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Color Codes separate generations. Numbers show generations.
First Generation 1 – BLACK – (Sons/daughters of Isaac) Sixth Generation 6 – BROWN
Second Generation 2 – RED Seventh Generation 7 – GREY
Third Generation 3 – GREEN Eighth Generation 8 – PURPLE
Fourth Generation 4 – ORANGE Ninth Generation 9 – Olive
Fifth Generation 5 – BLUE Tenth Generation 10 – PINK


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Betty Lou Noblitt 7 (12 November 1928, Spartanburg, S.C.) married Harry R. Crocker on 8 October 1948. Their issue: Linder Kay, 6 November 1952, and Christy Lynn, 16 September 1956.

Elbert Graham Noblitt 7 (2 December 1930, Spartanburg, S.C.) married Thelma Mae Brewington on 12 April 1952. Their issue: Vicky Paulette, 17 May 1953.

Jack Everett Noblitt 7 (21 November 1932, Spartanburg, S.C.) married Patricia Margaret Vegenes on 22 October 1955. They had no issue.

Patricia Myra (Patsy) Peake 6 (11 April 1907, Union, S.C.) married Paul Lee Reynolds (9 May 1902), son of Boyd Lathan and Alice Wood Reynolds, on 12 July 1930 in Spartanburg. Their issue: Patricia Ann, 7 October 1933.

Patricia Ann Reynolds 7 (7 October 1933, Spartanburg, S.C.) married Fred Andrew Lamb on 22 April 1953. Their issue: Donna Michelle, 9 April 1954 (Spartanburg, S.C.).

Frances (Fannie) Gregory Peake 5 (8 July 1879-12 January 1940), daughter of Charlotte Frances Gregory and Thomas Bowker Peake, never married and is buried beside her parents.

George Washington (George) Peake 5 (25 November 1881, Glenn Springs, S.C.-31 August 1960, Union, S.C.), son of Charlotte Frances Gregory and Thomas Bowker Peake, married Loula Pearl Smith (12 October 1886 -18 December 1970) on 24 May 1911 and were lifelong residents of Union County. Both are buried at Bogansville Methodist Church, Union County. Their issue: Fannie Lucille, 23 August 1912.

Fannie Lucille Peake 6 (23 August 1912, Union County, S.C.) married, first: Frank Owen Pruitt (1 February 1909-28 March 1975) at Spartanburg, S.C. on 1 March 1930. They had no issue. She married, second: Boyce Lawson of Buffalo, S.C. in 1982.

Mary (Mamie) Jones Peake 5 (26 March 1883-3 October 1952) , daughter of Charlotte Frances Gregory and Thomas Bowker Peake, never married and is buried beside her parents.

John Lamartine (Lam) Peake 5 (27 July 1885, Glenn Springs, S.C.-3 August 1968, Glenn Springs, S.C.), son of Charlotte Frances Gregory and Thomas Bowker Peake, married Hattie Ennon West (19 September 1898), daughter of Joel M. and Ella Cannon West on 2 June 1917 at Spartanburg. Their issue: Hattie Elizabeth, 5 June 1920; Mary Lamartine, 14 September 1924; and John Lamartine, Jr., 14 December 1928.

Hattie Elizabeth (Elizabeth) Peake 6 (5 January 1920, Glenn Springs, S.C.) married William Walker Kennedy (29 August 1910, Pacolet, S.C.), son of John Peter and Temmer Frances Grenobles Kennedy, on 23 December 1939 at Pacolet. They currently reside in Orlando, Fla. Their issue: William Peake, 15 February 1944.

William Peake Kennedy 7 (15 February 1944, Charleston S.C.) graduated from the University of South Carolina, Columbia with a BS in Pharmacy. He operates Thayer Drug Store, Orlando. He married Beverly Cowaird Berry (18 March 1943), daughter of Dr. Francis Woodward and Courtlandt Dixon Berry on 28 June 1967 in Orlando, where they now reside. Their issue: Ashley Elizabeth, 20 September 1970 (Orlando); and Courtney Berry, 10 August 1973.

Mary Lamartine Peake 6 (14 September 1924, Glenn Springs, S.C.) married Donald Browning and they live in Glenn Springs. They have no issue.

John Lamartine (John) Peake, Jr. 6 (14 December 1928, Glenn Springs, S.C.) married Marcia Evelyn Stone (20 February 1932, Woodruff, S.C.), daughter of John Roscoe and Maude Bobo Stone, on 24 December 1948 at Glenn Springs. He currently owns the Peake Construction Company of Spartanburg and they reside in Glenn Springs. Their issue: Jerald Lamartine (twin), 28 April 1950; John Everette (twin), 28 April 1950; and Marcia Susan, 9 December 1952.

Jerald Lamartine Peake 7 (28 April 1950, Glenn Springs, S.C.) married Shirley Jean Simmons (24 June 1950), daughter of Robert Eugene and Virginia Ruth Townsend Simmons, on 25 November 1969 in Union County. They reside in Glenn Springs. Their issue: Andrew Jeremy, 1 October 1975; and Thomas Stephen, 21 March 1979.

John Everette Peake 7 (28 April 1950, Glenn Springs, S.C.) graduated from Clemson in 1972. He married Regina Lynn Mitchem (6 September 1950), daughter of Marion Julius and Virginia McDaniel Mitchem, on 6 August 1970 in Wellford, South Carolina. They reside in Glenn Springs. Their issue: Jonathon Chad, 20 February 1975; and Kasey Lynn, 15 June 1980.

Marcia Susan Peake 7 (9 December 1952, Glenn Springs, S.C.) married Walter Eugene Cherry (20 January 1951), son of Walter Eugene Cherry, Sr. and Jennivieve Houston Cherry Gosnell, on 22 July 1971 in Glenn Springs, where they reside. Their issue: Jason Blalock, 30 January 1976; and Kirsten Susanne 9 September 1981.

Hopkins Peake 5, son of Charlotte Frances Gregory and Thomas Bowker Peake, died at one year of age and is buried in the Peake-Hamm Cemetery, Glenn Springs Section, Spartanburg, South Carolina.

Sarah Ellen Medora (Sallie) Gregory 4  Image LInk (8 October 1844, Union District-23 January 1925, Baton Rouge Section, Chester County), third child of Isaac Franklin and Charlotte, attended Limestone College prior to 1861. She married William Franklin Smith (3 July 1843-21 November 1902), son of John and Harriet Drusilla Mobley Smith, on 6 September 1865. Both are buried in Calvary Baptist Church Cemetery, Chester County.

Their issue: Oscar David, 23 November 1867-28 February 1956; Charlotte Drusilla, 21 September 1868-13 July 1884; Frances Cordelia, 11 May 18707-October 1918; Sallie Eleanor, 5 January 1873-29 January 1963; John, 1876; William Franklin Jr., 1878; Lottie, 1880-1922; Jennie Mae, 20 April 1882-8 December 1978; and Annie Lou, 1884.

Oscar David Smith 5 (23 November 1867, Baton Rouge Section, Chester County-28 February 1956, Rodman, S.C.), first child of Sarah and William, never married and is buried at Calvary Baptist Church, Chester County.

Charlotte Drusilla (Dru) Smith 5 (21 September 1868-13 July 1884, Chester County), second child of Sarah and William, married William Dixon Mobley, son of William Dixon and Elizabeth A. Dixon Mobley. She died in childbirth and is buried at Woodward Baptist Church, Fairfield County.

Frances Cordelia (Fannie) Smith 5 (11 May 1870, Baton Rouge Section, Chester County, S.C.-7 October 1918, Dalzell, S.C.), third child of Sarah and William, married Samuel Wagner Mobley (25 September 1868, Canavieiras, Bahia, Brazil-8 June 1938, Sumter, S.C.), son of Samuel Wagner and Mary Elizabeth Key Mobley, on 1 November 1893 at Calvary Baptist Church, Chester County. They lived in Dalzell. Both are buried at Horeb Baptist Church, Dalzell.

Their issue: Sallie Smith, 29 September 1894-15 December 1976; Edward Pelitier, 23 October 1896-6 May 1918; Samuel Wagner Jr., 29 October 1898; John Smith, 1 October 1900; William Franklin, 23 September 1901-29 May 1903; Marian Key, 11 April 1903; A. Gregory (twin) 2 August 1905-6 August 1905; David Key (twin) 2 August 1905; Archie Scofield, 15 February 1908; Fannie Cordelia, 14 February 1910; and Rachel Baker, 22 May 1913.

Sallie Smith Mobley 6 (29 September 1894, Dalzell, S.C.-15 December 1976), first child of Fannie and Samuel, married -?- Schrimer. They had one known son, Eugene.

Edward Pelitier Mobley 6 (23 October 1896, Dalzell, S.C.-6 May 1918, Dalzell, S.C.), second child of Fannie and Samuel, never married.

Samuel Wagner Mobley, Jr. 6 (29 October 1898), third child of Fannie and Samuel, never married. He lived in Cordell, Oklahoma for over twenty years, and has now resided in Houston, Texas for over twenty-five years.

John Smith Mobley 6 (1 October 1900, Dalzell, S.C.-31 August 1963, Harrison, Tenn.), fourth child of Fannie and Samuel, lived in Rockwood, Tennessee. He worked for the Tennessee Valley Authority from 1944 until his death. He is buried at Mt. Lebanon Baptist Church, Maryville. On 4 November 1921, at Lugoff, he married Mary Ella Mickle (19 October 1905-14 May 2002), the daughter of Robert Thomas and Sallie Emma Smith Mickle of Kershaw County, S.C. Mary Ellen died at the Colonial Hills Nursing Home, Maryville,TN. Their issue: Edward Pelitier (23 October 1922-20 May 1930); John Smith Jr. (11 December 1924); Marjorie Ella (6 December 1926); and Sallie Cordelia (22 January 1929).

Edward Pelitier Mobley 7 (23 October 1922, Kershaw County-20 May 1930, Camden, S.C.), first child of John and Mary Ella, is buried at Ebenezer Methodist Church, West Ebenezer.

John Smith (Jack) Mobley, Jr. 7 (11 December 1924, Kershaw County, S.C.), second child of John and Mary Ella, married Marjorie (Peggy) Anita Robinson (17 July 1929, Knox County, Tenn.), daughter of Morris Lee and Mary Elizabeth Bowman Robinson, on 11 November 1950 in Maryville, Tennessee. He was in the landscape business, but now makes furniture. They reside in Maryville. Their issue: Jackie Gayle, 15 May 1952; and Kathy Bernice, 24 December 1956.

Jackie Gayle Mobley 8 (15 May 1952, Maryville, Tenn.) married John Edwin Caruso (13 February 1949, Waldwick, N.J.) son of Victor Andrew and Ila May Tullis Caruso, on 15 December 1973 in Maryville. Their issue: Angela Marie, 29 January 1980 (Chattanooga, Tenn.); and William Christopher, 20 November 1980 (Chattanooga, Tenn.).

Marjorie Ella Mobley 7 (6 December 1926) third child of John and Mary Ella, married Ralph Houston Effler (17 March 1925, Alcoa, Tenn.), son of William Houston and Mary Ethel Burch Effler on 19 September 1948 in Georgia. They reside in Louisville. Their issue: Mary Rene, 14 June 1960.

Mary Rene Effler 8 (14 June 1960, Hutchinson, Kansas) married Joseph Francis Newman III (13 August 1949, Dobbs Ferry, N.Y.), son of Joseph Francis and Mary Leakey Newman, Jr., on 20 April 1985 in Spring Valley, New York. They have no issue. He has a daughter, Elizabeth (21 March 1976) by a previous marriage.

Sallie Cordelia (Sallie) Mobley (22 January 1929, Camden, S.C.), last child of John and Mary Ella, married Luke Calloway Bradley, Jr. (23 November 1928, Citico Creek, Monroe County, Tenn.), son of Luke Calloway and Amanda Rains Bradley, on 12 December 1946 in Rossville, Georgia. Luke served two tours of duty in the United States Air Force. They have lived in Nashville, Tenn.; Niceville, Fla.; Holloman AFB, New Mexico; Chateauroux, France; Luke AFB, Langley, Va.; and Bergstrom AFB, Texas. He retired as an aircraft mechanic in January 1971. They reside in Alcoa, Tenn. Their issue: John Mendle, 2 April 1951; James Michael, 16 June 1953; and Joe Mark, 6 July 1955.

John Mendle Bradley 8 (2 April 1951 , Maryville, Blount County, Tenn.) works and lives in Newport News, Virginia. He is unmarried.

James Michael (Mike) Bradley 8 (16 June 1953, Maryville, Tenn.) married (as her second husband) Cathy Rae Densmore Hawley (4 November 1950, New Bern, N.C.), daughter of Leonard and Carolyn Ruth Davidson Densmore, on 9 April 1977 in Raleigh, N.C. He works for Brady Trane, Greensboro, N.C. and they reside in Garner. Their issue: Robert Lance (Hawley), 4 November 1969, legally adopted by J. M. Bradley; and Erin Ruth, 31 March 1980 (Raleigh, N.C.).

Joe Mark (Joe) Bradley 8 (6 July 1955, Maryville, Tenn.) married Terry Lynn Cagle (1 May 1956), daughter of John Alden and Mildred Ruth Whitehead Cagle on 13 September 1972 in Maryville. He works for Aluminum Company of America, Alcoa, Tennessee. They reside in Maryville. Their issue: Jennifer Michelle (Jenny), 22 January 1973 (Maryville, Tenn.).

William Franklin Mobley 6 (23 September 1901-29 May 1903) was the fifth child of Fannie and Samuel Wagner Mobley.

Marian Key Mobley 6 (11 April 1903, Dalzell, S.C.), the sixth child of Fannie and Samuel, never married and lives with her brother, Sam, in Houston.

A. Gregory Mobley 6 (2 August 1905-6 August 1905), the seventh child of Fannie and Samuel, was David Key’s twin.

David Key Mobley 6 (2 August 1905, Dalzell, S.C.), eighth child of Fannie and Samuel, married Thelma Catherine Taylor (13 November 1911, Sumter, S.C.), daughter of Ernest Ray and Mary Garland Swinson Taylor on 20 December 1931 in Sumter. They reside at 18 Chestnut St., Sumter, S.C. Their issue: David Kent; Carl Key; and Jane Claire.

David Kent (Kent) Mobley7 (21 January 1937, Sumter, S.C.) married (as her second husband) Julia Mixon Austin (23 March 1938) in Sumter, S.C. She had four children by her previous marriage that went by the name of Mobley but were never legally adopted by their stepfather. They were Debra, Phillis Diane, Doris and Charles Austin. Kent and Julia’s issue: David Kent, Jr., 23 November 1961 (Sumter, S.C.); and John Mark, 8 December 1964 (Sumter, S.C.).

Carl Key (Carl) Mobley 7 (3 August 1940, Sumter, S.C.) married Jo Ann Poston (1 September 1941), adopted daughter of John W. and Sadie Ridgell Poston, on 7 October 1958 in Florence, S.C. They reside in Sumter. Their issue: Jo Melony, 7 September 1960-2 July 1962; and Casha Ann, 27 May 1963.

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