerald Wayne Hunt 8 (23 August 1956) married Peggy Marie Polluck. They have one child.

William Gary Hunt 8 was born 25 August 1959.

Norma Jean Gregory 7 (31 October 1928) married John L. Moore (24 July 1924). Their children are: Rebecca Sue, 28 October 1954; John Scott, 11 July 1956; and J. Jeane, died 10 January 1963.

Jo Ann Gregory 7 (14 July 1932) married Jimmie Lee Rupp (3 May 1931 – now deceased). Their children: Jo Ann, 2 January 1955; Jimmie Don, 24 December 1956; and Johnie Dale, 18 April 1959.

Amma May Gregory 6 (18 March 1906, DeLeon, Comanche County, Texas-date unknown), second child of Edgar Davis and Mary Ellen, married Roy James Lollar (24 June 1905) on 25 November 1925. Their children: Wanda Jean; Amma Louise; and Roy James Jr.

Wanda Jean Lollar 7 (10 June 1929) married LeRoy Traherne (13 December 1925). Their children are: Regina Lou, 29 January 1957; Lori Ann, 6 October 1959; Conrad LeRoy, 9 November 1961; and Tracey Lee, 11 May 1967.

Amma Louise (Boots) Lollar 7 (23 May 1932) married Robert Terry Copeland (12 May 1928). Their children are: Robert Gregory, 29 January 1959; Angela Louise, 16 November 1961; and David Terry, 11 May 1967.

Roy James Lollar, Jr. 7 (13 May 1935) married Rita Voye Morgan (17 August 1939). Their children are: James Christopher, 25 August 1959; Robert Morgan, 27 April 1962; Casey Marie, 6 June 1963; and Kelly Voye, 27 January 1969.

Odessa Lee Gregory 6 (5 August 1908, DeLeon, Texas – 9 May 1978, Long Beach, Call), third child of Edgar David and Mary Ellen, married Edgar Page Lowe (2 May 1909) on 1 April 1929. Their three children: Peggy Lou; Edgar D. Gregory; and Tommy Hugh.

Peggy Lou Lowe 7 (29 January 1930) married Jimmie William Lybrand (31 October 1920). Their issue: Sandra Kay, 9 April 1950; James William, 24 November 1951; Terry Joy, 6 December 1952; Kenneth Lowe, 4 February 1961; and Karen Sue, 9 March 1965.

Edgar Darrell Gregory Lowe 7 (20 March 1936) married Maria Elena Ramon of Del Rio, Val Verde Co, TX on 18 December 1955. Their children: Dalinda Yvonne (24 November 1956), born in Del Rio, TX; Nick Derrel (18 November 1958), born in Del Rio, TX; James Robert (11 September 1960), born in Roswell, NM; Sylvia Roxanne (7 October 1961), born in Roswell, NM.

Tommy Hugh Lowe 7 (16 December 1942) married Diane Peterson (2 February 1948).

John Virgil (J.V.) Gregory 6 (16 August 1911, Ranger, TX-2 July 1984, Portales, NM), fourth child of Edgar David and Mary Ellen, held his doctorate in education from Texas Tech. He married first, Ila Faye Zills (23 Jul 1914, Ada, OK-27 Apr 1993 Simi Valley, CA) on 18 June 1934 in Coalgate, Coal Co., OK, div bef 1938. She was the daughter of Arthur Robinson and Johnnie Bruce Allred Zills. They were the parents of one son, James Vernon Gregory. He married second, Adelaide Self (1915) on 15 March 1938. They were the parents of four children: John Ross; David Freeman; Susan; and Sinda.

James Vernon Gregory 7 (23 September 1934, Lone Wolf, Kiowa Co., OK.) married Carole Jean Griffin (24 Nov 1937, Chicago, Il) on 3 Mar 1956 in Temple City, CA. They are the parents of 6 children: James Vernon Gregory, Jr.; Charisse Mae; Bambi Jean; Diana Faye; Carol Ann Gregory; and Barbee Ann.

James Vernon Gregory, Jr. 8 (10 March 1957 -10 March 1957) is buried in Oceanside, CA.

Charisse Mae Gregory 8 (10 March 1957), married Kenneth Weaver and have two daughters: Charisse Ann and Carole Marie.

Bambi Jean Gregory 8 (23 October 1958), married David John Stenroos. They have 4 children: James Robert; Stephanie Elizabeth; Jeffery John and Christina Jean.

Diana Faye Gregory 8 (29 January 1960), married Mathew John Graves. They have 2 children: Crystal Faye and Jonathan Gilbert.

Carol Ann Gregory 8 (12 Jan 1964), married Jeffery Dean Hayden. They have 3 children: Ashley Nicole; Jacob Gregory; and Tyler Morgan.

Barbee Ann Gregory8 (18 June 1970), married Thomas John Groshko. They have 2 children: Gregory Thomas and Brittany Ann.

John Ross Gregory 7 (19 March 1940) is an import/export businessman. He married Rita Roof and fathered two daughters: Rhonda; and Loura.

David Freeman Gregory 7 (29 December 1941), a medical doctor, married Valeria Jones. They have two daughters: Tiffany; and Stacey.

Susan Gregory 7 (3 November 1943), educated at the University of New Mexico at Albuquerque, is a high school mathematics teacher. She married Jean Gardenier.

Sinda Gregory7 (9 December 1947) has a PhD in English from Illinois University. She married Larry McCafferty and has one son: Mark.

Mary Inez Gregory 6 (4 February 1914, Hashell County, Texas-17 August 1974, Oklahoma City, Okla.), fifth child of Edgar David and Mary Ellen, married Benjamin Barnes on 10 April 1954.

Gertrude Mable (Mabel) Gregory 6 (5 June 1916, Rule, Haskell County, Texas), sixth child, married David August Harbold (3 March 1917 -26 February 1973) on 13 March 1943. They have one son: Dennis Alan.

Dennis Alan Harbold 7 (5 May 1944) married Carol Jean Schultz (30 March 1948). They have one son: Donald David, 9 March 1969.

Freeman Wilson Gregory 6 (3 August 1918, Rock, Washita County, Okla.-19 February 1977, Oklahoma City, Okla.) was the youngest son of Edgar David and Mary Ellen. He married Audrey Jones on 29 May 1947. They had three children: Roy David; Patsey Lou, 13 May 1952; and Don Wilson, 21 January 1954.

Roy David Gregory 7 (19 October 1949) married Ruth Ann Ruyle (9 September 1950). Roy had two children: Shannon Kathleen (10 May 1972); Ryan David.

Ryan David Gregory 8 (9/28/1973), married Cristy Lynn Price (25 November 1969), on 6 March 1992. They have a child: Cody Ryan (30 August 1991).

Sarah Edna Adeline Gregory 5 (2 April 1888, Victor, Lafayette County, Miss.-8 December 1945 [headstone reads 1946], Ranger, Eastland County, Texas), third child of Simpy and Mollie Gregory, married Lee Hunter Taliaferro (21 January 1884 – 12 November 1973) on 28 March 1909 in Orange, Texas. He was born in Chatham, Pittsylvania County, Virginia, the son of Eilbeck Hunter and Amanda Parmelia Smith Taliaferro. Their children: Thurman B.; and Lawrence Ellis.

Thurman B. Taliaferro 6 (31 March 1910, Oliver Springs, Comanche County, Texas), the first child of Sarah Edna Adeline and Lee Hunter, is Chief Accountant with Harding & Lawler, Inc., a building materials company. He married Lucille Eloise Bell (14 August 1912). Their issue: Thurman Bryan.

Thomas Bryan Taliaferro 8 (18 October 1934) married Julian Sondra Stewart (16 May 1938). Their issue: Thomas Bryan; Juliana; Todd Stewart; Jennifer Lynn; Jerilee F.; Janet Denise.

Thomas Bryan Taliaferro, Jr. 8 (14 April 1961) is associated with the movie industry in California.

Juliana Taliaferro 8 (4 March 1960) has a degree in Social Work from the Lamar University, TX. She works as a Social Worker.

Todd Stewart Taliaferro 8 (26 September 1962) has a commercial art degree from Lamar University. He is a free-lance graphic artist, most recently having worked for the Disney Co.

Jennifer Lynn Taliaferro 8 (24 March 1964) married Mark Herman. They have three children: Heather Lynne (31 August 1983); Kelsey Julian (13 September 1991); Jacob Mark (14 November 1996).

Jerilee F. Taliaferro 8 (28 June 1965) married Von Bland. They have three children: Jeffery Daniel (11 November 1982); Lauren Elizabeth (1 November 1983); Lindsey Von (13 March 1988).

Janet Denise Taliaferro 8 (13 October 1966) is a graduate of Lamar University, and is now an RN at St. Mary Hospital in Port Arthur, Texas, where she has worked for the past several years.

Lawrence Ellis Taliaferro 6 (8 December 1912), the second son of Sarah Edna Adeline and Lee Hunter, is retired from Harding & Lawler, Inc. He married and later divorced Lavern Jacby. They have one adopted son: Jerry.

William Thomas (Will) Gregory 5 (25 February 1890-31 May 1951), fourth child of Simpy and Mollie Gregory, worked in an oil plant in Ranger, Texas during the “boom” days. He was later a dry land farmer. He married, first: Mary Etha Donaldson (7 November 1887-27 June 1933), an Arkansas native and the daughter of George Ivins and Sarah Candace Maddox Donaldson, on 15 March 1908. After Mary’s death, Will married Lee Ora Gatcher Webb on 4 August 1934 in Abilene, Texas. William Thomas and Mary Etha’s issue: Gertie Edith; William Vernon; Richard Evans; John Truett (twin); and Edgar Truman (twin).

Gertie Edith Gregory 6(1 January 1909, DeLeon Texas), the oldest child and only daughter, married Wright B. Emfinger (15 August 1903-15 March 1965) on 9 June 1928. Gertie Edith is a homemaker and financial credit clerk. Her husband, a native of May, Brown County, Texas, was the son of James Wesley and Virginia Lee (Jennie) Jones Emfinger. They were the parents of two children: Bobby Lee; and Norma Gayle.

Bobby Lee Emfinger 5 (13 November 1930) is a rancher and dairy products distributor in Ranger, Eastland County, Texas. He married Darrell Maurice Williamson on 11 March 1948. Though this marriage ended in divorce, two sons were born: Gregory Lee; and Bobby Guy.

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