Gregory Family Confederate Service
Union County, South Carolina

    UNIT KEY     I = Infantry,  C = Cavalry,  A = Artillery
AddisonI 18 B 20Pvt Wounded: 2nd Manassas,August 1862.
AdolphusI 18 A Pvt Enlisted: December 1861.
Subs. John Gregory
Transferred to Co. C, 7th Cavalry
Anderson K.I 18 A Pvt Killed: 2nd Manassas, August 1862
B.A. C 7 E 28 Pvt See Adolphus Record
B. Pickens I5 C Pvt
C.P. I A Pvt Palmetto Sharp Shooters
Charles S. C 5 K Pvt
D.J. I 1
D Pvt Killed: Winchester, 1862
G. C 7 C Pvt
G.S. A 1 A Pvt See G. Sanford Record
G. Sanford I 18 A Pvt Enlisted: December 1861
Wounded & Captured: Burgers (Burgess?) Mill
Harvey I 18 A Pvt Killed: 2nd Manassas, August 1862
Isaac I 5 H23 Pvt
Isaac I 18 A Pvt Enlisted: 1862
Discharged: May 1862, Overage
Isaac F. I 18 S 18 Sgt Promoted from ranks
Killed: Wilderness
J.C. C 7 E 30 Pvt Died: Appomattox, Disease
Jefferson I G Pvt Holcombe's Legion
Discharged: Overage
John I 18 A Pvt Subs. Adolphus
Imprisoned at Elmira
Died of wounds received at the Crater
30 July 1864
RobertI 18 F Pvt Died of disease at Staunton, 1863
Samuel I 5 H 21 Pvt Killed at Frazier's Farm
T. ChristopherI18A Pvt Enlisted December 1861
Died of wounds: 2nd Manassas, August 1862
Thomas I 5 H 25 Pvt Died at Centerville, Va., 1862
ThomasI 18 A Pvt Overage, May 1862
Waties I 18 A Pvt Enlisted: January 1862
Overage, May 1862, Camp Guerin
WesleyI 18 B 18 Pvt Killed: 2nd Manassas, August 1862
William C 7 C Pvt Killed: Cold Harbor, 1864
William S. I 18 A Pvt Enlisted January 1862

Confederate Pension Register, Union County, S.C. (1902)

NameUnit TypeRegimentCo.AgeGradeActions/Notes
WilliamGray's Cavalry7C30PvtKilled at Gaines Mill
Thomas Wallace18B24PvtDied of measles
SolomonMcBeth's Artillery 36PvtAlive at record
Andrew Infantry15C30PvtKilled: Deep Bottom
AddisonWallace Infantry18B26PvtDeceased at record
Wesley Wallace Infantry18B18PvtDied in prison
Starks Wallace Infantry18B28PvtNo record
Isaac F.Jenkins Brigade5D18PvtKilled at Wilderness
Thomas Boyce Baty's Brig 30Died of measles
Pickens B.Jenkins Brigade5C20SgtAlive at record
Aaron Gregg's Infantry1C18PvtDied of disease, Charleston
HarrisonJenkins Infantry5A26PvtKilled: Gaines Mill
FerdinandMcBeth's Artillery 28PvtDead at record
B.A.InfantrySC 67PvtDead at record
Wade/WatiesInfantrySCCE60PvtKilled: no dates
A. R. Bonham's Brigade1E17PvtDied since war
John Bonham's Brigade1E25PvtAlive at record
AddisonWallace Infantry18D21PvtWounded: 2nd Manassas
Dead at record
Wesley Wallace Infantry18D19PvtLost sight of
SimpsonWallace Infantry18K17PvtKilled: 2nd Manassas
CharlesButler's Brigade5C16PvtLiving at Union
W.S. Reserves