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Color Codes separate generations. Numbers show generations.
First Generation 1 – BLACK – (Sons/daughters of Isaac) Sixth Generation 6 – BROWN
Second Generation 2 – RED Seventh Generation 7 – GREY
Third Generation 3 – GREEN Eighth Generation 8 – PURPLE
Fourth Generation 4 – ORANGE Ninth Generation 9 – Olive
Fifth Generation 5 – BLUE Tenth Generation 10 – PINK


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William Thompson (Thomas) Gregory 5 (1866, Chester County, S.C.-January, 1913, Tuscaloosa, Ala.), the first child of Benjamin P. and Elmira, married Etta Meador (?-10 July 1958) on 15 March 1896 in Chester County, South Carolina. Both are buried at Tuscaloosa. Their children: Bernard Meador, 20 August 1897; B.P., 1899 (died as an infant); Leah Elizabeth, 4 August 1901; Auburn Mentor, February 1903; Vivian Elmira, 12 July 1905; Janie Mae, 16 January 1907; and Nettie Marguerite, 6 May 1908.

Eugene Howe Gregory 5 (13 April 1868, Baton Rouge Township, Chester County, S.C.-20 February 1936, Lowrys, S.C.), the second child of Benjamin P. and Elmira, is buried at Calvary Baptist Church near Baton Rouge. He married Minnie Alice Sanders in the Baton Rouge community on 19 November 1891. Their issue: B. Howe, 3 October 1892; Gill Means, 24 February 1894; Kate, 19 January 1896; Inez, 1 January 1898; Wilkes, 1 November 1900; Guss E., 8 December 1902; Glenn, 17 April 1904; Vivian M., 30 May 1908; and Eugenia, 5 July 1913.

Leila Belle Gregory 5 (18 December 1869, Baton Rouge, Chester County, S.C.-21 August 1942), the third child of Benjamin P. and Elmira, is buried at Chester, South Carolina. She married, first: Gill Cornwell on 20 November 1887. Their children: Curtis Pickens; Maggie Mae; and Zemp Wesley.

Leila Belle 6 married, second: Leja Faris Westerlund at Chester, South Carolina, on 17 April 1895. They lived in Chester. They had the following children: Augustus Earl; and Louise.

Curtis Pickens Cornwell 6 (19 September 1888, Chester County, S.C.-22 February 1953, Columbia, S.C.), first child of Leila Belle and Gill Cornwell, is buried in Evergreen Cemetery, Columbia. He was a veteran of World War I and practiced law in Tuscaloosa, Alabama until his death. He never married.

Maggie Mae Cornwell 6 (25 March 1890, Chester County, S.C.-25 May 1944, Chester, S.C.), the second child of Leila Belle and Gill Cornell, is buried in Evergreen Cemetery, Columbia. She never married.

Zemp Wesley Cornwell 6 (18 July 1892, Chester County, S.C.-8 June 1942, Pensacola, Fla.), the third child of Leila Belle and Gill Cornwell, is buried in Pensacola. He was a Navy veteran of World War II. Lieutenant Cornwell married Clara Pebley Pepper at Pensacola on 18 October 1922. Their issue: Robert Zemp; Alice Jane; and George Marvin, 23 February 1918.

Robert Zemp Cornwell 7 (16 April 1926, Pensacola, Fla. -19 March 1959), son of Zemp Wesley and Clara Cornwell, graduated from the United States Naval Academy in June 1952 and was stationed at the Naval Air Station in Pensacola. He held the rank of Lieutenant at the time of his death. He married Carolyn Williams, daughter of Dr. and Mrs. William Lewis Williams, at Pensacola on 7 December 1957.

Alice Jane Cornwell 7 (9 December 1934, Pensacola, Fla.), second child of Zemp Wesley and Clara, graduated from Florida State University in June 1955. She married, first: Richard Taylor Pietsch (?-19 June 1957), Lieutenant (j.g.), U.S. Naval Reserve, on 27 April 1957. She married, second: George Ralph Schwab in Pensacola on 27 July 1961. They reside in Wilmington, Delaware.

Augustus Earl Westerlund 6 (19 March 1899, Chester, S.C. -25 December 1943, Union County, S.C.), first child of Leila Belle and Leja Faris, married Ethel King at Chester, South Carolina. They had the following issue: Ethel, ?; James, 2 March 1934; and Augustus Earl Jr., 6 May 1930-5 October 1931.

Louise Westerlund 6 (15 November 1906, Chester, S.C.), the second child of Leila Belle and Leja Faris, married Jeter Wade at Chester on 5 June 1935. They reside in York, S.C., and have no children.

Edward T. Gregory 5 (9 December 1871-6 June 1946), fourth child of Benjamin P. and Elmira, rests in Evergreen Cemetery. He married Margaret J. Worthy (5 July 1812-1 November 1930), daughter of Thompson Worthy, at Worthy’s Ferry, in 1893. Their issue: Porter Worthy, ; Dolly, 29 March 1899; Margaret Ann, 22 August 1902; and Leila Belle, 18 September 1905.

NOTE: Additional information on Porter Worthy Gregory and his family was provided by Thomas Pickens and Vivian B. Gregory.

Porter Worthy Gregory 6 (8 August 1896), the first child of Edward T. and Margaret Worthy Gregory, married Martha Ellen Atkinson. They had a son, Thomas Pickens.

Thomas Pickens Gregory 7 (13 September 1932), the child of Porter and Martha Gregory, was born in Baton Rouge, Chester County, SC. He married Vivian Arlene Brownlow, on 29 August 1959 in Atlanta, Fulton County, Georgia. Vivian is the daughter of Joseph Paul and Frankie Alice Cooper Brownlow, and was born in Riceville, Iowa. Thomas and Vivian had four children: Martha Ellen; Thomas Pickens Jr. (Eric); John Girard; Mary Elizabeth.

Martha Ellen Gregory 8 (14 November 1962), the first child of Thomas and Vivian Gregory, was born in Columbia, SC. She married Guy S. Wright in July 1990. The marriage ended in divorce in 1998. In February 2002, Martha married John Watkins. Martha and first husband Guy Wright has two children: Laura Elizabeth (29 December 1994, Pensacola, Florida); Stephen Gregory (31 August 1996, Pensacola, Florida).

NOTE: Additions to Thomas Pickens Gregory, Jr. was provided by Melanie Gregory.

Thomas Pickens (Eric) Gregory, Jr. 8 (4 December 1964), the second child of Thomas and Vivian Gregory, was born in Columbia, SC. He married Robin Leanne McLaughlin on 5 May 1990. The couple have three children: Ruby Alexis (26 April 1994, Tallahassee, Fl); Guy Thomas (23 October 1998, Tallahassee, Fl); Beau Brantley (19 July 2000).

John Girard Gregory 8 (10 June 1968), the third child of Thomas and Vivian Gregory, was born in Atlanta, Georgia. He married Melanie K. Garvin on 12 August 1995. They have two daughters: Rebecca Katherine (13 September 1999, Lexington, SC), Kristen Rianne Gregory (10 June 2004 in Columbia, South Carolina).

Mary Elizabeth Gregory 8  (4 January 1974), the fourth child of Thomas and Vivian Gregory, was born in Columbia, SC. On 18 June 1995, Mary married Grant D. Barber. The couple have two children: Carolina Hope (6 December 1999, Tallahassee, Florida), Grant D. Barber, Jr. (24 March 2003 in Tallahassee, Florida).

Augustus Mobley Gregory 5 (8 March 1877, Baton Rouge, Chester County, S.C. – 5 August 1922, Chester, S.C.), fifth child of Benjamin P. and Elmira, married Martha Elizabeth Banks (? – 30 July 1958) at Chalkville, South Carolina. They are buried side-by-side in Evergreen Cemetery. Their children: Annie Lee, 17 September 1897-30 December 1897; Stewart Lemira, 3 April 1903; Miriam Jeanette, 7 March 1905; Augustus Mobley Jr., died in infancy; Benjamin Pickens, 16 January 1910; Martha Elizabeth, 2 September 1912; and William Thomas, 7 October 1914.

Benjamin Pickens Gregory, Jr. 5 (6 May 1893), Baton Rouge, Chester County, S.C.-28 October 1932), the youngest child of Benjamin P. and Elmira, is buried at Calvary Baptist Church near Baton Rouge. He married Margaret Mayfield in Chester County, on 23 May 1913. They had no children.

Lydia Elizabeth Gregory 4 (19 January 1846, Union County, S.C.-11 August 1881), daughter of Benjamin Franklin and Leah, is buried in the Gregory family graveyard in Union County. She married James Faucette Woods (15 October 1843, Chalkville, Chester County-19 August 1932, Norfolk, Va.) in Chester County. He is buried in Evergreen Cemetery. James Faucette was a Confederate veteran, with service as a Sergeant in General Robert E. Lee’s Army of North Virginia at the surrender of Appomattox. He and two companions walked back to their homes in Chester County after the surrender. Lydia and James’ issue: Martha E.; William Thomas; Margaret Lee; Frank Johnson; Hazel; Richard Adolphus; and Elizabeth.

Martha E. Woods 5 (1867-27 January 1914), first child of Lydia and James, never married.

William Thomas Woods 5 (3 February 1868-28 December 1921), second child of Lydia and James, is buried in Evergreen Cemetery. He married Georgia Melton, and they had a son: Melton, 1901.

Margaret Lee Woods 5 (8 June 1878-27 July 1912), the third child, is buried in the cemetery of Beulah Church, Union. She married Claude Hampton Meadows (29 December 1875-2 December 1958) in December 1898. Claude is buried at Uriel Presbyterian Church, Chester County. Their issue: Woods Jeter, 31 October 1899; and Bessie Elizabeth, 22 February 1904.

Frank Johnson Woods 5 (20 March 1876-28 May 1927), the fourth child of Lydia and James, is buried in Brushy Fork Cemetery. He married Lucy Walton Wade, daughter of Henry and Martha Pendergrass Wade of Chester County. Their children: James Perry, 12 June 1898; Letha Henrietta, 27 October 1899; Patsey Elizabeth, 11 October 1901; Clara Lucille, 22 July 1903; Matthew McCarley, 12 November 1905; William Frank, 11 March 1908; Annie Geneva, 8 December 1910; Martha Iona, 23 July 1913; and Johnson Richard, 15 February 1916.

Hazel Woods 5 (12 May 1871-2 June 1905), the fifth child of Lydia and James, was unmarried.

Richard Adolphus Woods 5 (1 May 1878-3 July 1933), the sixth child of Lydia and James, is buried in Magnolia Cemetery in Norfolk, Virginia. He married Emma Iona Niven (2 November 1880), daughter of William and Emma A. Niven, on 26 October 1905 in Norfolk. Emma resides with her daughter, Emma Iona Woods Hollomon, in Norfolk. Their children: Emma Iona, 15 August 1906; Amelia Elizabeth, 20 June 1909; Evelyn Lucille, 9 May 1911; and James Niven, 18 February 1917.

Elizabeth Woods 5 (1881-11 June 1915), the youngest child of Lydia and James, is buried in Evergreen Cemetery, Chester. Elizabeth married James Sanders, as his second wife, on 25 March 1914. They had no issue.

William Thomas (Tom) Gregory 4 (13 October 1847 -31 March 1885), son of Benjamin Franklin and Leah, apparently did not marry.

Mary Eugenia Gregory 4 (8 May 1849-August 1889), fourth child of Benjamin Franklin and Leah, married Thomas Edward Hawkins (?-1908) on 10 October 1867. Both are buried in the Hawkins’ Cemetery near Union. Their children: Rosa Thompson; Thomas Hampton; Hazel Franklin, 2 February 1873; Fannie May, 23 January 1875; Cassie B., 1 August 1877; and Wilkes Elizabeth, 27 November 1881.

Rosa Thompson Hawkins 5 (22 September 1868-1938), daughter of Mary and Thomas, is also buried in the Hawkins’ Family Cemetery. She married Charles L. Hyder (1861-1934) on 13 May 1886, and lived near Union. Their children: Ada Eugene, 13 January 1888; Mattie Jeane, 20 December 1889; Wilkes Edward, 1 January 1893; Sallie Thompson, 30 May 1894; Dock Victor, 17 April 1896; Annie Bell, 10 February 1898 Rosa Lee, 28 January 1900; Hayes Hampton, 15 June 1902; Henrietta Louise, 13 July 1904; and Glenn Ellis, 8 January 1907.

Thomas Hampton Hawkins 5 (10 March 1870-18 March 1937), second child of Mary and Thomas, married Emma Eison (?-1917) in 1916. Emma is buried at Hebron Baptist Church. Thomas is buried in the Hawkins’ Family Cemetery. They had one child that died as an infant.

Henrietta Gregory 4 (13 February 1851-20 April 1915), fifth child of Benjamin Franklin and Leah, married Edward S. Carter in Union County. Both are buried at Brushy Fork Baptist Church. They had no children.

Starks Adolphus Gregory 4 (23 April 1853-5 January 1904), sixth child of Benjamin Franklin and Leah, married L. Howard (?-13 October 1879) on 19 November 1876. He then married Susie Eliza Gregory (?-30 November 1938), daughter of Cit and Charlotte Gibbs Gregory, on 23 December 1880. Both are buried at Putnam Baptist Church in Union County. Their children: Martha Glenn; William Hamilton; Ellen Elizabeth; Clara Caroline; John Henry, 28 April 1888-14 October 1889; Simpson Norman, 12 April 1892-20 November 1892; Maggie Eulala; Sallie Lois; and an infant died at birth, 15 January 1896.

Martha Glenn Gregory 5 (27 October 1881-20 June 1903), first child of Starks Adolphus and Susie Eliza, is buried at Putnam Baptist Church. She married J.J. Cooper on 27 June 1900. Their infant son died at birth, 3 March 1901.

William Hamilton Gregory 5 (17 June 1883-21 March 1947), second child of Starks Adolphus and Susie Eliza, married Minnie W. West (?-12 May 1950) on 23 November 1914. They resided in Union County. Both are buried at Putnam Baptist Church. Their issue: Anna, 1 September 1915-27 December 1917.

Ellen Elizabeth Gregory 5 (24 October 1885-3 August 1923), the third child, married William Thomas Dupree (?- 15 November 1956) on 24 December 1903. Both are buried at Putnam Baptist Church. Their children: William Henry Wallace, 17 November 1904; and Clara Eula, 12 June 1909.

Clara Caroline Gregory 5 (9 March 1890), the fourth child of Starks Adolphus and Susie Eliza, married Samuel H. O’Shields (?-7 July 1955) on 30 December 1913. He is buried at Putnam Baptist Church. Their issue: Susie Augusta; Lottie Lorene; Woodrow Wilson; and Harrison Boyd.

Susie Augusta O’Shields 6 (26 October 1915-9 June 1997), the first child of Clara and Samuel O’Shields, married Samuel Hayes Barnett, the son of Wallace and Henretta Lancaster Barnett. Sam died on 21 January 2000. Both Susie and Sam are buried at Putman Baptist Church. They had no children.

Lottie Lorene O’Shields 6 (3 April 1917-2 April 2000), the second child of Clara and Samuel O’Shields, married Jessie Ervin ‘Bill’ Barnett on 23 October 1937. He also was the son of Wallace and Henretta Lancaster Barnett. Bill died on 14 May 2001. Their children were: Florence Eloise; Lawrence Wayne.

Florence Eloise Barnett 7 (2 February 1939), the first child of Lottie and Bill Barnett, married Leon Berry ‘Butch’ Meador, on 10 October 1958. Butch was the son of Leon Brown Meador and Estelle Berry. Butch died 25 June 2001. He is buried at Florence Memorial gardens, Union, South Carolina. Their child is: Catherine Delaine.

Catherine Delaine Meador 8 (22 March 1960), the only child of Florence and Butch Meador, married Terrence Lynn Simonson, the son of Robert and Clarene Lamb Simonson, on 4 January 1986. They live in Florence, South Carolina and attend First Baptist Church with Don Lowe. Their child: Alexandra Lynnsay (12 August 1993).

Lawrence Wayne Barnett 7 (22 December 1946), the second child of Lottie and Bill Barnett, married Sue Farner Lawson on 16 August 1969. They had one son: Jeffery Wayne.

Jeffery Wayne Barnett 8 (15 October 1970), the only child of Lawrence and Sue Farner Lawson, married Kimberly Dawn Buchanan, the daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Jasper James Buchanan Jr., on 17 June 1995.

Woodrow Wilson O’Shields 6 (17 January 1919-5 June 1979), the third child of Clara and Samuel O’Shields, never married. He died on 5 June 1979 and is buried at Putman Baptist Church. He never married.

Harrison Boyd O’Shields 6 (12 December 1920-31 July 1970), the fourth child of Clara and Samuel O’Shields, married Anne Mae Gossett (3 March 1923). Harrison died on 31 July 1970 and is buried at Putman Baptist Church.

Maggie Eulala Gregory 5 (13 November 1893), the seventh child, married Dock Victor Hyder on 11 March 1914. Dock is deceased and Maggie resides in Union. Their issue: Rosa Lee, 21 February 1915; Eula Mae, 12 May 1918; and Evelyn Yvonne, 16 August 1937.

Sallie Lois Gregory 5 (14 September 1899-May 1971), the eighth child of Starks Adolphus and Susie Eliza, married Brooks Patton Nabors (?-16 January 1962) on 8 August 1917. Both are buried at Putnam Baptist Church. Their issue: Susie Irene; Herbert.

Susie Irene Nabors 6 (3 November 1917), the first child of Sallie Lois and Brooks Nabors, married James Smith. They had no children.

Herbert Nabors 6 (2 November 1919-17 June 1993), the second child of Sallie Lois and Brooks Nabors, never married. He is buried at Putman Baptist Church.


Joseph Franklin Gregory 4 (18 April 1856 -23 February 1925), seventh child of Benjamin Franklin and Leah, married Eliza L. Lawson (17 July 1859-10 January 1938), daughter of William and Emilia Sparks Lawson, on 30 December 1880. They are buried at Putnam Baptist Church. Their issue: Lillie Leanna; Berry William; Eugenia Henrietta; Curtis Franklin; and Vera Elizabeth.

Lillie Leanna Gregory 5 (21 April 1882-1914), first child of Joseph and Eliza, married John Fincher and lived at Woodruff, South Carolina.

Berry William Wilkes Gregory 5 (26 December 1881 -24 August 1935), second child of Joseph and Eliza, married Ellen Sumner (?-30 May 1032) on 22 December 1901. Both are buried at Putnam Baptist Church. Their children: Agatha; Alvin Fincher; Franklin Marion; George Carlton; Mabel Frances; and Fred Salley.

Agatha Gregory 6 (5 November 1902, Union County, S.C.), daughter of Berry and Ellen, married William A. Burgess in Union County on 18 October 1925. They live in Greenville, South Carolina. They have a son: William A. Jr.

William A. Burgess, Jr. 7 (13 July 1928) married Agnes V. Murphee at Hilliard, Florida on 4 July 1952. He is a minister and resides in Clearwater, Fla. Their children: Dianne, 19 February 1955; and Gregory, 2 August 1958.

Alvin Fincher Gregory 6 (15 August 1905), second child of Berry and Ellen, lives in Buffalo, S.C. He married Ima Gowan, daughter of Lee and Allie Boyce Gowan, on 16 November 1929. Their daughter: Frances, 13 February 1932.

Franklin Marion Gregory 6 (16 August 1911), third child of Berry and Ellen, is a veteran of World War II with two years service in the Pacific area including the Okinawa campaign. He married Odessa Keistler on 20 March 1936; they reside in Buffalo, S.C. Their son: Bobby Gerald, 7 January 1937.

George Carlton Gregory 6 (9 June 1913), fourth child of Berry and Ellen, also resides in Buffalo. He married Ruth Alice Wix on 6 November 1935. Their son: George Carlton Jr., 1 November 1945.

Mabel Frances Gregory 6 (30 November 1916-11 March 2000), fifth child of Berry and Ellen, married James Benson Byars on 12 October 1945. She retired from United Merchants, Buffalo Plant, Buffalo, SC. She was very active in the Buffalo Baptist church. She and James resided in Union, SC. She is buried at Union Memorial Gardens, Union, SC. No issue.

Fred Salley Gregory 6 (1 January 1921), the sixth child of Berry and Ellen, married Elizabeth Rhinehart, daughter of Robert and Nora Down Rhinehart, on 9 November 1946. Their daughter: Anne Marie, 25 July 1952.

Eugenia Henrietta Gregory  (1 May 1886), third child of Joseph Franklin and Eliza, married William Jesse Fincher on 17 March 1901. They reside near Union. Their children (all still live near Union with the exception of Mary Louise): Jesse Wallace; Annie Mae; James Furman; Arthur Edward; Ernest Farr; Robert Emerson; Mary Louise; and William Charles.

Jesse Wallace Fincher 6 (28 October 1905), first child of Eugenia and William, married Julia Elizabeth Faucette, 25 December 1924.

Annie Mae Fincher 6 (30 May 1902), second child of Eugenia and William, married Dewitt Talmadge Garner on 15 August 1927. Their children: Dewitt Franklin, 30 July 1929; and Zalie Mae, 24 July 1934.

Dewitt Franklin Garner 7 (30 July 1929), the first child of Annie Mae Fincher and Dewitt Talmadge Garner, married Edith Vivian Oliver on August 1950. Their children : Philip Antony, (9 September 1956); and Van Mark, (31 July 1958).

Philip Antony Garner 8 (9 September 1956), the first child of Dewitt Franklin Garner and Edith Oliver Garner, married Kimberly Victoria Blalock on 23 October 1977. Their children: Susan Celeste Garner, 9 June 1980. Philip and Kimberly divorced in 1983, and Philip married Lorraine Eaves Garner in 1990. Lorraine had one daughter, Philip’s step-daughter, Jessica Lauren Fowler, 8 February 1983.

Van Mark Garner 8 (31 July 1958), the second child of Dewitt Franklin Garner and Edith Oliver Garner, married Tammy Lane in 1979. Their children: Tiffany Dawn Garner, (19 April 1988).

James Furman Fincher 6 (14 July 1909), the third child, was a Corporal in the United States Army Air Corps in World War 11. He married Jessie Mae McCluney at Charlotte, N.C., on 19 August 1950.

Arthur Edward Fincher 6 (4 March 1912), the fourth child, married Lillie Mae Fowler on 27 June 1939. Their children: Geanine Laverne, 30 June 1948; and Marylin Runnette, 20 March 1951.

Ernest Farr Fincher 6 (8 November 1915), the fifth child, married Beulah Madrid Smith on 14 November 1936. Their child: Hazel, 24 May 1940.

Robert Emerson Fincher 6 (24 August 1917), the sixth child, married Mary Frances Bobo on 22 January 1943. They have a daughter: Barbara Kaye, 13 February 1945.

Mary Louise Fincher6 (24 November 1921), the seventh child, married Essie Clifford Jines on 24 March 1946. They live in Barnwell, S.C. E.C. served four years in the United States Army infantry during World War II.

William Charles Fincher 6 (30 March 1926), the eighth child of Eugenia and William, married Thelma Jean McCannon on 10 December 1943. Their children: Charles Michael, 24 June 1945; and Wilma Frances, 8 September 1948.

Curtis Franklin Gregory 5 (27 December 1889 -22 March 1960), fourth child of Jospeh Franklin and Eliza, lived near Union. He married Letha Kingsmore (24 October 1889-6 December 1960) on 3 February 1907. Both are buried at Putnam Baptist Church. Their children (all born in Union County): Matrel, 16 January 1908 (died in infancy); Marie Elizabeth; Jeannette Lelia; Verlie Agatha, 20 March 1916; Mildred Eliza, 23 April 1919 (died in infancy); Curtis Lynell; Ladson Lewis; Letha Lucille; and Margaret Eulalia.

Marie Elizabeth Gregory 6 (23 February 1910), second child of Curtis Franklin and Letha, married A.G. Scott on 25 February 1928. They live in Buffalo. Their children: Mary Nell, 9 April 1934 (deceased); Curtis Samuel; and Janie Margaret.

Curtis Samuel Scott7 (9 February 1929), second child of Marie Elizabeth and A.G., married Eleanor Virginia Miller, daughter of Stewart N. and Virginia M. Miller, on 22 June 1949. They live in Buffalo. Their children: Richard Wayne, 11 April 1954; Curtis Samuel, 7 May 1956; and Pamela Glyn, 9 June 1957.

Janie Margaret Scott 7 (24 August 1936), the youngest child, married James Ralph Childers, a Sergeant in the United States Air Force, on 6 August 1956. Their children: Ralph Scott, 20 June 1957; and Samuel Glynn, 18 August 1959.

Jeanette Lelia Gregory 6 (11 August 1913-16 January 1941), the third child of Curtis Franklin and Letha, is buried at Putnam Baptist Church. She married Carl Martin Lawson (now residing in Orlando, Fla.). They had no issue.

Curtis Lynell Gregory 6 (23 April 1920), sixth child of Curtis Franklin and Letha, is a veteran of World War II with four years of service in the United States Army, including the European Theater of Operations. He married Mozelle Lottie Metz, daughter of Jefferson K. and Lottie S. Metz, on 16 May 1946. Their issue: Margie Dianne, 6 August 1953; and Curtis Lynell, 6 July 1955.

Ladson Lewis Gregory 6 (4 May 1923), seventh child, is a veteran of World War II with three years of service in the United States Army, including the Pacific Theater of Operations. He married Ruby Etolia Riddle, daughter of Faber and Millie S. Riddle, on 11 June 1942. Their issue: Harold Ladson, 6 February 1943; Dale Etolia, 3 March 1950; and Joseph Franklin, 9 September 1952.

Note: The information on the family of Ladson Lewis Gregory was furnished by Heath Lynn Gregory of Buffalo, SC.

Harold Ladson Gregory 7 (6 February 1943), the first child of Ladson and Ruby Gregory, was born in Union, SC. He married on 15 May 1977, in Union, SC, Elaine Ford (6 March 1951, Union, SC), daughter of Hubert Wallace and Lena O’Shields Ford. They both graduated from Union High School. Their issue: Heath Lynn (1 June 1978, Spartanburg, SC) and Neil Blake (8 January 1980, Spartanburg, SC). Heath and Neil are attending Spartanburg Tech (1999).

Dale Etolia Gregory 7 (3 March 1950, Union, SC), the 2nd child of Ladson and Ruby Gregory was born in Union SC. She married on 3 June 1965, in Union, SC, Leon Edward Smith (23 September 1946, Union, SC), son of Hollis and Belva Smith. They reside in Union Co., SC (1999). Their issue: Christopher Leon and Kevin (25 March 1970).

Christopher Leon Smith 8 (5 December 1968), the first child of Leon and Dale Smith was born in Union, SC. He married on 8 August 1992, in Union, SC, Tracey Lynn Pridemore (16 January 1969, Union, SC), daughter of Franklin and Brenda Rogers Pridemore. They reside in Union Co., SC (1999). Their children, both born in Spartanburg, SC: Chelsey Kristina (19 August 1994) and Nathaniel Cole (1 January 1999).

Joseph Franklin Gregory 7 (9 September 1952-5 February 2000), the third child of Ladson and Ruby Gregory, was born in Union County, SC. He married on 30 August 1980, in Gray Court, SC, Cheryl Duckworth (4 July 1958, Woodruff, Spartanburg Co., SC), the daughter of Elford Allen and Janice Knight Duckworth. Joseph served in the Army for 2 years and then worked in construction until disabled in 1998. Cheryl graduated from Dorman High School (1976), Spartanburg, SC and attended USC, Spartanburg. She has worked for Milliken & Co. for 21 years. Joseph Franklin Gregory died on 25 February 2000, at the age of 47, in Union, SC, and is buried at Putman Baptist Church, Union Co., SC. Their children, both born in Spartanburg, SC: Joseph Franklin, Jr. (4 April 1985); Monica Kay (24 November 1987).

Letha Lucille Gregory 6 (7 August 1926), the eighth child, married Leslie Eugene Godshall on 4 March 1947. Their issue: Stephen Eugene, 2 October 1947; Lauren Marie, 13 August 1955; and Sheree Lynn, 21 August 1956.

Margaret Eulalia Gregory 6 (12 December 1930), the youngest child, married Hilliard McKitrick Harvey on 10 February 1949. They reside in Aiken, S.C. Their issue: Gregory Hilliard, 14 March 1952; Ruth Ann, 22 April 1954; and Glenn Taylor, 27 June 1955.

Vera Elizabeth Gregory 5 (21 April 1895-20 February 1965), the fifth child of Joseph Franklin and Eliza, married James Monroe Kingsmore (16 July 1890 -6 January 1961). They are buried at Putnam Baptist Church. Their children: James Claridge, 16 December 1912 – 1 September 1977; Lillie Eliza (Parks), 4 December 1914; Joseph Paul, 14 June 1916; Carl Eivert, 10 May 1918; Vera Katherine (Spence), 24 February 1920; Willis Franklin, 3 July 1921; and Audrey Lucile (Harmon), 7 June 1928.

Simpson Wilkes Gregory 4 (15 July 1859-9 September 1880), eighth child of Benjamin Franklin and Leah, died unmarried. He resided with the T. Edward Hawkins family (sister Mary Eugenia’s family) in 1880. He died only three months after the census was taken.

John Hazel (Hasill) Gregory 4 (30 January 1864 -18 February 1871), the youngest child of Benjamin Franklin and Leah, died at age seven.


John J.E. Gregory 3 (ca. 1824, Union County – November 1879), fifth son of Benjamin J. and Elizabeth Crosby Jeter Gregory, was the “mystery man” of the Gregory family. He married Mary Smith before 1847, the birth year of their eldest daughter, Harriet.

Mary, the daughter of John and Harriet Drusilla Mobley Smith, could have been married prior to her marriage to John. She listed herself as 22 years of age at the 1850 census of Union County, and she was already the mother of three children at that time. This possibility is put forth, however, because she always signed her dower as “Mary J. Boyd Gregory.”

A Deed of Gift from John Smith of Chester County, S.C., to Harrison Gregory, John J.E.’s brother, verifies her as a Smith. The deed (Book W16, p. 256, executed 20 January 1853) reads in part: “Know all men by these presents that I, John Smith, due to the natural love and affection I bear my daughter, Mary J. Gregory, wife of John J.E. Gregory of Union, and in consideration of $1.00 to me paid by William Harrison Gregory, give to Mary J. Gregory the following Negro slaves: Tom, Caroline, and her children Bill, Taylor, Mary (Nancy) and Victoria . . .” This deed, witnessed by Andrew Jackson Gregory, was recorded 16 August 1853 and delivered to W.H. Gregory.

Their issue, as described in The Mobley’s and Their Connections: Harriet, ca, 1847 (married Lee Darby); Elmira, ca. 1848 (married Samuel Harlem); Benjamin; Harrison (married Elmira Bennett ); Bothwell Jeter (died young); and Emily (married Ob Cornwell).

John listed himself as a planter in the 1850 census. His real estate value was listed at $1,470. He moved to Mississippi, probably in early 1854. This time frame is calculated because he sold his land in December 1853 and January 1854. He does not show up on the 1860 Union County census, but he served in Company G, Holcombe’s Legion, a South Carolina infantry brigade, during the War Between the States. He was discharged for being “over-aged.”

The 1870 census shows John living with Benjamin Franklin and Leah Gregory (p. 521) in South Carolina. His occupation is listed as teacher and he is the Head of Household. John’s wife and children are not with him. It is suspected that John had left his wife and children in Mississippi when he returned.

Union County Probate Court Records (Box 58, Package 7) indicate that he asked his brother, B. Adolphus, be appointed executor of the trust fund left to him by David S. Jeter.

James Munro, relationship to the family unknown, petitioned for Letter of Administration on John’s estate in 1880 (Box 7, Package 5). It is stated within this petition that John J.E. Gregory left a wife and several children unknown to the petitioner.

John died in Mississippi in November 1879. His place of burial is not known, though probably Winston County, Mississippi.

Andrew Jackson Gregory 3 (20 September 1825 -20 September 1890), sixth son of Benjamin J. and Elizabeth C. Jeter Gregory, married (ca. 1846) Levicia Wilkes (1830-1904). Their issue: Benjamin Simpson, Andrew Eusebus, William Harrison, States Rights, Sarah and Hostletine.

Levicia (Levitia) was the eldest daughter of Abner Wilkes (10 December 1801-16 November 1884),  Image LInk who lived in Chester County, South Carolina. His first wife, Elizabeth, daughter of William and Levicia Cornwell, died, leaving Levicia, two younger brothers and a sister. Abner married again and had seven more children by Lucinda Hardwick (see History of Thomas Wilkes, p. 361).

A family story is related by Polly Wirtz Johnson, granddaughter of Simpson and Mary Skinner Gregory.

Levicia and her brothers attended a school out in the woods and she spoke of crossing a small stream of water enroute to school. On one occasion, a very handsome young man on horseback crossed her path. He nodded and spoke. She wondered who he was. Another morning the young man crossed again; this time lifting his hat and smiling. She still wondered who he was.

Levicia was getting older and at that time rich men sent their daughters to finishing school after they completed school at home. She was sent to Charleston to stay with an aunt who ran a boarding house. A little while later she was seen in town by a sheriff of that city. He was attracted to this charming young lady. It was the custom for men wishing to call upon a girl to send a slave with a calling card and candy or flowers; which he did, but all was returned with a “no.” Then a Methodist minister spotted her and he, too, sent a card and flowers. Again, a “no,” he could not see her – but she kept the flowers.

Then a Mr. Andrew Jackson Gregory sent his card, an old family friend (only a small strip of land separated the two home places). “Yes,” he was welcome to call. When she saw him, she realized he was the handsome young man she had seen at the crossing on two occasions before. The friendship bloomed, and she and A.J. were wed.

Simpson and Eusebus were born in South Carolina. Harrison and States Rights were born in Mississippi, followed by Sarah and Hostletine (who both died young). The 1850 census of Union County, S.C. (#108) shows Andrew Jackson to be 24 years old; Levicia, 20; Simpson, 3; and Eusebus, 1. The 1860 census in Chickasaw County, Mississippi (p. 92) shows Andrew Jackson, 35; Levicia, 30; Simpson, 13; Eusebus, 11; and Harrison, 3. Levicia is listed as “Levitia” and their post office was Redland.

Andrew Jackson left South Carolina in 1857 for Mississippi to settle new farmland. The family journeyed by covered wagon, carrying a maid, a Negro man, and Simpson and Eusebus. Both Levicia and the maid wept to leave.

A three year drought in South Carolina, plus the obvious over-population prompted the move by Andrew Jackson and three of his brothers.

They settled on land that was almost identical to Union County, South Carolina, both in appearance and soil composition. They felt comfortable with hill land. There are family accounts of trials with heavy Chuquatonchee bottomland farms that were abandoned because they did not know how to cope successfully with the different soil conditions. Also, mosquitoes and malaria were more prevalent in the bottoms, though they did not know of the connection at the time. The soil type and crop failures due to water overflow were primary reasons for their return to the hills and branch bottoms.

Later information by Hortense Smith and Lillian Renshaw, granddaughters, stated that Andrew and Levicia originally settled in an area called Redland in Chickasaw County, close to the Natchez Trace, before moving to Okolona. This was just south of Pontotoc, Mississippi, one of the first settlements in that country and close to the site of the Indian treaty signing with the Chickasaw Indian Nation in which they sold their homeland to the United States.

William Harrison Gregory, brother of Andrew Jackson, owned several hundred acres in the same area, now part of the Natchez Trace Game Preserve. Hortense and Lillian were told by Harrison Gregory, their father, that his little sister, Hostletine, was buried in Redland. This must be Shiloh Church, close to Van Vleet, Mississippi. Harrison stated that she was just a baby when she died. Her marker has not been found. Sarah, age 6 years, is buried at Friendship Church, three miles northwest of Van Vleet.

Andrew Jackson signed up during the first year of the War Between the States. During the second year, Benjamin Simpson wanted to take his father’s place, even though he was only sixteen years old at the time. Andrew Jackson disagreed, but Simps said, “I will go anyway if you do not consent for me to go.” Simps took a slave along to make his bed and fires, etc. In an old tintype, Simps was very handsome in his Confederate uniform.

Another “family lore” story is that Andrew Jackson had $60,000 worth of baled cotton confiscated by Union troops during the War for which he was never compensated. Cotton was worth one dollar a pound in silver in those days. Needless to say, in family accounts, the Northerners were “damn Yankees!”

One of Andrew Jackson’s nieces from Texas has written of family stories of Andrew Jackson’s concern for his former slaves after the Civil War. Many slaves stayed on at the farms of their former owners as “sharecroppers” because of a sense of security with people they knew and understood. A paternalistic sense of responsibility often existed in these owners.

One story was about Andrew Jackson repeatedly getting his Negroes out of jail on Saturday night after their arrests for drunkenness. As was the custom – even up to World War II – the farm Negroes, after a full week of toil in the fields, borrowed a wagon and team of mules to go five miles to town for relaxation, food buying, etc. Saturday night on Main Street in Okolona in those days was a mass of black humanity (75% of the population) smelling of fresh starched overalls and cotton dresses and dime store talcum powder and pungent food.

Corn whiskey, “white lightening,” was cheap and provided escape from a dull life. Some of the blacks, after several hours of socializing, drinking moonshine whiskey, eating cheese and crackers, bologna sausage, and nickel cans of sardines, would become quite drunk and not infrequently get into knife or razor fights.

The local Constable and Chief of Police would occupy themselves for several hours carting the hapless ones off to the jail drunk tank. Their “black jacks,” properly applied (often with scalp lacerations that were not sewed up), discouraged arguments as to the necessity of the trip. The more severe knife wounds were attended to by local doctors, who would have preferred being home.

Needless to say, the landowner was called upon to pay their fines and could then send the remorseful ones home in the company of the remainder of his “hands.” Their aching heads usually had recovered sufficiently by early Monday morning to allow a return to the cotton fields.

Another story of Andrew Jackson: His wife Levicia had a dream shortly before a scheduled trip back to South Carolina on business. She dreamed she saw him in his coffin and deemed it a premonition. She did not tell him of the dream, but prevailed on him to delay his trip, which he did. Shortly thereafter, he died of apparent natural causes.

Andrew Jackson’s farms were divided among his four sons, Ben Simpson, Eusebus, William Harrison and States Rights. Andrew Jackson and Levicia are buried in the Grange Hall Cemetery (now abandoned) about 3.5 miles west of Okolona. Apparently Andrew Jackson was a gentleman, good citizen and substantial member of the community.

The accounts of the four sons of Andrew Jackson and their descendants which follow have been prepared by a member of each branch, who has gathered as much information as is available – family lore, fact … and, possibly, a word or two of fiction.

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