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Color Codes separate generations. Numbers show generations.
First Generation 1 – BLACK – (Sons/daughters of Isaac) Sixth Generation 6 – BROWN
Second Generation 2 – RED Seventh Generation 7 – GREY
Third Generation 3 – GREEN Eighth Generation 8 – PURPLE
Fourth Generation 4 – ORANGE Ninth Generation 9 – Olive
Fifth Generation 5 – BLUE Tenth Generation 10 – PINK


Frank Ernell (Ernell) Peake 6 (10 April 1898, Union, S. C.-20 September 1981, St. Petersburg Beach, Fla.) served in the 42nd “Rainbow” Division in World War I. He married Helen Inez Stalvey (10 November 1900), daughter of Albert Derrick and Ellen Victoria Sanders Stalvey of Georgetown, S.C., on 18 March 1923 in Conway, S.C. Ernell retired from the service of Arlington County, Virginia. Their issue: Frank Ernell, Jr., 12 February 1924; Robert Sanders, 20 October 1926; and William Derrick, 11 June 1929.

Frank Ernell Peake, Jr. 7, (12 February 1924, Rock Hill, S.C.) served in the United States Navy in World War II. He is a graduate of Duke University, Durham, N.C., with a BS in Electrical Engineering. He married Jane Drew Macnider (17 December 1923, McVille, N.D.), daughter of John Robert and Genevieve Gove Drew Macnider, on 26 December 1951 in Roseburg, Oregon. Frank is an electrical engineer in the Washington, D.C. area and resides in Fairfax, Va. Their issue: Leslie Drew, 6 February 1953; and Cheryl Ann, 2 April 1955.

Leslie Drew Peake 8 (6 February 1953, Bethesda, Maryland) graduated from Duke University, Durham, with a BS in Art History in 1974; and from Delta State University, Cleveland, Mississippi, in 1983 with a BBA in Accounting. She married Donald Robert Riekert (18 January 1951, Oceanside, L.I., N.Y), son of Edward Van Zan and Eleanor Shoemaker Riekert, on 29 December 1973 at Duke University Chapel. Donald is also a graduate of Duke, with a BS in Chemical Engineering (1973). He works for J.A. Jones Construction Company of Charlotte, N.C. Their issue: Jonathan Joel, 15 August 1980 (Charlotte, N.C.); and Alison Claire,1 July 1983 (Greenville, Miss.)

Cheryl Ann Peake 8 (2 April 1955, Arlington, Va.) married Thomas Edward Sabo (9 September 1958, McKeesport, Pa.), son of Martin and Mary Magdelene Adamcik Sabo, on 29 September 1984 in Alexander, Virginia. He is a graduate of Pennsylvania State (BS EE, June 1982) and they reside in Franconia, Virginia. Their issue: Timothy Martin, 24 May 1985 (Falls Church, Va.)

Robert Sanders Peake 7 (20 October 1926, Columbia, S.C.) is a graduate of Duke University, Durham. He married Constance (Connie) Warren Jenks (19 August 1931), daughter of Henry A. and Constance Bouveau Jenks, on 26 November 1955 in Cambridge, Massachusetts. Connie is a Physical Therapy graduate of Pembroke and Duke universities. Bob currently works for the University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill. They reside in Durham. Their issue: Cynthia Warren, 25 February 1957; and Diane Sanders, 10 January 1959.

Cynthia Warren Peake 8 (25 February 1957, Durham, N.C.) graduated from the University of North Carolina, and worked for General Electric Company, Lynchburg, Virginia. She married Carl Peter Saroff of Fort Wayne, Indiana (where they reside) on 5 October 1985 at Duke University Chapel. They have no children.

Diane Sanders Peake 8 (10 January 1959, Durham, N.C.) graduated from Vanderbilt University, Nashville, Tenn., and the University of North Carolina Law School. She married Dennis Keith Taggart on 31 July 1982 at the Duke University Chapel. They divorced in 1983 and had no issue.

William Derrick Peake 7 (11 June 1929, Columbia, S.C.) graduated from Clemson University with a BS in Architectural Engineering in 1950. He married Leah Ruth Banks (1 March 1930, Burnsville, N.C.), daughter of Plato Marion and Mary Loucretia Young Banks, on 23 May 1952. Bill is a practicing architect in Falls Church, Virginia. They reside in Springfield, Virginia. Their issue: Derrick Sanders, 11 July 1954; Judith Ann, 10 March 1956; Martha Frances, 5 August 1957; and David Franklin, 22 April 1965.

Derrick Sanders Peake 8 (11 July 1954, Washington D.C.) married Mary Melanie Burnette (14 June 1955), daughter of Harvey L. and Mary Melissa Ratliff Burnette, on 7 August 1976 in Columbia, S.C. Derrick and Melanie are graduates of Clemson University (1978). Both are registered architects practicing in Columbia, South Carolina, where they reside. Their issue: Graeson Burnette, 17 September 1979 (Columbia, S.C.).; and Abigail Burnette, 22 December 1983 (Columbia, S.C.)

Judith Ann Peake 8 (10 March 1956, Washington, D.C.) attended Clemson University (1975-77) and graduated from Virginia Tech, Blacksburg, Virginia (BA, Accounting, 1978). She married Paul Martin Marcella, Jr. (29 May 1956, Waterbury, Conn.), son of Paul Martin and Carmella Parella Marcella, on 16 September 1978 in Springfield, Virginia. Paul is a graduate of the University of Connecticut (1976) and received his MS in Transportation Planning from Virginia Tech in 1978. He was working as Transportation Planner for the State of Connecticut in 1985. They reside in Middletown, Connecticut. Their issue: Kristen Marie, 29 January 1982 (East Hampton, Conn.); Jennifer Leigh, 27 November 1983 (Middletown, Conn.); and Matthew Paul, 16 May 1986 (Middletown).

Martha Frances Peake 8 (5 August 1957, Washington, D.C.) graduated from York Academy of Arts, June 1978, with an Associate of Fine Arts. She married Albert Bricker Ilenfritz IV, son of A.B. and Peggy Ilenfritz III, on 24 March 1979 at Springfield, Virginia. They divorced in 1981 and have no issue. Martha is a stained glass designer in Ellicott City, Maryland and resides in Columbia.

David Franklin Peake 8 (22 April 1965, Fairfax, Va.) attended Old Dominion University, Norfolk, Virginia, and resides with his parents.


Keith Cockrell6 (Keith) Peake (23 September 1900, Harper’s Ferry, W.V.-12 October 1963, Washington, D.C.) is buried in Rock Creek Cemetery, Washington, D.C.

He married, first: Brownlee Elizabeth Neely (12 April 1910, Rock Hill, S.C.-29 October 1948, Washington, D.C.), daughter of Eugene Moore and Eunice Cameron Neely, in August 1925 in North Carolina. She is buried at Laurelwood Cemetery, Rock Hill, S.C. Their issue: Jean Neely, 7 May 1926; and Eunice Elizabeth, 9 May 1927-12 December, 1952.

Keith Cockrell Peake married, second: Emma Manolia Garlington Warren (14 July 1918, Columbia, S.C.), daughter of William Henry and Manolia Valeria Cauthen Garlington, in Washington, D.C. Their issue: Marcia, 28 March 1955.

Jean Neely Peake 7 (7 May 1926, Rock Hill, S.C.) married Edgar Farr Russell, Jr. (9 May 1927, Washington, D.C.), son of Edgar Farr and Ida Rebecca Frazier Russell, on 14 June 1952 at All Saints Memorial Episcopal Church, Washington, D.C. Ed is a graduate of the United States Maritime Marine Academy and works for the Naval Observatory. They reside in the Georgetown District. Their issue: Edgar Farr III, 14 January 1954; and Frazier Neely Southey, 19 September 1957.

Edgar Farr Russell III 8 (14 January 1954, Washington, D.C.) graduated from Georgetown University, and is serving in the Strategic Air Command. He has been stationed in Omaha, Nebraska and Japan. He resides in Washington, D.C., where he is attending Command School.

Frazier Neely Southey Russell 8 (19 September 1957, Washington, D.C.) graduated from New York University in 1979. He works in New York City.

Eunice Elizabeth Peake 7 (9 May 1927, Chester, S.C.-12 December 1952, Washington, D.C.) married Luther Monroe Eastep, the son of Ernest R. Eastep of West Virginia, on 13 May 1949 at Central Presbyterian Church, Washington, D.C. Eunice is buried at Arlington National Cemetery. They had no issue.

Marcia Peake Sorrell 7 (28 March 1955, Washington, D.C.) was adopted by her mother’s sister and husband, Mr. and Mrs. Russell Sorrell of Rocky Mount, North Carolina, after the death of her father. Her name was legally changed to Marcia Peake Sorrell.

Thomas Hopkins 6 (Hop) Peake (20 June 1903, Union, S.C.-4 January 1969, Union, S.C.) married Mary Elizabeth McMurray (25 February 1902), daughter of Otis Miller and Bessie Selina Garvin McMurray, on 6 August 1925 in Abbeville, South Carolina. Elizabeth is a descendent of George Brandon, a Union County, S.C. pioneer. She graduated from Queens College (Charlotte, N.C.) and served as Lunchroom Supervisor for the Union County school system for twenty years. Hop was an automobile salesman prior to his retirement. He is buried in Rosemont Cemetery, Union, S.C. Their issue: Thomas Hopkins Jr., 28 June 1926; and Erwin Crockett, 20 April 1928.

Thomas Hopkins (Hop) Peake, Jr. 7 (28 June 1926, Union, S.C.) graduated from Clemson University with a BS in Chemistry/Engineering (1947). He married Margaret Louise Simril (6 September 1928, Rock Hill, S.C.), daughter of Hugh Loraine and Louise Evans Simril, on 28 November 1959 in Rock Hill. Margaret is a 1949 graduate of Winthrop College, Rock Hill. They presently reside in Trinity, North Carolina. Their issue: Evans McMurray, 5 October 1961; and Gregory Charles, 18 March 1964.

Evans McMurray (Evans) Peake 8 (5 October 1961, Charlotte, N.C.) entered the United States Navy in May 1981 from Morganton, N.C. He attended electronics school (Pensacola, Fla.) and submarine school (Groton, Conn.) and is stationed in San Diego. He married Bonita Leigh Roberts (16 November 1961, Elberton, Ga.), daughter of Donald Lester and Jacquelyn Couch Roberts of Newnan, Georgia, in Reno, Nevada on 17 July 1983. They reside in El Cajon, California. Their issue: Jeremy Brandon, 16 January 1984 (Oakland, Cal.); and Sean McMurray, 18 January 1986 (San Diego, Cal.).

Gregory Charles Peake 8 (18 March 1964, Charlotte, N.C.) graduated from Freedom High School, Morganton, and St. Andrews Presbyterian College, Laurinburg, North Carolina, in 1986 with a BS in Biology.

Erwin Crockett Peake 7 (20 April 1928, Union S.C.) attended Clemson for one year (1945-46). He enlisted in the United States Navy and then entered the United States Naval Academy, Annapolis, in 1947. After graduating in 1951, he entered the United States Air Force as a fighter pilot, serving in the Korean and Viet Nam wars. He retired as a Colonel in 1977. His first marriage, to Sylvia Deming in Las Vegas, ended in divorce in 1962. They had no issue.

He then married Marilyn Stoneburg (4 February 1937, Pine Bluffs, Wyo.), daughter of Carl Joseph and Mabel Irene Schryler Stoneburg, on 6 July 1963 in White Sands, New Mexico. Erwin is Business Manager for the First Presbyterian Church, Albuquerque, where they reside. Their issue: Lisa Rochelle, 20 September 1958 (daughter of Marilyn by a previous marriage, legally adopted by Erwin); Andrew Erwin, 16 November 1965 (Redlands, Cal.); and Janine Michelle, 29 January 1969 (White Sands, N.M.).

Lisa Rochelle (Lisa) Peake 8 (20 September 1958) graduated from the University of New Mexico, with a BS in Nursing, in 1980. She married Kenneth John Duling (28 January 1956, Leadville, Col.), son of Dr. John Anderson and Virginia Clare Steinbeck Duling of Las Cruces, N.M., on 26 July 1980 in Albuquerque. Ken is also a graduate of the University of New Mexico (BS, Nursing, 1980). They reside in Albuquerque. Their issue: Laura Christine, 12 December 1983 (Albuquerque).

Frances Elisabeth Peake 6 (12 October 1905, Union, S.C.) was educated at Chicora College (now Queens College), Columbia, South Carolina. She married, first: John McGee Fix (13 August 1900-22 September 1941) of Burlington, N.C. on 29 March 1932 at Union. He was the son of John Meade and Carrie Holt Fix. They had no issue.

She married, second: Carl Winfried Parsons (27 December 1900), son of Albert Sheridan and Bertha Ellen Titchner Parsons, on 23 April 1946 in Kentucky. They had no children, but raised Carl’s children by a previous marriage: Rebekah, Albert and Carl II. They reside in Ventura, California after living in New Castle, Delaware for many years.

Isaac Franklin (Frank) Peake, Jr. 6 (11 September 1908, Union, S.C.-15 January 1984, Tyron, N.C.) attended the Georgia Institute of Technology. On 21 April 1934 he married Mary Sue Ledford (15 August 1910, Charlotte, N.C.-22 January 1986, Atlanta, Ga.), the daughter of James Nelson and Ella Alice Gantt Ledford, in Charlotte, North Carolina. Frank retired from the DuPont Company, Wilmington, Delaware, to Tryon, where they are both buried. Their issue: Glenn David, 31 August 1938.

Glenn David (David) Peake 7 (31 August 1938, Old Hickory, Tenn.) graduated from Georgia Institute of Technology with a BS in Industrial Engineering in 1961. He married Martha Woods (28 August 1941, Dothan, Ala.), daughter of Dr. Thomas Baxter and Miriam Christmas Woods. They currently reside in Atlanta. Their issue: Glenn David, Jr., 19 August 1966; and Thomas Franklin, 1969 (Atlanta).

Glenn David (Glenn) Peake, Jr. 8 (19 August 1966, Wilmington, Del.) is currently attending William and Mary College, Williamsburg, Virginia, majoring in history.

Victoria Anna Peake 5, daughter of Charlotte Frances Gregory and Thomas Bowker Peake, married Captain Townsend, son of judge D.A. and Sallie Belle Douglas Townsend. Victoria died of pregnancy complications and is buried in Tallahassee, Florida.

Thomas Bowker Peake, Jr. 5, died without issue and is buried beside his parents in an unmarked grave.

Glenn David (Glenn) Peake 5 (15 March 1875, Glenn Springs-16 March 1940, Spartanburg) married Elizabeth Etta Baines (1 July 1880-November 1937). Thev are buried at Oak Grove Baptist Church, Spartanburg. Their issue: Lucia Glennie, 22 September 1904; and Patricia Myra, 11 April 1907.

Lucia Glennie (Lucia) Peake 6 (22 September 1904, Union S.C.) married Charles Lewis Noblitt and lived in Spartanburg, South Carolina. Their issue: Arvid Terry, 27 March 1924; Betty Lou, 12 November 1928; Elbert Graham, 2 December 1930; and Jack Everett, 21 November 1932.

Arvid Terry (Noblitt) Peake 7 (27 March 1924, Spartanburg, S.C.) married Mary Kate Hines in February, 1947. They reside in Garner, North Carolina. Their issue: Michael Terry, 28 March 1948; Richard Glenn, 13 April 1951; and Jeffery Lynn, 14 August 1953.

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