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Color Codes separate generations. Numbers show generations.
First Generation 1 – BLACK – (Sons/daughters of Isaac) Sixth Generation 6 – BROWN
Second Generation 2 – RED Seventh Generation 7 – GREY
Third Generation 3 – GREEN Eighth Generation 8 – PURPLE
Fourth Generation 4 – ORANGE Ninth Generation 9 – Olive
Fifth Generation 5 – BLUE Tenth Generation 10 – PINK


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Jane Claire Mobley7 (31 January 1946, Sumter, S.C.) married Larry Allen Braswell (8 May 1946, Rock Hill, S.C.), son of Paul Albert and Lavinia Lesslie Braswell, on 2 March 1966 in Sumter. They reside in Inman, South Carolina. Their issue: Denise Michelle, 25 October 1966 (Sumter, S.C.); and Michael Allen, 8 December 1968 (Sumter, S.C.).

Archie Scofield Mobley 6 (15 February 1908, Dalzell, S.C.), ninth child of Fannie and Samuel, married Pauline Arnold (21 October 1920), daughter of John Ernest and Alti Ora Wilson Arnold, on 22 December 1939 in Terre Haute, Vigo County, Indiana. They reside in Terre Haute. Their issue: Archie Scofield, Jr; John Samuel; and David Russell.

Archie Scofield Mobley, Jr. 7 (18 December 1941, Terre Haute, Ind.) married, first: Shelly Kraft Stevens of Fairfield, Maine, in 1962 in Gibralter. They divorced in 1968 and had no issue. He married, second: Susan Merrill (3 November 1942, Georgetown, Mass.), daughter of Robert and Elizabeth Pettingill Merrill on 16 June 1969 in Georgetown. They reside in New Hampshire. Their issue: Heather Leigh, 24 May 1972; and Archie Scofield III, 1 July 1975.

John Samuel Mobley7 (2 August 1945, Terre Haute, Ind.) married Martha Lynn Dennis (23 March 1948, Terre Haute), daughter of Albert and Louise Shower Dennis, on 23 January 1962 in Terre Haute. They were divorced in January, 1979 and she then married Dr. Robert Christiansen. He married, second: Dyan (no last name given). They have no issue. The issue of John Samuel and Martha Lynn Dennis are: John Samuel Jr., 23 December 1971; and Jeffrey David, 14 April 1974.

David Russell Mobley7 (12 July 1951, Terre Haute, Ind.) married Genie Duley (3 March 1953, Terre Haute), daughter of Jay and Eileen Kingman Duley, on 13 May 1973 in Terre Haute, where they reside. Their issue: Katherine Elisabeth, 13 August 1982 (Terre Haute).

Fannie Cordelia Mobley 6 (14 February 1910, Dalzell, S.C.-23 December 1956, Houston, Texas), tenth child of Fannie and Samuel, moved with her family to Oklahoma ca. 1925, where she finished Cordell High School. She was a graduate of Wesley Hospital School of Nursing in Oklahoma City. She married Hugh M. Russell (born in Bessemer, Ala., died 29 February 1960 in Houston) in Atlanta, Georgia. Mr. Russell is credited with developing 1287 of the 8000 existing varieties of Day Lily. He was the largest grower of day lilies in the world. Their issue: Annis Faye; Hugh M.; Patricia; Samuel Mobley; Frances; Jacob, a stepson; and Jennie Lee, a stepdaughter.

Annis Faye Russell 7 (12 May 1935, Atlanta, Ga.) married, first: Lyman Cox, and had a daughter Elizabeth, and a son, Skeeter. She then married Rutherford. They now live in Texas.

Hugh M. Russell, Jr. 7 (18 August 1938) married Susie Holsupple in Houston, Texas. They have one son.

Patricia Russell 7 (19 July 1940) married George Holsupple. They have one adopted daughter, Katherine, and live in Texas.

Samuel Mobley Russell 7 (15 November 1942) married Frankie Fort in Houston. They reside in Texas and have a daughter, Samantha.

Frances Russell 7 (18 July 1945) first married Ed Kalliel, and secondly, Paul Hyde. She has a son, Nathan, and lives in Texas.

Rachel Baker Mobley 6 (22 May 1913, Dalzell, S.C.) married Hayden Gene Austin in 1937 in Oklahoma. Their marriage ended in divorce. She then married Frank Freddie Morgan in 1955. He had two sons, Bobby Dean and Lloyd Wayne, by a previous marriage. They live in Foss, Oklahoma. Rachel Baker and Hayden Gene Austin’s issue: Hayden Gene, Jr., 2 October 1938; and John Randall, 19 January 1941. Rachel Baker and Frank Freddie Morgan’s issue: Roberta Ann (10 November 1955).

Hayden Gene Austin, Jr. 7 (2 October 1938, Oklahoma) married Jane Powell in Oklahoma. They reside in Burns Flat, Oklahoma. Their issue: David, Mark, Steven and John, all born in Oklahoma.

John Randall Austin 7 (19 January 1941, Oklahoma) married Sharon Case. They live in Elk City. Their issue: Nelson, Marlow and Marisa.

Nelson Austin 7 married Elizabeth Harness. Their issue: Jessica, 1985 (Oklahoma).

Roberta Ann Morgan 7 (10 November 1955) married, first, Tedd Lees; married, second, Billy Diggs. They live in Elk City. There are no children.

Sallie Eleanor (Lena) Smith 5 (5 January 1873, Baton Rouge Section, Chester County, S.C.-29 January 1963, Houston, Texas) was the fourth child of Sarah Ellen Medora and William Franklin. She married Key Restored Mobley (11 March 1878, Canavieiras, Bahia, Brazil-5 August 1954, Spring, Texas), on 28 November 1900 in Baton Rouge Section, Chester County. He was another son of Samuel Wagner and Mary Elizabeth Key Mobley. Their issue: Walter Key; Lena Mae; Clarence Newell; Mack Wendell; Mary Lois; Malcolm Chalmers; and William Mabry.

Walter Key Mobley 6 (4 October 1901, Daizell, S.C.-20 March 1960, Rossville, Ga.), first child of Sallie Eleanor and Key Restored, married Lola Irene Davis (11 November 1905, Calhoun, Gordon County, Ga.-24 September 1975, Fort Oglethorpe, Catoosa County, Ga.). Their issue: Walter Key Jr.; and Donald Franklin.

Walter Key Mobley, Jr. 7 (17 March 1933, Hamilton County, Tenn.) married Dorothy Marie Lawson on 5 June 1954 in Rossville, Georgia, Their issue: Susan.

Donald Franklin Mobley 7 (28 June 1938, Chattanooga, Tenn.) married Bette Lynn Decker (12 October 1941, Chattanooga), daughter of Norman Lee and Frances Askew Decker on 15 November 1972 in Rossville, Georgia. Their issue: Douglas Scott, 12 July 1974; and Jeremy David, 13 January 1977.

Lena Mae Mobley 6 (27 August 1903), second child of Sallie Eleanor and Key Restored, married Paul Moody Smith in Pauline, South Carolina. They reside in Spartanburg and have an adopted son, Paul.

Clarence Newell Mobley 6 (2 May 1906, Dalzell, S.C.-10 December 1976, Tracy, Cal.), third child of Sallie Eleanor and Key Restored, married Winnie Laura Burch (2 October 1909, Lonewolf, Okla.-8 July 1974, Tracy, Cal.), daughter of Alonzo Hall and Anna Dodgion Burch, on 26 April 1933 in Fort Smith, Arkansas. Their issue: Ruth Gynell; Walter Max; Clarence Don; and Lon.

Ruth Gynell Mobley7 (16 September 1933, Cordell, Okla.) married, first: Derl Crowder. She married, second: George Thomas Lenehan II (18 April 1935) at the Naval Air Station, Moffet, Florida. Ruth Gynell and Derl Crowder’s issue: Laura Leanne; Keith Mercal, 19 April 1953; Derl Edward, 12 October 1955-28 January 1973; and Katherine Elizabeth, 26 October 1956.

Laura Leanne Crowder 8 (3 March 1952, Tracy, Cal.) married Kenneth Myer on 3 March 1984 in Reno, Nevada.

Walter Max Mobley 7 (23 June 1939, Cordell, Okla.) married Stella Josephine (Dot) Ottenstroer (31 March 1941, Hackensack, Minn.), daughter of Henry J. and Stella Marie Gorleske Ottenstroer, on 23 November 1958 at Tracy, California. Their issue: Carrie Ann; and Richard Max, 17 October 1963.

Carrie Ann Mobley 8 (28 January 1960, Tracy, Cal.) married Charles (Chuck) Spatafore III (18 November 1957, Tracy, Cal.), son of Charles and Margaret McDaniel Spatafore, on 26 May 1979 in Reno, Nevada. Their issue: Olivia Marissa, 23 April 1980 (Reno).

Clarence Don Mobley 7 (11 March 1942, Stockton, Cal.) married, first: Patricia Louise Dittman. He married, second: Patricia Joyce (Billah) Morford (1 April 1942, Salinas, Cal.), daughter of John and Verda Toon Billah, on 6 April 1986 in Tracy, California. Clarence Don and Patricia Louise Dittman’s issue: Laura Louise, 23 February 1973; and Melissa Nicole, 15 February 1974.

Lon Mobley 7 (14 May 1947, Stockton, Cal.) married Marilyn J. Clausen (18 January 1945, Slayton, Minn.), daughter of Julius E. and Lillian D. Koehn Clausen, on 8 December 1967 in Pensacola, Florida. Their issue: Londa Christine, 11 June 1968; and London Max, 18 May 1972.

Mack Wendell Mobley 6 (8 June 1908, Dalzell, S.C.-2 December 1922, Chattanooga, Tenn.), fourth child of Sallie Eleanor and Key Restored, never married.

Mary Lois Mobley 6 (8 November 1910, Daizell, S.C.), fifth child of Sallie Eleanor and Key Restored, married Scott Bowlin Morris (15 January 1906, Mulberry, Ark.), son of Joseph E. and Mary Oma Shaver Morris, on 7 December 1929 in Cordell, Washita County, Oklahoma. They reside in Hobart, Oklahoma. Their issue: Scott Bowlin Jr.; Jo Wendelyn; Mary Lena; and Thurman Key.

Scott Bowlin Morris, Jr. 7 (September 1930, Cordell, Okla.) married Clara Bernice Weber (22 April 1929, Hobart, Okla.), daughter of Emil and Clara Frye Weber, on 8 April 1948 in Gotebo, Oklahoma. They reside in Norman. Their issue: Rita Kay; Rosemary; Twila; and Terri Ann.

Rita Kay Morris 8 (2 May 1950, Hobart, Okla.) married Michael Bruce Bagley of Norman. Their issue: Gennifer, 25 April 1972; Tiffany Christina, 15 March 1974-24 December 1974; and Cory Scott, 11 September 1977 (adopted).

Rosemary Morris  (4 September 1952, Norman, Okla.) married Larry W. Pyle of Norman on 22 June 1973. Their issue: Amy Christina, 30 September 1974; and Jason Wayne, 15 July 1980.

Twila Morris 8 (8 September 1957, Norman, Okla.) married Daniel Zand Robring of St. Joseph, Missouri on 27 November 1981. Their issue: Zachary Zand.

Terri Ann Morris8 was born and died on 19 November 1960 in Norman.

Jo Wendelyn Morris 7 (1 August 1934, Atoka, Okla.) married Robert Lee Geis May 1933, (Gotebo, Okla.), son of Samuel and Martha Wiebe Geis, on 6 June 1952 at Gotebo, where they reside. Their issue: Robert Wayne, 19 September 1953; Randall Joe, 9 November 1955; and Ronda Leann, 26 August 1960.

Robert Wayne Geis 8 (19 September 1953, Hobart, Okla.) married Patty Anderson Kim in November 1983. Their issue: Melissa Kim, 4 February 1981 (adopted by R.W Geis); Christopher Gorden, 18 May 1984; and Sarah Beth, 28 August 1985.

Randall Joe Geis 8 (9 November 1955, Hobart, Okla.) is unmarried.

Ronda Leann Geis 8 (26 August 1960, Hobart, Okla.) married Dale Leonard Padgett on 25 March 1975. Their issue: Leonard Craig, 11 August 1977; Sherry Malee, 23 January 1979; Kristy Deann, 26 June 1980; and Shannon Renee, 13 July 1982.

Mary Lena Morris 7 (27 July 1939, Cloud Chief, Okla.) married Kenneth Dee Isaac (2 May 1938, Weatherford, Okla.), son of Arvin and Dorothy Welchel Isaac, on 24 May 1958 in Gotebo. They reside in Midwest City, Oklahoma. They have no issue.

Thurman Key Morris 7 (1 July 1942, Cloud Chief, Washita County, Okla.) married Dorothy Jean Barnett (12 October 1937, Norman, Okla.) on 6 November 1964 at Norman, where they reside. Their issue: Paul Joseph, 29 August 1967; Deborah Jean, 4 April 1971; and Philip Jason, 9 April 1979.

Malcolm Chalmers Mobley 6 (15 April 1913, Dalzell, S.C.-12 September 1970, Valdese, Burke County, N.C.), sixth child of Sallie Eleanor and Key Restored, married Lucille Mavity in Rossville, Georgia. He was Superintendent of Dyeing at Alba-Waldensian, Valdese, at the time of his death. Their issue: Lena Lucille; Malcolm Key; and Mack Wendell.

Lena Lucille Mobley 7 (1 June 1941, High Point, N.C.) married Larry Morgan Stillwell (26 February 1941) in Valdese, North Carolina. They reside in Rhodhiss. Their issue: Cheri Renee, 18 January 1960; Terri Rae, 21 August 1962; Gina Lynn, 28 July 1963; and Tina Ann, 2 August 1967; all of Valdese.

Malcolm Key Mobley 7 (10 January 1944, High Point, N.C.) attended North Carolina State University, Raleigh, for two years, then attended Gaston Institute, Gastonia, N.C., for an Associate degree. He currently resides in Connelly Springs, N.C., and is in national sales for a furniture springs outfit. He married and divorced Sandra Gillwreth. Their issue: Malcolm Key Jr.; and John. He then married Carol Ann Wilkerson in 1974 at Icard, N.C. and legally adopted her daughter by her first marriage, whose name is now Renee Mobley.

Malcolm Key Mobley, Jr. 8 (1960, Valdese, N.C.) married Sherri -?-. They reside in Rutherford College, N.C., and have two sons: Randall, 1982; and Johnston, 1984.

John Mobley 8(1969, Valdese, N.C.) lives with his mother, Sandra, in California.

Mack Wendell Mobley 7 (19 April 1946, Gastonia, N.C.) married Diane Elizabeth Brittain (18 June 1948, Valdese, N.C.) on 18 June 1966 in Valdese. Mack works as Quality Control Co-Ordinator for Alba-Waidensian, Inc., Valdese. They reside in Connelly Springs. N.C. Their issue: Mack Wendell Jr., 14 January 1967; and Jennifer Shea, 11 February 1972; both Valdese.

William Mabry Mobley 6 (6 December 1916, Dalzell, S.C.), last child of Sallie Eleanor and Key Restored, married Dora Frances Horn (13 September 1923, Wharton, Texas), daughter of William Christian and Mable Jane Scott Horn, on 25 December 1941 in Spring, Harris County, Texas. They reside in Montgomery, Texas. Their issue: Ronald William; Linda Jean; Terry Lynn; and Grady Key.

Ronald William Mobley 7 (17 August 1944-9 November 1963) was born in Houston and died in Riverside, Texas.

Linda Jean Mobley 7 (4 March 1947, Conroe, Texas) married Andrew Lothar Werner Spoehrer (21 March 1943, Wintertein, Germany), son of Werner Walter and Lieselotte Wolf Spoehrer. He was first married to Frances Clark. They reside in Spring, Texas. Their issue: Julie Lorena, 23 May 1972 (Houston); and Danielle Mackenzie, 17 December 1976 (Houston).

Terry Lynn Mobley 7 (26 January 1950, Conroe, Texas) married Eileen Joy Ciarlo (16 September 1950, Brooklyn, N.Y.), daughter of Salvatore Joseph and Susan Kukal Ciarlo, on 23 June 1973 in Conroe. Their issue: Jeb Stuart, 9 June 1974 (Conroe, Texas); and Stacy Lynn, 10 May 1977 (Bryan, Texas).

Grady Key Mobley 7 (15 March 1951, Conroe, Texas) married Ruth Ann Young Elbel (18 September 1945, Altus, Okla.), daughter of Troy Lee and Ruth Ann Southall Young, on 9 September 1972 in Spring, Texas. She was previously married to Eric Elbel. They reside in Montgomery, Texas. Their issue: Ginger Ruth, 30 July 1974 (Conroe); Rusty Key, 16 December 1975 (Conroe); and April Ann, 20 June 1977 (Conroe).

John Smith 5 (1876, Baton Rouge Section, Chester County, S.C.), fifth child of Sarah Ellen Medora and William Franklin, married Lelia Castles and they had one child, May Lelia.

William Franklin Smith, Jr. 5 (1878, Baton Rouge Section, Chester County, S.C.), the sixth child, married Mary Smith (1885-1978). She remarried a Cameron. Both are buried at Calvary Baptist Church, Chester County. There was no issue.

Lottie Smith 5 (1880, Baton Rouge Section, Chester County, S.C.), the seventh child, died in 1922 in Sumter County, South Carolina where her sister, Annie Lou, was living. She never married.

Jennie Mae Smith 5 (20 April 1882, Baton Rouge Section, Chester County, S.C.-8 December 1978, Rodman Section, Chester County), the eighth child, married Chalmers Edgar Waters (4 May 1876-20 September 1949), son of James Alexander and Sarah Elizabeth (Waters) Waters. They are buried at Union Associate Reformed Presbyterian Church, Richburg, South Carolina. They had no issue.

Annie Lou Smith 5 (1884, Baton Rouge Section, Chester County, N.C.-1964, Sumter, S.C.), the youngest child, married John Oliver Barwick of Paxville and Sumter, S.C., on 26 December 1905. Annie Lou was educated at Limestone College (Class of 1904), Gaffney, S.C., and taught school at Paxville and Sumter, S.C. Mr. Barwick was a bookkeeper. They are buried at Sumter. Their issue: John Oliver Jr.; Leon Sinclair; Gregory Bernard; Raymond Carlisle; Eleanor; and Aurelia.

John Oliver Barwick, Jr.6 (1909, Sumter, S.C.) married Ellinor Gaillard Crawford on 2 June 1931. They divorced in 1937. Their issue: Neil Gaillard.

Neil Gaillard (Barwick) Bates 7 (2 February 1934, Sumter, S.C.). Neil’s name was legally changed to Neil Gaillard Bates (with the consent of his Barwick grandparents) after the divorce of his parents in 1937 and the re-marriage of his mother to Joe M. Bates. He attended Clemson University and was graduated from the United States Naval Academy, 1957. He was a commissioned officer in the United States Air Force, retiring after twenty years. He married Malinda Ann Marshall (3 July 1937, Tallahassee, Fla.), daughter of William A. and Virginia Thornton Marshall, on 1 February 1958 in Tallahassee. They reside in St. Matthews, S.C. Their issue: Malinda Catherine; and Teresa Crawford.

Malinda Catherine (Cay) Bates 8 (26 November 1958, Bryan, Texas) graduated cum laude from Columbia College, Columbia S.C., in 1981.

Teresa Crawford Bates 8 (20 June 1962) was born in Hamilton, Bermuda.

Leon Sinclair Barwick 6 (November 1911) was known to have lived in Charleston, South Carolina at the time of his death.

Gregory Barnard Barwick 6 was known to have lived in Petersburg, Virginia at one time.

Raymond Carlisle Barwick 6 (8 September 1916) lives in Pensacola, Florida and is married to Lee Robertson of Mt. Airy, N.C. They have two daughters, Sandra and Teresa.

Eleanor Barwick 6 (22 September 1924) graduated from Limestone College, Class of 1944, Gaffney, S.C., and is the third generation to attend this institution. She is currently living in Sumter, S.C. and is married to William B. Gibson. Eleanor first married Colonel Michalowski. Their issue: one son, Joe; and three daughters including Kathy.

Kathy Michalowski 7 also attended Limestone as a fourth generation graduate, Class of 1972. Kathy is married to -?- Smiley.

Aurelia Barwick 6, daughter of Annie Lou Smith and John Oliver Barwick, died at 17 months of age.

Martha Ann (Mattie) Henrietta Gregory 4 (26 March 1847, Union District S.C.-5 September 1935, Landrum, Spartanburg, S.C.), fourth child of Isaac and Charlotte, married James Henry Randolph (25 May 1852-11 August 1918, Landrum S.C.) on 24 December 1876 in Santuc, S.C. He served at the post office in Landrum. They are buried in Landrum City Cemetery. Their issue: Charlotte Cornelia; Anna Tekoah; Elizabeth; Fannie Belle; William Isaac; and James Henry Jr.

Charlotte Cornelia (Nelia) Randolph 5 (27 November 1877, Santuc, S.C.-1963, Greenville, S.C.) married Leland Schumpert. She is buried at Landrum City Cemetery. Their issue: Randolph Schumpert.

Randolph Schumpert 6 married Miriam -?-; they divorced. He was in the Merchant Marines and died in Charleston, S.C. They had one daughter.

Anna Tekoah Randolph 5 (1879, Santuc S.C.-1966, Greenville, S.C.) is buried in Landrum City Cemetery.

Elizabeth (Bessie) Randolph 5 (1881, Santuc, S.C.-1925, Landrum, S.C.) married A. Clea Carpenter of Landrum. Both are buried at Landrum City Cemetery. Their issue: Elizabeth; and Dorothy.

Elizabeth Carpenter 6 (29 July 1914, Landrum, S.C.) married Melvin Bellwood on 10 September 1932 in Greenville, S.C., where they now reside. Their issue: Melvin Jr.; Linda (twin); Sandra (twin); and Jimmy.

Melvin Bellwood, Jr. 7 (8 November 1934, Greenville, S.C.) married Faye Adams and they are residing in Orlando, Florida.

Linda Bellwood 7 (23 February 1943, Greenville, S.C.) married T.C. Roberts.

Sandra Bellwood 7 (23 February 1943, Greenville, S.C.) married David Zywiczynaki.

Jimmy Bellwood 7 (28 June 1948, Greenville, S.C.) married Barbara -?-.

Dorothy Carpenter 6 (10 September 1916, Landrum, S.C.) married Joseph Tozzie (16 February 1918, Pleasantsville, N.J.), son of Joseph and Lucia Tozzie, on 8 August 1941 in Atlantic City, New Jersey. They reside in Greenville, S.C.

Fannie Belle Randolph 5 (1883, Santuc, S.C.-1933, Saluda, N.C.) married Reverend Ralph H. Morgan, a Baptist minister. She is buried in the Landrum City Cemetery. They had no issue.

William Isaac (Will) Randolph 5 (6 June 1885, Santuc, Union County-27 September 1979, Taylors, Spartanburg County) married Evelyn Grogan (2 October 1880, Pauline, Spartanburg County-24 November 1968, Spartanburg County), daughter of Thomas and Martha Ann Smith Grogan. Their issue: Mary Evelyn.

Mary Evelyn Randolph 6 (27 November 1922, Spartanburg, S.C.) married Clifford Calvin Hayslip on 4 December 1949 at the First Baptist Church, Spartanburg, where they currently reside. Their issue: Clifford Calvin Jr.; Marsha Elizabeth; Warren Randolph, 7 July 1954; Norman Richard, 17 May 1956-2 March 1957; and Carson Scott, 17 December 1957.

Clifford Calvin Hayslip, Jr. 7 (20 August 1951, Spartanburg, S.C.) is married and has a daughter, Alva Catherine, 13 February 1977.

Marsha Elizabeth Hayslip 7 (30 March 1953, Spartanburg, S.C.), married -?- Cantrell and has two children: Matthew Hayslip, 13 January 1977; and Marian Walker, 21 June 1979.

James Henry Randolph, Jr. 5 (1887-1889, Santuc, S.C.) is buried at Salem Baptist Church, Santuc.

John Wesley (John) Gregory 4  Image LInk  (24 November 1851, Santuc, Union District-8 March 1925, Santuc, S.C.), last child of Isaac Franklin and Charlotte, married Emma Adyl Chapin (11 September 1855- 28 December 1932), daughter of Martin and Laura Benjamin Chapin of Chapin, S.C., on 25 May 1877. J.W. Gregory served as Deputy Clerk of the Court for Union County for twenty-five years and was a farmer.

Both are buried at Rosemont Cemetery, Union, South Carolina. Their issue: Claude Chapin; Charlotte; Annie Laura; Benjamin Wyse; Mary Virginia; Sarah Eleanor; John Wesley Jr.; Martha Eloise; Frederick Paige; and Curtis Humphries.

Claude Chapin (Claude) Gregory 5 (3 September 1878, Santuc, Union County-1 December 1939, Jacksonville, Fla.) married Emma Elizabeth Fulmer (6 September 1873, Peak, S.C.-30 April 1949). Both are buried in Rosemont Cemetery. Their issue: Paige Chapin.

Paige Chapin Gregory 6 (27 November 1900, Santuc, S.C.-14 September 1961) married Florence May Guilfoyle (12 September 1904, Jacksonville, Fla.), daughter of James Daniel and Muriel May King Guilfoyle. Their issue: Muriel Joy.

Muriel Joy (Muriel) Gregory 7 (16 December 1930, Jacksonville, Fla.) was educated at the University of Miami, Coral Gables (’48-’49), and Hillsborough Community College, Tampa (’75-’77). She married Laurence Arville Petit, Jr. (24 December 1925), son of Laurence Arville and Mabel Josephine Larson Petit. He is a graduate of the University of Miami, Coral Gables (BBA 1949), and was a branch manager for General Motors Acceptance Corporation, St. Petersburg. Muriel was Office Manager for Dr. Gerald J. Rizzo of St. Petersburg. Larry is now retired and they live in Asheville, N.C., where Muriel works for the Veterans Hospital, Oteen, N.C. Their issue: Lawrence Gregory; Gail Lauren; and Douglas Conrad (Doug).

Lawrence Gregory Petit 8 (31 July 1952, Miami, Fla.) graduated from the University of Florida with a BA in Music Education. He married Teri Linda Bendit on 7 June 1980. Their issue: Elsie Ariel, 29 March 1983; Kyle Brandon 4 March 1985.

Gail Lauren Petit 8 (16 June 1954, Coral Gables, Fla.) graduated from the University of Florida, Gainesville, with a BBA in Accounting. She married Robert Gordon Millson (October 1951) on 3 July 1976. He is a Barrister and Solicitor, Province of Ontario, Canada. They reside in Windsor, Ontario, Canada. Their issue: Katherine Ann, 19 May 1978 (Windsor); and Douglas Robert, 9 July 1980 (Windsor).

Douglas Conrad Petit8 (6 September 1957, Coral Gables, Fla.) married Patricia E. Regan on 3 February 1983. Their issue: Ashley Diane, 5 December 1983. He adopted Sandra Elaine (born 27 December 1979) in November 1984.

Charlotte Gregory 5 (15 June 1880-6 December 1971, Santuc, S.C.) is buried at Rosemont Cemetery, Union, South Carolina.

Annie Laura (Annie) Gregory 5 (10 May 1882, Santuc, S.C.-2 July 1983, Eastover, Richland County, S.C.), third child of John Wesley and Emma Adyl, was educated at Clifford Seminary, Union, S.C. and taught music at Williamston, Santuc and Eastover, S.C. She married Sultan Westmoreland McKenzie, Jr. (31 October 1875 -13 September 1919), son of Dr. Sultan W. and Pauline Scott McKenzie of Eastover, S.C., on 3 July 1912 in Cane Creek Presbyterian Church, Santuc. Both are buried at Eastover. Their issue: Martin Chapin; and Epie Elizabeth.

Martin Chapin McKenzie 6 (10 May 1914, Eastover, S.C.) was educated at Christ School, Asheville, N.C., and Clemson University (BS, Agricultural Engineering, 1937). He retired as Extension Agricultural Engineering Project Leader with the State/Federal Cooperative Extension Service in July 1976. He married (as her second husband) Erma Arlene White Leitner (23 June 1915), daughter of John Elmer and Mildred Steele White, on 27 September 1946 in Hartsville, S.C. They reside in Central, South Carolina. Erma had two children by her first husband, the late William Aull Leitner, Sr. (16 July 1916-12 September 1940); William Aull Jr., 7 October 1935 (Marion, S.C.); and Mary White, 10 January 1940-24 June 1940. Martin and Erma have the following issue: Martin Chapin Jr.; John Westmoreland; and Jamie Ernest, 13 July 1954.

Martin Chapin McKenzie, Jr. 7 (17 March 1948, Anderson, S.C.) married Martha Spencer (originally from Iowa) on 20 December 1968. They are divorced. He lives in Charleston, S.C. Their issue: Martin Chapin III, 14 December 1972 (lives with his father).

John Westmoreland McKenzie 7 (2 June 1951, Anderson, S.C.) married, first, Martha Marshall League, daughter of Paul and Kathy League of Seneca, S.C., on 1 January 1969. They divorced in 1973. Their issue: Anne Michele, 10 December 1969 (lives with her father). He married, second, Linda Susan Byars (10 April 1956), daughter of Robert N. and Emma Meeks Byars, on 25 June 1983 in Barnwell, S.C. She is a lawyer in Greenville, S.C. and John is a juvenile officer with the Pickens County Sheriff’s Department. They live in Pickens, S.C. They have no issue.

Eppie Elizabeth McKenzie 6 (29 May 1918, Eastover, S.C.) never married and lives in Eastover, South Carolina.

Benjamin Wyse Gregory 5 (28 November 1883-2 July 1960, Santuc, S.C.), the fourth child of John Wesley and Emma Adyl, married Danie E. Merritt Coleman. They had no issue. He is buried at Rosemont Cemetery, Union, South Carolina.

Mary Virginia Gregory 5 (5 July 1886, Santuc, S.C.-17 May 1935, Columbia, S.C.), fifth child of John Wesley and Emma Adyl, never married and is buried at Rosemont Cemetery, Union, S.C.

Sarah Eleanor (Sadie) Gregory 5 (11 January 1889, Santuc, S.C.-29 June 1983, Columbia, S.C.), sixth child of John Wesley and Emma Adyl, married Llewellyn Fletcher Pearce (11 June 1886, Prattsville, Ala.-24 December 1972, Columbia, S.C.), son of William Wallace and Mary Augusta Spigener Pearce, on 13 September 1911 in Columbia, S.C. Llewelyn Pearce was employed by South Carolina Electric and Gas Company for almost fifty years. He was Assistant Secretary and Treasurer at the time of his retirement in 1957. Both are buried in Columbia, S.C. Their issue: Llewellyn Gregory; Edmund Spigener; and Mary Emily.

Llewellyn Gregory Pearce 6 (31 March 1914, Columbia, S.C.-21 September 1984, Columbia, S.C.) is buried at Greenlawn Memorial Park, Columbia, S.C. He graduated from the University of South Carolina and retired from the State Record Company. He was organist for the Eastminister Presbyterian Church, Columbia. He married Alice Witherspoon Barron (11 February 1920, Charleston, S.C.), daughter of Frank Eugene and Etta Gregorie Trott Barron, on 18 May 1946 at Shandon Presbyterian Church, Columbia. Alice is a graduate of Queens College Charlotte, N.C., and a member of the Artists Guild of Columbia, S.C., where she resides. Their issue: Llewellyn Gregory Jr.; and Alice Barron.

Llewellyn Gregory Pearce, Jr. 7 (5 October 1948, Columbia, S.C.) graduated from Presbyterian College, Clinton, S.C. (MS, 1970), and the University of South Carolina, Columbia. He is a psychologist at South Carolina State Hospital, Columbia. He married Johnny Beverly (Beasley) Chapman (30 March 1950, Florence, S.C.), daughter of Ben Thomas Beasley, Jr. and Mary Louise Edens Beasley Chapman, on 22 July 1972, in Hartsville, S.C. She took her stepfather’s name when her mother remarried. Beverly graduated from Winthrop College, Rock Hill, S.C. They reside in Columbia. Their issue: Louise Barron, 6 September 1977; and Llewellyn Gregory III, 24 June 1981.

Alice Barron Pearce 7 (11 August 1953, Columbia, S.C.) graduated from Converse College, Spartanburg in 1975. She has an MS from Florida State University, and was an urban and regional planner with Harland, Bartholomew & Associates of Memphis. She is now living in Greenville.

Edmund Spigener Pearce 6 (22 June 1915, Columbia, S.C. – 28 October 1963, Hanover, N.H.) married Rose Marie Lanigan in June 1936, in Tacoma, Washington. There are six known children.

Mary Emily Pearce 6 (17 July 1916, Columbia, S.C.), last child of Sarah Eleanor and Llewellyn, married Robert Fuller Johnson (28 February 1914, Connsuat, Ohio-28 July 1944, Union County, S.C.), son of Hobert Ward and Bessie Wilna Fuller Johnson, on 27 December 1936 at Shandon Presbyterian Church, Columbia. Bob was Captain of the University of South Carolina football team.

He died in an auto accident attempting to avoid hitting an elderly man. Mary Emily was Traffic Manager of TV Operations, WLTX, Columbia, S.C., where she resides. Their issue: Eleanor Wilna; and Ward Pearce.

Eleanor Wilna Johnson 7 (12 August 1938, Columbia, S.C.) married Theodore Jefferson Blizard (5 June 1935, Mount Airy, N.C.) son of Thomas Jefferson and Glenna Ellen Pierce Blizard, on 2 September 1960 in Columbia. Ted is a retired United States Army Major and served two tours in Viet Nam. They reside in Columbia. Their issue: Theodore Jefferson Jr., 2 August 1966; and Elizabeth Pearce, 24 September 1967.

Ward Pearce Johnson 7 (9 December 1941, Columbia, S.C.) graduated from the University of South Carolina, Columbia. He is a salesman for Atco Chemical Company. He married, first, Maxine Pulliam on 31 October 1965 in Columbia. He married, second, Deborah Elaine Dimmery (6 September 1951, Columbia, S.C.), daughter of Bill B. and Dorothy Taylor Dimmery, on 25 May 1978 in Columbia. Ward and Maxine’s issue: Elinor Chapin, 21 February 1969; Mary Louise, 20 June 1977. Ward and Deborah’s issue: Matthew Ward, 18 June 1980.

John Wesley Gregory, Jr. 5 (6 May 1891, Santuc S.C.-1947, Gainesville, Fla.), seventh child of John Wesley and Emma Adyl, married Frances Thuber. They had no issue. He is buried in Jacksonville, Florida.

Martha Eloise (Mattie) Gregory 5 (22 November 1893-27 November 1979, Santuc, S.C.), eighth child of John Wesley and Emma Adyl, never married and is buried in Rosemont Cemetery, Union, S.C.

Frederick Paige (Fred) Gregory 5 (26 January 1896, Santuc, S.C.), the ninth child of John Wesley and Emma Adyl, married Ida Christine (Christine) Jeter (28 December 1906, Santuc, S.C.), daughter of Little Berry and Mary Adeline Crosby Jeter, on 7 March 1936 in Gaffney, S.C. Christine Jeter Gregory died 6 August 2004. She allowed the family to copy the Jeter Grocery Store Journal of 1819-1820. They resided in Santuc, S.C. Their issue: Malcolm Chapin; and Paige Christine.

Malcolm Chapin Gregory 6 (12 December 1942, Union, S.C.) graduated from Erskine College, Due West, S.C. He is unmarried and living in Santuc.

Paige Christine Gregory 6 (22 June 1946, Santuc, S.C.) married Samuel Grant Kelly (14 January 1942, Hampton Roads, Va.), son of Samuel Carroll and Janet Alden McConachie Kelly of Exter, N.H. They reside in Charleston and have no issue.

Curtis Humphries Gregory 5 (4 April 1898-27 February 1982, Santuc, S.C.), tenth child of John Wesley and Emma Adyl, married (ca. 1925) Harriette Buckingham Holmes (10 November 1900, Barnwell, S.C.-12 October 1983, Greenville, S.C.), daughter of William Fletcher and Maude Duncan Holmes, in Barnwell, S.C. They were legally separated ca. 1936. They had no issue. He is buried at Rosemont Cemetery, Union.

The account of the Isaac Franklin Gregory descendants was written and researched by T. Hopkins Peake, Jr,. Contributors to his research were Sallie Mobley Bradley of Alcoa, Tennessee, who was responsible for most of the Sarah Ellen Medora Gregory Smith descendants.

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