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Color Codes separate generations. Numbers show generations.
First Generation 1 – BLACK – (Sons/daughters of Isaac) Sixth Generation 6 – BROWN
Second Generation 2 – RED Seventh Generation 7 – GREY
Third Generation 3 – GREEN Eighth Generation 8 – PURPLE
Fourth Generation 4 – ORANGE Ninth Generation 9 – Olive
Fifth Generation 5 – BLUE Tenth Generation 10 – PINK


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Gregory Lee Emfinger 8 (15 January 1951), an Army Technical Sergeant, married Cathy Louise Hooks on 23 September 1967. They have three children: Page Lee, 25 March 1968; Chance Gregory, 3 June 1971; and Shama Bliss, 22 July 1976.

Bobby Guy Emfinger 8 (17 August 1953) married Jill Elaine Wright in March 1978. They have since divorced. There were no children.

Norma Gayle Emfinger 7 (10 March 1941, Ranger, Eastland County, Texas) married Ronald Fielding Winchester, son of Ronald and Catherine Winchester, on 10 March 1961. He is an oil well equipment supervisor and equipment shop owner. They have four children: Sterling Edward; Melissa Gayle; Matthew Fielding; and Mitchell Wright.

Sterling Edward Winchester 8 (26 February 1962 -27 February 1962) was born in Odessa, Ector County, Texas.

Melissa Gayle Winchester 8 (8 May 1963, Odessa) married Randy Lynn Hurst on 27 June 1981. He works in the oil fields and they own a stock ranch. They have one son: Patrick Scott, 9 April 1983 (Tyler, Smith County, Texas.)

Matthew Fielding Winchester 8 (28 April 1967, Odessa) is not married.

Mitchell Wright Winchester 8 (5 December 1971, Rising Star, Eastland County) is the youngest son of Norma Gayle and Ronald Fielding.

William Vernon Gregory 6 (3 August 1915, Staff Community, Eastland County, Texas-24 October 1968, Phoenix, Ariz.), second son of Will and Mary Etha, served in Special Intelligence in the United States Army during World War II. He was Senior Vice President of Tanner Brothers Contracting Company and General Manager of Metro Rock & Cement Company. He married Nina Holladay (31 July 1916, Pima, Graham County, Ariz.), daughter of Franklin Hollis and Ina Almena Curtis Holladay, on 3 September 1938 in Virden, Hidalgo County, New Mexico. Nina is our chief correspondent on this line. She is a homemaker and retired secretary currently living in Modesto, California. William Vernon rests in Green Acres Cemetery, Scottsdale, Arizona. Three children were born of this union: Vernalynn; Holly Etha; and William Larry.

Vernalynn Gregory 7 (10 November 1942, El Paso, Texas) married John Stanley Andrews (3 October 1940), son of John Harvey and Gladys Mae Snipes Andrews, on 18 December 1964 in Mesa, Maricopa County, Arizona. They reside in Stanislaus, California, where Vernalynn is an artist and homemaker and John is Public Health Administrator for that county. Their children are: John William, 20 December 1966 (Provo, Utah County, Utah); Sarah Candice, 21 January 1973 (Stanislaus, Cal.); and Aaron James, 2 April 1982 (Stanislaus).

Holly Etha Gregory 7 (3 August 1944, El Paso, Texas), second daughter of William Vernon and Nina, is a school teacher. She married Leon Clinton Stewart (23 October 1943, Vallejo, Solano County, Cal.), son of Leroy Clinton and Lydia Margaret Cook Stewart, on 23 March 1968 in Mesa, Maricopa County, Arizona. Leon is a Certified Public Accountant. They have no children as of this writing.

William Larry Gregory 7 (18 October 1950, Alamogordo, Otero County, N.M.), the youngest child of William Vernon and Nina, married Janice Margaret Russell (11 June 1951, Madison, Wisc.), daughter of Paul Edgar and Lorna Margarite Clayshulte Russell, on 24 January 1971 in Scottsdale, Arizona. Larry has a PhD in Psychology and Janice is an artist. They have two sons: Siusla Fielding William, 13 December 1975 (Scottsdale, Maricopa County, Ariz.); and Ariel Morgan Paul, 4 November 1980 (Las Cruces, Dona Ana County, N.M.).

Richard Evans (R.E.) Gregory 6 (13 May 1918, Rule, Haskell County, Texas), third child of William Thomas and Mary Etha, is a train enginee on the Big Springs to Dallas/Fort Worth route. R.E. married Edith Mae Powers (25 December 1916), daughter of George Cleveland and Ora Mae Montgomery Powers, a native of Stephensville, Erath County, Texas. They have three children: Richard Ferral; Edith Louise; and Royce Evans.

Richard Ferral Gregory 7 (24 April 1941, Segraves, Gaines County, Texas), the first son, married Phyllis Jeanette Futrell (28 November 1942, Lamesa, Dawson County, Texas) on 29 May 1959. She is the daughter of Foy Gorden and Geraldine Frances Brown. They have two sons: Richard Ferral Jr.; and Randall Dean; both born in Big Spring, Howard County, Texas.

Richard Ferral Gregory, Jr. 8 (7 March 1960) married Karen Diane Southern (5 January 1962), daughter of James Melvin and Minnie Bess Helton Southern, on 15 August 1981. Their son: Christifer Michale, 24 July 1984.

Randall Dean Gregory 8 (3 July 1962) married Sandy Gail Dorman (1 December 1962, Andrews, Texas), daughter of Aubrey and Shirley Partridge Dorman, on 9 July 1981 in Andrews. Their son: David Michael, 17 February 1983 (Andrews, Texas).

Edith Louise Gregory 7 (6 January 1944, Big Spring, Texas), the second child of R.E. and Edith Mae, married, first: Harold Hinton. This marriage ended in divorce in 1961. She then married Ronald Joe (Ronnie) Carlson on 6 May 1965 in Big Spring. They have three children: Gregory Dean, (8 July 1962-13 April 1985, Big Spring); Rhonda Michelle; and Jody Lance.

Rhonda Michelle Carlson 8 (11 April 1967) was born in Big Spring. She is married to Mosharraf Hossain and lives in Garland, Texas. She has no children.

Jody Lance Gregory 8 (28 April 1971) was born in Irving, Dallas County, Texas. Jody married Lori Lee Thornton. They have three daughters: Holli Lynn (6 January 1992); Cayla Michelle (2 March 1995); Lacie renee (23 September 1997). They live in Wills Point, Texas.

NOTE: Corrections and addition to Royce Evans Gregory and his family was provided by Shannon Gregory

Royce Evans Gregory 7 (11 July 1947, Big Spring, Texas), the youngest child of R.E. and Edith Mae, married Frances Erin Carruthers (20 February 1950 Colorado City, Mitchell County, Texas), daughter of James and Lillian Roberson Carruthers. They have three children: Royce Evans Jr.; Shannon James, 7 February 1970 (Irving); and Brandon William.

Royce Evans Gregory, Jr. 8 (27 June 1965), was born in Big Spring, Texas. Royce Jr. has two children: Amanda Joy (21 July 1989); Tyler Evans (13 May 1992).

Tyler Evans Gregory 9 (13 May 1992). Married Katelyn. They have two children: David Evans (2 Feb 2017); Nathan Evans (7 June 2019). They live in Corinth, Texas and they are both realtors.

Brandon William Gregory 8 (4 February 1972), was born in Irving, Texas. Brandon has four children: Emily Lauren, (17 November 1992); Lindsey Marie, (9 March 1994); Mallery Camille, (22 May 1997); Bradley William, (29 March 2001).

John Truett Gregory 6 (14 March 1923, Ranger, Texas -21 January 1972), twin son of Will and Mary Etha, served in the Navy in World War II. He was a Borden Dairy products distributor for eleven counties in Texas. John also owned a grocery market and a hardware store. He was president of the Eastland Chamber of Commerce and the Eastland School Board. He married Mary Louise May (12 April 1925-September 1975), a native of Mangum, Eastland County, Texas, and daughter of James Abe and Susie Mae Slaughter May, on 25 February 1943. They are buried at Eastland Cemetery in Eastland. Their children: Jon Layne; James Grady; and Kathy Sue.

Jon Layne Gregory 7 (27 July 1948, Eastland, Texas) married Donna June Viergiver on 29 June 1968. They have two sons: Jason, 17 November 1972; and Zachary, 18 February 1982; both in Eastland.

James Grady Gregory 7 (16 August 1951, Eastland, Texas), the second child of John Truett Gregory, is said that to be much like his grandpa Will Gregory. After graduating from Cisco Junior College, he married Diana Kay Maynard on August 22, 1970, at Bethel Baptist Church in Eastland. Diana has a Bachelor of Science Degree and Kindergarten Certification from Tarleton State University. Grady is the Supervisor of TXU Pipeline Eastland District. They have two daughters: Angela Denise; Jodi Kay.

Angela Denise Gregory 8 (28 August 1972), was born in Eastland, Tx. She graduated from Eastland High School in 1990 (salutatorian), and graduated from the University of North Texas in 1994 with a BBA in Marketing. She competed in the Miss Texas USA 1991 pageant broadcast on CBS where she represented the rural areas surrounding Abilene; her title was ‘Miss Big Country’. On 25 March 1995, she married Ron Sharbino, from Killeen, TX, the son of Bob and Lou Sharbino. They met at UNT, where he graduated with a BBA in Finance in December 1993. He has started his own company, he owns and operates ‘R G Staffing’ in Lewisville. He started out of their one bedroom apartment, now he has 6 employees in the office and many temps! Angela worked for Drees Custom Homes in the Sales Det. until they had our first child in the summer of 1999. They have two daughters: Saxon Paige Sharbino (11 June 1999)  Image LInk   ; Brighton Rose (19 August 2002) born in Medical Center, Lewisville, Texas, and a son Sawyer Gregory Sharbino, (1 March 2006)   Image LInk  born at home in a birthing pool with midwives.

Jodi Kay Gregory 8 (21 July 1974),  Image LInk the second daughter of James and Diana Kay Gregory, was born in Longview, TX. She graduated from Eastland High School in 1992, and graduated from the University of North Texas in 1997 with a degree in Commercial Advertising and Marketing. She was a co-host on Jimmy Johnson’s ‘SportsWaves’ show in 1994. From 1997 to 2002 she she lived in Los Angeles, CA, and pursued an acting career. is now living in California pursuing an acting career. On 7 October 2001, in Malibu, CA, she married James (Jimi) Michael Jackson. Jimi is from Fort Collins, CO. Jimi had a record deal with Lava Atlantic Records in 2000 with his band The Boondock Saints. In 2002, the couple moved to Austin, TX. Jodi is a free lance photographer and graphic designer.

Kathy Sue Gregory 7 (16 July 1953) married Eddie Coker and has three sons: Jeremy, 9 August 1976; Jon Kyle, 25 April 1979; and Justin, 17 July 1980.

Edgar Truman Gregory 6 (14 March 1923, Ranger, Texas), twin of John Truett, was in the U.S. Navy Seabees in World War II. He is a farmer, who holds a degree in agriculture, and an oil well owner. He is also a researcher and historian, and was instrumental in providing information about this family. Truman married Eunice Mae Yancey (7 February 1925), daughter of Jesse Lee and Ethel Mae Hartigen Yancey on 27 February 1946 in Ranger. They have three sons: Thomas Lee; David Brent; and Robert Neil.

Thomas Lee Gregory 7 (1 October 1949) is a statistician with the United States Department of Agriculture. He and Lanet Emily Gilley, daughter of Weldon Blanton and Jessie Juanita Dowell Gilley, were married 29 December 1974 in Littlefield, Texas. Thomas Lee is a native of Lubbock; his wife is a native of Littlefield. They have three children: Kelsey Diane, 6 September 1976 (Oklahoma City); Britney Colleen, 24 September 1979 (Oklahoma City); and Garrett Mason, 6 September 1981 (Alexandria, Louisiana).

David Brent Gregory 7 (13 March 1951) is a dentist in Lubbock, Texas. He married Cynthia Dalee Estes (21 May 1953, Pecos, Reeves County, Texas), daughter of Bobby Frank and Wanda Gayle Harper Estes, on 24 June 1972. They have two daughters: Emily Gayle; and Mary Edelia (Meg). David married a second time to Karen -?-. They have two children: Chelsea; Tanner.

Emily Gayle Gregory 8 (16 January 1976) was born in Lubbock, Texas. She married Brad Sheridan Bardin of Abilene, Texas. They have one child: Brent Sheridan (1 June 2002).

Mary Edelia (Meg) Gregory 8 (13 April 1982) was born in Lubbock, Texas. She married Charles Waddington in August 2002.

Robert Neil Gregory 7 (27 November 1954, Corsicana, Navarro County, Texas) is a Technical Sergeant in the United States Air Force. He married Vicki Kae Martin (28 January 1956, Abilene, Texas), daughter of John Graham and Hazel Wynell Harris Martin, on 26 October 1974. Their children: John Alan, 10 September 1977 (Lubbock); and Melissa Kae, 21 December 1979 (Biloxi).

 Martha Celia Selena (Lena) Gregory 5 (22 March 1892, Water Valley, Yalabusha County, Miss.-12 January 1967, Throckmorton, Throckmorton County, Texas), the fifth child of Simpy and Mollie Gregory, moved to Comanche County, Texas as a child. She met Daniel Polk Holliday (1889, Robinson Springs Community, Comanche County-12 May 1953, Gorman, Eastland County), a farmer there and they were married 15 March 1908. Polk was the son of Samuel (Bud) and Margaret Fox Holliday of Tennessee. He was reared by his mother’s sister, Elizabeth L. Fox (Mrs. J.R.) Hilley. Lena and Polk are buried in Simpson Cemetery near Gorman. They were the parents of: Daniel Roy; Leland Dalton; Robert Aubrey; Willie Doyce; and Edith Perlene; who were all born in DeLeon, Comanche County, Texas.

Daniel Roy (Roy) Holliday 6 (14 February 1909 -1 March 1973), the eldest child, was a teacher who obtained his Master’s Degree at Texas Tech. He married: first, Myra Ruth Miller on 23 September 1932. She died in 1939 and is buried in Simpson Cemetery. He then married Mary Clementine Smith (6 May 1914) on 26 March 1940. Roy and Myra Ruth had one son: Daniel Kenneth. Roy and Mary Clementine had one son: Gregory Smith.

Daniel Kenneth Holliday 7 (12 October 1933) married Sara Beth Wright (7 May 1940), and they are the parents of : Mitchell Lewis (17 February 1959); and Carla Diane (14 December 1960).

Gregory Smith Holliday 7 (2 May 1946) wed Margaret Bernadette Conley (11 July 1946). They are the parents of: Danette Suzanne (22 October 1968); Becky Maria (11 July 1974); Jeanne Alanna (31 March 1978).

Leland Dalton (L.D.) Holliday 6 (27 March 1912-13 August 1992), the second son of Daniel Polk and Lena, was a farmer and an Army veteran of World War II. He married Opal E. Norris (21 September 1915) on 19 November 1937, the daughter of Lon Mac and Maple Estella Williams Norris. Opal passed away in a Ft Worth hospital on 21 September 2001, her 86th birthday. Opal had a stroke in late July 2001 and never recovered. Unable to care for herself, she had been moved from Gorman where she had lived for many years, to Fort Worth to have surgery on 4 September on a terrible bedsore. Leland and Opal are buried along with their infant son in Simpson Cemetery in Kokomo Community, Gorman, Texas. They had two children: Leland Doyle; and Deborah Darlene.

Leland Doyle Holliday, Jr. 7 (27 June 1941-27 June 1941) the first child of Leland and Opal Holliday, was still born. He his buried in Simpson Cemetery in Kokomo Community, Gorman, Texas.

Deborah Darlene (Debbie) Holliday 7 (29 March 1953) the second child of Leland and Opal Holliday was born in Ranger, Texas. Debbie married Lloyd E. Sanders Jr. on 20 October 1978 in Gorman, Eastland County, Tx. Lloyd is the son of Lloyd Eugene and Norma Ruth Chandler Sanders, and was born 20 February 1950 in Dublin, Texas. Debbie is an artist. The couple have two children: Melissa Nichole (1 November 1985, Odessa, Texas); Jason Dean (19 October 1990, Odessa, Texas).

Robert Aubrey Holliday 6 (18 August 1915-3 January 1957), third son of Polk and Lena, is buried in Simpson Cemetery. He married Opal G. Powell on 31 March 1944. They had no children.

Willie Doyce (Bill) Holliday 6 (7 June 1920), fourth child of Lena and Polk, was a rancher and farmer. He married Bessie Mae Tucker on 6 July 1939. He died in 1997. Their children: Ronnie Glen, 18 August 1944; and Peggy Doyce, 9 March 1949.

Peggy Doyce Holliday 7 (9 March 1949) married Richard Trotter. They live in Walnut Springs, TX.

Edith Perlene Holliday 6 (29 July 1922-1 October 1977), the youngest child of Lena and Polk, is buried in Simpson Cemetery. (Note: There is a conflicting report on Edith Perlene’s birthdate. The second date, 15 September 1927, is entered here for the record.) She married William Willard (Buddy) Baker on 15 December 1943. They had one daughter: Loretta Carol, 3 January 1945.

Mary Florence Gregory 5 (11 March 1895, Lafayette County, Miss.-12 November 1964), sixth child of Simpy and Mollie, married Roland Ingram (24 October 1879 – 30 August 1946), an oil company employee, on 12 August 1914 in Eastland County, Texas. Both are buried in Evergreen Cemetery, Ranger. They were the parents of six children (four of whom lived to adulthood): Irene; Elvin Ray; Lyndell Marie; Betty Jo; Mary Frances; and Roland Dwain.

Irene Ingram 6, first child of Mary Florence and Roland, was born in Rule, Haskell County, Texas. She died there in childhood.

Elvin Ray Ingram 6 (12 April 1917), the second child, is deceased, but the date of his death is not available. He was a Baptist minister and missionary and graduated from Sam Houston State Teachers College. Elvin married Glenn Grace McKinney in 1937. They were the parents of: Sandra Kay; Richard Elvin; and Florence Nellwyn.

Sandra Kay Ingram 7, an office worker for an evangelist, married Ted Wallace. They are the parents of three sons and one adopted daughter.

Richard Elvin Ingram 7, a plumber, married Judy -?-. They have two sons and a daughter.

Florence Nellwyn Ingram 7 married Emilo Iagliente. They have a daughter, Lisa. Nellwyn has a daughter, Robin, born of a previous marriage.

Lyndell Marie Ingram 6 (birthdate unknown), the third child of Mary Florence and Roland, died young and is buried in Ranger, Texas.

Betty Jo Ingram 6 (16 October 1924), fourth child of Mary Florence and Roland, is a hospital dietary manager. She was educated at Wetherford College. She married Everette J. Noth (? – 20 April 1974) on 31 October 1942. He served in the United States Army in World War II and was wounded in France on D-Day. Their children: Everette Jackson Jr.; Lyndell Faye; Eileen; and Michael Dwain.

Everette Jackson Noth, Jr. 7 is a highway patrolman with the Texas Department of Public Safety. He married Sandra Leach, a supervisor with Texas Instruments, on 4 April 1963. Their children: Samuel Everette, 18 April 1967; and Beverly Rhea, 16 December 1968.

Lyndell Faye Noth 7 married twice. She first married Billy Edwin Hicks. Her children, Michael Wayne and James Christopher, were born of this marriage. These sons were adopted by her second husband, James (Jim) Cockburn. Lyndell, in turn, adopted his children from a previous marriage, Teresa and Sea. Lyndell, a former professional singer, is a coordinator for displaced home-makers. Her husband is a psychology professor. This family still has a singing group, “The Cockburn Family.”

Eileen Noth 7 married Dwight Squires, a Gulf Service Station owner, on 9 March 1969. They have three children: Lisa Ann, 6 June 1971; Kimberly Dawn, 16 October 1972; and Thomas Edward, 2 April 1975.

Michael Dwain Noth 7 (9 March 1952) is a postal worker. He married a school teacher, Brenda Jane Blankeship, on 11 June 1983. Their daughter: Valerie Louanne, 25 April 1984.

Mary Frances Ingram 6 (12 April 1927), fifth child of Roland and Mary Florence, was a telephone operator. She married Robert (Bob) Wiesen (13 November 1921), an upholstery business owner, on 6 June 1946. Their children: Janice Ann; Brenda Joyce; Vickie; and Dan.

Janice Ann Wiesen 7 (7 September 1947) married Wayne Panning (2 May 1943), an airline company employee. Their issue: Melissa, 6 July 1969; Jeremy, 11 July 1971; and Joshua Aaron, 15 February 1977.

Brenda Joyce Wiesen 7 (25 September 1949) married James (Jim) McDonald, a graduate of Texas A&M. Their family: Kevin, 5 March 1968; Robert Edward, 31 July 1971; and Shannon, 27 November 1974.

Vickie Wiesen 7 (27 July 1951) is a graduate of the University of Texas.

Dan Wiesen 7 (28 September 1954) married twice. He has a son, Brent, from the first union. His second wife, Stephana Riley (July 1954) and he have a son: Jason, 11 July 1979.

Roland Dwain Ingram 6, youngest child of Roland and Mary Florence, holds a BS Degree from Texas Tech, and a Masters in Engineering from Southern Methodist University. He served in the Air Force in Korea. His wife, the former Jerry Adcox, is a secretary. Their children are: Derrill Truitt; David; Stephen; Paul; Tim; and Valerie.

Derrill Truitt Ingram 7 died in infancy.

David Ingram 7, a graduate of Texas Tech, is in the insurance business. He married Terry Eden. They have two sons: Brian and Brent; and a daughter.

Stephen Ingram 7, also a Texas Tech graduate, is associated with Buckner’s Orphanage. His wife, Jennifer (Jerry), is a secretary. They have two sons: Kyle and Spencer.

Paul Ingram 7 attends college in Denton, Texas.

Tim Ingram 7 attends college in Denton, Texas.

Valerie Ingram 7 is a graduate of Hurst High School.

Hattie Isadora Gregory 5 (23 August 1897 -22 March 1954) was the last child of Simpy and Mollie born in Lafayette County, Mississippi. She married John Charles Donaldson (14 January 1893-19 October 1966) in Eastland County, Texas on 5 September 1923. He was the son of George Ivins and Sarah Candice (Monk) Maddox. John Charles and Hattie Isadora are buried in Simpson Cemetery. Their five children: Phyllis Jean; Wanda Fern; John Charles Jr.; Glenn Sterling; and Danny Ray.

Phyllis Jean Donaldson 6 (15 July 1924), first child of Hattie Isadora and John Charles, has been married three times but has no children. Her first husband: William Deewight Bryant (29 June 1920-21 May 1946); second, Herman D. Sessum (17 February 1920-22 December 1961); and, currently, Vernon Wright.

Wanda Fern Donaldson 6 (3 November 1926-3 March 2015), the second child of Hattie Isadora and John Charles, is Secretary-Bookkeeper to a school superintendent. She married Truman Reese Bryant (2 December 1924). Their children, all born in Gorman, Texas: Angela Fern; Truman Douglas; and Mollie Candace.

Angela Fern Bryant 7 (15 September 1947) married Dwaine Neil Clower. Their children: Keith Douglas, 2 December 1968; and Wendy Annette, 7 March 1972.

Truman Douglas Bryant 7 (16 April 1953) married Sherry Lavene Stubblefield. Their children: Heather Michelle, 2 October 1975; and Heath Daniel, 8 May 1979.

Mollie Candace (Candi) Bryant 7 (20 February 1960) married Bobby Frank Taylor. They have a son: Caleb Frank.

NOTE: Additions and corrections to John Charles Donalson, Jr and his family were provided by John Charles Donaldson III (Chuck).

John Charles (Jake) Donaldson, Jr. 6 (13 April 1929), the third child of Hattie Isadora and John Charles, was born in Ranger, Texas. He married Naomi Imogene (Jean) Hibbert (10 July 1932-14 Deptember 1995), third and youngest born to Charles and Roxie Americus Carlisle Hibbert, on 25 October 1948. After a two year stint in the Army and several years moving from one West Texas town to another, they settled in Andrews, Texas, in 1956. Jake worked thirty-one years for Phillips Petroleum and fifteen for Pride Pipeline, from which he retired in 1996. Both were active in numerous civic froups, and Jake served some time as an Andrews city councilman. In 1997 Jake moved to Eastland, TX. Naomi is buried in ANdrew, TX. They had one son: John Charles III.

John Charles (Chuck) Donaldson III 7 (25 October 1952), the only child of of Naomi and Jake Donaldson, was born in Cisco, Texas. He received a B.A. in English from Texas Tech University in 1975. In 1984 he went to work for Southern Methodist University, where he has been degree and advisor for the Meadows School of the Arts since 1997. He has been active in a number of peace and justice organizations.

Glenn Sterling Donaldson 6 (27 October 1930), the fourth child of Hattie Isadora and John Charles, married Robbie Joyce Echols (7 September 1932). Their children: Michael Glenn; Larry Ray; and Debra Elaine.

Michael Glenn Donaldson 7 (28 September 1951) married Patti Lynn Waugh. They divorced in 1983. The couple had a son: Michael Shane.

Michael Shane Donaldson 8 (17 July 1975), the son of Michael Glenn and Patti Waugh Donaldson married Tracy Lee West on 23 april 1993. The couple has two children: Waylon Blaze (31 December 1992); Brooks Glenn (23 October 1997).

Larry Ray Donaldson 7 (20 October 1954) married Nancy Nell Lewis on 6 July 1984. Their children: Elizabeth (Betsy) (6 November 1980); Cory Scott.

Cory Scott Donaldson 8 (4 June 1982), the son of Larry and Nancy Lewis Donaldson, married Elizabeth Rose Jordan on 16 March 2002. They have a son: Tristan Ray (8 January 2002).

Debra Elaine Donaldson 7 (15 October 1956) married Gregory Allen White on 1 August 1973. Their children: Amy Elizabeth; Allison Leigh (Allie) (29 July 1982); Annalisa Kandice (Annie) (4 March 1991).

Amy Elizabeth White 8 (2 February 1980), the first child of Gregory and Debra Donaldson White, married Jamie Dale Champion (J.D) on 11 August 2001.

Danny Ray Donaldson 6 (25 November 1936), youngest child of Hattie Isadora and John Charles, married Phyllis Le O’Sheal (29 April 1943). Their children: Gerald Dwayne; and Dawn Raelene, 15 October 1969.

Gerald Wayne Donaldson 7 (30 April 1959) married Jo Ann -?-

Ellis Simpson (Simpy) Gregory 5 (25 August 1901, DeLeon, Comanche County, Texas) was the eighth child of Simpy and Mollie, He married Nancy Glenn McKinley (19 February 1906) on 24 December 1925 in Ranger, Texas. She is the daughter of Reuben Lee Andrew and Ida Octavia Spiva McKinley and a native of Bogata, Red River County, Texas. Their two daughters: Ida Frances; and Emily Doreen.

Ida Frances Gregory 6 (10 June 1927) married first: William Harvey Hazard. She had two sons by this marriage: Gary Don and Ellis Ray. She married, second: Vivan Eugene Hise on 14 February 1952, who adopted Gary and Ellis. Ida and Vivan had three children as well: Jimmy Dan; Terry Wayne; and Jana Sue.

Gary Don Hise 7 (4 May 1945) married Linda Gayle Riley (24 September 1948). Their children: Michael Shane, 29 July 1966; and Michelle Lee, 9 November 1970.

Ellis Ray Hise 7 (30 August 1948) married Myra Gayle Cockrell (1 March 1950). Their sons: Stephen Duane, 19 September 1969; and Justin Matthew, 8 July 1974.

Jimmy Dan Hise 7 (27 December 1952) married Wanda Nell Bryant (22 July 1960). Their two children: Heather Paige, 1 February 1975; and Jimmy Ryan, 23 August 1978.

Terry Wayne Hise 7 (25 September 1954) married Beverley Nappier (11 May 1957). Their daughter: Tara Lynne, 5 September 1980.

Jana Sue Hise 7 (15 October 1968) married twice. First: a Parsons; and currently, Randy Keith McCoy (11 November 1959). She has two sons by her first marriage: Michael Chad, 9 October 1975; and Dustin Jacob, 14 May 1979.


The additions to Herman Eston Gregory and his descendants were submitted by Ann Gregory Harvey.

Hermon Eston Gregory 5 (21 June 1905 -28 December 1981), youngest child of Simpy and Mollie, was born in DeLeon, Comanche County, Texas. He married Olga Maye Smith on 23 May 1926, the daughter of Martin Smith and Lillian Toone. Hermon Gregory was married in Ranger, Texas. Four of their children were born in Ranger. In 1937, he moved his family to Odessa, Texas. Hermon was a butcher at that time. Their youngest son, Wendell was born in Odessa. In 1943, Hermon was ordained to preach in Immanuel Baptist Church in Odessa. Most of his ministry was spent at East Side Baptist Church in Odessa. All of his children grew up and married there. He resided in Texas until his death. The children of Hermon and Olga are: Dortha Lanelle; Mary Ann; Norman Dean; Tommy Richard; Wendell (Lee).

Dortha Lanelle Gregory 6, (31 December 1928), was born in Ranger, Texas. She married Charles Hugo Thomas on June 21, 1947 in Odessa, Texas, the son of Charles Thomas and Ada Huckaby. Nell met her husband at the church where her father was pastor. They were married in that church (EastSide Baptist Church- Odessa, Texas). Nell and Charles moved away shortly after. They raised their family in Oklahoma City, OK. Dortha Lanelle Gregory Thomas passed away on 14 April 2002 in Oklahoma City. Charles Hugo Thomas passed away on 23 November 2006 in Oklahoma City. The children of Dortha Gregory and Charles Thomas are: Cynthia Ann; Sherry Lanelle.

Cynthia Ann Thomas 7 (May 23, 1948), was born in Odessa, Texas (Ector County). She married Larry Duane Koonce on June 17, 1966 in Oklahoma City, OK, the son of Matthew and Mavis Martin Koonce. The children of Cynthia and Larry are: Kori Lynn; Larry Deke; Kari Ann.

Kori Lynn Koonce 8 (12 June 1969), was born in Shawnee, OK. She married Tod Brian Bussert on August 11, 1990 in Oklahoma City, OK. They have three children, all born in Oklahoma City, OK: Kami Lynn (9 October 1993); Kelsi Ann (17 April 1997); Kylie Grace (28 March 2003).

Larry Deke Koonce 8 (16 October 1970), was born in Oklahoma City, Ok. He married Amy Kathryn Wallace on August 07,1993. Larry and Amy Wallace have four children: Tyler Matthew Koonce (20 May 1998, Oklahoma City, OK); Justin Wallace Koonce (March 27, 2000); Brandon Thomas (2 October 2002, Oklahoma City, OK); Lauren Grace (31 January 2007, Oklahoma City, OK).

NOTE: Information on Kari Ann Koonce was removed at her request.

Sherry Lanelle Thomas 7 (14 June 1952) was born in Elk City, Oklahoma. She married Joseph Clem Coombes on May 25, 1979 in Oklahoma City, OK, the son of Clem Coombes and Rosie Hudson. The children of Sherry and Joseph are: Laura Elizabeth; Hillary Dawn; Lindsay Lanelle; Zane Kevin.

Laura Elizabeth Coombes 8 (20 August 1974), was born in Odessa, Texas (Ector County). Laura is married to Ty Christopher Hutchinson. They have two children, OK: Natalie Renee Hutchinson (9 November 2001, Oklahoma City, OK); Zachary Taylor Hutchinson (May 20, 2004, Denton, TX).

Hillary Dawn Coombes 8 (30 June 1980), was born in Norman, Okla. Hillary married Shawn Frank Scott on 20 September 2008 and they are expecting their first child late April, 2011.

Lindsay Lanelle Coombes 8 (9 November 1983), was born in Wichita Falls, Texas. Lindsey married Robert Michael Smith on 19 June 2010.

Zane Kevin Coombes 8 (20 June 1985), was born in Wichita Falls, Texas. Zane married Rebecca Lauren Turner on 30 September 2006. They have 2 children: Cross Hugo Coombes (15 February 2007 and Micah Lauren Coombes (9 July 2009).

Mary Ann Gregory 6 (28 September 1932-15 May 2009), was born in Ranger, Texas. She married Jack Harvey on 1 March 01, 1952 in Odessa, Texas, the son of Waymon Harvey and Gladys Brinlee. Mary Ann Gregory met her husband, Jack Harvey when his father held a revival at the church where her father was pastor. Ann and Jack raised their children in Odessa, Texas. Jack retired in 1994 and they moved to Dodd City, Texas to be near their youngest son and family. The children of Mary and Jack are: Jack Gregory; Dortha Lanelle (Sissie); Tommy Lee; Richard Dean.

Jack Gregory Harvey 7 (2 February 1953), was born at the Medical Center Hospital, in Odessa, Texas. He married first Gaye Ann Gardner on April 05, 1974 in East Side Baptist, Odessa, Texas, the daughter of Alan Don and Margaret Tucker Gardner. He married second, Deborah May Anderson on May 07,1988 in Odessa, Texas. He married third, Susan Diane Roys on October 29, 1993 in Odessa, Texas, the daughter of Maurice and Nora Roys. Jack divorced Susan Roys in 2004. On 20 September 2006, he married Olga Kovaleski. The children of Jack and Gaye are: Steven Ross; Stephanie LynAnn.

Steven Ross Harvey 8 (1 August 1975) was born in Odessa, Texas (Ector County). He married Amanda Janelle Thompson on August 31, 1998 in Odessa, Texas (Ector County), the daughter of Paul David and Pamela Gae Peacock Thompson. Steven and Amanda have three children: Janelle Ann (9 May 1999); Steven Paul (18 October 2001); Ronald Michael (13 February 2006, Lubbock, TX).

Stephanie LynAnn Harvey 8 (18 January 1980), was born in Odessa, Texas (Ector County). She married Chris Basham, on April 04, 1999, in San Marcos, Texas. Stephanie and Chris have one child: Annlyn Gaye Basham (21 June 2000). Stephanie Lynann Harvey Basham is divorced from Chris Basham. She is now married to Troy Dean Ritchie III (1 March 1979). They have two children: a daughter, Caia Nicole Ritchie (13 March 2002); a son, Emory Dean Ritchie (2 December 2005).

Dortha Lanelle (Sissie) Harvey 7 (17 July 1954), as born in the Medical Center Hospital, in Odessa, Texas. She married first, Harold Lewis Sigmon on August 17, 1973 in Odessa, Texas, the son of Robert and Verna Davis Sigmon. She married second, Robert Dale Stacy on June 02, 1989 in Odessa, Texas, the son of Robert and Dene Fletcher Stacy. The children of Sissie and Harold are: Daniel Lewis; Jack David.

Daniel Lewis Sigmon 8 (13 May 1975), was born in the Medical Center Hospital, Odessa, Texas.

Jack David Sigmon 8 (4 November 1977), was born in the Women’s and Children’s Hospital, Odessa, Tx. On 28 July 2001 in Peru, Indiana, he married Sabrina Eve Roberts (8 February 1978), the daughter of Lloyd and Carolyn Roberts .

Tommy Lee Harvey 7 (28 November 1955), was born in the Medical Center Hospital Odessa, Texas. He married Cindy Nell Ray on May 24, 1981 in Hobbs, New Mexico, the daughter of Thurman and Victoria Eggenberg Ray. The children of Tommy and Cindy are: Randi Diane; Thomas Andrew; Amy Catherine.

Randi Diane Harvey 8 (1 June 1982), was born in the Women’s and Children’s Hospital of Odessa, Texas.

Thomas Andrew Harvey 8 (3 June 1983), was born in the Women’s and Children’s Hospital of Odessa, TX. Thomas Andrew Harvey married Claire Louise Kinnan in Austin, Texas on 15 July 2006. Claire (8 December 1982) is the daughter of Roy and Liz Kinnan. They have a child, Savannah Grace Harvey (10 September 2008) born in Austin, TX (Travis County)

Amy Catherine Harvey 8 (2 May 1986), was born in the Women’s and Children’s Hospital of Odessa, TX.

Richard Dean Harvey 7 (23 February 1961), was born in the Medical Center Hospital Odessa, Texas. He married Traci Marlene Davidson on May 15, 1981 in East Side Baptist Church Odessa, TX. She is the daughter of Larry and Marlene Moseley Davidson. The children of Richard and Traci are: Annie Marlene; Jaclyn Dawn.

Annie Marlene Harvey 8 (24 April 1984), was born in the Women’s and Children’s Hospital of Odessa, Texas. On 22 February 2004, Annie Marlene married Casey Grant Mauldin in Conroe, Texas. They have two children: Gracie Annabelle (12 February 2007), Lillian Elise Mauldin (16 January 2008) both born in Tomball, TX.

Jaclyn Dawn Harvey 8 (2 April 1985) was born in the Women’s and Children’s Hospital, Odessa, TX.

Norman Dean Gregory 6 (13 December 1934-13 September 1987), was born in Ranger, Texas and died in Odessa, Texas. He married Barbara Jean Hennon on June 12, 1954 in Odessa, Texas. She is the daughter of William Eugene and Lucille Hennon. Dean met his wife in the church where his father was pastor. They were married in that church (EastSide Baptist Church- Odessa). They raised their family in and around Odessa. Dean is buried beside his parents at Sunset Cemetery in Odessa, Texas. The children of Norman and Barbara are: Gary Dean; Eddy Eugene; Deana Kay; Harold Edmond.

Gary Dean Gregory 7 (18 April 1955), was born in San Angelo, Texas.He married Susan Marie Harvard on July 17, 1981 in Odessa, Texas. The children of Gary and Susan are: Laura Ashley; April Janeen; Brooks Harvard.

Laura Ashley Gregory 8 (21 March 1982) was born in Odessa, Texas (Ector County).

April Janeen Gregory 8 (4 April 1984) was born in Odessa, Texas (Ector County).

Brooks Harvard Gregory 8 (2 April 1986), was born in Odessa, Texas (Ector County).

Eddy Eugene Gregory 7 (14 June 1958), was born in Odessa, Texas. He married first, Jo Ann Waddell on June 1979 in New Mexico. He married second, Marjorie Jill McCoy on October 04, 1986. The child of Eddy and Jo Ann is: Cade Waddell. The children of Eddy and Marjorie are: Charlsye Marae; Caleb Blair.

Cade Waddell Gregory 8 (23 October 1982), was born in Odessa, Texas (Ector County).

Charlsye Marae Gregory 8 (7 April 1988), was born in Odessa, Texas.

Caleb Blair Gregory 8 (10 March 1991), was born in Odessa, Texas.

Deana Kay Gregory 7 (19 April 1961), was born in Odessa, Texas. She married Roger Dale Boyd on February 16, 1980 in Odessa, Texas. The children of Deana and Roger are: Kayla Jean; Clayton Dale; Clinton Dean.

Kayla Jean Boyd 8 (13 October 1982), was born in Odessa, Texas (Ector County). Kayla Jean Boyd married Timothy Grant Eason (17 July 1979) on 8 January 2005 in Odessa, Texas.

Clayton Dale Boyd 8 (19 February 1984) was born in Odessa, Texas (Ector County).

Clinton Dean Boyd 8 (18 March 1989-1 September 2000) was born in Fort Worth, Texas. He passed away in Children’s Hospital in Dallas, Texas on September 1, 2000.

Harold Edmond Gregory 7 (9 February 1963-11 February 1963), was born and died in Odessa, Texas (Ector County).

Tommy Richard Gregory 6 (23 March 1937), was born in Ranger, Texas. He married Billie Jo Rodenberg on July 27, 1956 in Odessa, Texas, the daughter of William and Dorothy Barber Rodenberg. Tommy met his wife at the church where his father was pastor. They were married in that chuch (EastSide Baptist-Odessa, Texas). They raised their family in Odessa. Tommy and Billie Jo Gregory still live in Odessa, Texas. The children of Tommy and Billie are: Mary Kathryn; Connie Sue.

Mary Kathryn Gregory 7 (10 May 1957) was born in Abilene, Texas. She married Steven Flay Lollar on April 02, 1977 in the East Side Baptist Church of Odessa, Texas. The children of Mary and Steven are: April Kathleen; Natalie Brooke.

April Kathleen Lollar 8 (11 October 1977) was born in Odessa, Texas (Ector County). April has three children: Cameron Gregory Lollar (10 August 1997, Odessa, Tx); Brennon Reid Saurer (17 February 2003); Kielyn Rae Saurer (11 April 2005, Odessa, TX).

Natalie Brooke Lollar 8 (19 January 1979), was born in Odessa, Texas (Ector County). She married Celey David Ward on April 04, 1998, in the First Baptist Church, Odessa TX. They had one daughter Aubreigh Dawn Ward, who was born in Odessa, TX, on 28 July 1999. Natalie divorced and married Michael Wayne Douga (May 31, 1967). They have a son: Jo’el Steven Douga (3 February 2003). Jo’el was born in Odessa, Texas.

Connie Sue Gregory 7 (3 March 1959) was born in Odessa, Texas (Ector County). She married Manuel Aguirre on May 23, 1981 in Odessa, Texas. The children of Connie and Manuel are: Tomi Jo; Riki Marie; Micaii Erin.

Tomi Jo Aguirre 8 (20 July 1979) was born in Odessa, Texas (Ector County).

Riki Marie Aguire 8 (21 March 1983) was born in Odessa, Texas (Ector County).

Micaii Erin Aguire 8 (8 June 1988) was born in Odessa, Texas (Ector County).

Wendell (Lee) Gregory 6 (3 September 1942), was born in Odessa, Texas. He married Sharon Anita Gillespie on August 02, 1969 in Odessa, Texas), the daughter of Marvin and Anita Schoppe Gillespie. Wendell was divorced and raised his two children by himself. Wendell Gregory lives in Odessa, Texas. The children of Wendell and Sharon are: Elaine Annelle; Joshua Aaron.

Elaine Annelle Gregory 7 (6 October 1970), was born in Odessa, Texas. She married Christopher Dean Brown on May 11, 1991 in Odessa, Texas (Ector County). The marriage ended in divorce. Elaine married Lane T. Celander on 2 August 2002, in Odessa, Texas. Elaine and first husband, Christopher Dean Brown had one child: Joshua Austin Brown.

Joshua Austin Brown 8 (22 August 1998) was born in Odessa, Texas (Ector County).

Joshua Aaron Gregory 7 (6 April 1973), was born in Odessa, Texas. He married Adria Bianca Scott on January 08, 1994 in Odessa, Texas (Ector County). Joshua and Adria have two children: Aaron Zeth; Peyton Austin.

Aaron Zeth Gregory 8 (11 January 1995), the first son of Joshua and Adria Gregory, was born in Cherry Point, NC.

Peyton Austin Gregory 8 (3 May 2004), the second son of Joshua and Adria Gregory, was born in Odessa, Texas.

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